Look For The Good – A Note from Jason

On June 19th, a historic day in the advancement of equality, I am proud to stand in solidarity with and be of service to Black Lives by donating all of my earnings from sales and streams of my new LP recording, Look For The Good.

A time has come to act beyond promises, thoughts, and prayers.

Starting immediately with the $250,000 I received as an advance on my royalties, the first beneficiaries of Look For The Good are as follows:

Black Lives Matter
San Diego Young Artists Music Academy
RISE San Diego
Grassroots Law Project
Center on Policy Initiatives
Equal Justice Initiative

Through my own philanthropic efforts, including my Foundation, I’ve witnessed how far donations go to make measurable differences in specific communities, whether it’s sponsoring programs that bring about real change, or providing vital support to volunteers and staff.

My personal engagement with philanthropy has never been motivated by a press opportunity. But today I am announcing my contributions publicly in hopes of inspiring other creators and leaders in business to do the same – to share the wealth, to share the profits, and to acknowledge that life is only great when it’s great for everyone.

Looking ahead, donations will be made annually to (different or same) organizations doing the good work to advance equality and justice.

It is important for me to note this is a personal donation. Any dollars from Jason Mraz Foundation, which consist of tour earnings and donor generated funds, will continue to be managed and granted by board approval.

This is a pivotal moment in history, but certainly not the finish line.

What good are my lyrics if they are just lofty words with no action?

In my new song “Make Love,” my heart sings,

When I pray
I move my feet
I say thank you for the sound
When I feel that beat
It brings me closer
To who I am
All I’m supposed to be right now
Is a giving man
To serve you water
From the living well
To help another
Get out of their hell
Ya gotta give a little piece
Of Yourself

And so it is,
Jason Mraz