Vote Louder



Video Credits

Directed & Edited by Brian Hanley
Director of Animation – Josh ‘Hat’ Lieberman
Additional Animation – Marty Cooper
JM filmed by Jen Rosenstein

Music Credits

Music by Michael Goldwasser
Lyrics by Jason Mraz
Produced by Michael Goldwasser
Engineered by Jeff Berkley
Assistant Engineer James Berkley
Mixed by Scott Jacoby
Mastered by Mark Robbie Robinson


Drums – John Asher
Bass – Chiquis Lozoya
Guitar – Michael Goldwasser
Guitar – Steven Suckarie
Piano – Daniel Mandelman
Organ – Roger Rivas
Sax – Carlos Sosa
Trumpet – Fernie Castillo
Trombone – Raul Ralo Vallejo
Percussion – John Asher, Michael Goldwasser
Vocals – Jason Mraz
Backing Vocals – Chaska Potter, Mona Tavakoli, Mai Bloomfield, Becky Gebhardt, Rob Baker, Renea Flenoid, Shardie Flenoid, Maria Spicer-Walker, Connie Corn, Jerry Lindahl

Special Thanks to Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Nina Turner, Dr Cornel West, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Representative Mike Levin, Rep Ilhan Omar, Rep Rashida Tlaib, Orion Solarion, Richard Greene, Shasti Conrad, and Shaun King.


Yo, I know, I know, I know
I should probably stick to music
So I put this to music

What’s it gonna be for the future of America?
Another four years of a Twitter tyrant scarin’ ya?
More billionaires getting much more wealthier?
Can’t we get some healthcare and make our country healthier?
Can’t we get that Green New Deal and regenerate?
Can’t we lose our student loan debt and freely educate?
Can’t we use some changes in the way we choose to separate
that’s proven in the colors of the humans we incarcerate?
Can’t we see that love is still the only way to combat hate?
Empathy begets us to become someone compassionate
Exercise your freedom – anarchy or activism
Vote louder, vote louder
Louder than your voice can get

Vote louder, vote louder
Louder than your voice can get
Vote louder, vote louder
Louder than your voice can get
Vote louder, vote louder
Louder than your voice can get
Vote louder, vote, vote, vote

Voting’s just like that method of stepping up to the mic
To exercise your freedom & express what you like
Because a vote is a voice – is a noise – is a fight
Is protected by our first constitutional right
We can vote to cause change & vote to grow knowledge
Vote to overthrow the electoral college
Vote to save the planet from the business man’s greed
Does Citizens United include you & me?
If you don’t vote, just accept what you’ve been given
Don’t let that internet be your only socialism
We can vote for new freedoms – until we are free
We can vote louder, vote louder – vote to legalize weed

Vote louder, vote louder
Let freedom ring
Vote louder, vote louder
Let freedom sing
Vote louder, vote louder
Just do your thing
And vote louder, vote, vote, vote

Vote for the change you want to see

We’re gonna vote, yes we are

World War III might be truth versus TV, yeah
It’s hard to know the story if it’s owned by private media
Blue rays blasting through these radioactive screens we have
Paid for by commercials of the pills to make us sleepier
World War III won’t be nuclear catastrophe
It won’t be an extreme religious radical shouting a blasphemy
It won’t even make it to the news in this country
The war that is poverty versus those who have the money
If corporations played along and put back in their dividends
Then currency would remain in the current and flow back to the deficit
If everyone played fair & just, everyone would benefit
One more thing then I’ll shut up:
Bernie should be president

Vote louder, vote louder
Turn this mother out
Vote louder, vote louder
It’s time for the people to shout
Vote louder, vote louder
We’re kicking the corrupted out
Vote louder, vote, vote, vote

Feel the Bern, feel the Bern

Vote louder, vote louder
Vote louder, vote louder
Vote louder, vote louder
Vote louder, vote, vote, vote

That’s right, that’s right

You have the right to make some noise
You have the right to make a choice
You have a say about the future
You get to say who is the loser

You can vote louder by registering early
You can vote louder by getting your friends to vote
You can vote louder by volunteering for your favorite candidate

Vote louder, vote, vote, vote

Copyright 2019
Jason Mraz / Farm Hours Music / ASCAP
Michael Goldwasser / Mital Music / ASCAP 

All Rights Reserved
2020 Interrabang, Inc under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC.