Look for the Good.

On opening night of tour, we debuted a new song, Look For The Good. After which an audience member yelled “Look for the good in our President.”

I gave it my best shot.

“The good,” I said, “is that thanks to our current President, a political revolution has begun. And… what we now need is someone compassionate to take the reins.”

We need someone to keep draining the swamp. Business as usual would continue to destroy the planet & limit resources for everyone else.

Mainstream media & mainstream government are still paid for by large banks who are heavily invested in war to control the worlds oil reserves. These are investments made with our tax dollars AND the personal dollars we are charged by our banks. #divest

Each year since the Paris climate agreement, major world banks have increased their financing of fossil fuels, pouring $1.9 trillion into the industry from 2016 through 2018. US banks are the worst offenders, the top four being Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi, and Bank of America.

All that war mongering for oil might make gas cheap in some areas, but it’s still over $4 in the west; plus it causes a worldwide refugee epidemic & a climate catastrophe. Sadly, war is a leading export for the US. It looks good on paper. So it’s no wonder the mainstream media & big government, including former Secretary of State Hillary, will want to smear progressive candidates as they forge ahead with radical ideas to change the system by greening up our energy and trying to put an end to war banking. Trump won because much of America was tired of this “business as usual.” And so am I.

That’s why, after much deliberation, I’m proudly endorsing Bernie Sanders for President. To me, he’s the only candidate who can continue to drain the swamp.

Mainstream media & big government want you to think he’s finished. He’ll never win.

They said that about Trump.

And Bernie scares even the old school democrats because a President Sanders would redirect government dollars to actually help American people.

The billionaire war machine investors are threatened by Senator Sanders.

The billionaire pharmaceutical companies are threatened by Senator Sanders.

Try to imagine going to the doctor and not receiving one medical bill. You’ve just imagined every other major country in the world.

From now until the primaries I will be supporting Bernie Sanders for nominee.

Bernie is an activist. He has a good track record. And he has a big heart. So big that right after a recent heart attack he picked himself up and got back in the race, proving to me that he & his heart are willing to fight this to the very end.

I still love what Elizabeth is doing. I am continually inspired by Mayor Pete. And quite frankly I’m tired of seeing old white guys in the White House, but Bernie is the perfect candidate to follow Trump & continue to shake up the system for the benefit of true American values: Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness.

Look For The Good In Bernie Sanders 2020.