“I’m Yours” Certified Diamond by the RIAA

The hardest part of writing anything is the writing part. Ideas can be abundant. The mind has many narrators to listen to. It should be easy. But it’s the sitting down & showing up that’s difficult. Many of my lyrics are about that struggle to sit down & open up.

I’m Yours is a song about surrender; about giving my time or attention to someone or something else. In this case, I was giving myself away to a higher power for creativity & music to come thru; like saying:

Dear God,
Make me an instrument.
I’m Yours.

And by letting go & letting god, magical things happen.

I’m Yours continues to be a transformative piece of music every time I sing it. It takes me places. From that first day in 2004, to a decade of live performances on all 7 continents, the song never loses its charm.

I make-up the song’s success is due to its simple melody, its authenticity & silly dialect, & many people simultaneously feeling a need to give themselves away to something else. And/or it’s probably about the drums & overall mix & party vocals that lift us up during the last chorus. And more. But most importantly, it is successful because it made it onto the page. It got written down. Forever preserved in scribble.

This week that little happy, hippie song reached 10 million sales in the US. That’s scribbling bananas.

Thank you for listening & adopting I’m Yours. Thank you for hearing it & covering it & dancing & marrying to it.

Thanks to my Atlantic Records family, Bill & Patrick & my brilliant management team & my many bands & road crews who’ve helped me circumnavigate the globe to be almost everywhere the song lives.

I’m touched.
I’m grateful.
I’m Yours.
I’m not done yet.