Be where your feet are.

Some might assume if there are no tour dates posted then we must have the night off.

But last week we went off-grid to have the pleasure of serving though through song at a high level.

First, my dad & I adventured up to chilly Montreal to the set of Clouds, a biopic on musician Zach Sobiech, whose life was cut short by Cancer. Zach is a gifted singer/songwriter whose love & generosity still echoes in the world today. Check out his song, Clouds. The music, the story, & the film in progress will move you. I am so thankful & uplifted by the great work being done to tell his story.

From there we went to Milwaukee to perform at the 10th annual This Time Tomorrow Foundation Gala. TTTF is a non-profit that uses music to generate dollars which is then given to those fighting cancer. Think publishers clearing house. A big check shows up to help however help is needed. And when Cancer is in the home, all help is needed. Our amazing band-mate, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist & cancer survivor Mai Bloomfield wrote this year’s TTTF theme song; a song about her fight & how she chose to view it as a gift. Check out: Three Little Words