Love Someone [Official Music Video]

Year: 2014

  • Great vocal. You can write a song in broader sense. I know you are about optimistics. How about writing a song that conveys a wide spectrum of different levels or kinds of emotions that are very challenging in real life but end with hope at the end? I love your songs. I feel music is the expressions of all kind of emotions be it negative or positive. For instance you can write a song that speaks to a man or woman who has just fallen out of love but the lyrics speak to them and that song make him or her not feeling alone. There are a wide spectrum and to explore or go there does not mean that so called dark place will take over you. You are the composer who express humanity via understanding human pains. There are many people need to know where this love come from? What is the story of this love? I understand you want to make your music pure. A mission requires people to understand the messenger. Thank you for your musics. I believe you can do it and even better and yet still be a positive inspiration. If you do not want to, I totally respect you and still supporting your works. Thank you.
    Best Regards!

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    simonemone said ...

    Beautiful music. Beijos de luz

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    A-songbird said ...

    Jason, I’m from México, I love your songs and your music, I always hear you and your lyrics makes me feel better all time, I want to tell you thank you, thanks for all the moments when you helped me only singing, I follow you in Spotify, Facebook, youtube and Instgram, you are A W E S O M E, incredible and very funny, sorry, special.I want to see you singing in a concert here in Mexico, please try it.
    Congratulations for your actions and your fundation, it’s great to know that you are doing things to save our planet, honestly congratulations Mr A-Z
    Well, I really want that you could read this and… it’s dumb but I’ll hope an answer or something like… u.u sorry I dont’ know a lot of english … of curse

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    wend said ...

    two more sleeps till you come to Sydney! so so happy you are coming ‘the very long way’ to us! Love what you do Mr Mraz :)

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    Jason, thank you for your music. I can’t spend a single day without hearing your albuns. Your music was the cure for my depression. Wish you come to Brazil do a little thing on a stage for us! Thank you so much for heloing me, even if you didn’t knew that!