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    COMMENTS (23)
    • Avatar of bedddie
      bedddie said ...

      I have an extra Jason Mraz ticket at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City on March 13. I was lucky and scored a great seat during pre-fan sale. It’s orchestra, row 4 seat 17.
      Not feeling well , and if i cant recover soon, I want to be sure someone special can attend in my place. $82.50! Will sell at face value for a true fan. Not sure how this works, but if interested send me a smoke signal- Nancy

    • Avatar of erykah1307
      erykah1307 said ...

      I was finally able to get through during presale days, but as always… Classifieds have tickets up front where some Douche Canoe “FANS” purchased as many tickets as they could.
      I mean, more power to them for getting them all, but when they sell them off for 100% above profit, it is embarrassing to any true Jason Mraz Fan.

    • does anybody know the local presale password for Smith tix to purchase the presale tickets online today before they go on sale to the public tomorrow?

    • Avatar of slmancuso
      slmancuso said ...

      Look at a couple posts down – you can call or buy online.

    • What is the correct info?!

    • Avatar of slmancuso
      slmancuso said ...

      HUGE SHOUT OUT TO RICH!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I was just about to logoff and head to work and you made my day by giving us the correct info!!!!!!!!!

    • Avatar of nsaenz
      nsaenz said ...

      Friends: try It’s working there with the promo code.

    • Avatar of RichJMarsh
      RichJMarsh said ...

      Hey! The presale link is WRONG. Call ArtTix (801-355-ARTS) and the password is lovesomeone. I just got my tickets!

      See you guys there!

    • Avatar of erykah1307
      erykah1307 said ...

      Is there a local presale and a fan presale? The local is the 5th according to SmithTix.
      But the Fan Presale isn’t being released? :(

    • Avatar of secilymusic
      secilymusic said ...

      Thanks for the info nsaenz :) I miss my girls and can’t wait to see ‘em with Mr. Mraz.

    • Avatar of nsaenz
      nsaenz said ...

      Having the same problem. Either SmithTix has it wrong, or this website has it wrong. Either way, you can’t get presale tickets right now. Hopefully someone else has better luck and posts here. Thanks :)

    • Avatar of secilymusic
      secilymusic said ...

      Sooooo….this presale thing…uh….ANY idea ANYone what is goin’ on?

    • Avatar of slmancuso
      slmancuso said ...

      Is presale the 3rd or the 5th? Here it says the 3rd but the ticket sales says the 5th?

    • Avatar of Kmodler
      Kmodler said ...

      Did anyone find out about presale tickets? I want to get some, but I don’t know for sure when it starts or if I need a password to get them. Please help!!

    • Avatar of dillonjay
      dillonjay said ...

      Got to be there

    • Avatar of nannyduh
      nannyduh said ...

      SOOOO excited to see him again!! we discovered him for the first time when he opened for The Rolling Stones, years ago! loved him ever since!!

    • Avatar of secilymusic
      secilymusic said ...

      Anyone have any clue about how to get in the presale group?

    • Avatar of mj123o
      mj123o said ...

      this just made my year

    • Avatar of Neda
      Neda said ...

      YEEEEES!!!!! ☺️❤️

    • Avatar of headams2001
      headams2001 said ...


      yes that is a word.

    • Avatar of nsaenz
      nsaenz said ...

      Thank you, Jason and Raining Jane. This means so much to me! I can’t wait.

    • Avatar of Chayne22
      Chayne22 said ...

      I have only been so lucky as to see one Jason Mraz concert here in Utah… he’s coming on my 30th birthday so you better believe I will be there!!!

    • Avatar of cmalmrose
      cmalmrose said ...