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    There are no fan videos posted yet for this event.

    COMMENTS (29)
    • Avatar of KT74
      KT74 said ...

      I have 4 tickets to sale for the 1.12. in London O2
      BK101 ROW K Seat 34 to 37
      really good seats!
      If somebody is interested please contact me!
      Price per ticket 1:1 = £37.25

    • Avatar of Chris3711
      Chris3711 said ...

      I have available one exra VIP ticket for this show (meet&greet+front row+gift bag), interested contact me at


    • Avatar of Nickpatient
      Nickpatient said ...

      Can’t wait. :D

    • Avatar of angela_mcbride

      Have moved from NZ (where hardly anyone comes to tour) to London and it’s totally paid off as I finally get to go to a Jason Mraz concert! Can not wait!!!

    • Avatar of Pilch28
      Pilch28 said ...

      plus you get to meet him which is also worth the it! I hope he does some of his older stuff. Already looking forward to it!

    • Avatar of kyekat
      kyekat said ...

      The package is £150 but proceeds go to Mraz worth every penny!

    • Avatar of kyekat
      kyekat said ...

      Meet-and-Greet is part of the Front Row package (tab above)…and I was lucky enough to grab one spot because I kept on logging back in and booked it when they had slots. The last time I checked, it was sold out but who knows. :) Good luck!

    • Avatar of Pilch28
      Pilch28 said ...

      wow, how did you manage to get the VIP package/how much was it?! I have seats in A3 so should be good

    • Avatar of SuzieJM
      SuzieJM said ...

      Ah, so excited! Great seats as well!

    • Avatar of kyekat
      kyekat said ...

      Hello…I’m selling my ticket Block A2 in Row N35 (dead centre, about 14 rows from the front) as I’ve been lucky enough to get the VIP meet-and-greet package (!!). Since we’re all full of LOVE LOVE LOVE for Jason and his music (AND I’m not a greedy person), I’m selling it off to whoever contacts me first at the same price I bought it for (total £40 including Ticketmaster admin).

      I’ve only got ONE ticket though, and it’s a paperless one which I haven’t received yet from Ticketmaster but will contact whoever who wishes to buy it from me the minute I get it. Pls get in touch, whoever who wants it!!!—

    • Avatar of Kevb1986
      Kevb1986 said ...

      Never seen the man live just every video on YouTube ever and now I’m Gunnar see my favourite musician/singer songwriter ever. I got a floor seat as well.

    • Avatar of aleet
      aleet said ...

      yey got my tickets today through fan-sale which is now working, Block A3 – can’t wait been waiting so long

    • Avatar of Miss_n
      Miss_n said ...

      Finally got my tickets- YAY!! :o )

    • Avatar of ahallicks
      ahallicks said ...

      I’m pretty sure it said Fan Presale tickets go on sale this morning, but still only Album Presale available :-( I’m determined this time!

    • Avatar of Miss_n
      Miss_n said ...

      Would be great if only genuine fans could buy. My presage code won’t work this morning and tickets are now being sold for nearly 3 times cost.

    • Avatar of rishnara
      rishnara said ...

      So the fan presale password doesn’t work when the email says it should… only album pre-sale codes at the mo. What time will the fan code work?

    • Avatar of urbgal
      urbgal said ...

      I’ve not received my email with presale code looks like i’ll have to try with all the other punters!

    • Avatar of kyekat
      kyekat said ...

      The email that was sent said that the code could only be used once and will expire after the booking is they only allowed us to purchase 2 tickets each (read Jason’s ticketing policy). I’ve received the email with the code yesterday and you can only get the code if you have ordered the album before 7th April! Ticket sales open soon be the first in line at 9am on 12th! Good luck.

    • Avatar of ewelinakudla
      ewelinakudla said ...

      does anyone know what the Promo code is? please could you share?

    • Avatar of ginapooran
      ginapooran said ...

      So excited for this show! Waited soooo long to see him :)

    • Avatar of mtm84uk
      mtm84uk said ...

      Hi, do you know the code to buy the presale tickets??


    • Avatar of lovePEAR
      lovePEAR said ...


    • Avatar of katmahon
      katmahon said ...

      I need to go to this – can’t wait :-)

    • Avatar of mtm84uk
      mtm84uk said ...

      I saw him in 2010 while i was travelling around the USA in Boston! My sister’s first wedding song was ‘Lucky’I am definitely going to the o2 to see him in December… Tickets are going to be £37.25 each plus booking fee…. The presale starts tomorrow 10/04/2012 but i cant seem to find out how to get a password to buy presale tickets….anyone have any other information??!??!?

    • Avatar of spiralthreads
      spiralthreads said ...

      It’s nice that we get the last night of the tour. Does anyone have a clue about ticket prices?

    • Avatar of wintripscott
      wintripscott said ...

      im not joking, i can’t wait for this, iv waited a long time to see jason, been a fan for a long time but britain hasnt had a show in a long time, and its about time :D

    • Avatar of gamachan
      gamachan said ...

      Probably I’ll come over…One hour flight from here. Accidenti!

    • Avatar of scarsofyourlove

      same. its going to be PHENOMENAL. i saw him at the fan show last week & he blew my mind. cant wait for a full set in the arena!! :)

    • Avatar of joeswain
      joeswain said ...

      I have waited soo long for this it is going to be brilliant!