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    There are no fan videos posted yet for this event.

    COMMENTS (38)
    • Avatar of sleepy_sing
      sleepy_sing said ...

      Yea… Upload function not working….. :(

    • Avatar of VictorxLu
      VictorxLu said ...

      The Photo upload function not works.

    • Avatar of NETNET
      NETNET said ...

      any lucky person got tickets to tonight’s secret gig? willing to pay…

    • Avatar of NETNET
      NETNET said ...

      i know i’m a bit late but i still have 2 $880 tickets!!!! any takers?!?!?

    • Avatar of Genie
      Genie said ...

      two more days to go, everyone!!!
      Can’t wait to hear him live!!

      Just feel a little sad that can’t get any block A ticket even being the first one to get into TomLeeMusic ;(

    • Avatar of erichshyu
      erichshyu said ...

      Hey all, I have an extra ticket–Block 5, Row T. Email if interested!


    • Avatar of c.c.11Cheung
      c.c.11Cheung said ...

      Hi ailice,
      I really want to see the concert. My email is ( PLEASE contact me!

    • Avatar of lewisite
      lewisite said ...

      I take it but what price is it??

    • Avatar of ailicec
      ailicec said ...

      I have one ticket to the show – it’s not really a spare, since I bought it intending to go, but now I can’t go (T_T). If anyone is interested, message me and I’ll give you more details.

    • Avatar of cammycarlnert
      cammycarlnert said ...

      I missed the last time while I was in England. I am in hk this time but the tickets are all sold out……..
      arrr…. so sad….
      so sad……………………… really

    • Avatar of avery.datol
      avery.datol said ...

      Planning to fly to HK just to watch… Does anyone know how I can still get tickets???

    • Avatar of Huimandy
      Huimandy said ...

      Do u still hv the ticket ? How much for 2 ?

    • Avatar of lewisite
      lewisite said ...

      Does anyone get a spare ticket, I take that please message me…thank you so much!!!!

    • Avatar of tannah_hk
      tannah_hk said ...

      If anyone has a spare ticket…. or two, please email me?


    • Avatar of wacancan
      wacancan said ...

      I want a ticket please reply a message!

    • Avatar of c.c.11Cheung
      c.c.11Cheung said ...

      Yes, I went extra tickets, how to get one, please sent me message.o_O

    • Avatar of wacancan
      wacancan said ...

      How to buy the tickets? please HELP me!!

    • Avatar of amygdala347
      amygdala347 said ...

      I got extra tickets. Just send me a message.

    • Avatar of amygdala347
      amygdala347 said ...

      Anybody who wants to buy tickets to the Jason Mraz show in Hong Kong, i got one in row 10, and another at the balcony. Just send me a message.

    • Avatar of candice
      candice said ...

      only single seat left. Do anyone know where I can buy tickets?

    • Avatar of Tony-Lo
      Tony-Lo said ...

      yes, i’ll too!!

    • Avatar of ckkan
      ckkan said ...

      I’m sorely disappointed with the lack of front row packages for HK fans. I hope it’s not because any local management or ticketing agents being a nuisance.

    • Avatar of ericso
      ericso said ...

      Just can’t wait! Any Fans in China can join our little group of China Fans!

    • helenau said ...

      Must go!!

    • Avatar of oakat
      oakat said ...

      Hi, does anyone know where to buy the ticket? HK ticketing confirmed they don’t have any info for this event so far. Thx!

    • Avatar of sleepy_sing
      sleepy_sing said ...

      Hong Kong Ticketing

    • Avatar of sleepy_sing
      sleepy_sing said ...

      How come Hong Kong doesn’t do Front-Row packages? Jason!!!!!!

    • Avatar of 93whisky
      93whisky said ...

      why!!!!!!!!!!T T I will be away from HK at that time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Avatar of Joanna
      Joanna said ...

      if i can’t get the tickets,I must cry!

    • Avatar of Charlottelu
      Charlottelu said ...

      hope my passport can process on time > <
      since i cant attend the one in hawaii ( cuz i will be in china!!!!)
      sighs…. an unlucky girl has given up 2 concerts for her vacation to china.

    • Avatar of enochwong
      enochwong said ...

      Can’t wait to see!!!

    • Avatar of MollyRautio
      MollyRautio said ...

      I cant wait!So exciting !

    • Avatar of FlawlessJZ
      FlawlessJZ said ...

      I am wondering about this tooo
      Tomlee or the online ticketing thing ???

    • Avatar of sayuri123
      sayuri123 said ...

      hope I can get the tickets!

    • Avatar of jessiexx78
      jessiexx78 said ...

      I’m worrying if i can’t get a ticket:’(

    • Avatar of ivanyeungtc
      ivanyeungtc said ...

      Very Excited lol

    • Avatar of wencynana
      wencynana said ...

      so so exciting ~~but where to book the ticket ?iam afraid i will be late to book the site i want

    • Avatar of Genie
      Genie said ...

      Super excited!!!!!!!<3