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    COMMENTS (14)
    • Avatar of ryan.saunders
      ryan.saunders said ...

      I am crying into my bowl of soup

    • Avatar of 100000349847592
    • Avatar of biggsnui
      biggsnui said ...

      Hope you will plan back again. I will. :D

    • Avatar of disappointed
      disappointed said ...


      Do you know that you can go to Khao Yai through Kabinburi way from bangkok? I thought our government said we should evacuate out of bangkok anyway. I am NOT being selfish, you’ve never known how much i have been donated or helped others. I just think we are in this too much so we forget our own time to have fun or get away from what we are now. I am a fan and consider it unfair, i would rather not get the refund and ask BEC to donate those money for the flood victims.

    • Avatar of sohmaayame
      sohmaayame said ...

      @ disappointed
      How can you be so selfish! Yes, Khao Yai is sooooo safe but the way to get there is soooo dangerous and risky. My house is not flooded and i really want to go but it’s still hard to get there, and it won’t be that fun while we are in a situation like this. Also, please REALLY consider a bit about other people, especially those who are flooded, they want to go to the concert but they can’t. How can you say that the cancellation should not concern about these people, you hypocrite! I think they have made a right decision to cancel for benefit of most people (although they should do it sooner.) And I’m sure that as long as Jason is alive, he’ll certainly come back to Thailand. So please don’t be disappointed and don’t say that some people are overreacted, i think they have a right to be panic (just see from how our government manages the situation) and i’m sure that they are MORE disappointed than you.

    • Avatar of disappointed
      disappointed said ...

      Bad news, the concert has been cancelled… i think it is surely disappointed of the decision of whoever cancelled this concert as the location where the concert would be is soooooo safe from the flood… Moreover, people who effort to buy this price of ticket would be able to make their way up to Khaoyai and enjoy the concert for sure because it is not cheap! and from personal experience, there will be hardly any chance for Jason to come back for a concert.. i am soooo sure about this. What you have seen on the news regarding the flood in Thailand sometimes is too far from realistic!

      I deeply feel sorry for people who get impacted by the flood. We have been helped, prayed, whatever we can to make everything better. Yet, It doesn’t have anything to do with the cancellation anyway.

      I know this will not be going to help any concerned parties to not cancel but just so you know that we have been disappointed and sometimes it is unfair to miss a good concert just because some people may be over-reacted……..

    • Avatar of npnum
      npnum said ...
    • Avatar of pluvialis
      pluvialis said ...

      hi, i twitted you today i don’t know will you read or not but however just want to say as your thai fans so.. i’m one of your biggest fans from bangkok thailand , i’m one of your thai fans who has bought your tickets, i’m one of your fans who always waiting for your concert… i’m so excited that you going to stop once here, in thailand but iwon’t be there even i want be see you so bad because there are a lot of my thai friends who has effections by floods included some maybe almost of your thai fans out there having hard time still need helps .. i have only a few days that i can helps my thai people, my thai friends who got so much suffering by flooded because water is coming up close and going to be flood my home in a few days.. even i cant helps them much but its better than no any helps,right? so i’m so sad that i have to let a chance to see your concert, but i’ll be more sad and so sorry if i let my thai friends got suffering by go to see your concert and do nothing to helps them even i can.. anyway if you read my comment, so i want to tell you you are one of people who always give me an inspiretions, i really love your song :) well… even i’m very disappointed that cant see your concert but atleast your vinyl record is coming and i will got it forsure :D
      So….. but i’ll be there, in yourcert, somewhere , somehow, someday for sure!! ;D oh by the way welcome to thailand and
      wish you have a good time always MR. mraz! :) )

    • Avatar of ryan.saunders
      ryan.saunders said ...

      I am so happy this concert is still on…Jason Mraz has been so inspirational to me for so long…such a humble guy who lives life in order to love life…we share a kindered spirit there. I am a 24year old guy from South Africa who has travelled to Thailand to help out here and continue to learn about the amazing way that people around the world love through action and then to top it off my favourite artist/poet comes here…im praying that in some freak co-incidence i’ll bump into Jason in Chiang Mai or on the concert weekend…would be cool to meet the man in real life! I see him as someone who views everyone as a friend and learns from everyone and that is the best way to live life…i even have a feeling he might read this comment just because he cares about his fans like they are friends…Mr. Jason, dude, bud, not sure how I’d address you but if you do read this…thank you for the inspiration, thank you for the videos that show that a grown man can cry when his heart is moved by the beauty of this world and thank you for your dedication to loving your life…u truly inspire me! If you would like a guide for cool spots in Thailand or fancy saying hi to a huge fan gimme a call on +66865878861…keep living to love brother. Peace, Ryan

    • Avatar of 711186497
      711186497 said ...

      cant wait til your visit here, <3

    • Avatar of 1651282897
      1651282897 said ...

      See you in Thailand!!!

    • Avatar of biggsnui
      biggsnui said ...

      It’s the great sound. :D

    • Avatar of admin
      admin said ...

      Show is still happening! We will post any updates here, should things change between now and then…

    • Avatar of 100000711597909

      I want to know about the concert.It’s still continue.