There Is No Away – OrganicSound

June 16, 2017

There is no away.

When I buy something – I’m responsible for where it ends up.

The same is true when I make something.

When we throw something away – there is no away.

In the world of tour merchandise it’s normal to make more t-shirts than what we actually sell. When that happens I am left with obsolete inventory. I’ve done my best to repurpose this inventory into new things like aprons, bags, pillows, and blankets. But now thanks to a collaboration with OrganicSound, I can continue my commitment to sustainability and a Zero Waste philosophy but turning my obsolete tees into new clothes!

As a participant of the textile industry, I am responsible for the agricultural & environmental impact that it causes. OrganicSound allows me to shred the old tees back into source fiber, which is rewoven with organic cotton to create new yarn, which becomes new tees. I’ve seen the process with my own eyes. It’s ingenious, innovative, and about time.

The first examples of our new-recycled shirts are on now available at the merch table. Be sure to check em out!

  • Avatar of Carl13
    Carl13 said ...

    The world needs a lot of people who has the same approach for mother nature..

  • Avatar of Janex-txeis
    Janex-txeis said ...

    Awesome as always. Thank you for your support to the environment and Of Course I’m getting all your merchandise with me. Love you crazy lovely brother.

  • Avatar of vicki.kaswen
    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Yes…let us remember … always and ALL ways our responsibility to:

    ~Mother Nature~
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    ”by GOD’s Will it is done”

  • Avatar of lisa.woodin1
    lisa.woodin1 said ...

    Awesome! Leave no trace! So glad that you have found a process to maintain sustainability. Keep inspiring us ❤

  • Avatar of Hlmcm
    Hlmcm said ...

    Wait…I have worn out my gratitude cafe t shirt, any of them kicking around under before you reuse it, I NEED a new one!!

  • Avatar of Hiroko
    Hiroko said ...

    I respect the way your zero waste philosophy.
    My grandparents used to said to me “do not waste things” over and over again in my childhood. I was tired of it. but I’ve got older then now I can understand what they taught me and the significance of how important it is.
    I can’ t wait to get your idea’s tees!

  • Avatar of edarunsun
    edarunsun said ...

    That’s pretty swift!

  • Por favor

  • Te amo

  • Avatar of lbvld44
    lbvld44 said ...

    You are an inspiration! Thank you for making our world a better place!