I Am Touring… Europe, Continued

February 3, 2017

After a memorable run of shows in Scandinavia last month, I’m excited and inspired to share that I’ll be reuniting with my two guitars for more solo dates – this time to places I haven’t been since I was just a gene among ancestors.

Let it remain true, you can always come back home.


07 Mar – Vilnius, Lithuania @ Compensa Concert Hall
09 Mar – Tallinn, Estonia @ Nordea Concert Hall
11 Mar – Bucharest, Romania @ Sala Radio Hall
13 Mar – Warsaw, Poland @ Teatr Polski
14 Mar – Budapest, Hungary @ Congress Centre
19 Mar – Vienna, Austria @ Kozerthaus
20 Mar – Prague, Czech Republic @ Forum Karlin
01 Apr – Reykjavík, Iceland @ Harpa – Eldborg*

*Fan pre-sale: 14 Feb @ 10am GMT. On sale: 15 Feb @ 10am GMT.

Visit the Tour Page for tickets and the latest tour information.

  • Avatar of bemar
    bemar said ...

    Hope to see you Idol !!!

  • Avatar of Preets
    Preets said ...

    Ive been a fan of you a long long time.my dreams is to one day hear you serenade me to the song, Life is wonderful. I remember you coming to Malaysia unfortunately, i was an undergraduate at that time and was having exams. So, unfortunately, i had to skip your concert. I will be in Europe from July-Dec this year, really hoping you could come over. Even if i just get to meet you for coffee, it would be a dream come true. I promise im not a stalker. Lol!

  • Avatar of arianna
    arianna said ...

    Come to Spain
    Canary Islands

  • Avatar of arianna
    arianna said ...

    Come to Spain
    Canary Islands

  • Avatar of EatRunTango
    EatRunTango said ...

    Thank you for Vienna. :)

  • Avatar of shine94
    shine94 said ...

    I’m italian boy, I Will come To Budapest, only for your show. See You soon!

  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    I am so happy that you’re finally coming to Bucharest! And yet I am so sad that I can’t attend the show this time!… I hoped I would, but it seems it’s impossible for me to make this journey. I’m out of words… But I hope you’ll have a great time here and enjoy my country so much, that you will come back again! Wish you a great show for you and all the happy fans! Until next time, I’ll remember Paris and Amsterdam. My best regards!

  • Avatar of n.namaste
    n.namaste said ...

    Oui ! Je suis tout à fait d’accord Bam ! :)
    A small intimate concert , there are so many french fans who would love and appreciate it …

  • Avatar of Bam77
    Bam77 said ...

    Monsieur Jason!

    Please come back in France, an intimate concert for your longtime fans!
    I am pretty sure that there will be a bunch of them!!!

    Much Love from Paris!

  • Avatar of Lediana
    Lediana said ...

    Jason, you’re just wonderful. I went to your show here in Curitiba and I fell in love with you even more. I hope you come back soon to Brazil.

  • Avatar of 2onTran
    2onTran said ...

    Oh please please please come to Paris!

  • Hey man, please come to Mexico, we miss you :(

  • Avatar of Nabilsote
    Nabilsote said ...

    Hello jason i’m from spain. Are you going to do any concert near spain? London, Germany, spain??? I’m from canary island (spain)

  • Avatar of sunrise
    sunrise said ...

    I’m so excited and full of gratitude to see you in Hungary. It was a really big and amrazing suprise for us! Yeah-yeah-yeah!!! :)

  • Avatar of Janex-txeis
    Janex-txeis said ...

    Congrats! And Thank you. You’re doing a really good jod inspiring people around the world with your music and your words (all what you do working trough your personality). Your mission is successful more every single day. I personally love what you bring to me when you appear, makes me feel good. Thanks a lot and keep going please.
    Universe bless you always.

  • Avatar of Monia
    Monia said ...

    @Fudge55: I had the same problem. Then it worked with “mrazisyours”, lower case..

  • Avatar of AnaBarreiros
    AnaBarreiros said ...

    Miss hearing you live. Will i ever see you again in Portugal?

  • Avatar of Fudge55
    Fudge55 said ...


    trying to buy tickets to the hungarian show, but it says that the code is invalid.


    Any help?

  • Avatar of Ingrid_09
    Ingrid_09 said ...

    Dear Jason,

    I’m so happy that you will be in Vienna in March. I saw you in 2012 in Munich. My 10 year old daughter an me are huge fans :-) .
    Tickets bought – we cannot wait to see you live.

    Ingrid & Fabienne

  • Avatar of Hiroko
    Hiroko said ...

    ‪The next stop would be Asia ⁇after Europe tour I hope!
    Can’t wait for the day to see my#1 dearest singer in my life again.

  • Eu amei ao show em Sao Paulo, Brazil. Obrigada. Foi maravilhoso!
    I loved the show in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Thank you. Was wonderful!