YES! The Tour Dates

June 17, 2014

We are thrilled to announce the first ‘YES!’ 2014 Tour Dates!

We’re so excited to kick off our world tour this summer and take the #jasonandjane acoustic evening to a city near you! We begin with a special hometown show in San Diego on August 21 (and our fan pre-sale begins today, June 17 at 10am!) before heading across the country and on to Europe in the fall. Stay tuned for next week, when we’ll be announcing the next batch of U.S. shows.

It’s an honor and a joy to perform in some of Europe’s most beautiful venues, the first of which include London’s Royal Albert Hall and Amsterdam’s Carre Theatre. Tickets for these shows (plus more across the UK and France) go on sale this Friday, June 20 – and our special fan pre-sale begins tomorrow, June 18! See below for dates, venues, and ticket information:

21 Aug – San Diego, CA at Civic Theatre – pre-sale Tue, June 17 at 10am PDT
26 Sep – London, UK at Royal Albert Hall – pre-sale Wed, June 18 at 9am BST
27 Sep – Cambridge, UK at Corn Exchange – pre-sale Wed, June 18 at 9am BST
28 Sep – Manchester, UK at Lowry Theatre – pre-sale Wed, June 18 at 9am BST
30 Sep – Paris, FR at Casino de Paris – pre-sale Wed, June 18 at 10am CEST
01 Oct – Amsterdam, NL at Carre Theatre – pre-sale Wed, June 18 at 10am CEST

Fan pre-sale password: lovesomeone
Please be advised that our fan pre-sales have limited ticket inventory.
All times reflect local time at venue.

Remember: This is the first of several tour announcements we’ll be making over the upcoming weeks, so be sure to visit for the latest info!

  • Avatar of tradingkevin
    tradingkevin said ...

    yo all
    anybody has 1 ticket for 1 oct amsterdamn concert ?
    i am here in amsterdam and came especially for it but can’t find

    anywhere online some tickets…+ the prices are crazy…like 150 euro

    if you do please email me to

  • Avatar of Beeslee
    Beeslee said ...

    This is a plea from love!!

    My boyfriend is going to the September 27th Cambridge concert, we’re both such big fans and I can’t be there because I’m currently in university in the US. We’re currently going the distance in our relationship and Jason Mraz’s music means a lot to our relationship, he introduced JMaz to me and the music keeps us going through hard times… Particularly “The Woman I Love”

    A shout out to him (Luke Waddon) at this show would mean the world to him, particularly as it’s his birthday around this time and I’m not there for it.
    Please do anything if you can!

    I know it would mean as much to him as your music does for me in my relationship.
    And fellow JMaz fans, support me if you can so this gets seen!

    Lauren Beeslee

  • Avatar of srij
    srij said ...


  • Avatar of p5ety
    p5ety said ...

    Will I see Mr A-Z at the Lowry in September “YES”

  • Avatar of Jonasvp100
    Jonasvp100 said ...

    Please come to Denmark!!!!

  • Avatar of navi73
    navi73 said ...

    Denmark please :-)

    My girlfriend and I have been to Berlin and Prague to see your shows. Copenhagen would be a great venue for you :-)

  • Avatar of funfumiyo
    funfumiyo said ...

    Please come to JAPAN !! Thank you !

  • Avatar of Klsyd05
    Klsyd05 said ...

    @Mona1 I would love those tickets! Are they still available? Please get in touch if so! I want to take my mum for her birthday like I did at the last Albert Hall concert :D

  • Avatar of Ellenvandekamp

    I almost vriend my eyes out! Ticket selling Amsterdam was really disappointing… seemed impossible for ‘à normal person’. (Read: your biggest fan) to get tickets….. :( (((((((

  • Avatar of Majken
    Majken said ...

    Please come to Denmark.
    Me and my boyfriend love your songs.
    They helps us getting up every morning, especially when times are hard.

    Your songs also help me in times when sadness of my morther recently loss against cancer.

    Thanks alot! you’re an inspiration!

    Love – Majken and Kasper

  • Avatar of Tai.martins
    Tai.martins said ...

    Come to Brazil !!!!!!!!! Pleaseeeeee !!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  • Avatar of Mona1
    Mona1 said ...

    I have two tickets to the Jason Mraz Royal Albert Hall show (26 Sept 2014) in Block A; row 4 which is right at the front if anyone is interested.

    I bought them and I’m so gutted I want to cry, I can’t make it!

    Hopefully another huge fan gets to go instead :)


  • Avatar of Fay
    Fay said ...

    China please!!!

  • Avatar of Kokotan
    Kokotan said ...

    Please come to Japan.

    People here are waiting

  • Avatar of msiuchong
    msiuchong said ...

    I hope you plan coming to Canada! (Specifically Toronto!!!!)

  • Avatar of neslihan
    neslihan said ...


  • Avatar of neslihan
    neslihan said ...


  • Avatar of neslihan
    neslihan said ...


  • Avatar of Rosa
    Rosa said ...

    Just stay here in the USA and come to sunny hot South Florida. Can’t wait to hear your music LIVE! If you could make it around the end of August that would be cool. You could be my birthday present. LOL

  • Avatar of mulyadhacker
    mulyadhacker said ...


  • Avatar of rosalia2585
    rosalia2585 said ...

    Please Jason, ITALY! Or something near like Switzerland!!!! *___*

  • Avatar of neslihan
    neslihan said ...


  • Avatar of betsy.deering
    betsy.deering said ...

    Yes! Memphis!!

  • Avatar of erickbass
    erickbass said ...

    Pritypleaaaseee come to mexicooooo jaja we love your music!!! Mexicoooo!!! Wuuuuuuuuuuuw

  • Avatar of erickbass
    erickbass said ...

    México please!!!

  • Avatar of erickbass
    erickbass said ...

    Please come to México please please please pleeeeeeeeeease

  • Avatar of Shosh
    Shosh said ...

    PLEASE please please come to Memphis. We are (impatiently) waiting!

  • Avatar of NE80sGal
    NE80sGal said ...

    Yes! Yes! I agree, please come to Boston! We are waiting!

  • Avatar of michellebelle
    michellebelle said ...

    Hi :) Please come to Boston in the springtime. There are many who would love to sing a line of one love in Boston :) Love, love, love your music. It sings my soul. It just does :) ))

  • Avatar of Polarbear
    Polarbear said ...

    Come to Greenland!, Nuuk

  • Avatar of slorenn10
    slorenn10 said ...

    Please, please! Come to MÉXICO! ♥

  • Avatar of vivianis
    vivianis said ...

    Agrega fechas en monterrey. México

  • Avatar of vivianis
    vivianis said ...

    agrega fechas Monterrey. México

  • Avatar of kaboom
    kaboom said ...

    Please come to Ireland <3

  • Avatar of ImLuisa
    ImLuisa said ...

    seriously we need you guys here

  • Avatar of RebeccaV
    RebeccaV said ...

    Was only looking yesterday for your date information. Glad to see I might be able to go to your concert, I only need to decide where… ☺️

  • Avatar of darragh.mcevoy


  • Avatar of michellejariel

    please add a date for new zealand

  • Avatar of michellejariel

    please add a date for New Zealand please!

  • I’m so excited that you’re coming to the UK again!! I cannot wait, I have to get tickets to see you, I’ve been waiting since you were last here! Wooohoooooo :D

  • Avatar of lisa.m
    lisa.m said ...

    please come in Italy!!!!! we have really awesome landscapes, the best food in the world, beautiful people, wonderful cities and so on!!! If you come, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Italy so much that you won’t go away! pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

  • Avatar of srk.mudit1009
    srk.mudit1009 said ...

    Last time you left out India. I sincerely and desperately eequest you to visit India this time.

  • Avatar of ShellyS1216
    ShellyS1216 said ...

    You should probably come to Vermont! Great music venues, tons of locally sourced organic restaurants, and not to mention its gorgeous! Totally your kind of place!

  • Avatar of JolienVM
    JolienVM said ...

    Can you please come to Belgium? Don’t leave us out!

  • Avatar of editor
    editor said ...

    @barfmoo: The pre-sale code was sent to our mailing list first. Details are also included in this post.
    -Mraz Team

  • Avatar of mrmike357
    mrmike357 said ...

    Yo Jason, please come to Colorado. Red Rocks has awesome acoustics and some of the best flowers.

  • Avatar of anselme.eza.7
    anselme.eza.7 said ...

    every song I heard from you. I deel very happy

  • Avatar of Jomzkiv
    Jomzkiv said ...


  • Avatar of mamamoniquee
    mamamoniquee said ...

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar of barfmoo
    barfmoo said ...

    What was the subject of the email??? I have been in his fan club in the past on and his email list forever and I live near the venue. this is so frustrating… best tickets are balcony. WTF???

  • Avatar of em_rankin
    em_rankin said ...

    thank you!

  • Avatar of barfmoo
    barfmoo said ...

    This is such a joke. Tell the world there is a presale and then don’t let them participate in it. Nice job Jason. Love your music but whoever runs your presales is an idiot.

  • Avatar of emofdeerose
    emofdeerose said ...

    its “lovesomeone”

  • Avatar of Candymom
    Candymom said ...

    The presage code was in an email. It’s lovesomeone.

  • Avatar of Candymom
    Candymom said ...


  • Avatar of rachel.m.wookey


  • Avatar of mamamoniquee
    mamamoniquee said ...

    Have no idea been looking for an hour :(

  • Avatar of RossFuller
    RossFuller said ...

    Has anyone figured out the presale code yet?!?!?!

  • Avatar of Bruna Jacques
    Bruna Jacques said ...

    BRAZIL please!!!! I’m begging you!
    I’d give anything to see you guys playing together.

    Much love

  • Avatar of emofdeerose
    emofdeerose said ...


  • Avatar of ng
    ng said ...

    the code????

  • Avatar of Sarahrd123
    Sarahrd123 said ...

    Come to Utah! We love your music :)

  • Avatar of tmuilenburg
    tmuilenburg said ...

    how do you get the presage code! If anyone knows how please tell me!!!

  • Avatar of itssophie
    itssophie said ...

    Scotland? For the past few tours it’s been the “UK” but there was only dates in England :(

  • Avatar of anabel.irineo
    anabel.irineo said ...

    Las Vegas!!!!!!

  • Avatar of Veritaz
    Veritaz said ...

    Me too. Need presale code!

  • Avatar of mikejasklowski

    also looking for a presale code!

  • Avatar of luned
    luned said ...

    if anyone gets info about the pre-sale code or anything… please please please do tell!!!!

  • Avatar of consuelo
    consuelo said ...

    This is what I’ve been waiting for
    “with a series of intimate North American shows and surprise multishow runs in select cities,”
    Seattle is a very selectable city. :)

  • Avatar of barfmoo
    barfmoo said ...

    I mean I guess you could make it more unclear but I am just not sure how. Maybe something like “There is no password required.” or “Go here to get the presale password” and then include a link? It’s a pain in the ass to keep having to check back all day long to figure it out and as a huge fan I am very frustrated. I want to go to the San Diego show so how about making it a bit easier to figure out. Some of have to go to work and can’t spend all day on your website praying for some info.

  • Avatar of barfmoo
    barfmoo said ...

    Where is the fucking presale password information???????

  • Avatar of ximnom
    ximnom said ...

    Come to Peru please!!

  • Avatar of ximnom
    ximnom said ...

    please Peru is waiting for you!

  • Avatar of ximnom
    ximnom said ...


  • Avatar of lorimillette
    lorimillette said ...

    I cannot find the fan pre-sale code anywhere!?!? Anyone have access to this info?

  • Avatar of marymraz
    marymraz said ...

    C O M E T O S P A I N !!!!!! :’(

  • Avatar of hana
    hana said ...

    malaysia please :)

  • Avatar of hana
    hana said ...

    malaysia again pleaseeee :)

  • Avatar of lucerne.icy
    lucerne.icy said ...

    Germany, please!!!!!We are waiting for you!!!!

  • Avatar of Taticolella
    Taticolella said ...

    I’m so excited to see you guys again…I can’t wait for you to come to Florida!! Congrats!! :)

  • Avatar of hopschud
    hopschud said ...

    and Hungary. do not forget Hungary . :)

  • Avatar of arlene.arredondo

    Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

  • Avatar of arlene.arredondo

    We are waiting for you @ Punta Cana, D.R.

  • Avatar of j.canortiz
    j.canortiz said ...

    Come to Monterrey Mexico please!!! We really enjoy your music!!!

  • Avatar of neil.m.campbell

    Scotland please!! There’s a great new venue called the hydro, plus a choice of All the other places you’ve already played before. Missed you last tour

  • Avatar of meli101
    meli101 said ...

    Miami, Florida PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Avatar of wleitz1
    wleitz1 said ...

    MICHIGAN! MICHIGAN! MICHIGAN! I have been waiting 10 years to see !!!

  • Avatar of patricia.koole.7

    I hope I will get some tickets for your concert in Carré Amsterdam this fall, keep my fingers crossed :)

  • Avatar of JennieCatrin
    JennieCatrin said ...

    Can you buy the tickets on here or what site for the Manchester show? Arrggghhhh so unbelievably exited! been waiting for years to come to the UK :D

  • Avatar of aprily
    aprily said ...


  • Avatar of kyle.hall.3572

    I sincerely hope you add Newcastle to your UK tour, Either way Im sure ill find a way to Manchester if you dont. I cant wait Jason!

  • Avatar of alexandraacd
    alexandraacd said ...

    Come to Barcelona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please please please :(

  • Avatar of Ukka
    Ukka said ...

    Come to Moscow,RF, please!!!

  • Avatar of tejas26mehta
    tejas26mehta said ...

    …..just trying to get me message visible so repeatedly posting this.

  • Avatar of tejas26mehta
    tejas26mehta said ...

    Perform. In. India.

  • Avatar of tejas26mehta
    tejas26mehta said ...

    Come to indiaa

  • Avatar of tejas26mehta
    tejas26mehta said ...

    Come to indiaaaa pleaseee!!

  • Avatar of tejas26mehta
    tejas26mehta said ...

    Come to indiaaaa!!

  • Avatar of lmanning628
    lmanning628 said ...

    and Montreal

  • Avatar of EsquireL
    EsquireL said ...

    come to China Amoy .plx

  • Avatar of laiacm
    laiacm said ...

    We are waiting for you in Barcelonaa!!! =)

  • Avatar of ariadnapinar
    ariadnapinar said ...

    Come to Barcelona please!!

  • Taiwan also need u!!!!!we are waiting for u for almost two years(ಥ_ಥ)

  • Avatar of martin.herold.92

    I can’t wait when you will be in Prague … … so I need to catch in Europe during the Fall.

  • Avatar of iriannyguzman
    iriannyguzman said ...

    Spain!!! I’ll be in Spain this fall and it’d be amaaaazing to see you guys there, more like a dream come true actually!

  • Do you think adding Austria (not Australia :-) )
    I know we are just a little country but I guess you’ve got a lot of fans here to get a warm welcome :-)

  • Avatar of Hiroko
    Hiroko said ...

    Pls come to Osaka Japan !

  • Florida!!!!

  • Please come to NZ again! I couldn’t come to watch you in 2011 because I had final exams

  • Avatar of lee-hyung-kwan

    korea!!!! please!!

  • Avatar of dearash
    dearash said ...

    Please come to Hong Kong <3 please!!

  • Avatar of AmandaJensen
    AmandaJensen said ...

    NORWAY!!! :)

  • Avatar of tom.macpherson.7

    AUSTRALIA! :) :):)

  • Avatar of AeyRawee
    AeyRawee said ...

    Thailand and Thai Fans waiting for the coming of you.

  • Avatar of Bitx5
    Bitx5 said ...

    Jason will you consider coming to Mexico? We don’t need anything fancy, as a matter of fact, I kinda miss your café shows where it was just you and the guitar for hours…

  • Avatar of airinasyahirah

    Asia please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar of rakire2116
    rakire2116 said ...

    Please, come to Mexico! My best friend is your fan and she’ll love to be in your concert.

  • Avatar of regina.krisna
    regina.krisna said ...

    nooo..i’ll leave the netherlands for good in August or September. If only you released the album and do the tour sooner :(

  • Avatar of edselmhdk
    edselmhdk said ...

    asia, yes please!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar of llunuel.richards

    San Jose California Sap center

  • Avatar of monarey
    monarey said ...

    Germany!! please add dates for germany!

  • Avatar of tenZy
    tenZy said ...


  • Avatar of bsai.freedom
    bsai.freedom said ...

    come to Portugal pls :(