YES! A New Album by Jason Mraz

May 18, 2014

“Here we are!” Symbolic lyrics from “A Beautiful Mess” which I wrote back in 2007 with Raining Jane, an LA based indie band whom I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with for many years now.

If you haven’t heard already, myself and Raining Jane have teamed up to make an entirely new album together. This new album, titled ‘YES!’ containing songs about love, friendship, healing, hope, and consciousness – is NOW finally ready for your ears!

I am very pleased and very proud to announce that ‘YES!’ will be released on July 15 and is now available for pre-order on But you don’t have to wait until then to hear it…

Check out the info below that my amazing team and I have put together and get ready to experience the beauty of YES!

Visit every Monday for a glimpse at what this record is all about. Each week we’ll be premiering a video of a new song from the album, recorded live with Raining Jane at The Om Studio on my avocado ranch. Pre-order ‘YES!’ on iTunes and you’ll also receive a download of a new track from the album every Monday.

We start with “Love Someone.” Watch our live performance exclusively on Facebook later today and download the album version by pre-ordering ‘YES!’ on iTunes.

Beginning today you can also choose from several beautiful ‘YES!’ packages on, including some extra special items that will only be available for our pre-order. Every package includes the pre-order exclusive track “Details in the Fabric [Live]” recorded on tour with Raining Jane.

And speaking of tour… YES! We’ll be touring across the U.S. later this summer before heading to Europe, Asia, and Australia in the fall and South America in 2015. Stay tuned for a special announcement next month.

When Raining Jane and I originally penned “A Beautiful Mess,” we had no idea we would ever be where we are now. But we certainly dreamed it, evident in the lyric, “We will fly like birds not of this earth.” This is truly how we feel right now in this shared experience, so much so that the new album cover donning 5 birds reflects that and is dedicated to our ongoing journey together. We thank you for being a part of this. And we thank you for lifting us up.

Welcome to the Summer of YES!

In joy,

  • Avatar of murtadho19
    murtadho19 said ...

    I just can’t stop to listen your song, almost every day… the music, lyrics it’s amazing..

  • Avatar of nursemarjerrie

    I’m lovin the new album. Thank you so much for making such excellent music Jason! Keep on going. more powers! We love you!

  • Your all I listen to:))) I’m grateful for the new yes CD and it would be awesome if you came close to Newport RI:) I dream of seeing you live and feeling your energy because all your CDs up my already amazing vibration :) thank you and you are so right on!!!!:) I hope I get to see you on your tour beautiful soul!!!

  • Avatar of 1xkisi
    1xkisi said ...

    All day long, your songs are on my youtube mix list. Most of the artists are moved by the bitterness of love, however, you! You inspire from the beauty of love. This Album is what I have been waiting for. Please come to Turkey, we need your awesome voice and moving songs!
    Being simple is harder than being complicated, you are the sunshine of simplicity and perfection.
    Thank you for being in each one of our lives.



  • Avatar of KatieRStorey
    KatieRStorey said ...

    So thrilled with this announcement! Both of the songs you have released so far are really moving! I lost my wedding ring yesterday, then came home and listened to my “Mraztastic” playlist. First song- living in the moment. Second song- Love Someon. We are now planning a very small (just 3 people) vow renewal on our 10th anniversary with a new wedding band on June 12th and Love Someone is going to be playing. Thanks for being part of making something dark come into the light. Hope you come to Texas this summer!

  • Avatar of Lizzie-Malessy

    Oh I can’t wait!!! YES!!!! OH YES! Loving the songs already! Please tell me Jason and Raining Jane…when will you come to England next? This ALBUM IS MY FAV!:D I really want to pre-order the merch you have but, the Baby Taylor guitar package is only available in US DIRECT. :( I live far away in England… And been hoping to get one. I play too, but it’s so unfortunate… is there a possibility to sell them worldwide? There must thousands of people like me around the world wanting to pre-order this package. When I first saw the guitar with the ‘YES!’ Album cover on it, I already started crave on pre-ordering it straight away, though couldn’t. Thank you Jason Mraz and Raining Jane! You are an amazing collaboration! So can’t wait to hear more inspiration! :D

  • Avatar of hillytg
    hillytg said ...

    Can’t wait!!! please come to Dallas soon!! love you!

  • Avatar of Wookie59
    Wookie59 said ...

    Can’t wait!
    Love your voice

  • Avatar of themusicman017

    You are truly an amazing person, you have blessed us with your beautiful music. You let us into your life and make us feel like we know you in person. You have inspired me to play guitar and make original music and i am pretty sure you have inspired others too. You have the power to inspire people and bring them back up by doing what you love. Thank you for what you do!

  • cant wait to download listen it all at once

  • Avatar of ruan.pedrini
    ruan.pedrini said ...

    Jason. Pelo que pude perceber pelos pré-lançamento do novo CD, ele vai ser ótimo, assim como os seus outros CDs e EPs. Parabéns pelo seu sucesso e parabéns pelo seu talento. Você é ótimo. Sempre vou gostar de suas músicas. Parabéns.

  • Avatar of chayes90@
    chayes90@ said ...

    I have listened to this song all day and all I feel is LOVE. This just goes straight into my soul and I have never been touched by anyone else’s music the way that I have by Jason’s. There are no words to describe what this music means to me. I so pray that I can see you on tour for this one again. I left the Love is a Four Letter Word Tour so energized and peaceful. I’m so happy and so excited for you and the summer of YES!!!! I’ve shared and commented and posted so many statuses on FB I think people might unfriend me. lol I’ve missed you Jason! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back to NASHVILLE for the Summer of YES!tour.


  • Avatar of hannahvaartnou

    Dear Jason,

    I feel like I’ve been travelling along with your journey… It’s been echoing my journey. I’m ecstatic that you have put out new album about consciousness and kindness. What a gift. Your songs have been lighting up my life since ’08.

    Every song speaks to me. It’s the marriage between your conscious soul and your authentic musical sound… truly beautiful. Thank you for inspiring me to continue making music from my soul and living from that place. Your music – from Life is Wonderful to The Beauty in the Ugly to Bella Luna to I’m Yours to Dynamo of Violition to A Beautiful Mess to Don’t Change at All to Living in the Moment SO MANY OTHERS and NOW THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG!

    I will be adding this beauty to the yoga playlist for my students. PLEASE COME TO VANCOUVER AGAIN! Thank you for giving your love through your soul music and for igniting my heart with even more love for the world.

    Namaste. In love and gratitude,


  • Avatar of EvaHassine
    EvaHassine said ...

    wowowowww, que bueno!!!

    Beautiful, thank you soo much, you just make it melt !

    When you come to Europe and hopefully to Spain why don’t you make a jump to Formentera Island, the one where Pink Floyd used to write their songs! Come on!! would be so great to welcome you there!!!! Even Bob Marley made the journey (its beneath ibiza, a very small but amazing beautiful magic island)

    Yeah, let’s water universe! congratulations you 5 birds <3
    definitly jumping into this joy ride, bliss <3 <3

  • Avatar of Dorili
    Dorili said ...

    YEEEEEEESSSSS! I’m so so happy.

    But one little question:
    is the download of the weekly song also available in Germany or just the US?

  • Avatar of Sexican
    Sexican said ...

    Summer of YES!

  • Avatar of Rodrigo-Oliveira

    When you start your tour? I want shows! You are the best!

  • Avatar of jewelsdawn
    jewelsdawn said ...

    I can’t wait to hear the rest! I love it! You are all so amazing Jason Mraz and Raining Jane! I love you!

  • Avatar of Bruna Jacques
    Bruna Jacques said ...

    Absolutely loved !!

    Don’t take too long to come back to Brazil once again, please.

    Much love,


  • Avatar of Larry9go
    Larry9go said ...

    Wow! I have air in my head, I can not stop listening … Thank you Jason

  • Avatar of kevinfur
    kevinfur said ...

    We want you in Argentina! :)

  • Avatar of shari.delie
    shari.delie said ...

    Thanks for the anniversary present! :-)

  • Great song as always :) RVA loves Jason Mraz :)

  • Avatar of NatySol
    NatySol said ...

    Argentina awaits you, Jason! HERE WE ARE! @jasonmraz_arg

  • Avatar of griefhammer
    griefhammer said ...

    This song is incredible! Jason, you’ve done it again!

  • Avatar of Hiroko
    Hiroko said ...

    Your music always shine in my life.

  • Avatar of alexadlc
    alexadlc said ...

    CT yearns for some Mr-Az

  • Avatar of rawrnomnomnom
    rawrnomnomnom said ...

    The next time you’re coming to the Philippines, I’m won’t miss you again..
    Much love forever to you Jason and the rest of the gang!

  • Avatar of fira
    fira said ...

    I instantly like Love Someone on the first listen. It’s on repeat atm. Can’t wait to listen to the rest! Now, let’s talk about the tour! Too soon??? :)

  • Avatar of brewski
    brewski said ...

    Love the track, really looking forward to seeing you in the U.K again. Your concert in the O2 for “Love is a Four Letter Word” was amazing!


  • Avatar of aprily
    aprily said ...

    I am so happy to finally be able to preorder YES! Having done that, I cannot wait for the tour announcement – hoping for a date in Michigan!

  • Avatar of yannigk
    yannigk said ...

    It’s my birthday today!! And I got this in my newsfeed. Best bday gift ever. Thanks Jason! :D

  • Avatar of sydneyamourx
    sydneyamourx said ...


  • Avatar of vernonnoronha89

    Waiting the hear the stuff from the new album, The demos sound spectacular… India tour? :P

  • Avatar of AeyRawee
    AeyRawee said ...

    Such a breathtaking track of your new album. I can’t wait to buy an original copy in Thailand. Love to hear your news again.

  • Congratulations Jason, Janes and Mraz Team for this new album. Love Someone sounds awesome. Can’t wait to hear you sing YES album songs live. So don’t forget to drop by MANILA when you’re in ASIA.

    <3 Belle

  • Avatar of rokhe
    rokhe said ...

    OMG! Can’t wait to hear the whole album! you always makes my days with all of yours song! and now you will be released your new album just 10 days before my birthday!

  • Avatar of isa.legname
    isa.legname said ...

    Beautiful Mess has always been a favorite of mine and within the past year I have played it well over a thousand times on my phone and its the song I listen to every night before falling asleep.

    It has been a big dream of mine to meet Jason Mraz and have him write out the lyrics “We will fly like birds not of this earth.” to get tattooed on my body, for they have always held such great meaning to me. I know that this album is going to touch my soul in so many ways as Jason always does and I am beyond excited to hear his words and go on another journey through new lyrics and a new album. I’m also excited to hear more influence from Raining Jane who are such an amazing and powerful group of women, I know they will produce a pure and true sound.
    Thank you Jason for all the love you give us and spread with your words and music every day. You have truly inspired me and changed my life in so many ways.
    Much Love

  • Avatar of FerCarranzaAlc

    I cant put into words the excitement im experiencing right now. I just want to ask one thing: please, please, please bring YES! and the beautiful girls of Raining Jane to Mexico and I promise, no, I swear Ill be there to share the joy of this new journey!