Premiere: “We Can Take The Long Way”

June 20, 2014

Making a music video is challenging. To me a song is personal: its story, message, or melody resonating uniquely with each listener. And adding moving pictures can sometimes paint a mood or suggest an attitude that is different from the way the listener may hear the song in his/her heart. “We Can Take The Long Way” is an effort to not make one finite music video, and instead tell a story about love and life with several songs from ‘YES!’ playing a supporting role. I recommend you turn down the lights, crank up the volume, snuggle up to your beloved, and enjoy the film.

Thank you,

  • Avatar of dlavelle
    dlavelle said ...

    channeling Jimmy Lavalle? I hope. This is beautiful.

  • Avatar of benedictify
    benedictify said ...

    It seems that you’re become a love song artist

  • Avatar of Lucimara
    Lucimara said ...

    Jason, You are the best!

  • Avatar of Annie321
    Annie321 said ...

    This is a beautiful story. It makes me think of my husband who is so supportive, of my daughter and her boyfriend how are very happy, and of how much my mom misses my dad who passed away in 2002. (We all do, he was a wonderful man.) She took care of him through his illness and now that she’s aging she doesn’t have him to take care of her. Of course I do my best, but it’s him she would want the most. Love each other now. xoxo

  • Avatar of morinellodave
    morinellodave said ...

    Listening to your music is simply transcendent! Thank you for the beautiful music you share with us.

  • Avatar of Teruminha
    Teruminha said ...

    I love your music Jason!!
    I want write to you. What´s you email?
    Kisses and hugs

  • Avatar of bernardfrias
    bernardfrias said ...

    That is simply the magic of music by Jason….

  • Avatar of YukiTaira98
    YukiTaira98 said ...

    OMG! I love that short film! It´s like anjsdhdjbdjksbflsa!
    I really love it. I can´t say anything more to express what I feel when I see Jason into a bathtub singing, it was like: WTF? :o xD

  • Avatar of abrahamcruz
    abrahamcruz said ...

    Only I have a word for this song: AWESOME

  • escutando Cistina Perri e Jason Mraz muito show os dois mas a voz de jason é linda Distance… beijo do Brasil do Sul….

  • A Beautiful Mess parece falar de mim sou bem assim…

  • me perdoe se escrevi algo errado hehe tive um avc em 2010 sem nenhum problema hoje sou um milagre fiquei em coma 3 semanas acordei na noite de natal aprendi a falar novamente comer hoje tenho alegria de viver …estou bem livre de medicações perdi só a percepção do lado esquerdo mas o resto tudo ok…bjs do sul do Brasil ..escutando Mr. curiosity aqui tu é soprano também que lindo..meu Deus ..venha novamente ao Brasil no sul também..

  • obrigado Jason Mraz por está página traduzida não sei o inglês escutando suas musicas pelo you tub me traz paz e alegria no coração e mente …Deus seja com sua vida muito lindo seu trabalho no mundo..

  • obrigado pela tradução da página jason e equipe estou aqui e escutando as musicas lindas Deus te abençõe …

  • amei estar aqui amigo Jason posso chamar de amigo?não sei escrever inglês desculpe?
    beijos do Brasil Rio grande do Sul …

  • Avatar of Skidge
    Skidge said ...

    Thank you Jason!

    We saw your concert in Amsterdam last Friday, it was so beautiful! You are a beautiful light, enjoyed every minute and daily I take my medicin, listening to your music! That brings light to my soul! Thank you for being you, for what you do and for what you contribute to this world!

  • The light within me shines brighter because of the light with you…Thank you!

  • You can try battle of the bands:

  • Avatar of vanessa.quines

    just watched your concert with RJ last night and you guys were AMAZING. you took my husband and i to another place, made me fall in love with him all over again with all your songs esp I WONT GIVE UP. Y’all just soooo gifted, and awesome and all the superlatives am sure with your vocabulary, you know. wish i can say al but its just inside and whenever i keep rewinding the concert, my smiles reach my ears. I LOVE IT. Now, am in a mission to save $ for any concerts you may have in the future. i would want a front seat, but i don’t need a front seat, any seat is fine because your voice along with RJ just reaches me inside out. in tagalog we say “ang galing galing”. i watched a concert last year by this famous band, but nothing compares to your music, they played their music almost to the sound of their cd, just added a few oohs and aahs and yeahs (it some it kinda didn’t jive with the instrumental music) but your—-wow. i had hot flashes last night, but your music made me relax and enjoy. i told my husband, “this guy will last in the music business” Congratulations – i m so glad God gifted us with an amazing talent that is you and RJ. even if our 17 anni is on October, this concert was the perfect celebration for it. THANK YOU

  • Avatar of liltiger822
    liltiger822 said ...

    Tears rolled down my face watching this love story. Absolutely beautiful. Best Friend could have easily been added to this heart touching, soul reaching short movie. Love, Peace, Direction.

  • Avatar of Peaceout
    Peaceout said ...

    Clever and beautifully done! Usually videos change the song for me in not such a good way but the way these were tied together in such a fun, light-hearted and touching manner, changed that experience. Well done!

  • Avatar of matth1002
    matth1002 said ...

    Wow, unreal. Heart bursts when I watch this….gives so much hope. Thanks Jason!

  • Avatar of PilarcitaReds
    PilarcitaReds said ...

    Me encanta tu música y adoro escucharte hablar un poco de español.Saludos y bendiciones desde Colombia!♥♥

  • Avatar of yogagrrl
    yogagrrl said ...

    You touch my heart, mind and soul. Make me laugh and cry. YES, I know it’s going to be a good day! Thank you for your beautiful music and film.

  • Avatar of Mariuxy
    Mariuxy said ...

    See you soon.!!!! My heart beat beats so loud

  • Avatar of pnkpanther
    pnkpanther said ...

    can not wait to see this live!!! Jason and Jane = A W E S O M E

  • Avatar of MaryRosselli
    MaryRosselli said ...

    Yesterday, being our 35th wedding anniversary and being together as a couple for forty years together(he asked me out when we were 16), this story told our past, present and, hopefully our future. Just a journey that teaches the greatest lessons. There’s so much richness is your songs, and so much wealth in life.

  • Avatar of bettiana.balle

    I love your music Jason!! thanks for your amazing talent! you are the best!

  • Saw your programme on Sunday Morning CBS today and was really mesmorized by you and your music..What a refreshing pure soul!
    Thank you so much for your upbeat music and your humility!Wish more people were like you,but you are our hope on the horizon!
    Wishing you good luck in all your endeavours that are similar to mine except I am not a musician.
    Rosemary ( Manhattan Beach Ca

  • Avatar of AtLeastITried
    AtLeastITried said ...

    I see that Denver isnt on the Tour Schedule… hmmmm. Thats a problem!

  • Avatar of fabulous13
    fabulous13 said ...

    So excited for the tour. Love the new song. It makes me smile.

  • Avatar of tamygb
    tamygb said ...

    Definitely YES!

  • Avatar of kerrym
    kerrym said ...

    Come back to Korea! We need you! I use many of your songs in my Teacher Training Course. The teachers love your lyrics and your music.

  • Avatar of fermigo
    fermigo said ...

    Me encantan las tres nuevas canción, me alucina el video. Excelente trabajo, como siempre sorprendiéndonos! Las letras y la música que compones, genera una magia increíble, gracias!

  • Avatar of macrow03
    macrow03 said ...

    I love having new Jason music! Long Drive is AMAZING! I think I have listened to is 150k times!

  • Avatar of consuelo
    consuelo said ...

    ‘Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made.’