Premiere: Watch “Long Drive” [Live from The Om Studio at Mraz Organics' Avocado Ranch] – Facebook Exclusive

June 1, 2014

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Let’s see, so far, I see, I left “latter” off of ~fortunately~…and “cred” off of concordance.

    That’s more than enough…I know it’s tough…maybe it’s rough…more and more stuff.

    Wordplay DOES explain our nonsensical way of spelling English words here in the Western Hemisphere.

    non none clans seas ass class anon nose noise o no on clones cleans cline sine Nile lines aliens liens lions loins ions sins sons Sion eons loans coins closes loses sola sales lain lies coils oils soil en EN ails Cain can scan san sone one lone alone cola ices lice nice once cones canes sane insane SOS sis ness less loss nine sic sac scales also social lo co Co CO so SO os Os OS scone insole aloes canons coals cola lance ales cal. Cal. slain nails snails leas cases lioness cines sails neon Leo NEO cos slice icons sonic lesson lasso lass cession casinos caisson lesion El sec I leans lanes saline cosine cannons canoes oceans o.c. O.C. seals loci E-coli

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    LOOK…I know this is a lot to give…and even more for you to get…but, here it goes:

    fortune tune true truly fate feat run ran Ra rat rate late ley lea lent fort fun fan fat flat flatten fault faulty fuel rule truant real felt fortunate for afore flare lure EU euro rut rot rote lute or ET foray oral orate et turn urn tuner tone note atone atoner toner alone lone one oner loan flea fear loaner roan fetal relay rely fry fly try tore ore torn realty feta ETA ort learn earn early earl far fare ear era are eat ate tea teal raft rout route lout fount flaunt unto elf Ute noel El fart art rat tar arty Tut tot lot a fatty lat funeral renal near neat neatly nearly tart ornate ornately lefty not OT toe no on only role foal ratty natty fern fur runt rant ant aunt ante loft oft often aft after rune rutty font leaf teat treat treaty tat Ta ta TA tare tear teary afro froe fro roe lo alto tenor flatten let YA yen yearn ye en EN lent Lent rent rental et al Al Ar tort torte attune tun ton ten tetra nature tuna tote nut ut royal furl fret alert ale tale talon felon felony NATO UN leafy tuft turf four our out outer net ret nutty tent fatter flatter alter later flatter flattery taunt taut trout tautly tauter flaunter Tory Troy toy neural lunar fluent ENT

    You know, Jason…people can make UP any story they wish and make it seem TRUE to them. This whole cosmical epic is as picturesque as it gets. I just thank GOD I found WordPlay to make it evident some magnificent source is (of course) in charge of this actuality. And, the fact of the matter is…you are responsible for me having run into this TRUTH.

    Yours Truly is still hoping and praying you can see through the veil…lift the curtain…and expose the hidden LOVE that controls everything and everyone. No one will want to admit they’ve been fooled…but, ALL in ALL, it’s the only way OUT of this dimensional prison. So, if and when you ever get tired of the unnecessary bullshit that lurk and jerk us around…I’ll be here. Well, I will be if I live long enough.

    In my humble opinion: If anyone “gets” your lyrics…it’s me. But, who am I to say so. I’m just an old lady who claims to KNOW you.
    Yes…they will always refer to me as your ‘stalker’ cuz that’s just the way they see me in this story (so far). Something like:

    talk talker lake leak seal real tales stale staler lest El sake stake takes rakes arts rats tars tears sear set ETs sea et ret rest takers ask kas treks ales sale ret res asker arse rates late later slate ER re Re ears eras are eats ate teas least steal teals alt salt alter Al Ar star stare tares alerts steak task ETA sake leas last skate skater arks stark larks talks talkers aster

    Why not just congratulate this concordance with some kind of ridiculous announcement? I just wish … you could. YES…and you can.

    concord accord dance dancer ran orca and Dan DNA RAN AND can cocoa coca ran Ra race raced o no on doe roe do care cared crane craned ear era are core cored code cord corded condor condo re ER Re en EN near none anon end den darn CERN concern rend eon neon roan crone coo cooed cooer adorn adore dare Draco ad Od rod rode ode node or doo coon raccoon croon crooned cone cane caner caned canned con conned recon redo nerd nard card corn acorn acne acre candor ore o.c. O.C. co Co CO coder read dear red dace nacre décor deco ed. de dean Dane on no one oner done canner earn OCD OD once road rodeo ordnance cod deacon car arc arced ace aced cade cad rad ocean canoe noon canon

    Holy (you know what)…can anyone HELP this lonely old woman OUT? I know you’ve got to be catching my drift by now. Only an idiot could read what I’ve written and NOT get it. I’m sorry to bring you forward this way…but, it’s the way it’s written. There’s no way out of this sorry story…except:

    ad mission miss Miss ions sin son Sion SAD sad sim IM amid mad mod mass ass dis monas soma sand and Dan DNA AND sis Isis is maids aids AIDS SID ID amiss o no on dams nom mon soda moss nods sod Midas moans admin main aims ASM SAM ma mas dims OD do mason Mason SOS miso midi mini minds so SO os Os OS Simon ado dons Dom Oms Indo I mo m.o. man mans san

    I’m telling you like it is…I’m telling this story from GOD’s point of view. Because, simply stated: GOD gave us the WORD(s).
    Maybe it’s boring to some…to most. But, maybe, not so boring to you…who has made it so BIG in this worldplay.

    ~World play~
    pay word wordy worldly lord load old way lol loyal royal dopy lap pal paw ploy alloy allow day ray opal YA ay lay warp war raw row rod road pow plow ward Od POW ado pall all doll wordplay pallor oral orally rally pod pad pro rap AP PA pa pray ad lad lard lardy wad wall droll roll wrap plod ow low owl lady rad poll polar lar PO OP op po Op Po dolly oar Ar Al aw law ally dray yo lo lardy par alp draw drawl yawl wary lordly lordy lowly wry awry yo dory drop dally

    There…How can I ever give this UP? It’s just too right to be wrong.

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Always…ALL ways:
    great grate regal tale fuel rule gruel EU Ute rut rat tar art tare tear ear era are eat ate feat fat fate flag lag gal gale gar far fare fear real teal felt erg gulf frugal large urge ET ret et flare gear gate late later fault fetal et al artful lager ER Ra Re flat re earl furl falter alter alt let lea flea fag Ag true lute flute alert gut glue ale tug rug rag elf glut tag gat
    to find Truth within.

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    wHAT the heck…

    ~Long drive~
    Eng. rive rived dove drove dong longer lodge lodger rode ode ogle ogled dog god gold God golden GOD go ego gone goner don done ride rid rod Od old older olden nerd grind rind i.e. IV vie vied video ring ding dinger linger ling rig nig Niger rein Erin vole lover loved love over oven lie lied led lend end den dine diner El gel red node lode glove gloved grin din Odin rile riled devil evil lived vile liver role dole grid grove rove roved olive or gore ogre redo dingo lingo give giver given liven noir iron ore dire groin ion Leo NEO o no on lo lion loin void ID Eid IDE Virgo ridge log leg OG doling nevoid gen gin region legion Nile line liner driven nil veg novel I do nog gird en EN dingle negro negroid lore gored

    It takes great imagination to step UP to this plate.

    Keep on praying…I see you are constantly at it. The first time I ever saw you…you dropped right down to your knees. I LOVE that…I’ll always remember that as our premiere introduction.

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    cdatta said ...

    Who wants to see a music video for Jason Mraz’s song out of your hand/out of my hand.Here it is… a beautiful fan edited video of this song, please watch. Hope Mraz also will release a music video for this song.Hello…..we are waiting.

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    sherri.jutz said ...

    Everything I’m hearing is so lovely!

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    Kaylamadisson said ...

    This is so beautiful. I love the exotic instruments! I even love those rugs!

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    Bruna Jacques said ...

    Love it, love it !!

  • I agree, great song

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    royalpyr said ...

    Great song – love it!