JUST ANNOUNCED: A Rare Acoustic Evening in Modesto, CA

February 26, 2014

JUST ANNOUNCED: Modesto, CA – Join Jason for a rare acoustic evening with very special guests Raining Jane at Gallo Center for The Arts on Thursday, March 20!

Our fan pre-sale starts Fri, Feb 28 at 10am PT. Public onsale begins Sat, Mar 1 at 12pm PT.

Visit the Tour page for tickets and the latest information.

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    Ankkit said ...

    I just love wt Mraz does in his every live show…Jason u r my role model……bdw i am also a singer of a band name-’Swarakshar’.I just follow you….Kp making us to feel to relaxing with ur songs….\m/…!@!

  • i am no where near who i want to be. Jason, can i use this as a blog space for now? id really love to convene with your following. Its full of the most loving and understanding people on this planet. im just a girl that has bipolar disorder, and thought the devil was inside of me; bipolar can be scary for a little girl like me. I may not be who you think i am, but does it really matter? ive fallen in love with your spirit, how you commune with Love, and all i want to do with my life is laugh, dance, and be happy. yes they say good things come in 3′s, that one i do believe ;)
    i still have a little devil inside me, thats all.
    i still could use a helping hand.
    ive always wanted to learn to meditate and take my will power of breath back, human will sometimes is difficult to acheive when a bipolar girl is searching for peace.
    what i want to do with my life:
    1. find my footing.
    2. no sex til marraige
    3. quit smoking; only have one when I WANT bc I WANT to be the boss of me.
    4. meet YOU! id never cheat. lol.. ogees, the things in my head..
    im such a boogar, i just want to be a cool kid that was never a fallen angel.
    thats who i am, just a …”black bird singing in the dead of night..”
    jason, will you take these broken wings so that i may fly???
    all my life, i have only been waiting for you to arrive, black bird flies.
    I AM GLORIA ELAINE POWERS, yet ive loved the nickname: glory.
    i wont give up, will you not please? i really need your love–more Beatles, they are my favorite band. I want to save my bipolar and depressed community, bc they are just simply unaware of theyre greatness, help a sister out?
    just babbling at this point. you are you, and i am me.

    getting back on track,
    sincerely yours,

  • March 7th–now, duh, I’m impatient and PROUD.. Like I say, I lost my ego a long time ago. I have no seers, I am a God. I am THAT, I AM. And Gloria Powers Loves Jason Mraz. Listen For thy voice, and Love will direct your path to me. Sooner the better, I’ve waited long enough to be who I really am. Accept me for me, that is all I ask. You think you’re testing me; do you? No, other way around, brother. I’m no AZ; I know who we were in our past lives, bc I sincerely believe in them. I’m not still manic, do ye even know what bipolar is? I do; trust. Not in me but in yourself and your creator. How much humility does a celebrity have compared to a little list girl in a big scary world ? It takes balls to dream of greatness, and thanks for helping a sister out, this is why I chose you. The most humble star on this planet. Now be a God and give a helping hand. I’m ready.

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    Mraz said ...

    Yes, same passcode!
    -mraz team

  • Whatcha doing right now, Jason?

  • #yes

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    jpotter said ...

    Much thanks!

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    dancnmommy403 said ...

    is it the same passcode as the other shows “albumfive”?