Announcing Even More ‘YES!’ Tour Dates

July 14, 2014

We’re excited to announce new ‘YES!’ tour dates across North America, including a third show in San Diego and Los Angeles added due to demand! We can’t wait to bring the #jasonandjane acoustic evening to a city near you.

Our fan pre-sale begins today, July 14 at 10am local time in all cities except for Pittsburgh, where our fan pre-sale will begin on Friday, July 18 at 10am local time.


23 Aug – San Diego, CA at Civic Theatre – FAN PRE-SALE
30 Aug – Los Angeles, CA at Pantages Theatre – FAN PRE-SALE
09 Sep – Atlanta, GA at Fox Theatre – FAN PRE-SALE
10 Sep – Nashville, TN at Ryman Auditorium – FAN PRE-SALE
12 Sep – Boston, MA at Citi Wang Theatre – FAN PRE-SALE
13 Sep – Boston, MA at Citi Wang Theatre – FAN PRE-SALE
14 Sep – Hartford, CT at The Bushnell – Mortensen Hall – FAN PRE-SALE
07 Oct – Montreal, QC at Place Des Arts – FAN PRE-SALE
08 Oct – Toronto, ON at Massey Hall – FAN PRE-SALE
09 Oct – Toronto, ON at Massey Hall – FAN PRE-SALE
11 Oct – Pittsburgh, PA at Benedum Center – FAN PRE-SALE (Starts Fri, July 18)
12 Oct – Philadelphia, PA at Academy of Music – FAN PRE-SALE
13 Oct – Washington, D.C. at Warner Theatre – FAN PRE-SALE
15 Oct – Columbus, OH at Palace Theatre – FAN PRE-SALE
16 Oct – St. Louis, MO at Peabody Opera House – FAN PRE-SALE
17 Oct – Milwaukee, WI at Riverside Theater – FAN PRE-SALE
18 Oct – Minneapolis, MN at State Theatre – FAN PRE-SALE
21 Oct – Seattle, WA at Benaroya Hall – FAN PRE-SALE
22 Oct – Spokane, WA at INB Performing Arts Center – FAN PRE-SALE
23 Oct – Vancouver, BC at Queen Elizabeth Theatre – FAN PRE-SALE
24 Oct – Portland, OR at Keller Auditorium – FAN PRE-SALE
05 Nov – Indianapolis, IN at Murat Theatre at Old National Centre – FAN PRE-SALE
06 Nov – Detroit, MI at Fox Theatre – FAN PRE-SALE
07 Nov – Chicago, IL at Chicago Theatre – FAN PRE-SALE
08 Nov – Chicago, IL at Chicago Theatre – FAN PRE-SALE

PLUS: Stay tuned for a special announcement on Wednesday…

  • Avatar of Corvent
    Corvent said ...

    México, please!!!!

  • Avatar of JeniClark
    JeniClark said ...

    Please Florida!!!!!

  • Avatar of emilymoni
    emilymoni said ...

    Please say “YES” to Florida! :-)

  • Avatar of marinabatziolas

    I need you to come to sydney, australia honestly you’re the only artist i am so eager to see live please jason!

  • Avatar of marinabatziolas

    Are you coming to Australia!?!? If not PLEASE come to Sydney, Australia i need to see you live!

  • Avatar of giddlevi9
    giddlevi9 said ...


  • Avatar of giddlevi9
    giddlevi9 said ...

    South Florida PLEAAAASSEEEEE! :( (

  • Avatar of AtLeastITried
    AtLeastITried said ...

    The fact that Denver is not on the list…

  • Avatar of Theremedy20
    Theremedy20 said ...

    Please come to mexico! or to El Paso we love you!!

  • Avatar of dcanmg
    dcanmg said ...

    I Mustache U a question… Special announcement Wednesday? Here?

  • Avatar of lomolilly
    lomolilly said ...

    Singapore, please!! We miss you!

  • Avatar of Disco_lemonade

    Try as I may, I cannot remove my previous comment which was intended as a reply to another member’s comment. **sigh**….

    Anyway, I really do hope there is room somewhere in this very busy tour schedule to add a few more cities. Mine in particular ;) . Please please keep Charlotte, NC (or surrounding area) in mind. If I could travel to a nearby city I would in the blink of an eye. But I have a child in school, a job and I can’t afford tix+hotel. Oh to be 20 again….

    Still, tour is always exciting news :D

  • Avatar of Disco_lemonade

    Your comment made me laugh out loud. :) . I was born and raised in Miami. Long ass state is right! Haha. I’m in NC now and we also got left out of this tour list :’(

  • Avatar of msperk
    msperk said ...

    Please come to your hometown again soon.

  • Avatar of rmcarver26
    rmcarver26 said ...

    did you ever get an answer to this question?

  • Avatar of Rottnshprds
    Rottnshprds said ...

    Yay! Portland! Not sure if I can handle the wait!

  • Avatar of ariesgirl
    ariesgirl said ...

    Charleston, SC would be a great place to add a tour date! Beautiful city, and some great fans!!! Please!

  • Edmonton or Calgary please. …you have a ton of fans here too :)

  • I know you didn’t really “like” Edmonton (Ed-middleofnowhere-ton, if I remember correctly), but you have fans here who would really enjoy a live show again. Summertime is a better time to come here anyway.Please try to include your northern fans in this tour, I know I would be front and center as I was at the last show!!

  • Avatar of ana.mendoza58
    ana.mendoza58 said ...

    Red Rocks!!!! Denver Jason , DENVER!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar of darragh.mcevoy


  • Avatar of doug.oyen
    doug.oyen said ...

    Lovesomeone is the code

  • Avatar of Katie751
    Katie751 said ...

    Please come to Palm Beach County, Florida!

  • Avatar of doug.oyen
    doug.oyen said ...


  • Avatar of sjtuliao
    sjtuliao said ...

    I just went on the Vancouver, BC link RIGHT at 10:00AM and clicked on the front row seats. As soon as I hit “checkout” I got a message saying the tickets were already sold!!! How is this possible?! So upset :( Guess I’ll have to wait til the public sale…

  • Avatar of DaisyRoxanne
    DaisyRoxanne said ...

    where can I find the offer code?

  • Avatar of LoveMyMraz
    LoveMyMraz said ...

    Um…I think I speak for the rest of the west in saying you should add more shows in this area. Specifically Utah. Cuz that would be great. Kaythanksbye

  • Avatar of jonlongfellow86

    There is going to be VIP? and when do they go on sale?

  • Avatar of friturita
    friturita said ...

    Pleaaasee D:, come to mexico.

  • Nevermind! Found it

  • Avatar of bmporter
    bmporter said ...

    When do VIP tickets go on sale???? Thank you!

  • Avatar of aegri0126
    aegri0126 said ...

    No NYC/NJ ? COME ON?! We loved you at PNC arts center in 2012 and we have been waiting for you since!

  • Avatar of rhartman
    rhartman said ...

    No Cleveland Ohio????

  • Avatar of Angelapedersen

    Um – the link for Minneapolis takes you to Chicago venue… :(

  • Avatar of Prjones68
    Prjones68 said ...

    Raleigh NC or somewhere close here would be much appreciated!!!

  • Avatar of fcxq13
    fcxq13 said ...

    please come to jakarta.

  • Avatar of fcxq13
    fcxq13 said ...

    Jakarta!! Please

  • Anyone try the fan pre-sale for the Atlanta show? Irhe link just tells me they go on sale Friday! Help please!

  • Avatar of tracey.klein
    tracey.klein said ...

    Need you in New York!!!

  • Avatar of tracey.klein
    tracey.klein said ...

    NEW YORK?????

  • Avatar of TheresaLynnHolli

    There’s no date in Kansas City, Missouri!?!?!?! Why not? The St. Louis show is on a Thursday, I won’t be able to travel to the other side of my state in the middle of the week for the show. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add a date in Kansas City. PLEASE!!!!!! I gotta go cry now.

  • Avatar of Rizzonichole
    Rizzonichole said ...

    In SC, and I will travel anywhere to see him.! When you love something you go after it, and that man’s music changed my life . So excited!

  • Avatar of fmzip
    fmzip said ...

    Duh… right at the top of this page lol

    Woo Hoo, we are going to the Hartford show!!

  • Avatar of nancy.donnasb
    nancy.donnasb said ...

    Watching you live in concert is on my bucket list..<3 <3 <3
    For now i'll just content myself watching your previous concerts on youtube….

  • Avatar of Dkhill1
    Dkhill1 said ...

    Their does not seem to be any way to buy VIP tickets to the Philadelphia show. I did not want to take a chance, so I bought them as soon as I could to get the best seats. Are they going to be available?

  • Avatar of fmzip
    fmzip said ...

    How do you get a fan presale code? Where do you join??

  • Avatar of misskissta
    misskissta said ...

    Will there be the chance to buy VIP Packaged for the Toronto concert?
    In the past I think you were able to purchase for $250 and it goes towards the Jason Mraz Foundation!

  • Avatar of asrpatterson
    asrpatterson said ...

    so bummed you’re not coming to NC this time! :(

  • Avatar of Chrisabb919
    Chrisabb919 said ...

    Are you going to add any dates in Florida??? Please?

  • Avatar of aradonicich
    aradonicich said ...

    how do you buy vip packages?!?!? I’m looking for toronto!!

  • Avatar of Gardener
    Gardener said ...

    No North Carolina dates???? So very bummed.

  • I’m in!! See you in Montreal!!

  • Avatar of Mraz
    Mraz said ...

    Toronto is working! Fan pre-sale code for all is “lovesomeone”
    -mraz team

  • Avatar of jrich88
    jrich88 said ...

    What is the passcode for Detroit?

  • Avatar of ashley.churchill

    Toronto works now. 3rd row centre!

  • Avatar of andy.mzRd
    andy.mzRd said ...


  • Avatar of jpschersch
    jpschersch said ...

    What code are you using? Mine isn’t working..

  • Avatar of cj.despe
    cj.despe said ...

    Please come back to Philippines againfJason! We all love to hear your awesomess and your awesome songs! :)

  • Avatar of amateos
    amateos said ...

    En Mexico te estamos esperando con los brazos abiertos =)

  • Greed! I live in Miami aswell.

  • Avatar of nicolepaiero
    nicolepaiero said ...

    Toronto isn’t working .. ?

  • Whats’ the code?

  • Avatar of amateos
    amateos said ...

    y para el resto de America?

  • Why not Miami?? I’ll let you play in my backyard! Serious proposition. You bring the music and good vibes, I got the food!

  • Avatar of binkyclarke
    binkyclarke said ...

    Will you please come to FL? I live in Miami but will go anywhere in this long-ass state to see you

  • Avatar of Swoopdz2
    Swoopdz2 said ...

    Any plans for the Southeast?

  • Avatar of jpschersch
    jpschersch said ...

    Just wondering “Fan Presale” means what? Do I need a code when it gets to 10:00?

  • Avatar of KMPena
    KMPena said ...

    can VIP seats be ordered today on your website?
    for the new dates

  • Avatar of wandergirl914
    wandergirl914 said ...

    Sad… no Richmond on the list… :(

  • Avatar of kszymanski72
    kszymanski72 said ...

    I think Kansas City needs you. Come to the Midland or Uptown Theater. Trust me, both venues are way awesome….well at least that’s what other musicians have said. Say, “Yes!!!!”.

  • Avatar of airianya
    airianya said ...

    Try again at 10am when the sale opens

  • Avatar of TheCrack51
    TheCrack51 said ...

    Come to Mexico, I took 5 years waiting. I used Google Translator :(

  • Avatar of misskissta
    misskissta said ...

    The link for the Toronto shows doesn’t work! How can we buy these presale tickets? Thanks!