Announcing A Rare Acoustic Evening with Jason Mraz and very special guests Raining Jane

February 18, 2014

After many long weeks experimenting in the studio, we’re ready to test our creations on the road. West coast here we come!

Be a #yes & join us in March for an intimate run of shows and experience some of what’s to come on #album5!

In joy and gratitude,

Our fan pre-sale begins this week using the password albumfive. Please be advised that our fan pre-sales have limited ticket inventory.

Public onsale begins Friday, February 21 at 10am PT, unless otherwise noted. Visit the Tour page for more information.

15 Mar – Santa Cruz, CA at Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium*
(Fan pre-sale: Wed, Feb 19 at 12pm through Thu, Feb 20 at 10pm PT)

16 Mar – Rohnert Park, CA at Green Music Center
(Fan pre-sale: Wed, Feb 19 at 10am through Thu, Feb 20 at 10pm PT)

17 Mar – Sacramento, CA at Community Center Theater
(Fan pre-sale: Thu, Feb 20 at 10am through 11:59pm PT)

19 Mar – San Luis Obispo, CA at Christopher Cohan Center*
(Fan pre-sale: Wed, Feb 19 at 12pm through Thu, Feb 20 at 10pm PT)

25 Mar – Riverside, CA at Fox Theatre – 2ND SHOW ADDED DUE TO OVERWHELMING DEMAND!
(Fan pre-sale: Wed, Feb 19 through Thu, Feb 20 at 10pm PT)

26 Mar – Fresno, CA at Saroyan Theatre
(Fan pre-sale: Wed, Feb 19 at 10am – Thu, Feb 20 at 10pm PT)

27 Mar – Riverside, CA at Fox Theatre
(Fan pre-sale: Wed, Feb 19 at 10am – Thu, Feb 20 at 10pm PT)

29 Mar – Eugene, OR at Silva Concert Hall
(Fan pre-sale: Wed, Feb 19 at 10am – Thu, Feb 20 at 10pm PT)

30 Mar – Chico, CA at CSUC Laxson Auditorium^
(Fan pre-sale: Wed, Feb 19 at 11am – Thu, Feb 20 at 11pm PT)

31 Mar – Redding, CA at Cascade Theatre
(Fan pre-sale: Tue, Feb 18 at 10am through Thu, Feb 20 at 10pm PT)

*Public onsale begins Fri, Feb 21 at 12pm PT
^Public onsale begins Fri, Feb 21 at 11am PT

  • I totally agree, I want Jason to come to michigan, too!

  • Avatar of ffemtsoup
    ffemtsoup said ...

    #yes…going! The Green Center..Thank you Mr. Marz, Raining Jane and Marz Team..see you March 16..xoxo Debra

  • Avatar of aprily
    aprily said ...

    I guess I spoke too soon!! The very next day after my first post, a second show was added in Riverside, CA and when a seat in the second row VIP came up for sale, I knew I had to make it happen! I can’t wait to see Jason and Raining Jane again! (Still hoping for a Michigan show this year also :) )

  • Avatar of alpal14
    alpal14 said ...

    I live in Michigan, such a bummer. Can’t wait for album 5 and hopefully more tour dates closer to the mitten.

  • Avatar of trissues
    trissues said ...

    Seriously disappointed. Went to purchase tickets for Santa Cruz today and right at the opening for the sale, they were completely sold out with the exception of wheel chair accessible and single seats. How could a venue decide to make all seats available as part of the presage with none saved for the acutely public sale? Was super excited to see this show – now extremely disappointed …

  • Avatar of SerenityJay
    SerenityJay said ...

    hey! I noticed that to its crazy they being sold for that much. I suggest you just find the best seats you can get for the price they really are (: good luck!

  • Avatar of Skylerolson
    Skylerolson said ...

    Can’t wait to see you in Chico, driving all the way from northern Utah!!!

  • Avatar of tceuler
    tceuler said ...

    I’m super frustrated, been trying to purchase tickets all morning and the tickets,com website is horrible. The same thing keeps happening 4 times now they keep saying my security code is wrong. Ugh , is anyone else having these issues?

  • Avatar of mirvine
    mirvine said ...

    @Romenda He puts on a fantastic show, but there is no way it’s worth $600!! Tickets are $95 a piece for my local show and sadly my wife and I won’t be going because of this. He puts on one of the best shows I have seen, but I think $95 a ticket is excessive.

  • Avatar of Romeda
    Romeda said ...

    also..they are requiring a minimum 2 tix purchase, so yes it will cost me $600 to see the show…

  • Avatar of Romeda
    Romeda said ...

    Looking for help. I had the code yesterday for UCSC march 15th show, but tix were not yet available for sale. I finally just got in…there are few seats left, BUT there are tons of tix on stubhub etc. for over $300 a piece. I thought they weren’t allowed to do that anymore? I’m still willing to spend the money…I’ve been waiting for years to see Jason, but for that kind of money I feel like part of it should be going to a charity or something. Should I buy these tickets…they are partnered with ticketmaster/stubhub, have a guarantee, and appear to be legit..??

  • Avatar of ginarusso317
    ginarusso317 said ...

    Jason- My boyfriend and I are huge fans and are so very excited to see you perform in Sacramento. I can only hope we have a chance to meet you so we can talk to you about your music and how it’s been so meaningful to us. Looking forward to March 17th!

  • Avatar of ieda.rufino.3
    ieda.rufino.3 said ...

    It takes some silence to make sound.

  • Avatar of said ...

    What about Portugal?! We really want You back!! Love, Maria

  • Avatar of rachel.l.rees.90

    Is anyone else having a problem getting Santa Cruz tickets??? I keep getting an error after selecting my seats!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar of Mraz
    Mraz said ...

    The pre-sale code is listed in this post:
    Our fan pre-sale begins this week using the password albumfive

    Hope this helps!
    -mraz team

  • STIll trying to find the code to get presale tickets for Riverside Feb 27

  • STIll trying to find the code to get presale tickets for Riverside Feb 27th

  • Avatar of tceuler
    tceuler said ...

    Over the moon!

  • Avatar of mferchak
    mferchak said ...

    This is the second presale I have had MAJOR issues with, please use a different system in the future. I have been waiting since a few minutes before it started and finally had tickets in my cart and after entering my payment information it says they are no longer available and now it won’t even let me onto Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster is the worst.

  • Come to Atlanta,GA or Nashville, TN!

  • Avatar of mollymcelenney


  • Avatar of Jayd
    Jayd said ...

    Over the moon…I’ve just moved to Malibu from South Africa. Which would be the best show for me to go to?

  • Avatar of Kellymolthen
    Kellymolthen said ...


  • Avatar of OneSkyForAll
    OneSkyForAll said ...

    Thank you Jason, Raining Jane, and Mraz team… You guys are AWESOME <3 Going to be an Amazing show ~ "anglace"

  • Avatar of destradadiaz1
    destradadiaz1 said ...

    Yeah! I’m ready to have the #album5 in my hands I love Jason

  • Avatar of shari.delie
    shari.delie said ...

    Bugger, I live in MI. :( Guess I will have to be patient.. Album please, YES please!?! :-)

  • Avatar of aprily
    aprily said ...

    Wish I could make it to the West Coast! I was lucky enough to be at the Huntington, West Virginia and Norfolk, Virginia shows where you performed amazing shows with the wonderfully talented ladies of Raining Jane back in October 2013….I am holding out hope for a show somewhere close to Michigan!!! #yes #albumfive :)

  • Avatar of rodriguezjodi
    rodriguezjodi said ...

    Whoops, I just had to read!!! LOL

  • Avatar of rodriguezjodi
    rodriguezjodi said ...

    Is there a code needed for presale? I don’t see an answer.

  • Avatar of solefraim
    solefraim said ...

    I wish I was in the USA…Remember…Argentina won`t give up!!we are waiting for you…YES!!

  • Day officially made <3<3<3

  • Avatar of brandilopez07
    brandilopez07 said ...

    i’m signed up for the fan club and the mailing list but am worried about not receiving a pre-sale code D:

  • Avatar of raider2014
    raider2014 said ...

    Is this the pre sale code for santa cruz as well?

  • Avatar of dancnmommy403
    dancnmommy403 said ...

    #yes for #album5!

  • Avatar of kaniconnie
    kaniconnie said ...


  • Avatar of OneSkyForAll
    OneSkyForAll said ...


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    RollsKanarly said ...


  • Avatar of TCONikki
    TCONikki said ...

    How do you get the pre-sale codes?

  • Avatar of shari.dunn.54
    shari.dunn.54 said ...

    how do fans get the pre sale codes. I know the tickets are available 2morrow but how.Does it work?

  • Avatar of shari.dunn.54
    shari.dunn.54 said ...

    Does anyone know how the fan pre sale codes come I know the tickets are available 2morrow but how.Does it work?

  • Avatar of rachel.l.rees.90

    How does the Pre-Sale work??

  • Avatar of OJ-Martin
    OJ-Martin said ...

    When will you come to Kissenbrück? I need you – live- in Color.

  • Avatar of adilenexo
    adilenexo said ...

    i need the presale code! He’s coming to my hometown!! SO EXCITED!!! OMG!!! #album5 CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! <3

  • Avatar of daniela_silva
    daniela_silva said ...

    im so happy!! im waiting the album right now LOL congrats!

  • Avatar of kimarie64
    kimarie64 said ...

    i will be there!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Avatar of Afalamagan47
    Afalamagan47 said ...

    Holy MOLEY Eugene!!!! Thank you!!! Are there pre-sale codes!?

  • Avatar of raider2014
    raider2014 said ...

    I know that this has been asked, but does anyone know how we get the presale codes

  • Avatar of MezmerizingEyes

    When are you going to do some intimate showings in AZ?

  • Avatar of hippie_chinksta

    are pre sale codes being emailed to us?

  • Avatar of hippie_chinksta

    Are pre sale codes being ermailed to us? ;)

  • Hope some East Coast shows are on the horizon. Been WAAAY too long since I have had the pleasure of spending time with the girls and have NEVER seen you in concert! Should be AWESOME!

  • Avatar of crystal.koontz.1

    lol never mind – i see im a day early lol

  • Avatar of crystal.koontz.1

    How do I go about getting a fan pre sale ticket in Riverside? Fox website says: ”
    Tickets are currently not available online. Please check back for availability.”

  • Avatar of mandapanda5
    mandapanda5 said ...

    I will be there in Riverside!!! I can’t wait!!

  • Avatar of Jujobaco
    Jujobaco said ...

    If you want to scoot inland at all, saint Louis, and Chicago would love to have you.

  • Avatar of Katimira
    Katimira said ...

    Any scheduled shows for Florida?

  • Avatar of adrian.cires
    adrian.cires said ...

    how much i want to be in california !!!

  • Avatar of n.namaste
    n.namaste said ...

    hope you consider coming to France ^_^ for your french fans that can’t travel <3 love

  • RVA would love a show!!!! :)

  • Avatar of lena.lembke.1
    lena.lembke.1 said ...

    Lovely! Can’t wait for the album :) Love from Sweden <3

  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    My sister lives in Portland and my best friend lives in Sacramento and for the first time in my life I am green with envy that I don’t live there as well! OMG!!! This summer please come to France again!

  • Avatar of nizZA.agassi
    nizZA.agassi said ...

    Yayy!!!please come to morocco!! :)

  • Come visit Alpine Valley in Wisconsin! I’ve been DYING to see you!!

  • Avatar of Rylinn
    Rylinn said ...

    Pls come to Germany!! :)

  • Avatar of camijii
    camijii said ...

    :-( waiting for you to come to Finland.. have waited for sooo many years damn! You’re very welcome here !!

  • Avatar of joy.speelman
    joy.speelman said ...

    ::sniffs:: Guess Allentown as a test market was a lot OOOOOooooooOoooo shot! Eat ‘em up!

  • Avatar of ariesgirl
    ariesgirl said ...

    Hope you come to Charleston, SC!!! Can’t wait for the new album!

  • Avatar of bekahvday
    bekahvday said ...

    Wow, really?
    No San Diego show? Where’s your homegrown love, Mr. Az???

  • Avatar of daichi.alcarez

    #album5 cant wait <3

  • Avatar of budditha
    budditha said ...

    wow!!! Jason Please come to Sri Lanka in the next world tour Please Please!!! <3 Love you so much from Sri Lanka

  • Avatar of Hiroko
    Hiroko said ...


  • Avatar of jing.patitta
    jing.patitta said ...

    A W E S O M E !