Watch “Plane” Live from Madison Square Garden – Filmed by Jason and You with Vyclone!

January 22, 2013

Last month we asked fans attending Jason’s show at Madison Square Garden to capture tour highlight “Plane” from their point of view using Vyclone.

Check out our collaborative video, including Jason’s footage filmed from the stage!

  • Avatar of Kimfromindiana

    He sounds awesome in any video I see! I think it’s so neat how he never sings the same song the same way twice! I sure hops to get the chance to see him live someday! :)

  • Loved getting to watch this through Fuse and then getting to re-live it again through this video!
    I think it would be awesome if they filmed all of his songs in a different city like this and then compiled/posted them. It would be neat for everyone involved in the experience and also for the cities themselves that got to participate. :)

  • Avatar of Candymom
    Candymom said ...

    I saw Jason in Red Rocks, Colorado (and met him!) and again in Red Rocks, Vegas. Colorado was the highlight of 2012 and I’m still coasting on it in 2013. ‘Plane’ was stunning in both.

  • Watched live!

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    I was there! I helped film right in the front!! I am still blown away by your performance! What a magical night! YOU are awesome! I loved every second of your show! I will never forget this concert. I am still smiling and singing because of your show, But this song took my breath away! Thank you for sharing your talent, your voice and your love!!
    xo, Linda

  • Avatar of nata.kung
    nata.kung said ...

    beautiful song

  • Avatar of dalia
    dalia said ...

    dam, words in plane have more meaning to me than what come to mind first… Jasons vocals and tone of voice are just wonderful, also his visual effects r cool. on the other side, did you noticed Monas graceful arms?

  • Avatar of Zacksplace
    Zacksplace said ...

    Omg. Saw this in Berkeley in October. Wanted to go to NY again. He is the best artist I have ever seen perform. Live us even better than his CD. Love you Mr. Mraz.

  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    Incredible feeling from this song, be it rock or mellow music you know how to jam a song. I can’t wait for the day, i can come to one of your show. Lucie

  • Avatar of khcho24
    khcho24 said ...

    I love it Jason!

  • Avatar of rkarol129
    rkarol129 said ...

    Jason is the most amazing musician I know. His music really touches my soul and is everything I love. This concert was absolutely incredible and I really left feeling optimistic and positive towards life and I can’t wait for the day I meet Jason and get the chance to really show him my gratitude and appreciation for his music. He’s such an inspiration, love him. <3

  • Avatar of Faniy
    Faniy said ...

    I love him… I really love his song, the lyrics, everything, I want him to come to Mexico (:

  • Avatar of Hamza
    Hamza said ...

    It’s so Beautiful !!

  • Avatar of tinytabbycat
    tinytabbycat said ...

    favorite song:) I’m so happy you did this and got footage of it!

  • Avatar of AndreaBrasil
    AndreaBrasil said ...

    Perfect Thomas!!!

    :) love

  • Avatar of mia.santiago1
    mia.santiago1 said ...

    I HAVE BEEN WAITINGG FOR THIS!!! :D It was such an amazing night!

  • Avatar of Melissabeck1122

    Hes unbelievable.Every concert Ive been to has left me utterly speechless and in awe of his talent.