Special Gift Boxes – Available Today!

December 11, 2013

Second to creating the Fond Of Cats tee this year, THIS is my favorite project we’ve ever done for the Online Store and Jason Mraz Foundation. For the past ten plus years, earned entirely through touring, I’ve accumulated dozens of bracelets, charms, stones, magnets, and claw-machine prizes, all of which are over-flowing now from a horn-of-plenty-like fun-basket in the studio.

It is with great joy I get to share these humble treasures with you.

Beginning today, December 11 at 2pm PT/5pm ET/10pm GMT, the U.S. Online Store is offering 150 special gift boxes* to benefit the Jason Mraz Foundation. Inside each upcycled tour poster box there is a bracelet made solely of used guitar strings from previous tours by Wear Your Music. We have three bracelet sizes available (7.5, 8.0, and 9.0 inches) and each bracelet comes in its own package with a certificate of authenticity that is signed and hand numbered. Additionally, inside each of these boxes is a trinket from my personal collection of weird and beautiful things (and, in some cases, a love note).

Not only will these handmade boxes make great stocking stuffers and serve as a one of a kind collectible for longtime fans, the proceeds from a complete sell-out of the gift will raise $10,000 for my Foundation, which currently serves as a pass-through charity to support music programs and provide aid to many areas around the world, helping our human family.

Put together by a couple of friends and myself, we know you’ll enjoy the surprise and we thank you for supporting great causes.

In joy and gratitude,

*gift boxes are limited to one per transaction

  • Avatar of mattturley
    mattturley said ...

    I am selling my box because the bracelet didn’t fit. Thought about taking it to a jewler and having a clasp added, but decided against. Really wanted the bracelet, but my giant hands prevented it… http://www.ebay.com/itm/Limited-Jason-Maraz-One-Tour-Bracelet-Gift-Box-/281435662947?

  • Avatar of Glenn.A.Knight

    I am in the same position. I emailed topspin media. I’m from the UK and they said to allow 4-6 weeks, due to customs which is beyond their control. If it does not arrive within 30 business days email them and they will sort something out. If you’re in any doubt email topspin yourself. They were very helpful and got back very quickly.

  • Like thaivpark, I also ordered my gift box and received paypal confirmation and an order number but have yet to receive anything! Does anyone know who I speak to about this?

  • Avatar of anabel.irineo
    anabel.irineo said ...

    Sucks I missed out I was in active labor on Dec 11th lol

  • Avatar of thaivpark
    thaivpark said ...

    Hello, I made a purchase for one of these boxes on 12/11 and PAYPAL payment was made to Topspin Media, Inc in the amt of 122.62. However, I have not received my box and I did not receive a confirmation from your website. I only received payment confirmation from Paypal. Can you advise? I was unable to find any other way to contact you other than via US Mail.


  • Avatar of Joevillefl
    Joevillefl said ...

    Me and my friend got gift boxes 20 and 22! Im gonna get mine professionally framed and take a picture for you all! Now im just waiting for another opportunity to meet this freakin guy. Stay funky people.

    - With Love,

  • Avatar of renatacamboim
    renatacamboim said ...

    Pleaseeee make some more!!!!

  • Avatar of amend414
    amend414 said ...

    How neat! Missed my chance though!

  • Avatar of 1sky
    1sky said ...

    Wow… that sold out fast!!! It appears that the Jason Mraz guitar bracelets are available here, only without the awesome Jason and team personal touch/crafting – http://wearyourmusic.org/products/jason-mraz-guitar-string-bracelet – 100% of net profits are donated to SurfRider. The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. Jason Mraz Foundation has previously supported Surfrider. :)

  • Avatar of Joevillefl
    Joevillefl said ...

    Hey Jason!! I will rest my heart knowing that I didnt get one of these awesome gift boxes as long as you promise a vinyl release of all albums including album #5!!!

  • Avatar of missatoz
    missatoz said ...

    Not fair,didn’t even got the chance ;/ Really wish I could get one…

  • Avatar of imgrizzled
    imgrizzled said ...

    I got one! 15 years of being fan. I think I’m gonna pass out.

  • Avatar of Xochdg
    Xochdg said ...


  • Avatar of CC129
    CC129 said ...

    Oh well. Just my luck. Last year on Dec 11 I had tix for MSG & the show was rescheduled to the 10th & the ticket place never notified me – I MISSED THE SHOW &THEY WOULD NOT REFUND MY PURCHASE. Now I wait to get this gift pack & at 5:02 its sold out! !!!:( at least I bought a bracelet from waiting for my rocket to come & I WONT GIVE UP ON GETTING TICKETS! Sooner or later I will enjoy a Jason Mraz show!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar of vickeyweiss
    vickeyweiss said ...

    yaiy!!! got one!!!

  • Avatar of almeidaluu
    almeidaluu said ...

    Will be available to Brazil?

  • Avatar of thankyoukodak
    thankyoukodak said ...

    I’m from Japan,how can I join this program? I need a box. Please let me know.

  • Avatar of SCVShawn
    SCVShawn said ...

    Since he says there are 150 gift boxes, and if they sell out it will raise $10,000, that means that each gift box will be around $66.66, I would totally pay that for this gift box.

  • Avatar of kittehhfrowwupp

    The mobile page already says SOLD OUT :(

  • Avatar of belove
    belove said ...

    Woop, nevermind says 5pm ET!

  • Avatar of missatoz
    missatoz said ...

    That would be the perfect birthday gift, please tell me it is gonna be available for Brazil!

  • Avatar of Showsomepassion

    never mind x’D forgot about daylight savings xD

  • Avatar of belove
    belove said ...

    Ahhh I don’t see it in the store!

  • Avatar of Showsomepassion

    Where is the link to buy this? i dont see it in the store :o

  • Avatar of kwirlyb
    kwirlyb said ...

    Any word of the price?? I’ve been so excited all day about this!

  • Avatar of missatoz
    missatoz said ...


  • Avatar of imgrizzled
    imgrizzled said ...

    I wonder if a link will be posted. I’ve been obsessing over this since this morning.

  • Avatar of Mosie
    Mosie said ...

    Any way to buy from the uk? And if so, what’s the situation on paying/shipping?

  • Avatar of BarMaltes
    BarMaltes said ...

    Can I buy it from Chile?

  • Avatar of airianya
    airianya said ...

    they arent for sale yet. check the times.

  • Avatar of missatoz
    missatoz said ...

    Loved the box so much, is not available for the brazilian fans to buy it? Really wanted to have it.

  • Avatar of roxanne.aune
    roxanne.aune said ...

    NICE… Good luck trying to navaigate a way to even figure this mess out.