MTV World Stage Live in Myanmar to air across MTV International on Friday, March 8

March 5, 2013

Tune in this Friday, March 8 to watch Jason’s special MTV World Stage performance – one-of-a-kind concert that took place in Yangon, Myanmar last December to raise awareness to end human trafficking and exploitation – on MTV channels around the globe!

Visit for local sneak previews and more information. Continue reading for local air times.

All March 8 unless otherwise noted:
Australia – 22:30
Adria – 21:00
China – 22:00
Czech Republic – 22:00
Denmark – 19:05
Finland – 19:05
Flanders – 19:10
France – 23:00
Germany – 19:15
Greece – 22:00
Holland – 19:10
Italy – 21:00
Israel – 22:00
Japan – 23:00
Korea – Mar 22 at 1:00
Latin America North – 00:00
Latin America Central – 00:00
Latin America South – 00:00
Middle East and North Africa – 21:25
MTV Euro – 23:00
New Zealand – 22:30
Norway – 19:05
Poland – 19:10
Portugal – 00.35
Romania – 01:00
Southeast Asia – 23:00
Spain – 00:30
Sweden – 19:00
Switzerland – 19:05
Taiwan – 23:00
UK and Ireland – MTV Music at 24:00 or MTV Live at 21:00
Vietnam – 22:00

  • Avatar of RoxxyB
    RoxxyB said ...

    Did we get this in the U.S.? I had several notifications on my phone, but could only find this video.

  • Ever since our family first came to live in the Philippines in February 2008, I kept hearing Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”, which turned out to be a monster hit here, so much so that I just had to buy the CD and now I see why.
    Then a couple of weeks ago I saw an interview with Jason on either BBC or CNN, the latter, I think, it was an extended one, and I’m impressed at the originality of this composer, and his lack of cynicism.
    I’d love to see him in concert, but I’m a pensioner and will just have to see it on MTV or a special cable show later.
    But I’d just like to say that although he may not have won any Grammys lately, he’s really onto something, he seems to be a sui generis original, nobody’s copycat, and that’s a very rare talent these days.

    I wish him the best here in the Philippines, but I reckon he’s have to put on an additional concert, he seems to have millions of fans here, there’s something about tthose lyrics that seem to appeal to Filipinos everywhere, they really hit a nerve!

    Thanks for including the Philippines in your tour schedule, and I’m sure there’s a lot more good songs yet to be written, ‘I’m Yours” may have been just the tip of the iceberg!

    Many many thanks!!

  • Avatar of jvih1
    jvih1 said ...

    I loved watching the one song “I’m Yours” please let us see the rest!

    Keep Singing Jason Mraz, it makes the world a better place for a little longer…..

  • Avatar of J.Marino1017
    J.Marino1017 said ...

    Yes….I agree…what about us in the US?

  • Avatar of gigi.ross
    gigi.ross said ...

    What about US???