Jason Returns to Manila in May

March 7, 2013

We’re excited to announce that Jason will return to Manila on Tuesday, May 14 to perform at Araneta Coliseum with special guest, Manila’s own Zendee!

Tickets go on sale Sunday, March 10 at 8am local time at TicketNet.com.ph, TicketNet outlets, or charge by phone at 911-5555.

  • Avatar of lyn.kasim2
    lyn.kasim2 said ...

    see you soon!!!will there be a meet and greet? :D

  • Avatar of kaine.macha
    kaine.macha said ...

    See you soon..=)

  • Avatar of kaine.macha
    kaine.macha said ...

    See you soon! :-*

  • Avatar of jel12inocencio

    im a great fan…if ive given the chance to play with him on the stage it will be the song ” i wont give up “

  • Avatar of santiagoL
    santiagoL said ...

    Hi. how did you buy your ticket? will they be able to send it if you’re from other country ?

  • Avatar of jinpol
    jinpol said ...

    This is great! Me & wife are really excited…. Thank you Jason!

  • Avatar of reajoy_arsenal

    hi…panu poh ba bumili ng ticket??? :)

  • Avatar of katrinaannrigor

    Ow yeah! Already bought tickets! :)
    Everybody hurry up bcoz it’ll soon be sold out!

  • Avatar of btflmess
    btflmess said ...

    I watched his show last time.It was awesome. I really wanna come see him again on May 14. Any way to win a free ticket?

  • Avatar of shayne.palma
    shayne.palma said ...

    Seemed like all my instagram, facebook, and twitter flooding for you to come back paid off! can’t wait jason! thank you for coming baaaack :”>

  • Avatar of janeify
    janeify said ...

    hi..ahm pano po bumili ng ticket if wala namang credit card?..thanks

  • Avatar of janeify
    janeify said ...

    but..how can i buy ticket to his concert?..can somebody tell me PLEASE!thanks

  • Avatar of janeify
    janeify said ...

    im really excited to see you in person and hear you sing live!..:)

  • Avatar of carmelarjon
    carmelarjon said ...

    can’t wait to finally see you po! :)

  • Avatar of eighteenthousand

    Already Got a ticket. See you soon Jaze

  • Avatar of itsmewicket
    itsmewicket said ...

    i missed your last concert here. hope i can make it this time. see you jason!

  • Avatar of nikkolaimarie
    nikkolaimarie said ...

    an answered prayer indeed! thank you for deciding to come back to Manila on the month of May! i’m currently working here in the middle east and i was planning to go home on the month of June, but since you are having a concert on the 14th of May, it wasn’t so hard for me to decide to come home earlier than planned! see you soooooon mr. a-z! :)

  • Avatar of nhenhe
    nhenhe said ...

    im so excited, i can’t wait to see and watch jason mraz concert, finally my dreams came true, i love u jason.

  • Avatar of reajoy_arsenal

    hi jayson!!! finally,im so excited to see you!!! :)

  • Avatar of teresa.suratos

    already bought my ticket. sa wakas!
    …i understand that we Filipinos are such a fun-loving and energetic crowd but during the concert, but I still hope I could hear mr. Mraz and his band’s performance better than the crowd’s cheer :D
    masaya to! :D

  • .,cant wait!!

  • Avatar of rob
    rob said ...

    ah kailangan hindi ko na 2 mapalagpas….kailangan makapunta na talaga ako….mag iipon na ako

  • Avatar of teresa.suratos

    Finally!!! Thank you! kita-kits! :D

  • No Money :3 Need.To.Watch.This.

  • Avatar of karlo.amatong
    karlo.amatong said ...

    Everything is sound!:)

  • Avatar of jlmujlmujlmu
    jlmujlmujlmu said ...

    Please visit Cebu Philippines too… please please please…

  • Avatar of jOSEller15
    jOSEller15 said ...


  • Avatar of jOSEller15
    jOSEller15 said ...


  • Avatar of Pumjaja
    Pumjaja said ...

    Bangkok, please

  • Yeeeeees! Super excited:D

  • Avatar of SilverHakai
    SilverHakai said ...

    Aw yeah!

  • I’m so happy that you will return to Manila, but the problem is I’m not financially prepared. :( I hope to see you soon. :)

  • Avatar of beLLaLuna
    beLLaLuna said ...

    Thank God that I still don’t have my flight.. Yahoooo!! I need to see him before I leave! Thank you Mr. MRAZ!!! Can’t wait! :)

  • Avatar of carlaciego
    carlaciego said ...

    I loooooooooove you Jason Mraz! I’m so excited for your return! Thank you!:)

  • Avatar of tenZy
    tenZy said ...

    Im excited! Are you having a meet and greet?

  • Avatar of oyo.guevara
    oyo.guevara said ...

    yes! at last! on his concert last october 30 2011 he said that he’ll be back by mid 2012… we’ve waited for a very long time for the the wizard of ooh’s and ah’s and fa-lala’s !!!

  • Avatar of eighteenthousand

    Almost had a heart attack. Seriously

  • Avatar of sugar.angeles
    sugar.angeles said ...

    hope to watch u again dis time! i’ll w8 for ticket sale..pls… :)

  • Avatar of ImKrisJulio
    ImKrisJulio said ...

    Hi Mr.A-Z , i’m your biggest fan here in manila, Please include “Sleep All Day” in your concert here on May. Thanks. God Bless.

  • Avatar of aieenaein
    aieenaein said ...

    ohmaygahd. *almost forgot to breathe*

  • Avatar of artermulo
    artermulo said ...

    How much will the tickets be?? I MUST MUST MUST WATCH HIM AGAIN LIVE!!!

  • Congrats to the fans in the Philippines. Jason, stop by Thailand, please. Manila and South Korea are not far from Thailand. Thousands of your fans are waiting for you!

  • Avatar of bashsimplicio
    bashsimplicio said ...

    another reason why i need to graduate. waaaah.

  • Avatar of tongomez
    tongomez said ...


  • Avatar of mishy624
    mishy624 said ...

    woooo hooo!! Finally!!! See you soon Jason!!!
    any chance of having an intimate house gig?? ^_^