YouTube Presents Valentine’s Day Live Stream with Jason!

February 10, 2012

This Valentine’s Day Jason will perform some of his favorite love songs, including his new single, “I Won’t Give Up,” live from YouTube’s studio in NYC.

Log on to on Tuesday, February 14 at 4:30PM ET / 1:30PM PT to tune in!

  • Avatar of pixiemio
    pixiemio said ...

    It’s nice to have wonderful musicians out there like Jason Mraz. They make me feel like it’s Valentine’s Day everyday. I just download my favorite Jason Mraz songs and listen to them the whole time and no problem during the day can dampen my mood. Despite being single, there’s absolutely No need for Cupid with the right Valentine’s Day apps. I’m thankful for good music and even better app.

  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    Although I am not a US resident and I don’t own an Iphone (yet), it seems that last night I was on the lucky side of the moon! I patiently waited for the right hour (almost midnight over here), clicked the link and voila: there was the show. In the beginning I thought that some alliens had landed over there and abducted your voice (no big surprise there). But I guess the sound engineer eventually fought them back: good sound, good video. Thank you for playing ‘I’m Yours’ as well, the song that introduced me to your world of music and light.

  • Avatar of Marianne
    Marianne said ...

    Not to that….to HIM…………:-)

  • Avatar of Marianne
    Marianne said ...

    Hy dear Mrazlings…cant get it in germany as well…:-((((((
    Was Soo looking forward to that……Embrace…

  • Avatar of efildrawkcab
    efildrawkcab said ...

    Can’t see it in Canada, either. :(

    Anyone else in a country outside the US currently putting together an all-day Jason Mraz love song playlist? ;)

  • Avatar of ninachang
    ninachang said ...

    I live in the UK. It also says ‘this channel is not available in your country’ so sad. TT

  • Avatar of corinneem
    corinneem said ...

    too bad….not to see in the Netherlands….

  • Avatar of Alicee
    Alicee said ...

    pretty gutted it says ‘this channel is not available in your country’ :’(

  • Avatar of XJStar21
    XJStar21 said ...

    I cant wait!

  • Avatar of AndreaBrasil
    AndreaBrasil said ...

    Good! I´m waiting!! Besos

  • Avatar of Daniel-Ojeda
    Daniel-Ojeda said ...

    sorry the show will look at jason youtube channel?? or that part specifically? and what would be the schedule of mexico? @ Nikkiw83

  • Avatar of Nikkiw83
    Nikkiw83 said ...

    Yeah, we can be his audience!

    @costellocrew5 LOL Dont worry, he likes it. :)

  • Avatar of Daniel-Ojeda
    Daniel-Ojeda said ...

    the show will be on your youtube channel????

  • Avatar of costellocrew5
    costellocrew5 said ...

    Do you need a studio audience? We’ll be really well behaved – I can keep an eye on creepy stalker @Nikkiw83 LOL :)

  • Avatar of Nikkiw83
    Nikkiw83 said ...

    OMG! I live in NY, I must go to NYC and be a creepy stalker. lmao

  • Avatar of omgitsspooky
    omgitsspooky said ...

    Does this mean he’ll be in NYC?

  • Avatar of luca_cucinotta

    GMT IS 4.30 PM??

  • Avatar of darnal
    darnal said ...