Stream Love Is a Four Letter Word Now!

April 11, 2012

  • Avatar of PamelaK
    PamelaK said ...

    Such beautiful and peaceful songs <3

  • Avatar of Jegan
    Jegan said ...

    I’ve got not much to say only that you changed my life i began to live more i see the meaning of life more i just am amazed by all the positive energy that you give us fans! ‘:) thank you for being the best singer song writer in the world thanks for being there for us all your fans :’) you’re the best!! I cannot wait for seeing you the 29th november here in belgium,
    Thanks a happy fan! :)

  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    There are two lines in a movie that I like a lot:
    “I’m proud of you!”
    “Nobody cares what you think.”
    Nonetheless, I think I love too many songs from YOUR album. I have a crush on the 3:00 – 4:05 part from Who’s Thinking About You Now. And, In Your Hands: “killing me softly with this song”. So, I’m… Thank you! Hallelujah.

  • Avatar of OceanKateXX
    OceanKateXX said ...

    Love all of ur songs, Jason XD
    Welcome to Hong Kong on 24/6 !!! can’t wait to see u and sing with u :P
    Enjoys ur world tour !!!

  • Avatar of Marleen73
    Marleen73 said ...

    Gotta listen more closely to all songs..

    but, uhhm… Who says you’re not a fixer, a healer, a real man..
    Though always evolving ;-)
    Who isn’t :D

    Love, Marleen

  • Avatar of klar9852
    klar9852 said ...

    Has anyone else that preordered the album not received it yet?? or am I the only unlucky one that was a first to pay for it and last to receive:(

  • Avatar of bia.maia2
    bia.maia2 said ...

    This new album is AMAZING!!!! I loved it! And I’m looking forward to receive mine here in my house and also to see you in Boston in september 7th!! I’m just sad because i’ve lost the vip packages :/ LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Brazilian kisses for you Jason! <3

  • Avatar of PatriciaL
    PatriciaL said ...

    Jason I cant wait to see you september 9th!!!!

  • Avatar of tweant
    tweant said ...

    in awe of every one of your albums. Truly wonderful :) can’t wait to hear you live in cleveland. I’m always inspired by your music and your message

  • Avatar of gamachan
    gamachan said ...

    I’ve tried to reach you Jason, but once again you have reached me with your music..


  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    Beautiful album Jason Mraz! Your words and your music and your voice have a healing and comforting quality. You have touched my heart. I am grateful for you and your beautiful music. Thank you, friend.

  • Avatar of ekayc
    ekayc said ...

    I am usually not confident enough to buy music that I have yet to hear. I knew I couldn’t go wrong with LOVE and Jason Mraz hasn’t proved my wrong. I love your music! It always tells a story, is about real life, and makes me smile.

  • Avatar of Hlya-Sihtkoht
    Hlya-Sihtkoht said ...

    All your songs at some point in them has produced something, something very good. Muchas gracias

  • Avatar of Hlya-Sihtkoht
    Hlya-Sihtkoht said ...

    All your songs at some point in them has produced something, something very good.Muchas gracias, de verdad( Para que aprendas español xD)

  • Avatar of MathiOuel
    MathiOuel said ...

    I love this album, so much ! This is fantastic to hear ! But where is Rescue, You fucking did it and This movie is rated ours :’( ?? So sad those sonf aren’t there…. :(

  • Avatar of MathiOuel
    MathiOuel said ...

    Luv all this alot ! :) Fantastic album. But where is Rescue, You fucking did it, and This movie is rated ours ? :’( So sad those song aren’t there !

  • Avatar of Lysanne
    Lysanne said ...

    Powerful as always!! Living in the moment :)

  • Avatar of brambi1997
    brambi1997 said ...

    Love the song!!!! Can’t wait to see it live in concert.

  • Avatar of bvh92
    bvh92 said ...

    This is A-W-E-S-O-M-E

  • Avatar of IDance
    IDance said ...

    Love this song. It’s so breezy :D

  • Avatar of morgenmond
    morgenmond said ...

    pure beauty – i’m so touched

  • Avatar of iChooseToBeHappy

    This album heals hearts.
    Can’t wait to have it finally. And can’t wait to see you in Germany without waiting for two years!
    This is so perfect for the coming summer, I’m soo looking forward to it.
    Thanks, Jason!
    And always remember: Everything is fine. Not finAL.

    I miss FF5000.
    Stay fresh,

    Jenny aka I choose to be happy

  • Avatar of KTed
    KTed said ...

    Well, he’s done it again! Another song that might as well be a theme song for where I’m at in my life, a song that speaks to my soul. Love it! Can’t wait to see him in August finally!!! So many years of missed opportunities, but I won’t miss this one!

  • Avatar of tmlauret
    tmlauret said ...

    I’ve just spend a beautiful & restful moment listening all of them…thanks… looking forward seeing you on show in Paris…

  • Avatar of lindsay.ruck
    lindsay.ruck said ...

    Ah I love the song but I do miss the line at the end…

    When you’re sleeping, darling when you’re next to me,
    I scan you like a credit card, connecting freckles like I do the stars

  • Absolutely fantastic! Can’t get tired of listening to it. Greetings from sunny Brazil.

  • Avatar of Tatagomez
    Tatagomez said ...

    Wow! People should learn to live by what you sing in your songs! Enlighting