Special Jason Mraz Fan Show in London

March 21, 2012

Jason is making an unscheduled stop in the UK this Wednesday 28th March for a very special intimate show for his fans in London!

We have 40 guest list spots available solely for his fans like you, and two lucky winners will also receive passes to meet Jason before the show!

For a chance to win tickets for you and a friend, all you need to do is visit the competition page and enter your email address + mobile. That’s it! The competition closes at 12pm GMT on Monday 26th March. All winners will be chosen at random and contacted before 5pm that day, so keep an eye on your email inboxes.

Click here to enter now – and good luck!

*You must be 14+ to attend the show.

  • Avatar of lovePEAR
    lovePEAR said ...

    ok well , no tickets for London, then you HAVE to escape from Paris for a minute and come enjoy the sea with me for a minute, we could play guitar along, FREE concert on the beach! may Love be with you :)

  • Avatar of McGowan
    McGowan said ...

    Ignore that – I did not read the T&C’s properly!

  • Avatar of McGowan
    McGowan said ...

    How do you know if you have tickets or not? I have not heard anything either way.

  • Avatar of Libbzyloo
    Libbzyloo said ...

    Oh, I was soo excited for there to even be a chance to see you!, But now its back to coursework I go..

  • Avatar of lookbackandblink

    I made all my friends + family to enter as well as myself and had put my hopes up way too high because guess what? … I didn’t get tickets. Oh well, I can wait for the tour! Hope who ever did get tickets has a good time – which I’m sure they will!

  • Avatar of hollie264
    hollie264 said ...

    NOOOOO I DIDN’T GET TICKETS D: Let’s hope there’s a tour released when the album comes out… #iwontgiveup

  • Avatar of aleet
    aleet said ...

    any1 lucky enough to have won tickets?, not me :-( whoever goes have a great time. I will get there one day #Iwon’tgiveup

  • Avatar of Steffi
    Steffi said ...

    i would come from germany,…no big deal. hopefully they will choose international fans.

  • Avatar of easy_yogi
    easy_yogi said ...

    Eeek! this is far too much excitement for a Sunday. Good Luck everyone.

  • Avatar of manuforafriend

    ya estoy mirando vuelos! ojala me toque! :* 4all

  • Avatar of alice_dunbar
    alice_dunbar said ...

    i have to get tickets omg, want to win so much!:(:(:(:(

  • Avatar of Ollibond
    Ollibond said ...

    I’d love to see him live :)

  • Avatar of BanburyCheese
    BanburyCheese said ...

    I’m hoping so much. I wouldn’t think twice about flying from Sweden to London for this!!

  • Avatar of jaswashelen
    jaswashelen said ...

    fantastic his in England ,i listen to him every day for the past 4 years he makes me smile hope you have a wonderful stay here if im not lucky to be picked ,make some one happy i’ll be listening x

  • Avatar of aleet
    aleet said ...

    When this news popped up in my email today i knew it was to good to be true. Thought I was going to get the chance to see the best singer alive today. Alas i never win competitions so I suppose I’ll have to wait a bit longer. I will get there someday #iwon’tgiveup!

  • Avatar of alice23
    alice23 said ...

    I really want to go to this gig, but I can’t because it’s during the week and I have school! :( I really really hope he tours with his new album to the UK!

  • Avatar of maris
    maris said ...

    Obaaaaaaaa……I am going to see Jason next Wednesday…..

  • Avatar of agnieszkaw
    agnieszkaw said ...

    I so hope I win. Good luck to 39 of you, I want the 40th ticket! :)

  • Avatar of tmlauret
    tmlauret said ...

    Without any doubt, I’ll travel from France to UK only this!! Hope lucky girl

  • Avatar of sinan261
    sinan261 said ...

    i have to get tickets to this show! been waiting forever for him to come to uk!!!!! does anyone know if we can buy tickets??!!! HEEELLLPPP!!!???!!!

  • Avatar of karmakel
    karmakel said ...

    I won’t give up!