Fuse to Live Stream Jason’s Madison Square Garden Show on December 10

December 9, 2012

Not in NYC tomorrow for Jason’s show at Madison Square Garden? Don’t worry: Fuse is hosting an exclusive live stream of Jason’s entire set at The Garden! Tune in at 8:30pm EST/5:30pm PST on Monday, December 10. Click here for more details.

And if you’re in the city, we still have some seats available for tomorrow night’s show! Click here to buy tickets now.

  • I was sent two emails dated November 15th, it was on his web site, and my sister saw it on the facebook page… depends on where you bought the tickets, I suppose, but they let us know about the date change in plenty of time. I feel for you, but I really think they did all they could- unless you bought the tickets from ticketmaster or the box office, they have no way of knowing the contact information for every one who bought tickets third party. I hope this experience doesn’t turn you off from ever trying to see him live again, because it really is worth it.

  • Avatar of omgitsspooky
    omgitsspooky said ...

    Anyway to watch the live stream again?

  • Avatar of mfergon
    mfergon said ...

    i remember seeing a facebook reminder as well as something on his website about it as well.

  • Avatar of CC129NJ
    CC129NJ said ...

    Really hummed. Had tickets for the Dec 11 show at MSG & was never notified the date was changed. Found out along with many others that there was no show & it wad changed to Dec 10. :(

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    Jaycarlin112 said ...

    Let me explain how much I’m disappointed in Jason Mraz and his entire management. I lost over $300 dollars tonight. (12/11/12). Not
    To mention me leaving my place of business to take out my wife which is a rare occasion these days with our schedules. Anyway, we drive into Manhattan, have a nice dinner…7:30 comes and we try walking into MSG to see you and are denied access because the show already happened last night because of the Hurricane Sandy benefit. Why were we not notified? How can you ruin a lot of people’s Christmas gifts? I saw countless kids crying outside of the venue because all they wanted was to see your concert. There were a lot of people not notified. That is so unprofessional. I am writing this as if it matters, or like I may even get a reply. Just wanted to let you know, my wife, whom was a huge fan of yours for years, no longer even wants to hear your cd. I hope you at least find a way to make it up to those young girls tonight. I’m sure that REFUND wasn’t on the top of their Xmas list.

  • Congratulations on a Great Concert at Madison Square Gardens. Continue to express the love so well and so givingly. Can’t Thank You enough. May the love you give come back to you ten fold.

  • Avatar of kate.bellia
    kate.bellia said ...

    Amazing!!! And now to bed!!! Nearly 4.00 am here in London- BUT SO worth it !! LOVE

  • Avatar of zeizei
    zeizei said ...

    I’m watching the live stream now!

  • Avatar of ifaustinosj
    ifaustinosj said ...

    Just like me, Andrea!

  • Avatar of AndreaBrasil
    AndreaBrasil said ...

    Can´t wait to see this!