Announcing… Jason Mraz Stripped – Live in Los Angeles

September 4, 2012

We are excited to announce Jason Mraz Stripped, a special acoustic concert with Jason and his band at The Wiltern on October 6! Proceeds from this evening will benefit the Jason Mraz Foundation.

Our special fan pre-sale starts tomorrow, September 5 at 10AM PT and ends Friday, September 7 at 10PM PT. Public on sale begins Saturday, September 8 at 10AM PT. Please be advised that our fan pre-sales have limited inventory. Click here to purchase tickets!

In an effort to make sure Jason’s fans get first access to tickets and to the best seats at the affordable prices that Jason has set, we are implementing new ticketing practices. The Wiltern will utilize Paperless Ticketing for the seats closest to the stage that are most commonly resold at extravagant premiums by scalpers. It is very important to review all the policies of Paperless Ticketing before completing your purchase; details and a helpful FAQ can be found here.

Jason and his band will perform this intimate acoustic show after an evening at the Hollywood Bowl on October 5. Select tickets for Tour Is A Four Letter Word at the Hollywood Bowl are still available – so get yours here before it’s too late!

  • Avatar of hannareichl
    hannareichl said ...

    I really want to go! I didn’t get the code :(

  • Avatar of marykim417
    marykim417 said ...

    can you pleaaaaaaaaaase please please resend the code to the fans on the mailing list once more???
    :) ?

  • Avatar of shawn1211
    shawn1211 said ...

    Would you be kind to send another promotion code for the fans in the mailing list? Thank you!

  • Avatar of coewart
    coewart said ...

    been on the mailing list for a couple years at least, but no letter with a promo code for this concert of yet :(

  • Avatar of oparang
    oparang said ...

    would you mind sending it to me? I really want it.

  • As much as I would love to help everybody, I don’t even know if it was okay to send it to the few that I sent it to. It’s meant to prevent scalping, I know that much, and I would hate to defeat the purpose of what he’s trying to do for his fans even if my intentions are good. I’m not from Jason’s camp, just a big fan, so maybe it’s best to let the admin rectify the situation. Perhaps an admin can weigh in?

  • Avatar of loveM87
    loveM87 said ...

    Would someone kindly send me the too? Pretty please?

  • Avatar of mrazsoul
    mrazsoul said ...

    would you mind sending it to me? it’d be much appreciated!

  • Avatar of madangel1992
    madangel1992 said ...

    @MrazIsAFourLetterWord Can you send me the code please! =D

  • Avatar of Cherrera142
    Cherrera142 said ...

    would you mind messaging it to me. i’m so bummed. i live in la and didn’t get a code =( i’ve been on his mailing list for the longest….

  • Avatar of Eclaire1197
    Eclaire1197 said ...

    I also didn’t get any email. So bummed.

  • Avatar of lazydazym
    lazydazym said ...

    I did’nt get the email with the code is the admin going to resend it or does anybody know it?

  • I just signed up for the mailing list… does that mean I can’t get the code since it already went out? :(

  • Avatar of Jehrhorn
    Jehrhorn said ...

    Would it be possible to send it again? Some of us didn’t get it. Thx!

  • Avatar of azjmfan
    azjmfan said ...

    I’m on the mailing list but I didnt get the pre-sale code. Is there any way that you can resend it? Thanks!

  • I got it this morning. There was a little box that I checked when I signed up to be on the mailing list (I usually uncheck those, but it’s Jason Mraz…)- is it possible that some people overlooked that? I can send it to people in a private message if it’s okay to do that.

  • Avatar of admin
    admin said ...

    The pre-sale code went out to Jason’s mailing list this morning!

  • Avatar of glenn.tajon
    glenn.tajon said ...

    Still patiently waiting…

  • anyone know the code for presale??????? i need it!

  • anyone know the code for presale

  • Avatar of sr.lee
    sr.lee said ...

    did anyone get the password? I didn’t recieve an e-mail!!!

  • Avatar of _africanrhino32

    i guess we arnt special fans :C

  • Avatar of karenyj
    karenyj said ...

    Me too but no code! :(

  • Avatar of glenn.tajon
    glenn.tajon said ...

    How can I get the special fan presale code?

  • Avatar of _africanrhino32

    @Laurenkelliee Im wondering the same thing, I havnt received any emails and I’ve clicked throu the entire site..I hope Im able to get tickets- the Wiltern is a wonderful venue for acoustic sets!! Im counting down the minutes till 10am!! :D

  • Avatar of Dayne
    Dayne said ...

    I am also confused on where to find the fan presale code? And how that all works. :(

  • Avatar of Laurenkelliee
    Laurenkelliee said ...

    Where can I find the presale code!? Is this the fan club or is there some other fan club? I am confused.

  • I would if I could. I am very grateful to have been able to see you twice in the past year on the east coast though. Still feeling the high from Saturday night :)

  • Avatar of BonitaU
    BonitaU said ...

    Too bad this is on the left coast! Sunday’s concert in Saratoga was AWESOME! Thanks for reminding me how to be!

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    Really really wish I could go!! I just saw the show in Saratoga and I am still smiling and singing. Jason, Thank you for being you. YOU are the Best Ever. Your music and my heart are connected!

    Thank you and Take Care,
    Love, Linda

  • Avatar of andrea_bautista

    I’m going on the 5th to hollywood bowl! but this would be so great too!

  • Avatar of begs0com
    begs0com said ...

    please PLEASE! @jason_mraz Record and release that set.

  • Avatar of Corvent
    Corvent said ...

    Please, come to méxico

  • Im wondering the exact sane thing!!??

  • Avatar of hannareichl
    hannareichl said ...

    How do you become a special fan?!

  • Avatar of sheena
    sheena said ...

    i need these!

  • Avatar of crescendohyun
    crescendohyun said ...

    I wish I could go :(