Announcing… Jason Mraz Stripped – Live at Melkweg Amsterdam

October 9, 2012

We are excited to announce Jason Mraz Stripped, a special acoustic concert with Jason and members of his band at Melkweg Amsterdam on Wednesday, November 21!

Our fan pre-sale begins Thursday, October 11 at 10AM CET. Public on sale begins Friday, October 12 at 10AM CET on You won’t want to miss this intimate performance by Jason and his band in the heart of Amsterdam!

  • Avatar of admin
    admin said ...

    For those who didn’t receive the fan pre-sale link in our newsletter this morning, it’s on the Tour page and also linked above. Or here: :)

  • Avatar of Guidovandervorst

    I’m trying to get the link for almost 2 hours. Can anybody please help me?


  • Avatar of moosnique
    moosnique said ...

    eh dankje maar heb nu 3 versch browsers geprobeerd maar krijg geen andere link te zien dan de ticketmaster… zal moeten wachten tot morgenochtend!

  • Avatar of 100000374986328

    Ik snap het probleem niet? Als ik op de link uit het bericht hierboven klik kan ik gewoon nog bestellen?

  • Avatar of moosnique
    moosnique said ...

    dan word je geleid naar en die verkoop begint morgenochtend om 10.00 uur… heb nog geen andere slinkse weg kunnen ontdekken…

  • Ga naar, je kunt ze gewoon bestellen! Succes!

  • Avatar of moosnique
    moosnique said ...

    fan pre-sale option?? i live in amsterdam, want to go to the milky way but want to buy them today… Help!!

  • Avatar of Josti
    Josti said ...

    Goed verhaal maar is alleen niet waar dat je gewoon kaarten kan bestellen als je die link niet hebt (heb ik om onverklaarbare wijze niet ontvangen GRrrrrrrrr).

    Bij mij staat er echt dat je morgen pas kan kopen. Ik kan geen tickets zoeken of ik begrijp het verkeerd!

  • Avatar of Marleen73
    Marleen73 said ...

    for those who haven’t got yet.. pre-sale stops friday 10:00CET; and than anyone can buy tickets ;-)
    So be at the ready at 10:00 :D
    Good Luck!

  • Avatar of eroplos
    eroplos said ...

    Yes got tickets!!! For those without the email, just go to and search for Jason, it will tell you the sale hasn’t started yet, but just try and search for tickets ;)
    Good luck to you all and last time I checked (few minutes ago) it wasn’t sold out yet.

  • Avatar of linda.boone.1981

    who did get the link??? i think i was to late…blummer

  • Avatar of Shanntastic
    Shanntastic said ...

    Got the tickets!!! So happy!!!

  • Avatar of linda.boone.1981

    Van i still get the link????

  • Avatar of iinnggeee
    iinnggeee said ...

    I’m in the exact same situation as Merle! Glad I’m at least not the only one, but indeed: help..? :-)

  • Avatar of Merle
    Merle said ...

    I’m afraid i singed up too late, after the mailing went out, as the presale link for Amsterdam- Melkweg it is not in my mailbox yet…? What to do?

  • Avatar of admin
    admin said ...

    The pre-sale link will be sent out to the mailing list overnight. You will have it in your inboxes tomorrow morning! (Amsterdam local time)

  • Avatar of HappyEndings
    HappyEndings said ...

    Support act for Ziggo Dome: Shawn Barry
    Support act for Melkweg Rabozaal: Roosbeef

  • Avatar of annaka
    annaka said ...

    Hi eroplos,
    have you already got the email with the pasword for the fan pre-sale?

    I think that this information for the previous shows (for example
    I got tickets for Berlin und Prag last year, and front row packages in Toronto und London this year) came earlier.
    So, I am wondering, if it is because I live in Germany, and this show is only for the Dutch?
    or I just have to be more patient?….

  • Avatar of FrauConrad
    FrauConrad said ...

    What’s with this fan pre-sale, like non-fans buy your tickets the next day? ;)

  • Avatar of christel
    christel said ...

    That’s what i wonder also, where to go for the fan pre-sale?

  • Avatar of firstsign
    firstsign said ...

    You dutch people are very glad to always have the honour of special evenings with Jason!

  • Avatar of eroplos
    eroplos said ...

    Any news on who will be the support act for this show (and the day after at the Ziggo Dome)?

  • Avatar of kaman.k.chan
    kaman.k.chan said ...

    Which page do I have to go for the “fan pre-sale”? Many thanks!