Jason Cancels November 5 Concert in Thailand

November 1, 2011

We are disappointed to announce that Jason’s concert this Saturday, November 5 at The Mountain Stage at Bonanza, Khao Yai is cancelled due to the worsening floods in Bangkok and neighboring provinces.

Tickets are fully refundable at all Thaiticketmajor branches during working hours until the end of December 2011. For further information, please contact Thaiticketmajor call center at 02 262 3838.

We’ll be back, Thailand! Until then, our love and prayers go out to you.

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    pips6 said ...

    I’ll pray for Thailand!
    can you come to Portugal one day? I would love to see you live!

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    This is sad news for our Thai friends. If the concert was cancelled here, I would have been devastated! But don’t fret, when he says he will return, he WILL.

    I was at his concert here in Manila last 30th October and of course he was amazing! Hold on, Thailand. A great show will be coming your way. :)

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    seriouslyblue said ...

    It’s a bad new! I can’t wait to go to this concert. I believed that Many fans in Thailand feel the same.

    But in this situation, Flooding in Thailand make a lot of trouble to many people. Many Roads were sunk. Some area lack of drinking water. My family have to evacuated from our home…No matter how much I love you. It’s really hard for me to make it to KaoYai. So It become a very very late good new.

    I think cancel is a good decision. What the point of insist to go on if half of your biggest fan can’t join. Let’s meet again next time.We’re looking forward to see you :)

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    Dear Mr. Mraz,

    How is it going? As you might know that we, the Thai people, have been hit by one of the most terrible flood in our history for many weeks. Many houses have been sunk under water and people had to desperately evacuate to safer places. However, all the disasters repeatedly happened to us could never stop us for coming to your concert anyway. Why? Because we are real big fans of yours and we hope that your songs would at least help healing all the wounds. We have been suffered from flood disasters enough but the cancelling of your concert has suffered us even more!

    Worse than that, we have booked a room for 3 nights at Khaoyai resort just to see you performing since we are aware that the traffic is so very bad, it takes us 6-7 hours driving from Bangkok to Khaoyai. Well, an hour ago, I got a text message from Thai Ticket Major saying that your concert has been cancelled, only 3 days before the concert date. For a week, I’ve been checking with the TTM if the concert is postponed but they insisted that the concert is still on. So, it means that we have to pay for all the rooms booked for nothing since, from the resort’s policy, the cancellation must be made 7 day in advance. Anyway, we just want to let you know that we are extremely disappointed with you and TTM for being unprofessional and disrespectful to your fans and customers.

    Have a good one!

    Flood victims

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    I hope u be back in a few months may be feb. Waiting u dude

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    DuyTuan said ...

    Go to Vietnam instead! It will be an amrazing time!

  • Avatar of DuyTuan
    DuyTuan said ...

    Go to Vietnam instead! It will be a amrazing time!

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    1009380213 said ...

    Thank you to cancel the concert!! To be honest, it’s really hard to travel during this circumstance. It was a wise & kind decision that you made. Thank you but be sure you will come back. We will be awaiting your return. :)

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    pluvialis said ...

    thank you for caring for us ..

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    Nopparat_P said ...

    Dear Jason

    We are sad that the concert in Thailand has been cancelled. We respect why the concert is cancelled, but we were so looking forward to seeing you here. Please, please try to organize another concert in Thailand in the near future as you have many, many fans here, including me and my husband.

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    Vign said ...

    “We’ll be back, Thailand!” We’ll hold on very tight to this…..

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    You can have a travel in Taiwan & Enjoy Taiwan food!

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    spaz_mraz said ...

    I’m sorry to see this happen. I live in America, but even so far away I feel your pain. I hope a makeup concert is made and can be provided, purely free, at the good of your own hearts. God Bless you, Thailand!

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    Som said ...

    That really hurt!

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    aizamay said ...

    It’s sad that Jason won’t be able to perform in front of his Thai supporters but it’s even worse to know that Thailand is still in the middle of a calamity. I wish we could do something to help.

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    yveine said ...

    so can you go to norway instead? ;)