October 22, 2014

The modern world is weird. And there’s plenty of reasons to get bummed out about it. Whether it’s war, famine, poverty, environmental negligence, or afternoon traffic, being human in this age takes courage to keep living, and calls for a lot of heart to care about it.

And, when it seems politicians are already bought and paid for, it will take the courage of our conscious communities to carry us to the polls in 2 weeks to vote on measures that matter.

Here are a few important pieces of legislature that need our support in the upcoming election:

1: Food Labeling laws. The right to know what’s in our food.

In Oregon: Vote “Yes on 92.”

Major foods brands who make up The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) actually invest millions of dollars into anti-labeling laws nationwide to prevent consumers from knowing about harmful ingredients and genetically modified organisms known as GMO’s. The GMA has even sued the state of Vermont to overturn a GMO labeling law passed there earlier this year. Super Weird.

If you are a new parent. Do not feed your child anything made of non-organic soy. Many baby formulas are made with GMO Soy, which has led to many new cases of severe food allergies & even autism.

In addition to voting, you can also boycott GMA members.

GMA members   

GMA boycott website

Download your wallet-sized boycott guide.


2: Preserve and Protect our Precious Environment.

No more fracking. No more drilling. No on anything degenerative. We now live in the age of information where we know it’s all about REGENERATIVE actions and products. REGENERATIVE power. REGENERATIVE agriculture and farming. Actions that help us sustain life! Vote against methods that diminish life. Vote against propositions that are degenerative and accumulate waste.

For example:

In Santa Barabara, CAVote “Yes on P” to protect our water. In a time of drought we need not risk contaminating or further endangering our precious water supply. “Yes on P” will help BAN fracking in the state. This is very very critical.


3: End the Prohibition on Cannabis.

Today 33 states have opened their minds to medicinal marijuana and 2 states are now legal for recreational use. In those states, citizens now have a choice to combat illnesses with natural cures.

Cannabis is the origin of canvas and as a sustainable-regenerative product it has thousands of uses. Cannabis as a cellulose product has tens of thousands of uses, including bio-fuel and cancer-curing tinctures. In a world where alcohol & tobacco are celebrated, it makes no sense to ban a renewable resources like Cannabis.

For more than 40 years, the war on drugs has proven little to make the world safer against drugs. Each year 700,000 innocent people are arrested on drug charges, most of them young black men. And those arrests make it more difficult to get jobs and often limits their ability to receive an education. The police and the penal system are making a profit by incarcerating these innocent people, and society is losing. Big Time.

Do those drug laws protect us from ourselves? Addicts use drugs to treat pain and/or try to feel connected in society. Drug use is a symptom. The problem is whatever trauma or displacement causes them to need drugs in the first place. Arresting a cannabis user only adds more trauma and pain. Society needs more compassion. Not more prisons.

The time has come to legalize. Are we are the tipping point generation?

For more on this issue, check out The Culture High.




there grows the neighborhood – urban farming 101

September 25, 2014

All throughout this tour I’ve had the pleasure of singing and speaking about my love for getting back to the earth, even going so far as jump-starting a few gardens before showtime, and sharing pictures of my own garden onstage. And while I passionately promote the idea of growing your own delicious edible landscape, I get a lot of people asking me how. Well, after doing a little digging, here’s the dirt!


If you seek the knowledge to easily grow your own food, here is a cool FREE opportunity to learn from one of the leaders in the Urban Farming movement. Greg Peterson, founder of the Urban Farm, university professor and author of The Urban Farms Simple Sustainability Series will host a FREE webinar on OCT 2nd & again on OCT 4th, sharing the 6 essential ingredients to growing your own healthy and nutritious food. Whether this is your first garden or you’ve been gardening for years, his unique perspective will shed light on just how simple this process actually is.




After the free webinar, there will be a chance to dig deeper as Professor Peterson will be offering an online Urban Farming 101 class starting Oct 13th.  I enrolled for that too and look forward to learning from the road. Will you be in my class?

Astro Nut

September 11, 2014

My friend Gregory Page released a new album in the Netherlands this week. One Way Journey Home is yet another epic collection of words & melodies strung together by Mr Page, sure to strike a chord on your heartstrings. Check out his hilarious promotional film as he goes door-to-door to tell the world about the new release.


For as long as I can remember, Mr Page’s website has referred to him as “songwriter troubadour filmmaker astronaut.” And in many ways I relate. To tour is to orbit the Earth. We may not travel 17,000 miles per hour like those aboard the ISS (International Space Station), but we do log those miles eventually, on our own time. And we too see the world from many fascinating angles.


Music takes you places. It can guide you through your inner world, making sense of emotion and easing pain, or it can literally take you around the planet, from NYC to San Diego; Antarctica to Outer Space.


I recently had the pleasure of visiting Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX where I got to hang with astronauts on the ground and converse with those in space, all thanks to music. Did you know that we’ve had someone in space for 14 consecutive years? The space-men & women still change shifts every 6 months but plan to extend their stay-cations to an entire year.


The recently retired NASA shuttle program was not the end of our space program at all. Now that the ISS is practically self-sustaining, NASA is refocusing its exploration away from low orbit and looking to soon be exploring nearby asteroids, moons of Mars, and Mars itself; searching for medicines & histories on the frontiers of new technology. Again I see the comparisons between songwriters & astronauts.  Troubadours explore new and old worlds to share those worlds’ stories, all the while putting medicine in the music to increase the potency of the message.


On board the ISS, each crew member is required to exercise 2 hours a day in order to preserve their bone mass. They eat processed foods due to the lack of farmer’s markets in space. And they drink recycled pee. Astro-Nutty! We troubadours might eat at gas stations & diners. And we might pee in moving vans if there’s no time to stop before the gig, but the only thing we exercise is our right to free speech. I guess Astronauts have us beat.


I think I’ll keep my feet on the ground and continue to look up to astronauts as I do.


“And I look up” to Mr Page. He gave me my first gig in San Diego in 1999 and we have remained good friends ever since. I invite you to check out his new album, ONE WAY JOURNEY HOME, recorded by me. It’s just lovely.



Back To The Earth, The Home Game.

August 28, 2014

I’m calling the next generation of farmers to action.

This is a story. It is a beautiful story. It is a story is about you and me. And how we gave up greed, corruption and ignorance. We realized that HUManity, HUMility and HUMus all came “from the earth.” And so, we kneeled and kissed the ground. And the earth spoke to us. And here is what she said: Be a Farmer. Grow food. Build community. Save the planet. #beafarmer #growfood #kisstheground #thesoilstory

The Average age of today’s farmer is between 60 & 70. And they hope to retire soon. We need 4-6 million new farmers just to replace them. And we need good food farmers to make sure our future isn’t fed from factory farms, chemical fertilizers, and GMO seeds. YUCK.

Did you know that organic, regenerative farmers could put an end to the climate crisis? The solution is IN THE SOIL!

New farmers wanted. Change your world with this course: Graeme Sait’s in LA, September 15th-18th. And check out Graeme’s Ted Talk.

On the evolution of the foundation

August 19, 2014

Follow Jason Mraz Foundation online via twitter @MrazFoundation to find out “what’s growing on” with the money raised from generous donors, ticket portions, and merch items. In the past 30 days alone we have committed to hundreds of thousands of dollars to projects big and small, and I couldn’t be happier!


This week I am spotlighting Life Rolls On, an organization of which I am a lifetime member, contributing to their amazing efforts to stoke-out and improve the quality of life for individuals affected by paralysis. On our new tour, which begins this week, we will carry a new t-shirt, designed by me in partnership with Vuori Clothing, to generate income and awareness for our amazing friends and recipients at LRO. So be sure to check out the new goods at the merch table and/or soon in our online store.


In the meantime, enjoy this video of LRO in action at one of my local beaches! And stay tuned for more updates from !



The Symbolism of Second Place

August 12, 2014

Dozens of flights, tens of thousands of miles and 1.5 laps around the globe and finally the promotion and release of YES! is complete. Thank you for helping us #spreadYES! making it’s debut a victorious one. When the announcements were made about chart positions, Raining Jane & I paraded around our apartment chanting, “We’re Number 2! We’re Number 2!” sighting the display of two fingers as a symbol of Peace, or Victory, or the roman numeral 5, which is us! In many ways, we entered the charts exactly where we, as underdogs, were meant to.


There is much symbolism on the album cover as well, beginning with the 5 birds, representing RJ & I flying “like birds not of this earth;” a lyric from Beautiful Mess, a song we wrote together in 2007. The birds on the cover of YES! are flying in a (Roman Numeral) V-formation, representing this as a 5th album. Some birds are known to fly in a V-formation, and typically a male is out front, however, it is not he who is leading. His position is merely to make it easier for the women and children to fly. The women are in fact setting the pace. I loved this analogy for the band. My name may be on the cover, and I may be standing out front, but it is truly a collaborative effort and Raining Jane do set the pace with their unique sound.


Additionally, the birds are seen within a circle over a brilliant landscape. This represents the world within a world. The brilliant world that each of us have inside. A world that needs our attention very much, because in order to bring peace to the outer world, we must first experience & understand peace within. This is a common theme of the music of YES!


One of my favorite moments from the promotional tour was the honor of conversing with Jian Ghomeshi. His interviews and radio essays are some of my favorite. You can hear his shows on demand on the CBC network in Canada via the web or the CBC app. Below is a clip from our chat. Enjoy.