Who Am I?

September 26, 2011

I am not my face.
I am not my hair.

I am not my family.
I am not my care.

I am not my upbringing.
I am not my mole.

I am not my receding gum.
I am not my cold.

I am not my money.
And I’m not my fame.

I’m not my hat.
I’m not even my name.

I’m just an idea that happened upon love.
I am that I am and that I am is enough.



September 23, 2011

Located about two hours east of Los Angeles, light years from sanity, at least according to the sum of conspiracy theories surrounding that what, why and how of this extraordinary space, lie the incomparable, INCREDIBLE, Integratron. Intended by it’s designer in the 1950′s to be a center for sound healing, the Integratron was never actually completed; however, the amount of the structure that remains today, stands to be an acoustic wonder.

The main dome, constructed entirely of wood, serves the singer, speaker or whisperer alike in experiencing the power of their own voice as it is being projected into the cavernous space. The closer one gets to the center of the room, the more powerful and dramatic the 360 degree sound experience becomes. In fact, it’s so intense in the center, I got a slight experience of nausea from the sound fully enveloping me, almost taking my breath away. And yet you don’t have to be the one making the sound to understand how the vibrations in the room could penetrate and manipulate the body. Listening to music, instruments, or even footsteps create waves for the room to the have it’s way with.

Everything is sound. At the subatomic level we would see that we are made up of particles that vibrate in and out of existence. When the right music comes along, it is harmonious. Meaning, when we are touched by a song, a tone, or a word, we react on so many levels; in the mind, in the heart, all the way down to our elementary foundation, and in a way, this becomes sounds dancing with itself, and this is not only magical, it is healing. Through music and sound we are all connected. It is by this science that I believe music is the closest thing to God we as diverse humans may ever agree on, even if the words go unspoken.

There is an alter inside the Integratron for people to place tokens of gratitude, gifts, or prayers for loved ones. I’d been on a journey to cultivate my own inner peace and happiness; to be able to radiate it outwardly from my own self generating infinite supply, not relying on others or material possessions to fulfill the tall order which is something we often do. I’d been wearing a beaded bracelet that symbolized gratitude for my incredible life. The day I visited the Integratron the bracelet began to unweave itself. I took this as a sign that my practice was ready to advance to a whole new level. So I removed it and left it on the alter among the other treasures piled up there, understanding I had achieved the level of personal strength I sought only a few months prior. And upon leaving the Mohave Desert that day, I reflected on my incredible life, the trips I’ve taken, the people I’ve loved and those who loved me, the places I’m planning to go in the coming year, and all of the sweet, sweet freedom I have, even inside the confines of this body, limited to 5 senses, gravity, blood type, flexibility, etc.

Experiencing the sound of my voice in the sacred chamber was not unlike looking in a mirror. You get what you give. And I am oh, so grateful for the sound I have been given. I look forward to meeting your eyes, entering your ears, and enveloping you on a cellular level very soon.