Feeding The Soul

March 19, 2012

The flight I’m on is offering fresh baked cookies, or so they smell. I’m not sure if there’s someone up front with a mixing bowl licking away the cookie dough or if they’re just lighting some cookie dough incense. Down the aisles they come, a tray of cookies and a glass of milk. I have a hard time refusing but I somehow manage to say no thank you. It takes the same amount of will power to say no to a warm cookie as it does to say yes to 10 more pull-ups. But being as my body is my instrument, I try to be nice to it.

I love vegan pastries and dairy-free ice cream and thankfully they exist because I have a sweet tooth that never quits. And when that cookie-smell fills up the cabin and starts my spine tingling to the point I get an erection, I have to be prepared. I cover my taste buds with the few supplies I always travel with: a Wildbar which is raw chocolate infused with wild-blue green algae. It’s absolutely divine and tastes as rich as it costs. But it’s healthy. And I also snack on my nuts. Walnuts and almonds.

I’d rather pay now, practicing preventative health rather than pay later to a hospital for some kind of corrective surgery. Food is the best medicine after all.

That being said, food is also a drug.

People ask me what’s in the glass bottle I carry with me. I usually lie and say it’s just water I got out of the tap at the airport. Or it’s something I’ve been growing in my pool for a while. But really it starts with water, and then I add chlorophyll and mint. Chlorophyll is the critical molecule in photosynthesis, the natural process of getting energy from light and the edible form is typically extracted from alfalfa plants. There is a combo you can find at natural food stores called chlor-oxygen. But I personally love the “evergreen” version from sunrider foods. All you need is a spoonful. It turns the water green, but turns your blood mighty! And mighty blood makes a mighty man.

Green is the color of life and we should all be eating more of it. Therefore I consume it as often as I can. Green smoothies, green juice, green water, green chocolate, green ganja, etc. It’s the color of life; nature’s color for health and vitality; the preferred pigment in converting sunlight to energy – yet somehow, many stomachs renounce the green options, as those eyes that are bigger than one’s stomach are also color blind. In the airports I sense many spying my green drink as I guzzle it down before going thru security. The most common assumption is that it’s alcohol and I’m a lush.

but honestly, what’s so crazy about a green drink?

Shouldn’t we be more confronted by a diet Pepsi. Or a blue Gatorade. or even a “green tea” which is usually just another form of candy like all the other sodas out there. The ingredients in soda are those give you diabetes, a blood disease, possibly making your stay here a lot shorter. Whereas a little green juice has the opposite affect on your blood and may just extend your welcome.

I don’t mean to be a food snob. Or point fingers. I’m just typing to keep myself from accepting the cookies being passed around the airplane and this is what I’ve typed. If you love food, then love real food and raise your standards about the quality of food you’re eating. Don’t give in to franchised restaurants where food comes from a factory or requires only a re-heat in the microwave. Eat at the restaurants that are using all natural ingredients and those working with local farms and farmers markets. Don’t succumb to diet soda if you’re really on a diet. Hydrate with water and get more exercise. And when it comes to dessert, take it easy. and/or take a look at the café gratitude recipes. There’s NO COOKING involved – Just the mixing of some magical ingredients – ingredients that are good with your body recipe and won’t spoil the main course that is your life.

Love yourself. Spoil yourself. Have your cake. And eat it too.

And speaking of Cake. My good friends at the FeedingTheSoulFoundation.Org are turning two. Go celebrate with them this weekend in SD! Check out this vid of what they’re all about.


opening our eyes

March 14, 2012

It’s not only important to talk about the good things in life, but to do good things. Comedian George Carlin speaks eloquently about human arrogance; believing we can save the planet when we can hardly save ourselves.

Below is a clip from a new feature documentary about the power of one by a Mother/Daughter film making team who circled the globe seeking out change makers who are making a positive difference in the world. This segment of their film, Opening Our Eyes, features Gina Low of APECA who is making a difference in communities along the Amazon River in Peru with education, reforestation, clean water implementation and medical aid; proof that our planet can be cared for as a result of our taking care of each other.


earth without art is eh

March 4, 2012

Since returning from Antarctica where I recently had my mind blown, I’ve been trying to stay out of the rabbit hole of thought, yet get my head around what we humans are meant to be doing on this earth – and why. What’s our purpose here?


In my candid observations from my business traveler’s window seat, I can safely and temporarily conclude that we do indeed consume – a lot – namely for the purposes of earning a living; circulating our money, buying/trading, etc; possibly for the purpose of keeping barbarism at bay and/or for plain entertainment. That’s not to say that is our primary purpose, but I understand we have to do something while we’re here and consuming is what we’re currently good at. It seems happiness is a common pursuit shared by many a cult and culture, which you could say is the driving factor behind our rate of consumption as well as the specific items we might collect. Yet our desire to be happy doesn’t stop there. We also wish to be fulfilled, sexy, rich, smart, powerful, whatever. And for the 6 billion of us who have any money at all, let alone water, those desires way overshadow our needs. Obviously. So let’s just think about the happiness part. It’s free after all.


This got me thinking about art, which is also free (to look at)…usually.


Are we the only species who make art? My cats bring me dead rodents which I’ve always understood to be tokens of affection. This could be a kind of art or art form.


I also know spiders build amazing webs while whales have songs that are passed on from generation to generation, and monkeys can apparently compose a poem if given a typewriter and enough time – but do these creatures measure their creations based on quality, taste, imagination, concept, attitude or design? Do they critique their work or the work of other animals they way we do?


Then I stumbled on the videos below and starting sleeping more soundly. Behold the Bowerbirds; amazing creatures whose works of art and fine art collections are created for the sole purpose of seducing a mate. This is a fine example of art for the sake of art which in my opinion is the result of Love hard at work. Yes Love, the word I often use for Creation, seen here expressing itself in bird form, reminding us that humans are not alone in the quest for happiness. And while it is charming to think other creatures can create in ways outside of themselves revealing they too are optimistic, it also suggests that every living thing has the potential to experience a broken heart.



on words

February 27, 2012

It is wise to keep your pen moving as well as your feet. Your hand is often a truer version than your word in that you get to speak in private with your present & future self. Don’t dam the stream of consciousness. Trust where your river of thought is going and go with the flow. I promise you will reach the ocean.


Flipping thru old notebooks recently, I came upon this journal entry that made me smile; dated January 1999:


One day they will call on me and I’ll get to travel the world all over. I’ll sail the seven seas, ponder the great wonders, meet and greet so many new and exotic faces, taste 1000 varieties of foods and host a postcard collection like no other.


I’m so grateful to the kid who wrote that. It’s one thing to see your dreams come true, but it’s another experience entirely to hold the receipt.


Gift your future self. Write that special person a poem, a note, a story, a novel, a check even, or perhaps a song, like the one included at the bottom of this post. ‘Run Boy,’ written and recorded in 1999, is another little glimpse of my past. Like breadcrumbs leading me home, I look and listen to these melodies and musings as the mantras that shaped my life; the possibilities that I created along the way. Thanks to this soundtrack and nearly two decades worth of journals,  I am present to the long, grateful journey it’s been; and still how far we’ve yet to go.


Grateful I never gave up,


hello. Dubai.

February 22, 2012

Tour resumes and today we are in Dubai, UAE to take part in the Dubai International Jazz Festival. From my perch, the city appears lovely, dusty and warm; a climate similar to the smoky basements and speakeasies where Jazz was born. While I’m happy to be here, I’ll likely spend most of my time indoors, ironically working on a short film about melting ice in Antarctica.

Through the smog I can see the construction boom. And through the cranes I can smell the cargo ships. And through it all I can clearly feel the how and the why as the wind blows again and the climate shifts.

Nevertheless, our world at present remains home to our beautiful minds as well as our outrageous and exciting technologies. Here’s an example in film by Aaron Mendez titled, 3 Days in Dubai. Enjoy.

Make some noise.

February 21, 2012

I farted during an interview once. Okay, maybe twice. Which is no big deal. Everybody farts. Some of us by accident and some by malicious intent. No matter which way it unfurls, it’s unlucky during an interview; a time when both sound and character are being recorded for posterity. YouTube has a wonderful variety of clips featuring news anchors and TV personalities (Regis Philbin) letting one fly.


Everyday, at any given moment, 500,000 people are on planes and in the air. And almost everyday, I am one of those frequent flyers. Whether it’s karma or comedy, I seem to be seated time and again next to the person on the plane with gas, forcing me to sleep & steep in their reverb. After years of trapping my family and friends in my car, American Airlines is giving me a taste of my own medicine, except there’s nothing medicinal about it.


In my observations, I’ve noticed one wearing headphones acts as though not hearing a fart is equal to not smelling it. The same rule can be applied when pretending to sleep. That being said, if one ceases to make eye contact, one’s crime is forever concealed. Therefore, do as you wish and celebrate however clever you are; able to hide your denial under a thin blanket, throw your voice, or compose your own sweet music. Like this guy.