Make some noise!

September 10, 2017

Birds have songs. So do humans. Don’t be afraid to sing yours. It’s only natural.

Over the past few days I’ve been immersed in the very inspiring Hawaii Songwriting Festival. The annual fest hosts songwriters of all skill and award levels from around the world. Attendees and staff come to create, collaborate, and learn everything there is to know about music and the business – away from the busy city – in the splendid seclusion of paradise. I had the pleasure of hosting a few workshops and enjoyed listening to many many amazing songwriters share their unique expressions. Here are some highlights based on frequently asked questions:

Q: Where do I start?

My answer:
Anywhere. Start wherever you are. Write about what you know. Even if that means writing about feeling uncertain.

Q: What do I do when I have writer’s block?

My answer:
Write about writer’s block.

Be yourself.
Sing your truth.
Go deep.
Remember to breathe.
And have fun!

Good luck.
And Aloha.

Pic with my brother from the same Earth Mother Derick Sebastian

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    If I could erase the last 5 comments, I would…and I would replace it ALL with just this:

    A better version of the game for you: Because you need to get this message…
    It is personal to your life. It is in the words. It is what it is…Mr. A-Z
    Below are the words within a set of 3 words.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    5 letters……7 letters…..4 letters
    Relevant to your life.

    Moors moor hits gets ETs set met MiG MIG gems germs stir more ores sore sort sigh sight mights me he she shit shot host hot tore store storm mesh rooms grooms smite smote most shore gores ogres grits girts heist him his is it sit shire shim IM rims sim mosh tosh gosh smoot smooth smoother moot roots roost high higher hist. mist mister O.O. stem go got grime time mite grim items or rose Eros ergo ergot ergs ism homes homers Om some goes egos MOT toms tomes soot goose moose rights remits omits emits site this hoots hooters shoot shooter mothers smother others gist riots rots got hogs OG hoes hose toes m.o. mo oh ho eh geo trios meth hoist moist ire tires ties tries rise homo terms homos hems trig IG GI Ig ig Tories motors ghost mires hero tiers sot *eight *eights *eighths so SO os Os OS sire sir i.e. heirs sigher timers rest thermos et tigers re ER Re ethos theirs errs riser Rome stormier hires horse Morse odes adores ads sad dares digs dogs gods goods good God goads soda airs retards teds said star starred stared stare stair stag stage staged edits editors orders Hera Rhea roe doe drams dams dames same grams tams tames mates maters mad maids aids AIDS Od mod marries married med dies dries hid hides shed shame shamed hares hairs hard hearts earths Earth deaths teams tamed hears herds eats ate teas seat east hats hates hated haters arose shat share shared hardest gates gated great grates grated rates rats tars arts smart smarted marts merits shade Hades has had hags shag dose grades raids trades tried tired dire dates daters sate ado doth ASM SAM ma mas master maestro metros retro dots dotes highest REM EM amid mid admire games gamed gamers aims aimed sham steam seam sea horrid rids rides riders doors rodeos soma atoms ago haste hastier hams harms harmed arms armed diets arid ID IDE Eid SID SED stead sear dear dears reads red heads ghosted hosted hoods moods dooms roods moodiest drags rags rages raged sage sager aged ages demos gaits maths sat goodies Thor arrest sighted gas sag armors armored rosier darers mast doo tad raider trader tirade irate orate orators rode roads ashore short shorted taro Torah groomed magi mage roast roasted roosted rooted shored stored gad egad herds Romeos dis aides ideas goriest orgies mooed gooier gooiest motored errors derma GOD homed mash mashed masher ash rash trash dash gash trashed hermits mats roars roared rears rioted raise raised threads treads regards shard rather oaths miters tamers admits aright toed toads terra timed dimes rah ah ha arise Ra rams Mars Amer. mares smear marred mars reams dreams dirges smoothed sooth soothed third thirds terrors terror sharer harts armored righted torso goats gratis grids girds aside stride strode gathers resort marsh rarest shadier drat thighs sorrier sorer stirrer stirred astride tarries tarried satire trashier dasher grad rase hoards

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    I meant 13

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    vicki.kaswen said ...


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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    make that 7… and I’ll just not mention any further escalation

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    I already found 6 more words…but, I’ll let you find those yourself.

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    vicki.kaswen said ...


    A game for you: Below are the words within a set of two words.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    5 letters.. 7 letters
    Relevant to your life.

    Moors moor hits gets ETs set met MiG MIG gems germs stir more ores sore sort sigh sight mights me he she shit shot host hot tore store storm mesh rooms grooms smite smote most shore gores ogres grits girts heist him his is it sit shire shim IM rims sim mosh tosh gosh smoot smooth smoother moot roots roost high higher hist. mist mister O.O. stem go got grime time mite grim items or rose Eros ergo ergot ergs ism homes homers Om some goes egos MOT toms tomes soot goose moose rights remits omits emits site this hoots hooters shoot shooter mothers smother others gist riots rots got hogs OG hoes hose toes m.o. mo oh ho eh geo trios meth hoist moist ire tires ties tries rise homo terms homos hems trig IG GI Ig ig Tories motors ghost mires hero tiers sot *eight *eights *eighths so SO os Os OS sire sir i.e. heirs sigher timers rest thermos right goo moo too {shroom}

    *As for “numbers”…I do not know how those would calculate…but, they are so so there as 8 in the WordPlay…Can’t quite recall the exact “other” numbers involved. This shouldn’t take you long at all.

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    rodica said ...

    Lovely smiles! Really contagious :)
    Thank you for the advice!
    Have a wonderful Sunday, sunflower!
    Much love,
    <3 :)

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    salient … oops … that was 2

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Oh My GOD…in Heaven…just 1 more:


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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    now what do you suppose comes after genial in celestial beings???
    Yes, Jason, you must have already known…

    & now, I really should stop

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    vicki.kaswen said ...


    OUR Father in Heaven’s:

    ~Living waters~
    vile evil is it sit sat sate slate slave lives livers laws slaw sling wilts veils vital rivals ravels travels tiers ties lies tears tares isle aisle newts riles rigs girts grits girls wives rives riving tiles rifts rafts aft after silt gilts gets ETs set sent sin sew sewn wins new anew wets swine went wants was winter ire sire sir slew stew strew strewn veins vista great grates rates rats tars arts tans san saint stain strain save strive striven we graves gravels gavels navels slaver stave starve site invites inviters vis swig wigs wags lags large largest giants rise rising wires wiring siring stir astir stein resign sign signer Nile lines aligns liners lean lanes leant silent listen wines lest signal veg virgins aliens liens lairs liars aster vast vase waste waist wise wiser revisal versa list last late later slate tales tails ails tires tries aves averts Iran Erin reins reigns twins twine twain rains trains natives naïve lint lent ages sage sager gains regains gainers grins wits gnats gave gives given gnarls earls singer singe ling vising vise vita via visa waves waving weaving raveling traveling warn warts wages swear tags gat gates raw wars wares wears wings wingers wrings ring rang lang. Eng. gnaws sawn straw taw ta Ta TA tang tings string strange ranges angers angriest rentals renal agents legit grew sea seat east awes aw inset islet arisen Vega vegans neat waiters invest vesting grants granites sane saner signet ignites igniters snivel views raise ten tins tines west wrest iris viral virile siren laser Taser glints gleans swivel gins GENI revisit legs stern astern learns earns earing tearing sale saving striving reviling glares gravest sear gears gales rails trails trials living slaving starving staving star stare stair strain graven ravens airs invest viewing revising rest resting lets let et relit lit alit lite varies gets real seal stale staler retails stinger slinger lingers tingles single glints nits snit snail lain slain anise vernal venal retina retains satin Latin anvils realigns saline Stalin ales serving versing rinse retailing sail sailing raising lasting swing swinger arising swerving raving raves genial reliving vilest tinsel tigers Niger Nigeria intra inert inter sag gas gents stage stager rites ventral entrails entails sating nest nets wrist wresting wrestling sweat sweating tiring averting vert invert virial

    Definition of VIRIAL
    plural -s
    :half the product of the stress due to the attraction or repulsion between two particles in space times the distance between them or in the case of more than two particles half the sum of such products taken for the entire system


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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    ~Celestial beings~
    be bees see seals ceases ass lass last list best beast beats it sit sat sate sale stale tales legs lags gals gills all balls bails ails sails tails gales gains gins genes scenes scents bent begins bile lies least steals teals tells tills stills elates scales scats cats acts enacts bases tines calls cells bells steins gees glees glass class libs bi sings sang stings slings slangs isles aisles tiles bills big gets ETs set et sent lent lint Lent silent listen silence instills tingles gas sag clans cleans beans gabs slabs eats ate teas eaten eating beating begs signs signals seeing seen clines cants cents incest insects inlets insets bleats elites beetles Beatles blasts clits bangs casings cases laces aces ices lice sine sites cines cites cities bastes tall stalls stalling balling clings saline aliens liens alit lit lite tinsels been legal beagles eagles snags nails slain snails belies El telling stilling tilling able enables Abel gleans lean lanes leanest cleanest bites bit signets angels angles lets let eels lees bless bliss ness gels nil cists tables cables siblings liable labels sins tins tans ten teens tense entails gall gnats cast casting bleating blasting agents cages cig Nile lines aligns neat sills ill gilt Celts ISIS Isis sis tees teeing being clients albeit lances glances castles bestial gents gentle genies cabs nabs bans labs san saint stain bane bates leant Cain can cans scans scant nests nets nice nicest nieces besets séances asset slices slits tassel assign teases eases easiest leases cleats lilts etc. iciest besting lest else scaling sailing ailing tailing bailing glib incites enlists listings glistens citing siting billets snits nits ties gables sables stables binges sic sacs gist ingests sells selling ceils ceilings bangles tangles singles began blessing lessen blissing scabs acting seating east seats ascents satin Latin ages sages stages genial

    Gratefully received and acknowledged…

    I’m doing this out in the OPEN because My FATHER in Heaven guides through Faith and Good Will to ALL.

    Serving GOD … Working with Jesus CHRIST.

    Did you get my message???via
    pa trick I act cat cart car arc carp crap trap trip rip rap apt tap tip rack track kit kip IP pair air rat tar art air rick pick prick park ark at it tack cap part

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    ~The American Dream~
    Amer. America hat hate hated hid hide admire ham hear ear era are eat ate tea tare retard heart hit hart dart dare death deem ream ram mar mate mater rear rare rammed dam dharma harm arm armed cream crème cram dram damn had head ahead hard harden harder dirt three thread read dear red medic die dime dire herd heard mead mad cad cared care card their heir Hera Rhea rimmed rim dim aim aimed main mane man men mean meaner dreamer header third tree tee treed teed tide cried drier crier creed math antic mime rime time timer timed item remit emit term termed team teamed teamer need nerd nard Adam near neat neater nearer earn earned earner hand hander hinder mend amend amender remand hem ahem ah ha aha eh denier admirer mere deer reed amen name named me EM REM ted idea he her him IM derma arc car cart carted neither either ether nether thin thine dine diner hint hinted rent rented dint dent easier eased ease cease ceased decrease crease creased race raced trace traced trice dice dire desire desert tiers tiered tires tired ties tied teased teaser tease terrace terraced errs rise risen arise arisen destine dense denser tense tenser tender tends ends dens dance dancer dace tans trance tranced trains trained rans ran rains rained credits cants canters scant scare scar scared scarier cast casted craned crated crates cranes ads cinders nest nested ETs see seer seen seed said resaid readers et set snare snared sincere Ceres cites cines cinemas enemas anemic anemia marines maids maidens aids AIDS aides deniers secret Crete sedates senate reset ardent headier inmates merriest admits mats dates sate sated satire aside teach teachers teaches each aches acne acres canes caned cameras matches matched etches etched tech erects erected directs insect incest decent descent ascent ascend teens meats met meets minces minced menaces meant menaced ism ASM SAM same steam steamed stream streamed sect section media Medina mantras en EN machines manic mania maniacs arches arched charms charmed marches marched marsh sham hammers harmers charmers marchers archers starch chats cheats heats heaters east seat eastern star strain saint sainted deters inters interred insert inserted chains China Chinese hence Inca Inc. Martians Mars smear smart marts married this there here itches itched chits cist crest crested chest chested cheers shame shamed ashamed shammed scammed scam scammer crams crammers creamers seam seamed seem seemed niches machetes ranches sear seared endears ditches crash crashed cash cashed casher rash ash mash masher mashed dash dasher dish sad SAD airs aired reach retch retches retched harder decrees heartens earth earthier heartier hardier handier herders stand strand strainer strained secretes secreted side snide sneer sneered Hermes Hermetic mirth thermos share shared Hades shade them stem stamen starred MC discreet sheet sheeted three hernias raise raised scent scene scented careens careened scanned scanner Dan DNA RAN AND sand san Satan satanic Santa case cased encase encased sander creates created recreated retires retired retreads stead instead canned Cain cans saran serene sheen chants chanters cheaters heist heisted i.e. Ra rates rated rats tars arts terra terrain rich richer enriches snitch snitched snatch snatched arias simmer simmered dimmers dimmer charts charted cheese mama ma’am Amish hermits shed ER rah nice nicer niece shed reminds minds mine miners menders enders sender madman admen admin madmen search searcher searched shadier meters eaten caster caters craters caser nastier earns earned shine shiner shrine Shriner reminders creamers creamier sharer hares hairs semen seamen merchants edits edicts rasher haram harems riche nectars meta ETA haste hasten hastier chaste chasten mites Midas hist. Christ chrism chasm maters mesh meshed themes themed hemmed chimes chimera chimers chimed asthma simmer simmered shimmer shimmered hammered certain retains retained drains detains detainers shirt shit shat shite recites recited reside stammer stammered tams trams amid emir Mir meth rime hire hired cheesier anti ante ant remains remained Marian Arian rend trends entire enters centers rested resent recent cents inset etc. armadas rarest hemmers terms termed then hens aster this is it irate tirade rants ranted rinse rinsed sacred ashine Iran Erin rein reined steed astern stern reached reteach AMA ADA enmesh enmeshed ere scream screamed

    …law suit underway…

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    into gone ego got groin rite site sieve seven Eve even event serve verse rise risen strive strove over ovens rove rives striven see seer seen yet ETs set et terse tiers veins vest sing song strong string stringy votes voters singer singe tinges rings grit girt insert inters entry inert sting stinger ties tries tires toes rose Eros sore snore snort store story veg resin never sever trees tees tines tones toners notes not OT rots orgy orgies gory goriest irons irony siren stingy veers ere inverts inverse vertigo got gets et goners nits snit overt govern gov. grieves groves sort stir sir sire gentry sentry vestry nets nest sent ER Re reset resent teens greens green invest investor vigor IV vee vetoes vets ret res sin son stone stony Sony tore ores riots reigns reins Erin gist groins ions Sion eons NEO nos nosy noise nosier noisy toys nerves ingest energy tense tenser ten rinse gees vis Norse tenors IG GI Ig ig version steer steering treeing teeing seeing veering toying soy envoys envois sneer sorting is tins tons gents rents en EN regents tigers Niger genes eyes eying try tries trying sovereign Nero teensy ogres reinvest goriest troves so SO os Os OS ergo ergot erg seventy seven or yore yens verity roving yes ye

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    sailucie said ...

    Isn’t that the truth, be truthful to yourself, i like it.