Welcome to your house.

October 17, 2016

Luc Reynaud is an artist whose actions speak louder than words. I was first introduced to him via The Freedom Song, a tune written with children in a shelter in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which appeared on a Harmonic Humanity album benefitting the homeless. I got to know and love Luc, following his inspiring journey as a fan and a friend, watching him create a tour especially for those facing adversity – playing shows in shelters and slums, delivering hopeful music where it is needed most. And today I have the pleasure of sharing his latest adventure.

Welcome To My House is a beautiful PEACE of art. It speaks to the different worlds we each live in while reminding us of the one-world community that we are. This courageous yet understated statement of unity through diversity was filmed recently in Washington State and the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. It is positive news: We are one family. It’s that simple. Welcome to your house.

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    I know I’m back and forth a lot…too much…yet; it is ALL too much.

    How about a greater understanding of:

    ~GOD’s Plan~
    so SO go os Os OS sold golds goads loads loans Gods do sand span soap Dan DNA AND and alps slap old logs lads dongs dang song sang slang ago nods sod glands nags Ag ado plans pads ads sad gaps AP PA pas Pan pans dogs OG gods sag gas gad no on soda pods plods pangs lang. SAD glad sap sop slop lops OP PO Op Po op po slag lags gals snag along long longs asp Anglo snap opals ponds gonads lands pongs gasp sola {sola}

    {Aeschynomene indica}
    coy annoys me I moan moaned cane caned can Cain send mend amend mean men mans man meanies scene scenic dies demise sad days SAD cads cans candy candies my minds mine mined eons neon Sion sin son sand shame shamed same names named omens demons amen indie comics cosmic mics sic sac mash ash cash lash dash dames deems India Indo dyes choices chosen dice ices mice nice nieces ceases eases easy money many any dines demeans seems comedy comedies comedians soma comas cams scam scheme schemed dose cones cons conned so SO co Co CO coaches coached each aches ached doc mo m.o. modes codes domes dams damns SAM ASM mas ma mashed cashed say ads Od cods ahoy cheese cheesy monies aides aids AIDS and Dan DNA decoys as is in inns Odin dins decays cays acids acidic dances nomen nom nom comes conic sonic ionic icons iconic Mason Masonic oceans sea seed inside said mad machines machined shine shined shone cosine cine cinemas enemas chains China Chinese see seen seam seamed semen seaman seamen chained had hands handy shade Hades hens en EN ends dens cynics idiocy media Medina endemics edemas Eden Edenic acmes aced cameos amino medicines medics ed. de demos needs needy seedy sandy honey home homed homey homies hominy comedic ascend demonic manic mania niches niched inches inched cinches cinched ceased case cased acidy hymens hay eh hey hid hides IDs side aside she he his him hymns hams IM maidens aha ashy domains main aims aimed coca cocaine scone second none anon non dons Dom heads heady shed shaman oh no on soda nodes done do nays ayes yes annoyed chasm chaos hoes hoed hose hosed sane insane mechanics chances chanced enhance enhanced chancy hones honed concedes cedes codices econ idioms soy one chic hind sine sinned nine shy deacons scan scanned canons canyons once came Inca Inc. daisy dismay schema hems EM mid amid midi mini medians ideas coincides ism deco echoes echoed handsome chimes chimed dimes dims sim sheen sheened sham shim Samoan shiny nose nosed noise noisy nosy mosey chimneys ancho yams chaise hi nomads monads monadic nomadic Adam ADA AMA camo codename anima Aminah os Os OS Om mansion minions synodic synod sachem chemise hemic menaces menaced admin yo chin shady icy edgy chi ciao CIA canoes canoed oceanic o.c. O.C. co Co CO made Aden ahem caches cached

    So much more to come…

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    In case you’re interested…
    Everything could be tied:
    astro logical logic calls all gall goal roll stall gat oats oars grails trails trials liars lairs cats acts actors lit alit alt colts cools O.O. OT toils oils coils rots cots coats coots loots tools cola corals carols or Ra got it at lost list tags gals ill sill still grills scar cars arcs soil tall togas ago goats groats gratis alias Atlas alas atlas ALA IRAS IRA rascal airs logos logo as soot roots roost gloats Croats illogic astral cast gorillas colors cogs togs stair ort oral lacto go goals trolls tolls sail slat lat last clit crags rags lags agro gas slag sag riots o astrologic roast gastro GI IG Ig ig rigs trig lilts coast coastal local scoot slot stir astir trios star stag rags also social SoCal ally lays slay stay stray cays carts astrology golly gall gory orgy royals try clays coy soy story Troy toys alloys gills ill sill still stroll tolls lol logically silly trolls trilogy tragic locality locally coastally tally rally astrological glory astray salty golly girly roti gastral gastric lastly socially tragically loyal lariat riata rialto

    Still trying to better understand:
    mal function fun ion moan moaning fault faulting fit flint float floating oat moat mat mint muni cunt cult fain fan fin gain man molt union o no on OT tom toning noting mag. Magi fail failing ail ailing mail mailing clam claim claiming I am fam. Flaming tonic ionic icon cola colt flat lift lifting film filming Ag Au ago nag in inn flag ting tang tong long flung lung lout gout flaunt flaunting gift fig fog log lingo tango mango foal malting alt ingot foiling oiling oil toil toiling go gin atom atomic minion into unto count counting it out outing fag fang IM co Co CO coil coiling calm calming aim main naming golf gun fact faction action cat act foam loam foaming loaming coming clang cling mil nil until atoning alit lit fuming cumin cig malign tam glam gum auctioning auction to Om Aum ma goat non anon fiction intoning loan a lot loaning conning con amount mount mountain cut confining final flan lion loin gloat gut nut unit uniting funning mounting muting fluting luting functioning clan along filing milt gulf guilt fictional coat coating inflation inflating culminating min clung among tail tailing fainting fining faint amino cog OG tuning annul nation cam cation louting tag tug lug mating taming timing minting lint loft lofting oft caning noticing nit tin tic antic otic NATO facing acing icing ling cloning AU alto clout mug munition omit auto manic fountain Latin Latino unfailing anti canon cannon comfit inflict if malfunction can Cain canning manning inflaming gilt contain containing fanning lacing faming aiming confit unfit lacto flu flout flouting Anglo unlit confuting fountaining flaunt flaunting unlacing cum clog cuing cluing alum nail lain flog talc foul fouling foci o.c. O.C. octal focal locating inflaming filming magic nominal
    ~Spiritual self~
    spirit elf rituals felt faults feats fates fat fast feasts east seat sets ETs sales ass faster flirts fussier fuss less tress lass rests raises fails failures ESP sprites pirates pure sure spurs slip split lisps lips aisles isles tiles first firsts fists fires flies fries flusters lusters sluts lusts last list lasts flips flaps laps pals pails ails ales pales tales tails true puts up fuses iris fits it is at sit sat sates all palls spells spelt spilt pelts peals teals stellar steals least itself real tells tiers piers rifts safe safer safest rife rifles life lifts lifters sues suits results ISIS Israel Isis Israelis Sirius aspires press alters palters alts salt saltier rues ruses tripe trips traps raps lapses traipses apes rapes tapes tapers et trials trails sails spares pears ears eras are eats ate teas tears tares Tues. uses us users super supers supra plus pauses pills ills sills arts rats tars stars far fair fares fears pirates irate puss piss if I fie rules tires tries ties EU ruts ire sires sirs stirs astir surfs serfs steps laurels asps rasps airs pairs furls pastures assure seas fleas fissure i.e. lies liars lairs rails frail ER Ra Re sis sister re turf alerts trifles spiller pearls earls AU USA UAE lasers Tasers pleas suet sister fuse futile flusters fuss fussier fairest lifers fliers fuels surest rusts firs furs sells strife refusals fails failures stale staler tales rapists pre rep per ER ire sprites sites fires fares flares flips flaps step pests pets parse arse passé pure purities surest purest pillars allies alerts safest farts fats faster after paler pert alps perusals spurts asters pliers et staple stile stipes tussle fusser luster pulsar slips lips IP EP plies pulses repast purities splurges purges pigs prigs prats sap stripes pad plasters salters satisfier leaf purls sallies lasers Tasers lutes salutes tassel

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    I voted…to no avail
    The female commentator on the news right now has “terror” in her voice as she outlines our destiny as it now stands…
    Oh shit. If only more apathetic complacent people would realize they COUNT just as much as anyone else here!

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    rodica said ...

    Those are just bad thoughts. Don’t befriend them. A smile for you, Vicki, :) to cheer you up!
    A smile :) for Mr. Gavzov. I am happy to see you again.
    Another one for the cat! :)

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    So…because I’ve been feeling so OFF physically for the past 6 months…I’ve had to do my best to cope AND figure out what “might” be happening to me. And here is my most conclusive finding: I am experiencing a difficult case of – - -

    ~Mercury poisoning~
    me EM cure cue poison sing song pose poise prose rose Eros score snore spore sperm per pre rep i.e. ripe ripens sip son Sion sin spin spoon spy cry grey Greys gins gens cups cries pries proms poems pigs rigs IG GI Ig ig nig sign signer reins resign reigns rings spring sprung Spring rung sung guys us using prices rice ices nice noose goose moose coo croons cooing croup coops co-ops pins opens pens pines spine penis rinse princes minces mice mouse rouse grouse grimes crimes pry impose imposer poser romps compose composing posing pour pouring poor o or O.O. our sour scour copes scope poo noon none inner sinner spinner soup soon sooner ropes runes nuns suns prison imprison person imps course source piers spire sire sir more mine mining minors miners rise risen irons irony MiG MIG grim grins corny errs gores ogres orgies gory gorier cores coring nose noise nosier noisier sonic gone goners one scrip IM mires crooning moons moors moorings Moors inspire incurs cuing curing incurring coins comes coming you your misery miser scrim pure sure purer surer ESP spur neuro neurons poisoner options gum gums um rum sum scum yes I sec nosing grips gripes snoopy snoop snooper scoop scooper coopers copers crops corps corpse espy scry opening coursing sourcing sorcery porno noir once crones crying so SO os Os OS coons noosing roping snooping sine cine mincing rinsing since pricing piercing Morse minoring ensign nine germs gems rims sim siring gropes groups OG goes egos repos reposing re ER ire comprising nouns pronouns morns mornings mourns mourning ours nous orison Orion siren Erin pounces pouncing prime rimes some cogs conspire conspiring sue poorer sorer riser rosier posy rosy mousy sourer scourer scorer curer cosign consign recurs securing iris cong. gorier music sic rumoring remising rumors scone prone morgues rogue promise promising promiser uprising co Co CO sprig prigs purges urges genius en EN IOUs ions runs sunny sunnier curs purrs purring spooning o.c. O. C. PO OP Po Op po op opt curse purse scurry curry surgeon rescuing CERN uni- union reunion onions Norse omens nomen mon nom REM upcoming upon minions in inns Om GENI pings pongs courser cruise muse reprising surprising morons moronic ironic icons cosigner consigner snoopier sermon ominous omni- groins guise mugs recons copious porous snoring spry no on cursing cruising using musing rousing money sonny unimposing mousier unison singer singe ringers ounces negro ruins encoring prions scion reprising spurn spurning snip nips yep ye yens merry surrey sorry pronounces pronouncers incursion coiners recomposing perm resuming nurse nursing reusing nursery rues ruse rinsing reining pining pines spinner springier sponge spongier spongy scrimp crimps crumps crony scorn scorner puns reruns springer purser repricing prunes pruning incoming prosing preys preying pursing presuming scurrying surgery runny runnier spying prying econ cons imprisoner yore EP pi pie prior priory priories croupy promos soupier super sup mops nice nicer icy icier incise incisor cig prongs origins regions eons NEO neon impinges impugners impugns pugs rugs impure scrounge scrounger sponger sprung puny syrup unicorns pricy pricier pincers insure cruiser cursory scorning incomers ironing ironies Nero Sunni EU euros riming rimy young younger roe crooners superior grooms groomers rooms roomers guns gunners monies goons runners unspin necropsy mongers sump ignores senior monsieur rye riper Re germy erg ergo upon unpins peons pinions cumin numeric numen recoups coups progeny osprey sop perusing

    Hmmm…It does FEEL like I am being: POISONED !!!
    Do you think anyone would bother to do an autopsy…?…or is this just how it happens these days…
    O.K. There are a lot of US going through this. It is a S – L – O – W death having every cell of your body handicapped by toxic levels of mercury +plus+plus+ who knows what else…?

    Anyway…I suppose, the GOOD news is I have a better understanding of what is happening to me. While the not so good news is, that it is a BIG problem to deal with.

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    Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind
    {Lovin’ Spoonful}
    Did you ever have to make up your mind
    Pick up on one and leave the other behind
    It’s not often easy and not often kind
    Did you ever have to make up your mind
    Did you ever have to finally decide
    Say yes to one and let the other one ride
    There’s so many changes and tears you must hide
    Did you ever have to finally decide
    Sometimes there’s one with big blue eyes, cute as a bunny
    With hair down to here, and plenty of money
    And just when you think she’s that one in the world
    Your heart gets stolen by some mousy little girl
    And then you know you’d better make up your mind…
    Sometimes you really dig a girl the moment you kiss her
    And then you get distracted by her older sister
    When in walks her father and takes you aside
    And says, “You better go home, son, and make up your mind”
    And then you bet you’d better finally decide…
    Hey…Do You Believe in Magic? … & so much more…?

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    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

    “The soul’s spiritual capacity for receptivity determines the quantity of heavenly blessings which can be personally appropriated and consciously realized as an answer to prayer.”

    144:4.4 (1621.3)

    ~Spiritual capacity~
    spirit rituals caps traps trips rips rails liars lairs raps city cats acts actual catty ratty patty part pa pastry paltry crisp craps carp tarps tact tracts air pair pacts sic sac pics pricy pity pants party stair spit it at last list cast pantry ants aunts cants causal claps slap clits lit alit puts up sup cups cults lust slut scar cars arcs apt partial strip strap sip sap split splat prats tits tats Ta ta TA tilts silt scrap scrappy yaps yips IP spur trust trusty crust crusty curt apart partly pips pups yup cry try pray prays rays pays say stay stray start static star spar spa spat stat PA AP critics critical crucial crucify iris carts arts arty artsy rust rusty plays apply tars script crypts Papal catapults piracy rats scat alps taps tips pits pats astral airs airy practical sly spy pry stir astir purity circuits cuts putty rutty sultry aptly scalp trials trails pails sail tails taut traits suit caustic autistic tics clasp asp racy culprits uppity trippy scrip plus picul I capitals pita pica spurt spatial pupas pupils scary scry slay splay Sutra lusty slutty rapacity Paris cryptic tryst rustic scarcity arctic icy lacy Tut catalyst crustily lustily trustily lippy spray spay cattily rasp raspy crappy typist stripy cyst sappy cusp syrup scalar

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    Thank You

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Essene see seen ness en EN sense scene



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    WOW! Ok.

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    OK…I’ll just STOP doing that…OK?

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    Had to know:
    super late slate tales last lists lasts lusts sluts pure purses sure surest purest lutes sale resale retails tails tapes apes rapes slept spelt peals peels eels lees less press repast past pass passé paste pleats elites earls steals teals via vistas visas values evils lives livers lit alit pale ales ails sails rives vile viler evil evilest travels traps trips traipses eras eats ate teas seat east rest plates plus pleas pleases pleasures leases eases easier Easters slaves staves starves tears tares tapers apt raps alps lapses relapses perils pirates irate slurs private privates leaps leapt steep steps sleep asleep lies rise rues ruses laser lass peat eaters relies ties tries tress trees lest else IV vita vital vials veils vails vales rates rats tars arts stars stares stairs tires liars lairs rails trails trials aisles isles tiles vilest reveals relit slit slap laps pals pails assert asset ass pats taps tips pits split splits sprees pre reps per ER ra relates elates stir astir piss plaster luster us use users sues rules reviles revues verses serves leers ere vee see seers sees rites rituals sits sat spats spas pas pearls relative relatives supra vipers sips slips lips IP EP reaps tripe ripest sate up terse IRA IRAS raises revels staples staplers spares pares airs pairs selves pears piers tiers resets parties sprat prats results aster relist puss alters salt saltier real paves pavers aves raves avers saves savers sites spites palters asp rasp lures assure suits revise visuals sis sister viral virus averse avert luv rivals Ute repute put sparse parse passive assertive elves repels repeals petals priests pastures true let lets ETs et ret res silvers slivers salves palest seals prevails revalues Paris slavers levers leaves leavers Eve eaves ever sleets stale staler pita is it at leas lesser vest Vesta vestal versa virtual virtues rust rusts steel reels reuse vets several vises riles EU euros lustier leister revisal strips stripes presets veers vast vaster sliest strep par Ar leper slier pliers pleasers piles spies espies pert spurts sprite sprites pesters

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    rodica said ...

    Yes, Vicki. You. You make me jealous.

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    rodica said ...

    You make me jealous…

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    According to an astrological report:

    Affinities* between Jason Mraz and Vicki
    Human rating: 96%
    Emotional rating: 99%
    Sexual rating: 82%
    Communication rating: 100%
    You are enjoying an exceptionally smooth relationship. Whatever the situation may be, even though misunderstandings crop up, you easily manage to create a deep harmony. It does not imply that communication between you is particularly intense or special, but it means that for both of you, love requires no effort! Your compatibility index is remarkable and quite exceptional. Your relationship is extremely harmonious, to the extent that superlatives are unable to express its essence…

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    Just 6 more letters:

    “Mon nom.”

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    Well…shit…may I just add these last integral pieces of our puzzle…???

    ! otic !

    ! ontic !

    Look it UP if you aren’t sure

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    So…SO…What’s UP within:

    ~Amino acids~
    moans soma comas cads sad SAD dams I am scam ads man main aims AMA ADA cam acid anima mad Od sod cod coins ions Om sic sac mania miasma min in dins Odin aids AIDS can Cain ism minds Indo Dino as is sin dis ado do soda coda non son nom mon monads nomads o no on ionic sonic icons dims IM sim Mason Masonic adman sand Dan and DNA AND scan m.o. mo mod san India amid mid ID Inca Inc. coins Sion cons co Co CO adios ciao CIA mini manic o.c. O.C. so SO os Os OS midi MIDI = musical instrument digital interface…{shit…maybe later} dons Dom SAM ASM mas mans aid Midas casino

    I’m in the midst of a make-over…doing it well
    Making me better… striking it rich!

    HEY…this is turning out to be a BLAST…but, alas; there may be reverberations
    Anyway, I thank you for the LIFT…
    Feeling that way… been feeling that way since I started (and continued) listening to you again.
    Feeling like dancing again…
    Thank you
    For me…it has always been some “crooner” I hold in my heart…ever since I started being interested in the opposite sex. MUSIC sung by someone special…messages…sent…received
    For you?…is it ALL about the “wordplay” ? … so you sing.
    I’m definitely counting on teaming UP our efforts at communicating once & for ALL.
    Again, Jason…according to our astrological affinity: We have 100% communication
    Again…Jason…What would it be like to be face to face…ear to ear…eye to eye…mind to mind…heart to heart…soul to soul…spirit to spirit…GOD

    I just want what GOD wants

    co Co CO con mom main aim cat act count mount amount tin ton ion muni action moan moot coot coon cant man min m.o. mo motion ammo coin icon iconic ionic tonic mat it at coma tom Om mini anti aunt ant tam moon coco cocoa no on OT not O.O. oat coat moat Inca Inc. amino cot ammunition unit union munition minion anion canon mint cut out comma ma atom atomic auction mica cation inaction cationic notion concoct noon toon Inuit canto communion cunt unto into cumin tum cum um nun non anon CIA ciao IOU too to coca IM Au AU nit onto commit common canton onion Oct. tic antic

    GOD makes me smile…makes me younger.

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Is it really gonna be just me here???

    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

    “Moral acts are those human performances which are characterized by the highest intelligence, directed by selective discrimination in the choice of superior ends as well as in the selection of moral means to attain these ends.
    Such conduct is virtuous.”

    16:7.10 (193.9)

    ~Virtuous conduct~
    cons ducts do not donut our oust roust tots Tut strut cuts courts scout dirt ditto it is in sin son stun nuts virus us sort snort snout stout touts trout runts stunt toots coos coots coons soon dust counts crust dints cunts sir stir dots coco coconuts icons irons tins tons trust US convicts victors doctors curt routs rots cots Scot snot stud duos into onto unto runs sit snit nits corns scorn undo contorts consort suit suitor donors conductors dons torn discount I O.O. Od cos cod conducts units uncut divots scour sour ROI IOUs nous sound too riots riotous inducts suction intros voids dis curious curios vis tits IV ruins round uni- doors or not OT conduits vinous ruinous cousin torts constrict strict tics sic co Co CO cost croons

    WHAT DO I WANT (from you)…NOTHING
    I just want what GOD wants.
    I want what GOD wants…I want what GOD wants…I want what GOD wants…I want what GOD wants…

    What does it mean to go through proper “channels” ??? According to whom? In “accord” with whom?
    I don’t use their “proper” channels; but, am I…or am I not…

    Get it thought thing ting tong tough out gout gig too young hung hog Gog go ego got tit tot hot hoot toot tooting hooting hogging note one tone tongue tine hint hi gotten gent thin tint tout touting tight tighten toughen enough nut gun goon toon tune thigh high height hut gut gutting outing hunt guy hug tug nug gin ingot going toughing thug yeti ET et tie hue ought goo eight eighth eighty entity o no on OT O.O. not tooth net tent ten en EN hen honey onto unto into toe toeing tote toting GENI tine huge trough ogre gore orgy gory Tory Troy honor Thoth troth tour touring hour their heir rough roughing gorge gorging trothing throughout grout grouting rotting rote rogue totter tottering true trine triune ring ore thorn throne hone he her ER Re rent rotten horn horny thorny hero hurt hurting outer neuro EU euro urine north then they hey eh tying rye trying try entry gentry gen rein reign Erin riot ruin rung thorough right rout route routing rogueing gritty grit girt inert inter grey Grey tinge hinge gone goner runt grunt iron irony OG goony rune tuner rutty nutty gutty gungy grungy trig rig IG GI Ig ig nig our other thy ye hungry truth ruth Ruth yet your ignore rhino higher tighter ougher grog groggy rouge righty younger hunger hugger hugging turn urn routine i.e. ire tire Niger negro nitro urgent geo NEO Nuit Triton triton rite girth grin gritty nitty root rooting nigh night nigger nighty Turin run hunter gungier egg ort throng thong grotto egging tore uniter untie yore trot trotting


    So, I once went to the theater there in Oceanside and saw a documentary featuring GENI…and, amazingly, the music was provided by your friend (and mine) Cat Stevens (formerly Stephen Demetre Georgiou) {previously Yusuf Islam} … I think he likes to be known now as YUSUF … really?!? … that would be US.
    Anyway, that HELP I asked for L-O-N-G ago…still asking.
    Still a “patient” woman … consuming less toxins … eliminating more toxins.
    The sure KEY to a better existence.
    + ALL the “R”s & “R”s
    = “R”SPACE

    Well…anyway…this girl can dream.

    2017 event: 40 meets 65/65 meets 40

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    OMG…here I am again…

    prince pee peer pier expire ripe ripen preen ere CERN pre rep per ER i.e. ire nice niece pine rein Erin price ice rice pin pen nix pix en EN cine piece in crepe expiree creep pence

    Only GOD activates this ridiculous ~ideological~ remedy

    idea logic logical deal lead led lad laid gale dale o old do cold call all local dog god good God gold gal gad egad goodie cad gall doll GOD cool cooled coo goo doo die glide dial age aged I dole goal goalie goaled ad Od dice ice lice leg log OG go ego doc load idol idle clog ideal lol coil oil ed. de deco cooed ill dill dell cell called decal geo Leo dig IG GI Ig ig cig lie lied O.O. ail ailed acid clad logo allied coal cola gill lodge ogle ogled coiled oiled cod code lode ode legal aloe lag Ag ado ID Eid IDE gel El del ace lace laced dace E-coli co Co CO deli igloo
    Sounds like we’re destined to put that “deli” inside an ice chamber…go figure…GO

    ! GET * IT !

    but, of course…

    ~figure GOD out~
    gig dog good God gore ore rode ode grout gout get fit food fed red rood rude Gog gorge gorged foodie rig trig figured it got get ET ret redo goodie of ford fog fried fired fire ride rodeo or gored ogre rout route routed rut rot rote fir fur goof goofed goofier roof goo doo door ridge grudge our outer drift rift rifted roofed UE euro tour toured edit editor rug dug dot dote ref fret i.e. die digger drug doo goo foo foot footed fie foe roe doe ego go gift gifted grid dirt girt grit fogger fogged frog riot diet rug rue due Ute rouge four got et refit re ER Re O.O. IG GI ig Ig grouted outed rugged egg tied tie tide guide guider dire footer root rooted duet fridge for fore if I rod geo druggie urge urged dirge fort forted ort gut grief tiger fugue fudge feud rogue rouged forget forgot

    Yeah…this is the SHIT I’m getting out of me…
    WHO in the WORLD can live this …?… inside OUT

    UH OH … UH OH

    This is ALL GOD’s Show


    Yeah…I’m laughing…a little


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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    watched “Welcome to My House” playlist … so amazed. GOD is Great … same as Allah is.
    Thanks for letting me/us know what’s going on.
    You are so ~instrumental~

    mental laments ailments murals urine urinals us use user lust rust slut slim slam Islam same names rums tums tunes tuners rues runes runs Ra ran rules ruts trust Tut true tales sale stale staler teams mates eats ate sate Saturn lanterns late later latent tents test terms meats met ETs set sent meant mean men en EN rents rentals smart marts matters mister mints minters mutes sun stun nuts rates rats tars arts tares tears ears eras are sear star slate slum airs IRAS IRA raise rise risen arise arisen lent Nile lines liners lean lanes sane insane saner snare stain saint strain strait rites lit alit slit slat slant last list listen silent strum sine site mites times timers items rimes stern astern stir astir stein mine minus interns sunnier mutters utters sluttier luster sinner inner miners mules tines tires tries sire sir near neat nets et real meals melts renal menial anus turns urns ruminates master muster steam stream retails entails entrails trails trials amen natures insure sure insult sultan Iran Erin reins stint tints ten tiers tennis remits emits taunts taunters aunts ants rants aunties antis antes El is Israel units unites rails riles isle aisle tiles reliant aliens liens tart start state stat alerts siren snail slain lain nails aster runniest earns alters alts salt saltier results i.e. lies entrust nurse learns nuns uni- realms taste tastier matures truest treats trite starlit seal teals steal innate until inmates seat east least tinsel mantles satin Latin mauls males alum lame lamer Sumerian strut lutes taut metals sail ails mail Mali alms neutral mutates mutants truants irate manners minstrel inset inlets lunar realist satire attires antlers internal teats traits annuls miles smile smelt mil nil

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    Here said ...

    Joy. Love. Peace.

    What a beautiful, lush video.

    The message is so timely; thanks for sharing.

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    baquepaque said ...

    What the world needs now is love. “Welcome to My House” shines light on joy and peace in a beautiful way.

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