Make America Gravy Again

November 21, 2016

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. And while the current events of today may show us many upsets, it is our choice how we respond or react. To truly attain world peace we must first achieve our own inward peace. Peace in our own skin. Peace in our minds. Peace in our hearts. Peace in our household. You get the picture. When I am truly at peace, I act much differently. I am not blaming others. I am not wallowing in regret. I am more inclined to take meaningful action in the world. I have more access to compassion and grace.

To get to that place of peace I begin with gratitude. I am thankful for this breath. I am thankful for my life REGARDLESS of the circumstances. I accept what has happened in my life and I let the past live in the past. I use today to write a bright new history going forward. As uncomfortable as it may be, I take responsibility with new action and apology. I forgive myself and others and commit to starting over. To some this might sound like defeat, but the way I see it is: WE’RE ALL CONNECTED. It’s going to take genuine compassionate leadership from many to lead by example and begin the fun clean up party.

On my vision board:

I envision armed forces on a battlefield getting orders from their higher-ups on both sides to disarm, walk forward, and shake the hand of the former enemy. And then all that muscle and power is used to rebuild what was destroyed.

I envision everyone driving to work laughing in their cars. Some crying tears of joy. Everyone waving at one another, happy in knowing their dreams will be realized. Happy in feeling they are cared for by the world community at large. Insurance companies are no longer withholding resources. All medicine is natural and affordable. Compassion is currency. Our spirits have woken up from the confines of attachment and we remember that we are free. We no longer just quote Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. We have become them.

On November 27, I’ll be in Fort Yates, ND to Stand in Solidarity with Standing Rock, performing a heart opening set in concert with Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Joel Rafael, and John Trudell’s band Bad Dog.

And on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, Cafe Gratitude will hosting a FREE Thanksgiving meal at our San Diego and Downtown LA locations from 11am – 3pm. Donations received will be given to Standing Rock. All are invited, we are one community. Besides, Thanksgiving originated as an opportunity to stand in solidarity with Natives. I am committed to making this country grateful again.

To me, Standing Rock is about social and environmental justice. Poor people are being taken advantage of and protesters are being harshly abused while they peacefully attempt to stop devastation and destruction of land, water, and people. It pains me to see this kind of negative behavior still occurring on a planet more connected than ever. The time and technology has come for us to divest from fossil fuels – and invest instead in renewable energy that doesn’t pollute the earth and its inhabitants. The suffering at Standing Rock has been happening to our indigenous people for 500 years, and now on our watch we can do something to help. (I Stand With Standing Rock) has vital information on how you can help, take action, or make a donation.

May all beings everywhere have peace.

And carrots.

  • Avatar of KobeHuang
    KobeHuang said ...

    Thank you Jason, every time I listen to you music I feel real peace from my bottom heart.

  • Avatar of MJAT21
    MJAT21 said ...

    Been a while since your last journal. Really love your message. Every single bit of it. I see you have been posting on The Huffington Post. Keep them coming. You are a GREAT inspiration to me and thanks for being you.

  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    Love the way we are and the way we think. We are a chain in unity. What we do, think, or speak is not just for us but for all, as we are all interconnected. Love peace and harmony is the medication for all. Love

  • Avatar of n.namaste
    n.namaste said ...

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  • Avatar of melkins1
    melkins1 said ...

    Thank you Jason for the support and visibility you are providing those who are standing up for clean water.

    I am thankful that my community raised me to love first and ask questions later, and that I was provided a safe atmosphere to do so.

    This year I am especially thankful for the optimism instilled in my soul and for the belief that every person has the capacity to become a humanitarian, whether it is in a simple or all-encompassing way, no matter their circumstance.

    Now is the time to practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty, as clichéd as that may sound. Let that person trying to merge into traffic in, open doors for people, buy the stranger behind you in line a cup of coffee, smile…at everyone. The power of a genuine smile builds community in so many ways, costs nothing, keeps you young, and actually decreases stress (something we all need right now no matter your political leanings).

    And get involved locally. The only way to become a member of your community is to participate. The cool thing is, you get to decide what that looks like.

    I, for one, won’t worry my life away.
    I’m gonna grab it by the balls and have a good time on the ride. And hopefully help or inspire a few folks on the way…

  • Avatar of TeddyBrown
    TeddyBrown said ...

    I dont know what I would do without you Jason. Thank you for being such an inspiration on my life. Youre what got me into playing guitar and ukulele among. And ive never actually had meat but you help keep me vegan! Love the positive vibes man and hope to meet you one day :)

  • Avatar of JayLynnWoman
    JayLynnWoman said ...

    Truth! I love this! We are the only ones that can make change…the masses begin with each one of us. If our hearts, minds and intentions are IN place…so the world’s will be.