UNITY. Not the same. But Equal.

August 12, 2015

I love to dream about, talk about, and sing about world peace. And I know in my own relationships and community that I am 100% responsible for how that is going. Meaning, if I know two people who don’t get along, perhaps I can offer insights to help clear the air. Or if someone is in disagreement with me, it is my duty to apologize, regardless of who is right or wrong. I personally believe the world is at war with itself over stories about right vs wrong. Just read any thread of comments on any topic shared on the Internet and you will see humanity accusing itself of what is right and what is wrong, often times hatefully or stupidly. In order for us to overcome these small hateful crimes, or even the big world wars, humanity will need to come to a basic understanding. That we are all equal. Everybody hurts. And that from time to time we all just want some gosh darn peace and quiet.

UNITY is more than a film. It provides the basic educational tools to understand the current state of the world and how it came to be. UNITY is a movement. We are constantly evolving and adapting to an ever changing world and UNITY is the message for our time. Were humanity to practice humility and grace, which after all, is what being human is all about, we would have the power to end all wars, feed all people, and as its sung about again and again, live as ONE.

Please go see UNITY and share it with everyone you know.
Thank you.

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    fortres24 said ...

    The trailer has got a beautifull music,great video and great narrative its just great . About the idea I think its a great idea and I want to see how you do it . Good Luck

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    Leyanisarah said ...

    How can I see this film? I know I’m a few months late, but I can’t find any showings near me and haven’t had any luck on netflix yet…can you tell me where I can see it? Also, you’re pretty awesome :)

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    Ingrid_09 said ...

    Shared with love.

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    I was having a pretty bad day and for some reason they were randomly showing your live from the artists den show from a year ago. It totally just turned around my entire day.

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    ~personality~ … “instep; pros; espy; postal; patrons; aprons; porn; staple; stapler; tires; tries; polarity; solitary”

    How apropos … according to my personal(ity) situation

    sit sat us in sin saint stain tits tots taints tons tins I units it is at stat station uni- sun son sot snot snit nits not OT so SO Os OS os toast ions Sion on no nous out oust touts tints taut snout into unto tat Ta TA ta tans anti ants aunts taunts IOUs suit intuits

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Like everything in this world…it keeps dawning/donning on US ALL…The TRUTH; the whole TRUTH; and nothing but the TRUTH…so thank you GOD.

    “tans tins ten salient site rites plots a lot ploys strap strip stripe strep slope lops pert pertly ineptly entraps entrails entails tonsil sonar yens yearns sentry pastel panels leas leys leis lets nest easy easily inert insert inertly inters inset inlets relist enlist sparely pares pears rase snare snarl sanity repast toilers apt opts taps pats petals snipe sniper”

    YIPPEE…maybe I have completed a well rounded ~personality~

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    vicki.kaswen said ...


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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    This has to come to and end…

    ” yo yeti fence fenced copy copied myopic tepidity tepid info police policed”

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    I’m sorry…I’m really sorry to keep coming back and forth this way…but this seems pretty important:

    “impolite impolitely policy tot tote tit toted notified totem netted nettle mettle petted polity net inlet impelled compelled competent”

    Jason…I really think you should get on board and make some noise about ALL of this WordPlay jazz. I mean, seriously, how in the world can you read through this and not get the idea that GOD is speaking to us through our WORDS in ways people are clearly not getting.

    HELP! I think you are meant to … it is, as you have said: serious/Sirius

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    vicki.kaswen said ...


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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    “omit…emit…omitted…emitted…edifice inflected inflect elicited piloted lino lilo lido limo pinto coif yell yelled delete elfin fey eye eyed need needy felony lonely only lentil coiled col coned Oct. element”

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    vicki.kaswen said ...


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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    damn it…this language…it’s too true to be untrue.

    “minty limpid limply limpidly con nicety notice noticed decoy coed cloy melodic melody comedy”

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    “comped…my pediment”

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    and the words just keep coming to mind:

    “emetic endemic epidemic epi- petite pettily telly dilly filly lily tidy ditty impotent optic topic tic mic mince minced ponce”

    OMG…I really am trying to edit my photos! But, the fact of the matter is…some things are still more important than trying to make a buck…_uck!

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    vicki.kaswen said ...


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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    um…just remove “confident” from the beginning…there’s only one “n” to work with. Too bad…I’d LOVE to be more confident; wouldn’t you? …

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    About those ~feathers~…”farts…frets…feats…ease…erase…rase”

    Sorry to go back on my definitely. I can’t resist being more complete.

    ~completely definite~
    define complete compete pet ET tin tine dine mine mind mend end den deplete confident confide diet definitely icon coin coined do not do OT toe tone toned noted one ed. de dime dome mode model o co Co CO code ode dole mole mote dote dot don Dom idiot Odin din deep deepen lint lent let ET tell compel impel comet NEO once fleet flee fled fly defy deploy employ employed Nile line lined feed feel felt fine finite fined El del nil dill fill fell fem. find fit it in fin ionic tonic lot mot MOT medic med edit edict diction inflection infection infected filed life lift lifted loft clef cleft lefty if I fie die deci- ten lend plot ploy toy dye lye cent mint minted medicine cine edify deity deem come completed elite nit tin ton top mop pot pilot peel peeled lee eel pee peed tee teed need fill ill filled flip lip dip dope cope coped cop lop pole molly moldy old olden incite incited city clot cone pine pined pin pen open opened dent men mien inline in min mill till cell oil oily coil toil foil foiled foci Lodi IDE ID Eid deficit money motel et tie tied lie lied deny denote mined econ cold node tile cede demon omen meet me EM time timed timely mile file filed ice icy lice dice mice feet delete indie comp compile compiled peen pend pond fond fondle clod toll fold tent tine incomplete competed cot clotted nope dopy lion loin implode imply implied IM meted teem teemed tend etc. cement cemented folly feline epic pic piece pieced pie pi lit nit cite cited doily doll dolly lol defile into tend tom tome idol idle modify m.o. Mo doe coy imp limp limped dimple temple ply peon eon OP PO Op Po op po o.c. O.C. cline clone lone done clime cloned deeply pent pony ditto molt molten Om loci inflict fiction finely encode Eden Edenic nice niece election deflection deceit fleece fleeced floe elf celled openly politic polite politely pill pilled piled plotted cloyed demonic emote emoted potted lofted fleeted foment of nom mon felon melon melt melted Leo poet poem poetic licit elicit potty piety petty infidel impiety pity pitied pitted mitten mitt fitted deify Fido codify Od cod enfold en EN clit client clip cit. plied pied elliptic elect elected defect mottle mottled told potent tented tint tinted point pointed inept deficient entice enticed entity identity enticement poll polled poled plod demote mope moped notify nifty nicely comply complied nip yip yelp ye elope eloped flop elopement tenfold

    That’s it…I’ve got photo editing to do! I hope you can get the gist of that to avoid any unnecessary hardship.

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    this is definitely IT for today:

    ~Geek in the Pink~
    pine pin then hen hint tin ten tine gen gene peek pike pie pi thine think get ET tie he kin kink genie GENI hi pee peek eke eek hip keep kept net nine pith thin in inn knit pit tip kit kite kip IP EP pig IG GI Ig ig thinking king ink inking pining pinking nig hinting ting piking peen peeing peeking thing hinge en EN tinge gee nip teen Eng. Eking kith pent pint ignite keeping et pet hep ghee engine hike hiking nigh kinking knee kneeing
    (the first time I ever say you…yes, you dropped down to your knees. What are you missing here?)
    world pay pray ray lay law low owl draw plow play pro lord lordy wordy way row POW o lo day opal royal road YA yo PO OP Op Po op po pal Al Ra Ar yard yap AP pa load drop rap roe doe ploy wad oral dray do old par rad lady

    You know…I DO listen to YOU. I do pay attention and work out the inside story you’ve been blessed to convey.

    Little by little, the whole story can be revealed.

    ~Life is Wonderful~
    files lies wonders full frills ills sill swine wife wires desire dew weds dries lewd sword words worlds sire wise wiser winds windier wind sow sown sew sewn we were fills fillers lied slide lids ID dire defers infers fires flies flew flounders loud louder offers offered frees free freed feels fore for found founders sound sounder rounds rude rode odes rules rife lifer elf self duels now owns owned owes owed downs downers owners lower owls leer we were wild wilder few fewer dons done sir fronds fond fonder finds finis freed reeds deer dies rise risen sunder sun son sin sine Sion eons one lone sole soul doles dense denser see seer seen wee lose loser fowls fowled flu refuse refused fuse fused fine finer refines refined fins fie foe oils soil sold sell seller well wills willed wines wined dines denies deniers snide snow snowier snowed rides rifles slow slower slowed fell fellows ruffles ruffled dells dills idle idols dildos died dried flowers flows flowed firs furs ferns fired fed led lewder snider rolls rolled droll dunes drones rose Eros filled us used user sod endows drowns riles riled ruff refills refilled does floe rewound rewinds wound resound undo fuller louse lousier douse
    differs diffuse infuse infused infuser redo redone redoes dose Nile lines lends ends dens diners flew flown sour soured our ours four fords rows rowed slew slewed ed. Inside insider swell swelled frowns welds welders elders idler sidle if I rid Eid IDE feuds defines lees eels sine feeds flees fled fleers dull duller roles fouls fouled fouler filers unified uni rune sill sillier loner undo undoes nose noise nosier noisier Sol widens rinse rinsed fenders finders relies relied Freon nods Od lodes flowered suffer suffered under underfed fliers reside

    This could go on and on forever…but, there are still other things to attend to in my life…I’ve got a lot of feathers to photograph today. Sooner or later they’ll be on heads everywhere. Maybe then the gist of the symbolism can take affect. I do LOVE my feathers

    fathers ether fat fates he her she sheer ears eras are heats eat ate teas tease teaser seat east Easter set ETs see seer hats hates haters fast faster feast rest haste aster fears hearts earths Earth three trees tees there here Hera Rhea rafts after aft safe safer terse tears tares fares far has et heaters rates rats tars arts sear steer stare fees frees fresh trash rash harts eaters ah ha eh sat sate reef shaft sheet feet ere shat feta ETA sea share

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    I found one critical error in that last “wordplay” rendition…the repetition of oat in relation to opiate. I think we are safe to say oat is relatively free of opiate…although, in our ridiculously creative world, anything does seem to be possible. I mean, rye can easily become a narcotic type agent…and of course we know there are so many plants inherently capable of altering our so-called normal state of consciousness. Let’s face it: The magnitude of adultery has had major impact on our existence. Makes you wonder who is in their right mind any way.

    ~right mind~
    might min grit girt rim Mir IM dim din rig dig IG GI ig Ig grin hit him hind MiG dirt MIG grim hid ID trig rig nig tin min riding ding ring thing hiding mini midi hiring gin in grid rid I it miring trim digit tiring grind tiding timid night rind mirth rigid

    Now, isn’t that … amusing … ? ABSOLUTELY AMAZING


    Could you just concede to the Truth of this whole idea that our world has been infected because of:

    adult try duel rule rate rat dart art arty tear eat teary ate ret ET real deal let et earl yet ye are ear era at rated date dater dual rut YA year early tar alter alt late later Ute ER Ra Re re relay rely duty lute true truly yule ale dale tale aye lay layer day dray ray rue dare dear read ready laud lad lady tardy EU tare ad rad delay yard lure lured red tread lye rye dye dry a dearly yea drat deary ETA alt trued duet trade lard lardy Ar Al tared led lyre ed. de Au au AU dealt alert rude rudely tray

    in one form or another.

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    I realize I am subjugating your precious blog space here…but, I have no other means to get these messages through to you. There is a driving force from within that I call upon you to open…as I was reading over my last transmission to you, the following “word” stood out:

    implement mental lament me EM meat met meet ET ten tan tin ion moat mole meal lean lane lent Lent Nile line male lame tame mate metal menial main aim men man mean meant plain plane plant planet plan pine time atom mote melt ail tail tale nail lain lie lit lite mint mime mom moan motel plate late elate elation entail atone atonement tole tine mine pent pant paint point pole poet poem plot a lot loan tone note one moment omen amen net met meet et tie tile mile penal pleat pole NEO nomen nom mon tom tome item mite team temple limp imp I teem neat net eat ate tea mil nil anti ante ant lat tempt palm elm El tat ta Ta TA tam tot tote tit teat inlet into ailment mail Mali non anon none mop mope map amp I am lamp tamp let in inn min eel lee nation impale impel implant IM ample nit oil toil elope nope lop top pot pat tap tape ape nape pain alien lien lion loin ion eon talon nominal imitate intimate toenail toe tonal teen peon ammo en EN oat mien no on OT not opal pal pail pale ale tint tilt milt molt malt alt innate name mention minion emote eaten lemon lime loam lo poi leap peel lepta plea ETA nine EP IP pie pea pi inline lea OP PO Op Po op po penile penial Om let alone lone aloe patient tent impatient patent pa impalement eminent ENT Al latent pen open pin pinion polite impolite panel petal peen mat mitt mitten tenant entailment opiate oat noel amino ammonia taint molten teal nettle potent

    I suppose people can remain on the surface of this whole affair indefinitely…or until they are literally blown away. Gravity can only do so much to hold us ALL down.

    I hope someday you see through the facade of life as the lie it is.

    I don’t mean any harm by coming here this way. I just can’t “give up” trying to get through to you Mr. WordPlay.

    I’m not sure what’s holding you back. I only want what GOD wants. I hope Patrick relayed that message to you long ago…so you will more fully understand and appreciate my persistence.

    Stay COOL and let the GOOD times roll into GOD time.

    LOVE to you and yours (truly)
    Vicki (YES, Karimah’s MOM & so many more)

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Patiently I wait to see, what GOD has in mind for me.
    ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL, simply stated, that’s GOD’s call
    Ignorance has brought no bliss, pay attention or you’ll miss
    ALL the answers coming through, from inside; inside of you.
    So can we do what it takes…Can we be what GOD’s LOVE makes?
    Will we find what makes LOVE True…Are we ready; Good as new?
    Only way to find this out: Keep undoing ALL the doubt.
    Yes we must become the ONEs, the ONEs that recognize GOD’s Sons
    The ONEs together now as GOD’s audience we now applaud.
    Letting Truth assume its place, GOD’s intended HumanE race.
    ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL, final offer or we’ll fall.
    Can I get this message through…Can I represent what’s True?
    Can I relay and relate…Can I now articulate?
    Chances are we’ll make it right, eventually give up the fight.
    Finding out through letting go, what is needed to and fro
    In and out, ups and downs ALL throughout the smiles and frowns.
    Doesn’t matter what comes through, accept the changes many and few…They are here to challenge you.
    UP for IT? We should be, it’s our calling; sets US Free
    ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL: Absolutely! That’s GOD’s Call

    I am on a quest to greater understanding. I have consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously engaged in this quest my entire life. And, although we may represent something and someone vitally attached to ALL else, we are currently allowing ourselves to be detached as directed. Our own internal discontinuities plague us in their unrelenting quest to honor our True Selves.
    Now we are in denial as to the fact that we are, in indeed, unknown, even to our True Self (to some degree…great or small or in between) ALL exists within itself and ALL else. Ridding Oneself of false identities and concepts involves a deep commitment to an actual evolution now and forevermore expanding its dimensions into greater expression. This is our planET. We are its inhabitants. Our responsibilities realized in relation to ALL else is imperative to our overALL well being solely and souly united in Spirit…We are what we have become and the Earth and US, suffer.
    Our only solution exists as a planET united in common good missions of shared well being for ALL in existence. And although this seems like a “mission impossible”, it is , in deed, in need of much admission, devotion and implementation.
    So, as your True Self, I guarantee you’re in favor of improving your well being! As far as I have learned, well being is our single most sought after condition as human beings. The question is: How to fulfill our desires to experience sensations True to nurturing genuine components of life elements and subsequently achieve our own greater levels of well being?

    ~self mastery~
    elf master try mast fam. Fem EM me mere steer star stream teams meats met meets ETs set et rest real steal yes ayes say stale staler tales terms serfs ass mess messy mass stares tears teary ere mere marts arts rats tars arty artsy mates tames tamer males lamer lamest safe safer reefs leaf left leers leery rates maters eats ate teas eaters ears eras are fares fears far last fast feast east seat SAM ASM mas ma metals sale resale same army faster laser Taser tease teaser ease easy lease leaser leas leys reams farts fleas late later meaty matey years earls early melts meters feats fat fates flays lays layers rays trays fly sly fry fees frees feels felt rely relays after rafts safely seas steamy REM least teals realms smelt lees eels teems seem seemly tees trees sees seers says stays strays farms arms lye rye my may malt alters alts salt salty fayer relates elates aster ye re ER Ra safety Re re eatery mealy meals flat lat slat slam trams fest less let lesser flames lets tress El resets freely terse tersely fleets flees flares fame frames elms festers steel steely lass ETA alms Mary ales else lest sate yea YA yams am lam marl Marley asset assert lefty females smarty smartly Mars rams mars Amer mares smears smarts smart feta meta FEMA Mr. Mrs. Ms. Measles easels ester merely fleers Easter east seat easterly arse sears stems melts aft feet remelts sat malty realty alerts

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    “crater crate ETA terrace tetra cater”

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    vicki.kaswen said ...


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    vicki.kaswen said ...


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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Another prompt from
    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

    “A display of specialized skill does not signify possession of spiritual capacity. Cleverness is not a substitute for true character.”

    ~true character~
    cat act art rat tar chart charter chat cheat eat eater heat heart earth rate cart car arc truer cue crutch catch care career cheater heater retreat treat threat three tree Cree tee tear ear era are tare err hare hart rue reach teach each teacher tech there here tart tartar theater Hera Rhea react tract tact at chatter hatter hate hat hater hear cheer ET ret et carter the cut cute cutter cuter rut rather ether tether aha ah ha eh etc. hut char teat tat Ta TA ta truth ruth trace race racer tracer acute accurate curate hue her he create chute acre accrue catcher retch recharter heater truce rare rear rarer area creature actuate archer that re ER Ra ratter Cathar recur hatch etch etcher crutch

  • JASON, I meant.

  • Jaso, this movie is old, trippy, deep Have you seen it? I think youd dig the concept

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    “benign using being mesa bungs abuse”.

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Game’s over…back home. Thought more about ~what is in my head~:

    timid inmates edits mien mast Odin nasty thy satiny smith yens yeah deity hi wines Dan DNA and inside steady mantis stayed

    Okay, then, I knew those insects have some kind of interesting part to play here among us human beings.

    ~human beings~
    hums be big bangs bugs sun man men mean mans sane gains ages sage magi mage images mine mien sign sing sang sung begs humane gens gins genius sub bus USB begins began gas sag hung hangs huge hugs bunnies snug guns him his is he she shine I am muse amuse mange insane singe Mu musing amusing me EM names naming same sum gums gabs nabs bins nibs snub numb binges nigs IG GI Ig ig smug mugs hams sham shame shaming aims manes main aims anguish an en EN hens sin sine bums um numbing nags hags Ag Au EU USA UAE AU min in inns gush gash mash mush muni hangmen GENI enigmas ma mas ASM SAM Angus anus Nubian seam sea bags snag Eng. begun amen eh ah ha uni- MiG MIG bash base ism basing bans shun buns beaus sim IM meanings sue games bush nine i.e. minus hinges has inhuman inhumane beams banish Amish bushing mashing mushing animus ambush ambushing bane Sheba beans sigma

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    “median media…Medina”

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    “deny” ???…!!!

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Quote you: “The thing with me is that I can fall in love with anyone, man or woman, it’s what is their head that counts!”…You probably said what is “IN” their head … but, so much for being misquoted.

    ~What is in my head~
    mine mind had shy dies dimes dims IM sim same may I am hen en EN dins deans Danes sane days daisy maids aids aides ads sad SAD dames dish mash ash dash ashy mad ma me EM aims amid mid shine shiny hands handy sand sandy hats has wet wise wits sit sat sate mates mats tames meats med said saw was ways weds dew wish wished hates hated dates diets dis maws away sway ahead heady mashed ashed washed wash awash wads wades we sea seam sew whims IM wham hams him his is dismay hews tines tiny winy whines whiny sham shame shamed ideas Adam ASM SAM mas AMA ADA smite mites times timed items white whites whit swine dines dint dents ID IDE hid hides shit hits swim swam swami stew sewn went west east seat set ETs nets nest et ties tied snide side aside deaths at it shat shite thin sine site hints hinted shined teams tamed mated met mean men mans man main manes meta ETA winds windy mints minty minted Athens then they hey hays wants wanted whiten nits snit saint stain Satan Santa satin hymns hymens shaman shanty haste hasten waits waited whimsy sty dyes anti antes ants stead instead stand wands with the he she shade Hades shady hist. New news anew sinew shim eats ate teas easy many any stein dines mania math steam steamy newts sweat sweaty admin min mends amends Midas shed waste wasted hems ahem swan dawns yawns YA yes ayes say stay nays sin in wins wide widest twines twins weans wanes admits ten tins mesa stymie why names named tidy tides tams dams damns ah ha aha handiest tansy antsy tans heats thine hinds sanity inset emits myths tandems Aden dens ends send sent sated sited stamen amen aimed within midi mini amity enmity maidens tends hasty matey yet ye seamy anted antis wads destiny twined

    Obviously, my job at Petco Park gives me ample time to spend doing this … when I so choose.

    Here’s to hoping I’m spending my time wisely.

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    Here said ...

    Vicki – I find it interesting that you often quote from the Urantia book.
    A lot of what you quote is similar to what is found in the Bible, too. (For example: The Lord is gracious and compassionate,slow to anger and rich in love.The Lord is good to all;he has compassion on all he has made. – Psalm 145:8-9)…Too bad most Christians today don’t focus on God’s goodness, love, and compassion. It’s like Ghandi said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    I can’t resist yet another moment to clue you in…

    You’ve sung it yourself time and time again:

    ~our time is sure~
    sours mires ousts outer ousters rousts routes tours sits sots MOT most mot more ores sores store strum tums timers items mites terms sim snores snouts snots mists misters sister smuts must muses sums rises rims times rites rums stirs sorts musters us uses users Tues. sires sirs IM rose Eros mutes tress mess miss Miss SOS OT toes or rots rote o Om errs rusts Utes true rues ruses iris Isis ISIS sees seers ere metros trios tri- teems ETs sets et tiers steers meets me EM REM met suits suitors EU euros um IOUs sues risers misers miseries moss mossier mortises Rome ER Re i.e. ism trims tremors mouse souse out remorse Morse toss SO so os Os OS sourest rumors tumors rosier rosters reuses rests messier smites mites toms tomes muss sourer mousier mousiest stems remote motes ties tries tires retires reties meters retries storms stormier omits emits remits emu truss rustier Rom resumes resume Mu miters remiss mere mistier resist serer sirree soiree resister re truer restores remoter trees tees sorest roses merriest ire muter mussier trousers

    and so it is…what it is

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    “as is”

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Can’t resist a:

    ~sure fire way~
    EU rues ruse fires frees fees fears we are wars raw saw sewer sew fuse refuse refers sway wife wires wise wiser were waifs if I fie few rise arise raise frays rays us use user reuse wry awry surf serf sire sir yes ayes say rife fewer ewes freer freeways wee sea safe safer surfer ER Ra Re re i.e. rewires errs fair fares ears eras are afire yea ye airs airy wears wares weary easy easier furs firs furry fury I fiery firer fry fryers rye Sufi years ere reefs sue surefire riser aerie surrey sawyer far ire wiry rawer awes aw swear

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    It’s nice to think people have the chance and the ability to broadcast throughout the world. BUT, who are they able to reach? Who is really paying any REAL attention to anyone, anything, anywhere…any how, I’m just frustrated to know and NOT be able to adequately communicate the message. Considering our capabilities these days, there has got to be a sure fire way to proceed and succeed. I suppose it is still a matter of what is considered SUCCESS. Is it what you have achieved? NO, being a celebrity, in my humble opinion, is not TRUE success. Yet, it is pathway enabling some compassionately inclined souls to a level of stardom that can lead masses to higher levels of achievement based on LOVE and KINDNESS…

    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

    “God is inherently kind, naturally compassionate, and everlastingly merciful. And never is it necessary that any influence be brought to bear upon the Father to call forth his loving-kindness.”

    Forever Focusing on GOD,

    Yours Truly…Vicki

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    Jason – are you at all able to view these comments or follow up? http://www.reusedocumentary.com/ also premiers today. Documentary Plastic Planet – have you seen it? Plastics are everywhere and this is harming our bodies and minds. Anything you can do to help? Plastic is killing us slowly but surely.

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    dcanmg said ...

    I agree 100% Now how to get this film to all? This film is reality. If I can assist to have it shown more please tell me how Jason.
    Dierdre Canuet

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    sailucie said ...

    Can’t wait to see the movie. Jason you have a wonderful quality of being able to detached yourself from disagreament, very rare. Thank you for reminding and showing us the Values of Humans Qualities. Yet so simple but very hard to achieved. We have forgotten the basics of humans life yet we have degrees, diploma and knowledge but find it hard to love one another, we fear love and innocence yet the bees continue to work incessantly for us. All we need, is to remind us that UNITY is possible. Love

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Let me further enunciate on the ~repercussions~:

    encores rescues rescuers sensors porn poseurs ROI IOUs rouses cruse serous serious sucrose coursers souses resources reprices peens Erin reins pones ponies preciser nicer prisoners Norse spouses sprucer securer EU euros UN cronies recursions cornier superior super superiors soupier recurs ensurers scorners sourer spies sprier priors ensures espies

    THANK YOU for wishing me well.

    Oh My GOD Jason…THINK NOW…THANK me later.

    It’s so very sad/SAD to think you are not reading the comments your loyal fans are leaving for YOU…

    {~enunciate~ nun CIA ate eat anti ante cant can Cain unit unite tine ten tin tune cute cut it at nine cine cunt nut en EN uni- NUIT cat act enact tea teen neat net ET et Ute nit ancient ant aunt auntie canine cent ENT tan innate canteen Inca Inc. antic inn}

  • Avatar of vicki.kaswen
    vicki.kaswen said ...

    I’ll do my BEST to make a showing…in the meantime, take a gander at this hunk of TRUTH:

    If only I could get some ONE to pay attention…always count on:

    re ER pre rep per cuss ions sins sons Sion irons us uses cues cures cups rips ripe ripens persons surprises sues rues ruses curses cruises nous suns runs ruins up creeps sees seers seen screens scenes sprees pees peers punier puss crisp cusp percussion rise risen rose Eros sore scores cores curs cops copes crops corpses corps cons co Co CO o.c. O.C. Or roe corns scorns sours scours ropes SOS ere errs courses sources sincere Ceres curers CERN prices princes princesses precise preens spices rices ices nice nieces cress repress presses prisons icons uni- cousins en EN in pens opens pins pines spines penises ensues issues issuers sure surer purrs purses puns recourse sirens reposes repos posses poses posers rosier posies prose on one oner openers sops soups responses snipers snipes pours pros sips sires sirs sneers snores noses noises nosier scones cones crones Cree spires pure purer sis scrip cries secures reprises pieces runes spun spins prions coins coiners corpus incurs crosses scurries once upon opus precious prone recurs pressures insures insurers spurs spruces recons rinses senses censors since peons eons IP EP crisper nips poises pussier repress repression nurses prunes spurns scorns sorceress piers repines insecure sinecures sines cine cusses processes cession session curries conspires risers couriers crosser crosiers cruisers reuses use our OP PO op po Op Po so SO os Os OS respire suspire ness pursers cursors nursers scourers sorceries corers scorers
    supine resupine suspense sup ponce pincer pence procures recipes scions spores pores conspires


    YOU are the ONE

  • Avatar of rodica
    rodica said ...

    You are a dreamer, I am a realist. We live at opposite sides of the world. We have different backgrounds, different talents (or lack thereof :) ) different beliefs, we dream in different languages, we have different views about the world. You seem to put first place saving the earth and humanity, while I believe each of us should work on saving himself first. The list could go on and on. Still, with all these differences, I am writing now a comment to your journal entry. So there must be definitely something we have in common.
    I am curious to see how this film is presenting our unity. I missed it yesterday, I hope I will be able to see it. And if I’ll disagree with some of its ideas I won’t feel the need to apologize. I think we shall stand by our beliefs. See, again we are different.
    This is not the point, though. What really matters is not the long list of our differences, but what’s at the core of each of us, regardless how we call it. We are the same in our essence. Equally worthy, equally beautiful. I believe we agree on this.
    I am glad you took part in this film and you spread the word about it. A proud fan again. I’m sure you’ll be inspired to keep up the good work.
    Wishing you a wonderful day, sunflower!

    PS I hope you don’t mind I’m calling you ‘sunflower’. That’s what you remind me of.

  • Avatar of consuelo
    consuelo said ...

    I absolutely want to see this, but tonight at 7 when it was showing 60 miles away, I was just clocking out of work. Hopefully, there will be other showings. But I have been reading and rereading your message and trying to understand the duty of apologizing when someone disagrees with you. For what exactly are you apologizing? People have different opinions. And there is the idea of agreeing to disagree. We are not going to have the same perspective unless we are looking through the same eyes, walked in the same shoes, etc. Though I totally get the 100% responsibility for one’s life and resulting relationships/community. Help me understand?