there grows the neighborhood – urban farming 101

September 25, 2014

All throughout this tour I’ve had the pleasure of singing and speaking about my love for getting back to the earth, even going so far as jump-starting a few gardens before showtime, and sharing pictures of my own garden onstage. And while I passionately promote the idea of growing your own delicious edible landscape, I get a lot of people asking me how. Well, after doing a little digging, here’s the dirt!


If you seek the knowledge to easily grow your own food, here is a cool FREE opportunity to learn from one of the leaders in the Urban Farming movement. Greg Peterson, founder of the Urban Farm, university professor and author of The Urban Farms Simple Sustainability Series will host a FREE webinar on OCT 2nd & again on OCT 4th, sharing the 6 essential ingredients to growing your own healthy and nutritious food. Whether this is your first garden or you’ve been gardening for years, his unique perspective will shed light on just how simple this process actually is.




After the free webinar, there will be a chance to dig deeper as Professor Peterson will be offering an online Urban Farming 101 class starting Oct 13th.  I enrolled for that too and look forward to learning from the road. Will you be in my class?

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    Jean-Canale said ...

    Jason –

    We saw you in DC last night — our fourth Mraz concert in five years. You just keep getting better! The musicianship, the chatting, the visuals, Raining Jane. Awesome evening. And our family loved the pic of your garden and how you shared the joy of growing your own food. Great plug for labeling and non-GMOs too! Thanks for using your popularity to educate and inspire.

    You ROCK….and not just on-stage!

    Love You~


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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    I guess I was thinking enough magic…what led me to this? My incessant bidding on EBay these days:

    You and I both know I don’t really subscribe or prescribe to magical incantations…but SYMBOLS do have their significances … and this ONE certainly has its own tale to tell:

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    {Spelling this out as I struggle to chew up this delicious waldorf salad made with pecans…got to go to the dentist…whether I want to or not!} One good thing about certain conditions is they make you do the things that are better for you…whether you want to or not…

    FYI…AC spelled it thusly…adding and subtracting certain elements just through the individual letters used to spell out the symbol. Yes, for most this is much too much to think about.
    pants cleans pleats ants cants caps El pale ales tales pates pats taps apes tapes cleats pleats planets plans planes plates late stale sale sent ETs seat east set pelts peas pleas leas Satan Santa at sea scape scalp pest AP PA pas past cast cleans clans scan scat ESP paces aces slate eats ate teas slept spelt peas pleasant peasant castle ALA asp clasp lapse naps Pan cats acts span spate sept. Sept. cents ta Ta TA apt leaps peals teals steal least leapt palaces places space case Naples alas Atlas atlas let’s let et sane pastel petals plants

    Got to get back to getting Natural Expressions ready for public viewing…Au revoir

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Thinking it’s a good time for a little more food for thought.

    Hello…was that really ALL it took to hook you? No matter…here’s what I really wanted to share tonight before “trying” to go to sleep.

    I’m looking forward to moving back up north! No matter what the sacrifice. My grandchildren need me up close and personal. Can’t quite get as far as Oceanside, but looks like I’ll get as far as:

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    What got me started tonight? The word:

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    And then, the idea of:

    comas commas soma san Santo saint stain cats acts actions moms Om aims SAM ASM ma mas sat sit son dons doo coos moos soon moons mans man main motions o.c. O.C. cost coast most mist mints mats monas scant cants can Cain cast acids cads ads sad SAD icons ions sin Sion O.O. OT coats coda iota moats coots coons mast sonic tonics scam cams I am on it no not accost cist mid amid AMA ADA atoms atomic anti Santa Satan satin o coins m.o. mo toads soda mad Od sod cocoa coca cacao so SO os Os OS scat snoot admits ammos nom mon monas ciao CIA commits co Co CO tics sic sac mania manic maniacs Mason ma tans tins tons cods masonic moans mod o.c. O.C. scion stoma toms dins Odin occasion dooms moods cosmic com comics satanic dots cots Scot into onto mastic cans scan SID commands commandos

    As crazy as this ALL really is…as incredibly indelible as it has become…

    It may seem like I’m the crazy ONE to most ordinary folks, but, I beg to differ. We each have our own axes to grind and crosses to bear. Mine definitely have to do with eating and using the damn commode. But, hey, doesn’t everyone here have those burdens to bear? PERFECT…choice of words.
    Maybe my move will be sooner than later. Maybe I don’t really belong where I am. I’ve had that feeling ALL of my life though. What the hell am I doing here? As far as I am currently concerned…it’s ALL about the WORDPLAY. Though I continue to put together Natural Expressions and the Headline Collection; My heart and soul are firmly rooted elsewhere. But, a girl’s got to have something constructive to do with her time and her idle hands…It wouldn’t be wise to keep them on this keyboard … just constantly coming up with word after word after word…OMG…When will this be out in the open? Can it ever be given the attention it deserves? Does anyone even care? Do YOU? Though I know you do, it doesn’t make the wait any easier to take. It’s probably due to my unfortunate conditions that this has become more and more difficult for me…you weren’t kidding about the length of time this is taking. Drag on…yes…I am a DRAGON…a Scorpion Eagle, or is it Phoenix? I’m rambling now…can’t seem to want to go to sleep since feeling sleepy hardly ever comes. Must be the lack of THC in my system. But, it’s better that way for so many important reasons. Goodnight…wherever you are. Stay sane.

    I’m adding this as a “nightcap” just because it’s so interesting to see how:
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    Can be something more than it seems…just like everything and everyone else here … there … and everywhere.

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    enough is enough


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    normason said ...

    You’ve projected your voice into space before. Literally sending it there to talk to those brave souls in space made an impact, didn’t it? Don’t pinch yourself, though; you might do some damage.


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    Kustnern said ...

    @kKarenTS thanks so much for the feedback! Definitely valid points! Tough decision…

  • Avatar of KarenTS
    KarenTS said ...

    Hi @ Kustnern! Regarding taking your 8-year old to the Jason & Jane concert, I’m sure the subject matter is more than fine for him. However, you need to think about if he’ll be able to sit still that long, that late at night. Two years ago we took our boys to see Jason (aged 8 and 10 at the time) on the LOVE tour and it wasn’t a good fit for their attention span. Seeing Jason for me is virtually a spiritual experience and being interrupted constantly by my kids’ (legitimate) needs took away from the experience.

    So if you’ll be disappointed to miss your favorite song because your son needs to use the restroom, I’d leave him at home and buy him a t-shirt. But maybe you’re less selfish than me…just saying. ;)

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    Kustnern said ...

    Not sure if this is the right place, but I have a question. I am attending your October 13th show (counting down the days!) and my 8 year old son is begging to go with me. He’s a huge fan too! I’m just not sure if it’s appropriate for him…thanks!

  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    Don’t have a computer at home i use the library and don’t know if it is feasable, would love to join on the 13th. Love you

  • Man, i dont know what to do!

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Revealing practical information we can easily apply.
    …It’s a start:

    Food and Drug Administration…Ever wondered why they tied these two together???

    {Thanks dear daughter Maryam…You help US ALL be better informed!!!}

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    normason said ...

    It’s your fault I have to get a new iPhone. I smashed my old one cuz your newest picture wouldn’t stay right side up.

    Funny. Very funny.

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    well thanks to my skipping cursor…I didn’t quite get that to you…about my chosen identity as th”e USBand-It and ALL that stems from such a choice on my part.”

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    burling burgling

    thus states th

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    go ahead and add this to ~your blogging”:

    gorging burg bury goring burying buy buying boggy yogi nib bin boo booing googling robing orb org lubing

    You know I don’t think of everything in the initial moments. Often times it takes a while for everything to come through clearly. I think you know what I mean. Anyway, whether or not you decide to pay me any mind, is still, as always, entirely UP to you. Here’s to LOVE…ALL around the world…and back again.

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Came across this BAND just today…for the first time. I was intrigued by their chosen name:

    ~Counting crows~
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    You are, of course, looking UP what strikes you as unfamiliar…thereby increasing your understanding of this unimaginable reality we find ourselves recreating.


    YES…We are ALL in this together…yet so many remain unaware…caught in the trap of their limited consciousness and confining domain.

    ~Our domain~
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    GOD gave us the WORD/WORLD…& the WORD/WORLD became GOD.

    What we LOVE is what we become.

    I profess to LOVE GOD ALL Ways…Always.

    pro fess pre rep per sores ores spores pores press or for fore ropes OP PO Op Po op po poser pose prose rose Eros of EP prof ER re Re SOS sop froe roe so SO os Os OS ref serf repos ope posse

    I’m “counting” on you, Jason, to expose this for ALL it is truly worth. GOD

    ~Praying forward~
    Pray pay ray for ward warn wing ring rang fang ford warp wand ran Ra rad raid paid paying word wording warping raw war daring drain rain fan fain fading find fray fraying dang do pro pain pad ad Od wad wading road adorn ordain wind windy YA yo do prof dwarf dwarfing way away onward ow wring raping draping dog god God grand GOD air airy wig rig nig nag gad grad gray prod rod organ warding yard dig IG GI Ig ig rid ID dingo fond oar foray pang gay day dairy diary wiry no on own now down drown won win rap dopy drop fair fairy frown pond pan nap Pan dray AP PA ado pa pair yarn far afar drag dragon argon Ar fog wino Dino I dong ding wrong fawn award awarding afraid gain grain doping grip rip nip pin prion iron orgy gory fad waif angora ago Indo dowry aw gnaw fag Ag again raying ping pong wrap Arian Iran inward nard ay nay faring yap yip IP pi poi parading afro frog Pandora grid PO OP Op Po op po pod dory wary awry dry wry pry prying drying foraying frig ardor adoring warring yawn oaring prig pig wag info rowing array wordy ordinary Odin din fringy winy porgy pony rangy yoga gar draw drawn downy opry doing inroad Fido gap noir radio

    Man, Jason…I hope this is doing the trick…as they say.
    Of course, it is…if you are actually paying attention to what your loyal fans want to say about your blogging.

    ~Your blogging~
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    So, SO…I finally made the appointment, and I’m having the repair done. No more bulging in the groin for me. I’d rather be meshed…even if it means being cut.
    Hopefully, I won’t bleed too much.
    Wish me LUCK. I’ll have to trust a doctor, which I know you know I don’t. But, sometimes, you just have to take your chances to fix what needs to be fixed…Don’t you agree?
    Oh…did I just hear you say “YES” ?!?

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    Biblically speaking…maybe we’ve got some more digging to do here.

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    4meclara said ...

    Or back to the earth…

    So you have arrived to Europe! Hooray!!! Seeing pictures with you and your fans just made smile! Big smile :) And at the same time, it made me wonder why I couldn’t be there, too. All I wanted was to see your face (without the mediation of any lenses), to hear your voice (without any mike), to know how it feels to be in your presence without any interface. It was sheer curiosity. But I wasn’t able to overcome the NO’s. Imagine the irony of wishing to attend the YES Tour and all I could hear was NO. Then it hit me. Maybe I am not ready yet. Maybe the whole experience would overwhelm me and plunge me into an endless series of daydreaming. I guess sometimes it’s just hard to be a balanced, down to earth fan. So maybe I need to go back to the earth, to my earthly reality, and grow up myself under the rich rays of joy, laughter and wisdom. And music!… It doesn’t mean that I’m giving up, it’s just that if you’ll ever come back to Europe and I will be able somehow to attend a concert, and eventually meet you, I hope I’ll do it with a more beautiful and ripe soul.

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    didikini said ...
  • Avatar of vicki.kaswen
    vicki.kaswen said ...

    sola soul

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Thank you…I appreciate you.

    Let’s consider:

    AB abs solution ions sin son Sion sun stun nuts Nuit units soon boons boots bouts outs out oust about but boos so SO os Os OS sob snob snot not on no OT tuns tins tons buns bolts BOT talons also salt in it sit sat stain saint Santo san bans labs lobs balloons bats bastion bust lust slut insult suit bits silo into onto unto tubas tubs sub bus USB nous list last lost slot slit snit nits loons toon bio slab soil toils oils boils o lo ta Ta TA tans sultan UN IOUs silt built Boston louts lions loins stub NATO snub nubs

    A good idea.

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    “There Grows The Neighborhood” I see what you did there ;)