The Symbolism of Second Place

August 12, 2014

Dozens of flights, tens of thousands of miles and 1.5 laps around the globe and finally the promotion and release of YES! is complete. Thank you for helping us #spreadYES! making it’s debut a victorious one. When the announcements were made about chart positions, Raining Jane & I paraded around our apartment chanting, “We’re Number 2! We’re Number 2!” sighting the display of two fingers as a symbol of Peace, or Victory, or the roman numeral 5, which is us! In many ways, we entered the charts exactly where we, as underdogs, were meant to.


There is much symbolism on the album cover as well, beginning with the 5 birds, representing RJ & I flying “like birds not of this earth;” a lyric from Beautiful Mess, a song we wrote together in 2007. The birds on the cover of YES! are flying in a (Roman Numeral) V-formation, representing this as a 5th album. Some birds are known to fly in a V-formation, and typically a male is out front, however, it is not he who is leading. His position is merely to make it easier for the women and children to fly. The women are in fact setting the pace. I loved this analogy for the band. My name may be on the cover, and I may be standing out front, but it is truly a collaborative effort and Raining Jane do set the pace with their unique sound.


Additionally, the birds are seen within a circle over a brilliant landscape. This represents the world within a world. The brilliant world that each of us have inside. A world that needs our attention very much, because in order to bring peace to the outer world, we must first experience & understand peace within. This is a common theme of the music of YES!


One of my favorite moments from the promotional tour was the honor of conversing with Jian Ghomeshi. His interviews and radio essays are some of my favorite. You can hear his shows on demand on the CBC network in Canada via the web or the CBC app. Below is a clip from our chat. Enjoy.



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    ryehigh99 said ...

    There has been a development with Jian Ghomeshi in Canada that you may want to Google and read about. Not sure you would want to be promoting him on your website anymore. While Q still exists, he is no longer a part of it for reasons that would surely oppose your views and thoughts towards women.

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    divinitymtg said ...

    Yes is something that I had to learn at a young age it was so hard to get in the sales industry when trying to get business you had to experience a ton of people saying NO so in order to keep from getting depressed or feeling objection it was a mindset that in all reality you had to go through a few NO’s to get that one good YES to advance further.

    One should never take being placed on a number scale personally since the top has no real meaning in a win or lose if you look at the reality of the total numbers against those that actually play a part in the scale grading. If you run a race one day and win, the next day with the same people everything is the same but chance is greater for another to win then the original winner the day before winning again. In life each one of us have something unique to offer as our strengths and specialties are needed in the world as a whole.

    This is what I found “The number 2 conveys the meaning of a union, division or the verification of facts by witnesses. A man and woman, though two in number, are made one in marriage.”

    Keep being the light to those that need your songs to shine deep within it is funny how a song can touch so many others with such a deep impact to ones soul but each one will reflect on the music tone and words differently.

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    kyliejane said ...

    Please come to Calgary, Jason. Thx

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    pfbrooks said ...

    It’s as if he was Cat Stevens, Don Mclean, and John Denver all rolled into one. It won’t get much better than that combo.

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    MarLuna said ...

    genuinely sorry not Generally

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    MarLuna said ...

    What a great interview, he’s generally interested in his guests and the intricacies of how they came to be. I’ve always admired your ability to balance in-between mass market and your source and how it was supported by your label. I think that was the best part of the interview to address that what you’re doing isn’t easy,yet here you are number 2 on the charts in a world eager for sordid personal stories of ancient coliseums likeliness.

    I thank you for flying higher in not only pushing the envelope, but delivering it personally. The description of the Janes setting the pace foretells the beauty of collaboration without ego (speaks volumes in an industry that’s used to polishing one star, not the clusters)and of course these women take multitasking to a whole new level.

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    “The mission starts within.” Indeed you are a blessing JM! Me and my family loves you because you are who you are. Godspeed.
    “Yes! is what always gets us to the next verse. Yes! is the mother of all positive words.” :)

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    freedmysoul said ...

    Yes! Normason… I hear excellence as well!

    J.- Funny, you not feeling the same connection with the listeners in theaters vs. arenas or stadiums. That’s one sided, for sure. I have found myself in the 5th row, as well as the back-back, and I will always feel connected. Since I daydreamed through pre-sale, I’ll be connecting with you from the balcony in Pittsburgh.
    I want to, I want to hold you!
    Adore you,

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    michellebelle said ...

    I love the interview. You are pushing the envelope. Your music lifts many. I love it so. I think you have the gift, life, of Living Word. That’s why you get that profound gift of witnessing a lift to many with your song. There’s nothing like it. And, I won’t give up is about my favorite um unless we talk about I’m Yours and um then there’s Shine and um you know what. There is not one I don’t love. You’re a wow alright. HI Ho He Love and LIght and all of that good stuff you are to all love :) ))

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    michellebelle said ...

    And, then there is that 2 Wow and um 2 is um whew wow a grand one indeed. 2 is a um um 5 too and um birds, too. All of it sings hi life wow what a post :) )) <3 <3 :) ))

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    michellebelle said ...

    Wow Wee Birds um hmmm and 5 whew that sure is symbolic in life. It just is. I uh hu hu wow can’t say enough about birds and 5. Amazing. Just simply amazing whew synchronicity indeed. That’s for sure. Love you xoxo

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    normason said ...

    I hear echos of “Mud, Slide, Slim” and “Underneath the Onion Trees” in Jason Mraz’s new album “Yes!” And I hear excellence.

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    shorekimmy said ...

    You’re the shit! In the best ways, of course.