On the evolution of the foundation

August 19, 2014

Follow Jason Mraz Foundation online via twitter @MrazFoundation to find out “what’s growing on” with the money raised from generous donors, ticket portions, and merch items. In the past 30 days alone we have committed to hundreds of thousands of dollars to projects big and small, and I couldn’t be happier!


This week I am spotlighting Life Rolls On, an organization of which I am a lifetime member, contributing to their amazing efforts to stoke-out and improve the quality of life for individuals affected by paralysis. On our new tour, which begins this week, we will carry a new t-shirt, designed by me in partnership with Vuori Clothing, to generate income and awareness for our amazing friends and recipients at LRO. So be sure to check out the new goods at the merch table and/or soon in our online store.


In the meantime, enjoy this video of LRO in action at one of my local beaches! And stay tuned for more updates from JasonMrazFoundation.org !



  • Avatar of CourtneyNicole

    I’m loving this pic of you Mraz, very sexy!

  • Avatar of sylvialin
    sylvialin said ...

    I know little about surfing. I’ve only seen a couple of movies of surfing and follow surfing magazines for beautiful pictures. Thank you for those journals that you keep, which enables me to know more about this sport and the stories behind it. The video is so touching. Hope everyone out there gets to do the things that they love. Thank you for spreading the love, Jason. :)

  • Avatar of jessewiles
    jessewiles said ...

    I’m very sorry if the previous was tacky, particularly in that it completely overlooked Life Rolls On, which is amazing and cool.

    To follow up on the Austin show, wow, so much fun. You’ve won me over with your Exceptional Positivity, but also just your voice. I always thought someone sat in on Mr. Curiosity. Your operatic inflection is a little sick. Also, Raining Jane are incredible. Together, you’re pure magic. Kudos. You’ve won me over. <3

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    jessewiles said ...

    Hi Jason. My name is Jesse Wiles. I was a student at AMDA with you for about two minutes in 1995. As I recall, we even played music one night at the Greystone. I was all PJ/STP’d out and you were playing DM (Satellite I think) and I didn’t know who that was…it took me a while to catch up. Also in the room that night was N. Last September 7 (2013), I married N. in a beautiful wedding at the Skylands botanical gardens in north New Jersey. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that N. & I coming to see you in Austin on September 7 for our 1 year. She doesn’t know it yet. It’s a surprise. We would love to say hello to you personally, if you’re up for it. Otherwise, just know that a couple of AMDA “kids” will be yelling for you from row 3 at Bass Concert Hall.

    Peace. Good luck with the tour. Digging on YES!, particularly “A World With You”.

  • Avatar of funfumiyo
    funfumiyo said ...

    Wonderful !!!

  • Avatar of michellebelle
    michellebelle said ...

    What a grand organization. I love this. I just do. Wow what love sweet love. I think you are so hi life. You are a hi life, Jason. You just are. You give so much, and that is a Christed Way. That’s the only way to live hi life :) Thanks for being you :) <3 <3 :)