Everyone needs Inspiration

June 13, 2014


As excited as I am about my new album coming out, and grateful to be having yet another opportunity to share music all around the world, I am also nervous, and a little melancholy about the upcoming promotional tour, largely because I’m leaving home just as my grapes are beginning to red. It’s as though the fruits of my labor in the garden will be lost to a laborious life on the road. Goodbye yellowing squash. So long heirloom tomatoes. May you be multicolored, oddly shaped, and uniquely you. Farewell seeding sunflowers. I look up to you.

I’m being dramatic, but I do admit the promotional aspect of releasing an album is my least favorite part of the process. I assume songs speak for themselves, but people still want interviews. And after many interviews, one can start to feel like a product and less like a real person.

Ironically, it is this challenging part of the journey that I get to use the very medicine that I put in the music; the tools of transformation to turn a heady workday into a heart centered day full of possibility. After all, when you love someone it comes back to you. And I love that I get to travel and sing and I know all the love I share will come back to me.

Everyone needs inspiration.

A few years ago one of my sound engineers, Tricia Huffman, created a new job backstage. She began to focus on the quality of life for others, making sure each of us on the road, band and crew, were not succumbing to tired thoughts and were continually inspired, truly “owning” our awesomeness. I learned a lot from her in how to make each day the best and brightest it can be.

Tricia has recently launched a kickstarter campaign to produce new items intended to support us on our inspiring journeys through life. The first item being a 52 card deck of affirmations. Follow the link below and watch the video I recorded for the project. http://kck.st/1o5job4

If you’re like me, and love little reminders and nuggets of wisdom to keep you present, you will love what Tricia is up to. http://kck.st/1o5job4

I will be traveling this year without her, but I will take what I learned and own my awesome everyday.

Meanwhile, I hope and pray aphids don’t settle on my kale.


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    missocean said ...

    “And after many interviews, one can start to feel like a product and less like a real person”, exactly why we’re trying to get a meet’n'greet through to your agents (which seems very difficult..) -to understand this beautiful mess, appreciate a man, connect -on many levels.

    I believe this mag.’s concept and voice is different than traditional journalism. Combining travel to special destinations and personal meet’n'greets, I spend a day with a gentleman of inspiration, whom shows me what is special and meaningful to them, while touching on subjects that matter in their lives. It’s as personal to me as to them, and the joining of creative voices, although maybe very different, bloom. I’ve been touring the USA, France, Spain and Germany for a while now meeting wonderful(!) people, and I’m currently back in Denmark getting ready for the launch.

    Maybe -if we got this message through – you would “do anything spontaneously” and “say yes!”, if you could?

    – - – Motivated by the contemporary lack of hospitality and appreciation of one another, Michelle BeLeaves to find a reality better than fiction while celebrating today’s modern ladies and gentlemen of inspiration. Emphasizing positive individual characteristics and unique qualities, the feature articles aims at portraying meaningful and memorable experiences from around the world.

    Braving the situation of putting herself out there, Michelle touches on generalizations, prejudices and fantasies occasionally connected to some stereotypes and their country, profession, title and that individuals understanding of and experience with love and dating culture.

    Tapping into the illusion of what life would be like in a place like that and under different conditions (and with a slightly sarcastic and poetically ironic voice) the Danish explorer balances ‘restoring order with imagination’ and ‘inspiring reality with imagination’, while asking the question: Would you BeLeave? – - -

  • Good Morning Jason Mraz,
    I first want to say Thank you! You are brilliant. You are, yes, amazing. To me though, YOU Jason, are so much more. I do not know where you get your inspiration but I want wherever that may be to also know of my appreciation! My gratitude! For what you have done for love…your ways in which to understand it, I am still in awe and I hope to forever be. What you have created…The efforts you’ve put into all you do. There are no words Jason. Except maybe that if this were the GAME of life, You win! I hope to GOD you win! yep

  • Avatar of vicki.kaswen
    vicki.kaswen said ...

    You know me…I have a need to finish what I start. Maybe that’s what makes me “needy”…or, it could be my basic economic position. No matter, I’m here to inform. Not that I do a very good job of that, but I am at least trying in my own misunderstood ways. Here’s the rest of what I have found within Tricia Huffman. As for anything else there might be, I’d say you can figure it out your Self. It’s just a matter of relevancy to your personal existence anyway. I can’t explain this any further than ONE can come to terms with their own accountability toward Self knowing realizations. (What did I just say?…I think that makes sense…maybe; in a way; kind of like WordPlay. So, SO, more of the NameGame expose:
    ‘huff churn urn turn incur curtain anti tunic runic tuna uric tum math chum hum arch train rain train rain infract urchin chin afar *fitch infarct*
    cat act pact o lo cop cope cola tole tape ape lap pal pale ale tale coat lacto leap peal leapt OP PO Op Po op po pat tap top pot alp cap cape El let ET et teal cleat opal peat pet pelt Celt tope clap oat eat ate tea opt apt lop pole plot a lot etc. clop petal et al Al poet

    O.K. I’m over this now. Hope I haven’t bothered you too much.

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Love locks instagram:

    After six days of no air conditioning, I got up from a post-dinner nap refreshed thanks to Don and Cole of A1AC and for no apparent reason decided I had to find the keys to three locks that I’ve had forever, that I haven’t needed forever, and that I don’t need now. I don’t know why, I just needed to find the keys.

    During my search, I ran across the key to a Chevy I owned in the 80′s and the keys to the suitcases I used when I went away to college, all sold or given away long ago. I finally found the mates after trying about twenty stray keys, and put the three, reunited couples in the garage sale box…

    Telepathy, on the same frequency, on the same wave length, kindred spirits, or just coincidence, we’re often singing from the same sheet of music. Probably always will.


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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Thought I was done for the time being…but couldn’t resist seeing:

    affirms main aims SAM ASM mas ma fits fonts forms formats mats irons sin son Sion forts finis first stir sort astir strain saint faints firm affront affronts fist mist most mans man fans fain frat fat fast fats foist moist monas roans moans soma storm stiff if ort mast fair fairs airs or soar oars fro afro fam. rams Mars mason stoma Mason mars star Marian Arians sat sit miffs mints into staff rations foams roams Roma rosin on no not OT intros intra NATO NASA in fins firma noir soft oft aft rafts mania Romania rots rifts smart marts info rims IM sim Satan Santa satin iris ism tans tins tons sofa oafs omits firs matrons stair fronts front rants ants Mir snort snot infra farms arms Amos tams trims min Iran rains atoms toms Roma Rom. Martians rats tars arts informs mist minors Normans oarsman o m.o. mo mon mantras nom Oms

    We are ALL engaged in them…whether they benefit or not. Let’s just indulge in a little NameGame:

    ~Tricia Huffman~
    CIA man main aim tuff cuff cat act mat mint fact hat hart hair cram crit. hit harm arm farm fam. tam ram mar cunt mart fart ruff cut cumin min ut FICA craft aft fair cart car arc miff rift um cum cam firma firm fin in Arian Marian mantra aura Cain can cant unit muni cur fur fir fit it chat chit charm march much curt hut rut nectar infra him IM rim trim traffic mania manic anima Aminah ah ha aha caiman atman carman carat antic frantic aria hint than tram uh hurt affair hunt much nut Nuit ruin match AMA rah Ra IRA human tun run fun chart munch runt rant chant haunt ranch chain China Iran ham fat trichina itch rich finch inch

    Now, you may know her middle name…maybe…but I don’t. No offense to her, but it might be tale telling and not tattletaling on my part. I’m just the messenger…so, maybe it’s time to heed the messenger.

    All’s fair in LOVE and war…? Probably NOT!

  • Avatar of Hiddenbliss87
    Hiddenbliss87 said ...

    You’ve been such an inspiration to me over the last 13 years. The honest lyrics in your music have helped get me through an abusive relationship and all that life has thrown at me. Thanks to you and your uplifting music I choose to live a life of love and friendship and see the bliss hidden below the madness! I’ll make sure to bring you some yummy veggies when you come in for your tour!

    Thank you for being you!

  • Avatar of desertblossom
    desertblossom said ...

    Thanks for your heartfelt devotion- so incredible to see you share insight with brave words like product. Dude. Not one of us on any of our life paths will even remotely conceive of the self mastery it takes for that gorgeous light in your eyes to shine…and amazing how you manage to share with all who see you. It resonates true happiness. You are the first of your kind- a legend leading an online revolution only the ocean of time can fathom. Talk about Ripple Effect. There has never been another human being as cool as you- except me…j/k.

    God loves us way good. i don’t know much but I do know that. For what you have done for Canyon I can NEVER ever thank you enough. me and the other 80 trillion billion mamas whose broken hearts you fix:)

    Australians have a cave of wonders…if you have the ability to see it- go do. You lucky duck. When you make it through this tour- AND YOU WILL bless so so many- but when you are done- please. Kiss the australian earth for me?

    I tell ya what Vicki… CBD is the absolute miracle cure. Really though week 2 and I am a changed human being. Weed is not a drug- its medicine. Pharmaceuticals are drugs. Yeh…Bob know. Bout damn time huh. http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/07/health/charlotte-child-medical-marijuana/

    The greatest? Eros & friends have another online chapter as you hit each town on your schedule- respectively…this tour is bound to have such a massive positive impact. Story is impossible to plagiarize. Kanye West said when we vocalize an idea you get two new ideas from the two people having the conversation. He kind of said that. The original idea changes and inspire people….but it never stays the same. I kind of elaborate. Everyone beats the crap out of Kanye though- Obama is the principal in the Children of Light series….and Kanye spends alot of time in detention for some reason. His mom died you know- she used to talk to me alot. Even when kids are punks you still look at the whole picture before you be mean usually.

    I don’t think Kale chards by the way. How would I know…iz not my garden:) But it looks SO beautiful and I am sure each red ripe tomato and basil leaf will equally miss you while you are away.

    Channel Changing Earth Surfers:

    Book notes make no sense unless your the author….hopefully it resonates with the characters on some level. Otherwise forgive the rants. All in the name of history. In the notes from 2007 about Mayan 2012 characters I drew a 5 pointed flower and divided each petal in two. One flower represents each cabin on the property and there are 5-10 cabins full of truth seekers at summer camp training to be warriors of light. Lotta kids at summer camp The property is located in Zion under the invisible forcefield where vampires- energy sucks can’t prey on them. You end up with bleeding ulcers if you are not safe about meditating:) No fun. The kids call it the Sacred Valley. Each cabin has 10 kids and 2 staff.

    At night after the kids have element battles- water vs fire etc…they lay in fields of sagebrush and sunflowers watching the big screen in the heavens where the stars dance while playing tag across the night sky and the dinosaurs speak to the childrens hearts instructing how the ancients lived and breathed in peace. I don’t think their skin looks like museums says it does. Imagine the innovative thought such a camp could produce for these light minds. I pray….Jason I truly pray that in building this camp my team will be able to sponsor kids who can’t walk to the door of their concrete jungle apartment and that we can help them sit out here in paradise where time is about whether the sun is awake or sleeping…resting their pure bodies on the earth and feeling of their infinite worth.

    You know that Da Vinci painting the Vitruvian man?

    Encylocpedia Brittanica says: “Leonardo envisaged the great picture chart of the human body he had produced through his anatomical drawings and Vitruvian Man as a cosmografia del minor mondo (cosmography of the microcosm). He believed the workings of the human body to be an analogy for the workings of the universe”

    The little one of the big one. so He drew a man that represented the architecture of a building he was doing for some Roman Contractor or something? …same same. Like I mentioned earlier I took a flower and it represents kids at a summer camp.

    The flower represents 5 elements. Fire to metal to water to earth to plant. So 5 petals of balanced sides to each leaf. My words are always a bit off- but the oriental meridians have 10 and I believe include 2 extra- the governing and conception vessels. So there are 12 parts total to the flower. 5 petals- 2 sides & the inner circle and outer circle. The chi in the feng shui at camp…

    2 sides of petals represent the masculine and the feminine side. One boy one girl. All the characters are 8th-12th grade range from around the globe… each represents a different ethnicity and tribal way of being. So you have to imagine Lenny K is from Morocco as a 14 year old. Actually…his name is Micah. And I want to adopt a kid like him from Africa one day. I have wanted to do that since 1994 though. Anyways…

    Since I can’t give a massage to Tricia to thank her for everything she does- heres a run down of the anatomy of the spirit Demeree version. On the table posterior side up 7th chakra to 1st is divided like that petal. masculine feminine. back has two sides- front has 2 sides so there are 28 areas of stored emotions. Like a tree has rings, we have history in our spirit DNA. Cute nails boy. Don’t scratch my face though- just in case you hate me. WIth the pure touch intended with 100% love the toxic stored as stagnant energy is released. The code was taught by classes I have combined through the years…and In honor of the true legend Carolynn Myss- her life work taught me everything I know. My version is ghetto. Don’t make no sense. But…it will one day. Weight of the world is shoulders, grief emotion stored in heart area, emotional/financial support in lower back hips- walking forward with life path etc etc. I FINALLY get a massage on Thursday- I am so grateful. But I pray you have many many enjoyable moments of guided imagery in love and gratitude…are you gaelic…or do you just believe in Fairies :) Thanks for shining for us to see and learn from

    The Flowers? Here is an example of one:

    Metal- WIll & Jasmine (Will I Am & Angelina Jolie)
    Fire- Eros & Alex (You/ JT & my baby Secoya/Me)
    Water- Tianhou & Orion (Katy & Mrs. Jackson- just kidding Ohana- mi casa su casa muey bien? #uglyboymonkeybutt- water does kill fire I am well aware of hat by now)
    Earth- Javier & someone else I am not telling you
    Plants- Ariana & Santiago (Rihanna & Brad Pitt)

    Light- Kenye (Jada Pinkett Smith)
    Air- Kaleo (Gemini character…mix of Ben Harper, & maybe Kanye…maybe not)

    First you draw it. Then you talk to the city about your plans. Then you build it. Dream to Reality. I followed intuition. Rewards earned by the sweat of brow- not by who bed companion is. in honor of our true parents who toiled in fields long before we were here…. and fed their children by the sweat of their brows. (As a cotton farmer my Grandpa Don flew from Phx to Texas to get peanuts. He had awesome Pistachios orchards… but plane went down & he died in his sesna the same year as John Lennon was killed) Roots make all the difference. I wouldn’t take it as far as the blood wars in the holy land- but light attracts light and it’s who you are born to be genetically and what you do with it that creates LASTING change. You can have FEASTS with the right water earth and light. BBQ zucchini is the best ever. And it can be everyday…it’s always great with ranch. Without a willing heart to make the effort to reach for the resources- we won’t be more than a seed- there won’t be any growth. Life is a choice. Series of them- but it is up to us. Just for Capitol Records sake. Musicians are not REALLY your toys. These bodies die. But their work and lives go on forever. If you use them…your may not be as fruitful as you pray to be. Love you.

    JR Tolkein…was an everyone needing inspiration to CS Lewis. Way normal. SOme of us create weird worlds of our own to define the real world aorund us. SO they talked me into jotting down a few things over here at your casa. Thanks for giving me a place to “draw” it. Time to do it.

    All names and identities are subject to change. BECAUSE the revolution will not be televised. Duh they didn’t have TV’s in the 1700s. Imagine what we don’t have that they will in 200 years. I LOVE ALL YOU HOMEGROWNS READING THIS IN 2300!!! Love you to J.

    The CBD is amazing. Today is day 1 of the eating organic so I think within 6 weeks maybe I won’t be so inclined to writing “silliness.” Your not a product I am not programmed by aliens. One world. One day. Won’t be. So while it is…. thanks for reminding us not to fear what we look like to others but to trust in our selves. Consequences be what they will- I love for the sake of what love is. #NOFEAR

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    Ireneee said ...

    Always loving your journeys and journals cuz they’re full of energy all the time, which gives my life sunshine and power!
    And I know I can read your heart forever even without any interviews, just enjoying your music =)
    Actually, my mother language is not English, but, you know, music has no connection with language…
    Maybe I can’t express appropriately how I really feel in English or even in my mother tongue, but I’m convinced that you can understand it.
    I love the pronunciation of the word “awesome”! After watching the video, I can truly ensure that she is awesome, you are awesome and I should own my awesome from now on!
    Thanks for everything you bring us during all of these years :)


  • Avatar of cbadmum
    cbadmum said ...

    I read and listen and watch what Tricia has to say as often as I can. Her simpke straightforward wisdom has helped me on many many occassions. I often find myself in the middle of a “crisis” and find Tricia’s words ringing in my ears “stop making shit up!” And often when friends come to me for advice, I refer them to one of Teicias videos.

  • Avatar of Terloveskoi
    Terloveskoi said ...

    I know how it feels to have to leave your home, your beloved garden, family & friends. I have to leave the beautiful gardens & my peaceful koi pond at my home EVERY 8-12 weeks. But instead of traveling & being overwhelmed by people wanting my time, I go to a hospital & recover for two weeks after surgery. I always feel that dread in my stomach as the day I am admitted approaches. I’ve learned, by spending so much of my life in the hospital, that it’s so easy to spread kindness to the hardworking doctors, nurses , & staff. That kindness, be it a simple “thank you” or smile of appreciation, always comes back to me. I am visited by my “forever friends”
    ( the doctors, nurses, & staff), who share a part of their busy day with me by a wave hello or by making me laugh telling stories of their lives. I am grateful, because I know there are so many people who won’t go home from the hospital at all . After reading your post about leaving home, I am regretful that I have been one of the hundreds of thousands of people who have expressed hope that your tour comes near my home in Indiana. I take your songs, & the beautiful messages in them, with me wherever I go, and fall asleep with music ringing in my ears. Please know that you touch so many lives in ways you can’t begin to know. I would like to say a simple “thank you” to you, for adding joy to my life.

  • Avatar of laurengrifoni
    laurengrifoni said ...

    I’m doing what Tricia does now… because of her…. seriously. so if u need a fill in!?

  • Avatar of Jpetikas
    Jpetikas said ...

    And I’d like to make some fatass cabbage rolls with that pic right there

  • Avatar of Jpetikas
    Jpetikas said ...

    I love Tricia, her encouraging wisdom is one of the great things I’ve gained by following your career and music. Her emails always seem to come at *just* the right moment. As for the garden, my heart would be broken, too. My father always told me once you are in your 30′s, you start to enjoy the simple things more and stop trying to figure it all out, the only thing more simple than enjoying food you’ve grown is enjoying the kids I’ve grown. Haha

  • Avatar of vicki.kaswen
    vicki.kaswen said ...

    So, are you a prisoner of your own device? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to really and truly be FREE…(not a question)…We are ALL wanting the same thing here. LOVE and FREEDOM.

    Thank you for contributing to the WHOLE…it is what we each do in our own special ways.

    Hopefully, people, in general, are getting the point and knowing that it is LOVE that is the only thing worth holding onto here. Even the crops are here today and gone tomorrow.

    Yes, freedom to LOVE freely is a lofty goal…but one worth sticking around for.

    Hope your next tour brings you closer to FREE LOVE.

    vole fee feel eel lee leer veer reel fore for foe o lo rev elf feeler revel over lover ref roe ever Eve eve lever ER Re re rove fro reef rover fever revere role lore fleer

    I get that you don’t get this…but maybe someday…you will.

  • Avatar of BirdLalena
    BirdLalena said ...

    I really love this post. You’re always so real. Maybe you could work it out that a friend could pick the bounty of your labors and you could donate it to those without. I know I am in that situation and I would love some fresh fruits and veg from a garden. <3

  • Avatar of n.namaste
    n.namaste said ...

    GOOD LUCK <3

  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    You are right by saying leaving all the work that as been put in and not being able to see it grow and harvest the fruit of your labor but perhaps there is a solution to all this i don’t think this is black and white there could be more suitable solutions. Leaving home is not always easy especially after days of work, maybe you could start the tour after the harvest time or space the traveling time in between or have only a short tour… . I hope that someone will be able to collect those beautiful vegetables and create good meals for you and freeze it.

    Lots of people want to know it all about your personal life but misuse the information, have only short interview like this your energy will be focus on music only.

    This morning when i played on my keyboard which was a long time ago i notice how the notes where sweet to me and realize that when your in a bad mood or when life takes you somewhere else music will always be there to remind you how beautiful nature is, as sounds will always stay pure in its purity.

    It is important to stay positive at all times and congratulation to Tricia for presenting us this inspiring video and hope that all of us will take advantage of this wonderful deck of inspiring notes. Love Lucie

  • Avatar of Triangular
    Triangular said ...

    Your kale looks awesome! I usually go on vacation when the berries in my garden turn red and everything else starts to get ready to eat. And I always think: There’s something wrong with this ;) Positive affirmations usually make me angry whenever I’m having a bad time. Like someone is trying to convince me that what I feel is wrong. Best for me works to just accept my negative feelings for the moment and trying to make the best of the situation, knowing that everything comes and goes, and that I’ll certainly feel better soon. Good luck with your promo tour!

  • Avatar of CourtneyNicole

    “Farewell seeding sunflowers. I look up to you.” ohhh my profile pic just smiled :)

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...


    You really are an inspiration to me in many ways. You share your beautiful voice and your beautiful songs and they send awesome messages out into the universe. Your positive energy is felt all around the world. I am so grateful to have met you. I hope your garden flourishes and I hope you have a Great tour. I wish Tricia luck with her kick starter campaign. I think that she always says the best things, and I look forward to using my Affirmation deck.

    Love & Peace,

  • Avatar of liz.osorio.73
    liz.osorio.73 said ...

    If You only knew, how truly inspires and heals our souls with your voice, your songs, your message, your existence…. The road will be easier.. !!! To me You’re THE FIXER!!