Dreamlife of a snooze farmer

January 9, 2014

Usually the sun rises through my bedroom window, but today it is overcast. Today it is cold. Usually the cats, two of them, come and wake me up early reminding me that it’s time for them to eat. Today they do not. They too must still be sleeping.

I prefer waking up early to have a moment to myself before I make the long drive to a yoga class. I could do yoga at home, but I still enjoy practicing in a hot classroom, sweating on someone else’s floor. Besides, there are too many distractions at home: a warm bed, a long list of chores, a garden to tend, dishes to wash, a warm bed…

This morning I stayed in bed until 9 dreaming I was a snooze farmer. In the dream it made sense. I grew the ingredients necessary for snooze alarming. As if the chimey music that plays every nine minutes from my phone, transitioning me from one reality to another, requires some kind of organic material, similar to percussion instruments like goat’s toes, wooden blocks or a rain stick. My crop looked like poppies, lavender, chamomile, and echinacea. And though I didn’t see it done, it was implied that I dried and collected the harvest in soft little satchels where they would hang from tree limbs in the wind, waiting to be assigned to someone who needed directions home, and once they did, they’d sway, dance and sing their annoying little xylophone song, much to the dismay of many happy nappers.

It is now 9:08 and I am still enjoying the overcast morning, my excuse to stay in bed and ruminate. The rooster crows late as well. Maybe it isn’t 9. Maybe all the alarms rang early today and it is only 7. It feels more like a 7 anyway. Or maybe I’m still dreaming. Or perhaps this is your dream. If that’s so, thank you for my life. I like it here.

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    gmhefner said ...

    mmmm, a dreamy post. :)

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    solefraim said ...

    Dream on… and may be we will meet there, like sleeping beauty and the prince…Dream on and perhaps when you finally wake up you will write a lovely song and help us awake♥

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    sailucie said ...

    Hello Jason, woke up this morning with worry mind. The arctic air is moving down south now don’t know if this is a trend, this is probably due to Co2 in the air. The cold air might stop the tornadoes from happening in your country. Here the norms for new house have gone up and hope that your house is well insulated for these harsh weather. Your walls have to be insulated with R20 and with a vapor barrier, the roof with R40 and the basement floor with foam to block the cold from the ground. The windows are rated a,b,c,d. a for south, c north, and d for arctic region. When the house is well insulated you need less air conditioning during summer. Since your have solar energy its always good to have a back up for eating such as gas or wood. Well that sums up all my worries. love you all

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    sailucie said ...

    Yes it was cold that day so cold that i staid inside too but wish i had a fire place to feel the warmth steady heat. Probably will take a hot bath to warm up those bones. Sorry for the cats but they are probably cuddle in a warm spot of the house. I can just imagine being part of that dream… It always takes a few days like this to recharge and have enough energy for doing the home chores; one day dishes, garden, sweeping… and have a cup of tea in between with a warm blanket relaxing and enjoying the view. Sleepy socks help keep the warm in or… have a good warm day love.

  • you’re welcome

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    ieda.rufino.3 said ...

    Namaste! Jason you are blessed!

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    shorekimmy said ...

    One cozy morning, I snuggled deep and reached one brave hand out to tap the snooze, but it didn’t stop. A truck in reverse beeped in sync with my alarm, robbed me of my precious snooze time and confused me into waking up.

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    lorrain19e said ...

    You always was my little cat!kkkk Imagined you ruminating now hehe. Great text!

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    WonderWoman said ...

    I miss your journal.
    One snooze expert to another.
    This made me smile.

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

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  • Avatar of Peaceout
    Peaceout said ...

    Great post! Very creative and enjoyable to read before the sun comes up. :)

    Can I just say that your last album is what prompted me to become more interested in you as a person and an artist, as it spoke to many chords in my own heart. Then I came to know more of your work and started to follow your posts here and in social media. As a result, I have grown even more appreciate for the genuine heart that you share in your music and through these avenues. Thank you for being brave enough to take on the challenge to do what you have done in your work and live a life of integrity and love. It means a lot to have you in the world. You have an impact on it in a beautiful way.

    I have been wanting to write down experiences of my own for quite some time and following your blog has inspired me to actually take action on it. I am a little shy about these, so only have one published right now. But, I would like to share anyway if you feel like reading it. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/1aqnvIS

    Thanks again and happy trails to you -

  • Avatar of consuelo
    consuelo said ...

    Oh, and I suppose the poppies in your snooze bouquet were probably not some showy red cultivar, but instead your state flower, the California golden poppy (which has wonderful medicinal properties like relief from stress, pain and insomnia). I just love the juxtaposition of vibrant red and soft purple.

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    mrazfan1031 said ...

    Love this….sleeping to dream Have a great and fantastic day! Thank You you being.

    love and sweet dreams

  • Avatar of Ireneee
    Ireneee said ...

    Hi Jason!
    Well…I’m a university student and during this 2-week period, I’m in the finals for 5 subjects. So, u know, I have to get up early everyday and leave my dear warm bed alone…
    Yesterday it was sunny and I did a laundry. But when I waked up, it was still dark outside…Today is a little overcast and the weather forecast says it’ll be rainy till next Wednesday, on which I’ll be on the way home! Am I the lucky one?
    Just after becoming your music-fan, I’m being a more optimistic and life-enjoying girl. I do know it must be someone who doesn’t like me at all, but it also doesn’t matter to have fun by myself, right? I do know I have friends who always support me and understand what kind of person I am. I do know I own the nature and I belong to it too. Only if I become open-minded, will the world be mine.
    Thank you and…
    LOVE you

  • Avatar of consuelo
    consuelo said ...

    I am grateful for the snooze farmers. I need them in my life. The last two weeks I have been hitting the snooze button 3 times every morning…ten minutes each…which I know doesn’t make sense, it’s not good sleep. All I know is that snuggling back down under the covers is a delicious way to start the morning…even when it is short-lived. And I love the visual of red California poppies with lavender.

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    Wake up everyone!

    Well, you’re sort of the opposite of the sandman or are you???? Do you evoke dreams, or awaken a dim light to bright with your music (in your intent of making a better world)mmm I’d say both.

    Having a cold right now, those ingredients are just the ingredients my body is currently using (in a bath and in my tea) minus the poppies…but the poppies also have a complacent place in my recent memory in the form of a movie I once claimed as my favorite when I was I think 16, not knowing why until now. It’s “poppies scene” are placed in my peripheral and direct line of sight, I couldn’t evade it so I’ve watched it now twice Sunday and again yesterday while taking a sick day…and I do believe it helped me to heal and direct. Thanks for the satchel, sorry for the annoying song, glad you shared the dream and I’m off to find my welcome mat with my decree home.

    With Lullaby’s,

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

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    normason said ...

    I’ve always liked your ruminations. You should sleep in more often.