Dream On

January 17, 2014

Last night, I dreamed many dreams at once. Each dream look like a shred of paper after that paper had been through a shredder. Thousands of shreds were all tangled up in each other like two dimensional spaghetti. Like Bob Dylan’s hair in that classic Milton Glaser print. Strands upon strands like old stuffing in my mind. But fortunately I had the ability to see this entanglement, this too-many-thoughts-at-once challenge before me. And it was as if I had said, “one dream at a time please,” as all of a sudden all of the shreds formed a single line, and all that there was before me became one single strip of paper, one story to be told, one path to be walked, one dream to be lived.

When I awoke, I realized my dream was symbolic of what I often do in my waking life. Thinking too many thoughts at once. Dreaming too many dreams at the same time. Not having one focus, but many.

Mind control has been a central story for me for a long time. “Don’t let your mind stop you from having a good time.” Or “I won’t worry my life away.” Etc.

To remedy this, I focus my attention on one thing. My penis.

Just kidding.

You might have heard the phrase, “to know God, serve others.” Well, in my experience, God is the one voice in our hearts and minds that gives life to all the other voices we create. And Spirituality is the work of taking all of those voices and fine-tuning them back into one voice. Serving others is a good way to let go of our mental chatter, surrendering to a good deed, thus feeling better and sleeping better.

You can also serve yourself; through prayer, meditation, yoga, exercise, writing, gardening or maybe just going for a long drive. Whatever it is for you, those tasks help train your mind to focus on just one thing. Doing so helps fine-tune and strengthen the inner God or Guide-voice that guides you, the voice you share your life with, not the add-on voices given to you by family, fears, and society. Your heart’s voice, the life energy given to each of us, the energy we have access to the moment we are born, before we even know what words are, that energy is the true voice, the true one voice that directs us to the dreams we are here to realize. And knowing what your dream is and living it, that is the key to success. That is the key to happiness.

Whatever your dreams look like, and they do look different for each of us, you are here to live specifically for that dream. If you think you don’t know what your dream is just stop and listen. Listen to the all the layers of your surrounding environment. The hush of distant traffic. The closeness of busy bees. The melodic mumble of birds chirping. The faint hovering whir of a helicopter. The conversation from the neighbor’s television. The sub stereo bass of a passing car. Or the sound of your own breathe. Your own deep inhales and long slow exhales… In that peaceful non-sound of your stillness, that’s where your dream lives.

You are not your many concerns and your dream is not the concern of others. Your dream is who you really are.

And it’s always there singing to you, you just have to give yourself a moment to hear it.

Now go, be that ballerina you always wanted to be.

Or, What’s the name of a male ballerina? A baller?

Yeah, go be a baller.

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    Edwin said ...

    Nice music love it.epa

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    JaneJohnson said ...

    I have way to many thoughts at once. I’m not really sure what my life purpose looks like. I always try to lead with my heart instead of my head.Sometimes that means putting myself aside to serve others that I love and care for. Not taking enough time to slow down to see what my dream is. Time has slowed down in the last year,and after sickness,death and a whole lot of life’s lessons I’m still trying to find myself. Life is full of up’s and down’s and I’m still grateful to be here. I also know I can always find the good in every day no matter what comes. Enough said about that! I just wanted you to know I am loving all the new songs and can’t wait to listen to “YES” in all it’s beauty. Thank you for the beautiful, beautiful music. My favorite so far is “Hello, You beautiful thing”. All the best to you and Raining Jane, I’m sure this album will be a big success. Congratulations!! I think you are amazing, and a beautiful soul. Hopeful you’ll have some Canadian dates with promotion. Have a lovely Day.

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    consuelo said ...

    If a man could pass through Paradise in a dream, and have a flower presented to him as a pledge that his soul had really been there, and if he found that flower in his hand when he awake — Aye, what then?
    –Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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    divinitymtg said ...

    Scrolling past 91 messages just to comment takes few minutes on cell. FYI :-)

    Any who

    I so miss your words keep going to journal page to find tidbits from you it has been a while.

    However I have been finding little bits of suprises with new old songs still making it to my viewer. Those moments of awe when listening and damn I swear you took the same path in lessons shared as I. Funny how a song is developed from a singers own experiences yet two others or thousand find it relating to something totally different in their own lives. You Sir make my soul vibrate beyond words and my eyes sore from the emotions felt in release they say “TEARS REFRESH THE SOUL” Thank you

    I will never run out of words “Sorry” but not sorry for sharing my thoughts publicly.


    Do come back and inspire with anything you have to share. Much needed for me as well as I am sure for others too.

    Without dreams we have no expansion within the mind for any if and or whats to play a part of imagination or dreams come true.

    Done rambling but not done thinking of things to say.


    This is my year and then some.

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    Hopityhop said ...

    And well, of course, help us out if you do like us.

    With tons of love,

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    Hopityhop said ...

    Hi Jason,
    What is the chance that you are going to see this?
    Well, It might be slight, but I’ll take it anyway.
    I love your music, but also, I love your spirit, your love for Mother Nature and love for human beings.
    You are my greatest inspiration. Because of you and your music, and your writing, you kept me go on and through difficult times in life.
    I’ve made it to medical school and found my own purpose in life and that is helping people from my heart.
    I would like to ask if you could take a look at our organization and see if you like our purpose, please check Naturopaths Without Borders out on facebook or online at naturopathswithoutborders.org
    We are a bunch of nature lovers and human supporter.
    I hope you like us.
    I love you Jason.
    To the fans of Jason Mraz, I love you too!!

    Have a wonderful day wherever you are.

    Full of love,

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    normason said ...

    I wish I had one of those chubby baby Jasons!

    Happy Moms’ Day!


  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...


    Congratulations, boy!

    Can’t wait to buy the new CD, and can’t wait ’til you’re in a town near me.

    I’m proud of you, I would say, if I were you’re mother on this eve of Mother’s Day.


    Me since 2008

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    vicki.kaswen said ...


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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    My BOOK:
    “True LOVE is Bold”
    ‘A Poetic Process for Self Serenity’
    ~Self serenity~
    see reefs frees fees fess fleers flees lees eels less lies try tines trines trees tees lessen resent re ER ire tires tries ties trifle rifles rife life lifer filers files first firstly firs flirts flirty flies fires fries freely leys isles riles teens feely fine finer finest Nile lines liners list lest else serene site rites enters entry sentry sets ETs seer seen et ret relents rents styles tense tenser sense steer tiers lets El feelers tiles lit lite nits snit teeny lent lint Lent sent silent listen fits sift lifts lifters sifters elf festers yes ye sis sister nester nifty eyes ee strife steins reins Erin I sit set nets lefty left felt sty sly fly ferns ire leers leery stern sternly resets insets inters inert insert rests rises risen sneer fie refines tress refits feisty relit senile serenely ness nester fiery flits finely finery infest fest rely lye rye fry fey relies rifts yens yet lets sires sirs stirs ref entire tiles slit sterile fleets elites steel stele re ER i.e. seel felines fliers infesters reels tensely rinse ten tins yeti

    Do you UNDERSTAND me…?
    I mean:
    GOD’s WORDs

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    So, Jason…
    Nothing’s going to stop you but:
    ~Divine intervention~
    dive vine inter invent inventor invented vein invite invited veto vetoed end den tine tend rent rented indent ted tee tree teed treed tried tied tired tie trine trend reinvent reinvented devein drive driven over ride Eid ID dire Indo into Erin rein rode node ode ten tin ton tone toner note noted toned one oner done dent dint indent idiot rite rive ore tore ET ret red event et tender Triton trove never ever even eve Eve noir torn inert tit tot rev revive vivo video non don drone diet dieter denier ER Re i.e. re nine divert invert inverted envied envier dinner diner dine rote rot not OT no on vet intern interned riot rioted IV vee environ ironed iron invention vote voter voted revote intend intention detention dirt rive intervene enter intervened entered deter reenter vent veneer teen rend dot dote dove drove evener drove Eden need needier intone intoned intoner in inn to do doe roe toe toed rod nod Od vert nerd rind edit editor edition rendition ditto net nerve nerved oven trite tote toted tenor inner evident ere trident Trident rove roved ovine vino venter vendor vender ender void entire tide Odin din rotten redo redone dotter en EN revived revved inviter divot IDE rennet rodent o trod reed deer reined netter internet
    I’m the “lady” in waiting…who came to say: I’m sorry as I sit all alone (am I).

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    Giovanna said ...

    That’s so weird. I had a dream about you last night too. It was…about your penis. What are the chances?❤️

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    kellygirl1111 said ...


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    kellygirl1111 said ...

    I already had the pleasure of meeting you, discovering what an AMAZING talent you are, and seeing you in concert in the 18th row. I am following my dream, Jason! That’s why I invited you to my 50th Birthday bash on May 17th. I sure hope you can come……cause that would be a DREAM COME TRUE!! (you can even play my son’s guitar that you signed) <3

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    reel van can clean lean lane reel real vale leave eave Eve even cleave leaven crave carve cave cavern en EN eel lee ee rave raven clever lever leaver never race lace lacer near ear era are leer care crane ale cleaner leaner lance lancer acre careen clan earn learn veer cane caner enlace lave ace revel reveal revealer Al Ar Ra Re ER re ravel navel nerve veneer evener narc nacre lea arc car craven renal reclean ave aver cleaver ran

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    This silence is needed?

    speech less sleep peels eels lees pees chess cheese El EP he she helps see seep seel sheep ESP spec else sh [sheeple]

    Still playing the same OLD game.

    “Can you come out and play?”(yet)

    I recall, long, long ago, asking this question…while I walked in my sleep. It’s ALL just part of the “story”, Jason Thomas Mraz.

    sleep walk walking waking wakes lakes leaks seek seeking leaking likes spike spill pills piles ills will wills wipes kings pings pangs sang sling sing slang kills kin akin keeps sin wins wines lips slip sine kine kilns ilk silk sign aligns Nile Lines lees eels sale sail spell spine penis pins pens en EN skin ski keeps keeping sleeping lies sew sewn lawns laws slaw paws pals pails ails pines pinks pink planks plies wise likes Spain pains plane plains planes lean lanes sane ask kas gels El nil naps Pan span spa wales pails plans pleas pleasing leasing easing awls leaps peals peels peeling pale ales gains gals lags wigs wags Ag ages sage sake lang. Eng. gleans asking pages peaks peaking speak speaking swell wells well wings swing palls gall angels angles kelp kneels new anew slew gnaws swank winks inks links sank sink peas pies pi ankles we ewes gapes gaps pews news see seen weans wanes walls leaping Naples wee sell selling spelling aisle isle pigs IG GI Ig ig gins gens genes aliens liens spake all asp lapse elapse elapsing lapsing weak weeks swine wages gees glees ska lisp nips nails wipes swipe wasp was sawn saw as a gasp slag single nigs nags pa spa PA AP alps snail slain lain eek ekes sneak snake gales elks leas gawks knew skew skewing EP IP apes napes sweep sweeping weeps weeping wank slink snap snip eking weaklings welling swelling palling paling eagles alike likens swan pawns knees weasel easel saline aline aping swig peeing pees sag gas spew spewing in wangle spank

    I’m feeling a little bit poetic:

    I sense and sense continued DOUBT
    You know what this is ALL about
    Why not shorten UP this BOUT.?.
    Rhymes go on and on this route…I’m so tired of being flout.
    It’s as if we planned this grout…Let’s inspire LOVE with clout.
    You know that this could last as tout…Mercy spares even the lout.
    And that is how it ALL does spout…Let’s move on with our own sprout.

    In case you’d like to look me UP…Petco Park could find your sup.
    I’m sure you’ll know the time and place…When we do come face to face.
    You’ll find there’s only ONE fresh space…Seaside Market wins the race.

  • Avatar of ashley
    ashley said ...

    HI! Can you come back soon? I am faithful to you and your journal; but, I’m getting ants in my pants! A Taurus is only so patient! :)

  • If this is where it has to happen…
    Our story could be heard anywhere. Rewriting history, a book, a poem, a picture. I choose these, my words

    ~You and I, we have a secret
    I know its time, we mustn’t keep it
    trapped in mirrors, tucked in our beds
    lost away now in both our heads
    The circles of dust we’ve both been spinning
    has come to an end. This now LOVES beginning
    I know you, I remember your touch

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    As difficult and repulsive as it may seem to some to just walk away from “fame & fortune”…the facts of these matters are constantly spelled out for anyone to view…whether we admit it or not. So…SO, here it is, for whatever it is worth:

    ~Fame & Fortune~
    fam. farm arm tune true Mu man men mean frame our out outer nut torn ET ret rent mar ram ream team tame tamer term fern for afore fore more mote ma moat roan Ra ran fate feat eat ate tea tear tare ear era are fare fear fur fat at team near neat mourn morn moan mona Rome Roma roam Om Amer. mare fort true rue name famer after raft aft or meant afro net et turn urn run ramen amen omen nom mon fret tum rum fun tuner tone note toner one oner from form foreman oar tore ore amour mart re ER Re rat tar art mentor forte ort nature mature manure offer off often oft fume fem. REM rout route fart effort fan tom tome o no on OT not met meet me EM free fee mate mater earn eater eaten meat feature or meaner front affront foe toe mo m.o. tree tee teen ten ton en EN mute foremen Norman atone atoner moaner Freon eon rot rote emote oaf neater fro rune mere ere UN ee feta ETA remote enter turf ruff tuff Ute refute aunt ant ante freeman oftener neuro- euro EU tumor Roman oat neuter tan tam am teamer mount mounter amount runt font um nut ut rut Aum far Ar rename raff


    Here’s a more complete and updated version of “defection”…if anyone cares to know:

    defect infect ion con coin icon cot cote cone fit fine dine die diet dent dint do doe foe code node need feed fed cede confide fend end den Eid ID define find edit def I in it tin ton ten en EN feet ee teen if fie eon nit into tone one note noted toned etc. net ET et toe tied tide tie infected deceit nod Od ed. de tee teed -ite -ine fined deet fete entice enticed dice ice iced of coined con on no not OT coif o niece fence fenced cent decent Eden tine IDE fiend feint encode cod NEO once fee fond toed ted dote deco Odin din oct. Oct. ode

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    normason said ...

    Did I ever tell you I’ve always wanted to be a singer and could use a mentor?

    I’d pay you in healthy smoothies…

    I wish I could watch!

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    vicki.kaswen said ...


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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    & on what note does “defection” finally end?:


  • Avatar of vicki.kaswen
    vicki.kaswen said ...

    It’s only over when it’s over, and here’s to the “following” ending:

    foil lion loin ion wolfing

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    follow wing lol low owl go glow fowl fowling OG gin fling ling lingo no on lo flow flowing wig IG GI ig Ig wool log gill fill flog nog golf wolf win in fin fig foil oil ow owing goo foo fog woo wooing now own won fool fooling gown ill nil will long goof gif filo ow woof O.O. wino loon goon foil

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Here’s what I am thinking…It is just about time for the “following”:

    defect infect ion con coin icon cot cote cone fit fine dine die diet dent dint do doe foe code node need feed fed cede confide fend end den Eid ID define find edit def I in it tin ton ten en EN feet ee teen if fie eon nit into tone one note noted toned etc. net ET et toe tied tide tie infected deceit nod Od ed. de tee teed -ite -ine fined deet fete entice enticed dice ice iced of coined con on no not OT coif o niece fence fenced cent decent Eden tine IDE fiend feint encode cod NEO once fee

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    cdatta said ...

    Eagerly waiting for you in India.

  • Avatar of cdatta
    cdatta said ...

    A very artistic and inspirational piece.

  • Avatar of desertblossom
    desertblossom said ...

    Yeah so….


    OH my Goodness….

    Oh good heavens and love we been faking dreams she been making- tofu not bikinis..I don’t even talk about bacon or money around you because the infinite light of why has finally clicked after so many hours of mentally searching. WHAT does THAT mean. Not my bidness Daycare friend. The business of love. ASON with a J….Holmes WAZZZUPPPPPP!

    yeah it’s me- gotta tell you some more of the children of light series. Did you say you have a TRIBE…You have a tribe. Freak-en……Nah Dude. I haven’t talked to you since the day you were hanging out with H.A.I.R. I think. But I saw you on the cover of USA TODAY under the Beatles cute icon. Who would have ever imagined when you were a dreamer back in jeans when Sublime was all the rage that your kind inspiration encouraging each beautiful person to let their light shine would carry you above the clouds to dream n stages showing witness and divine example of God’s love- thank you for echoing the truth that loving one another and living in gratitude each day brings an unspoken peace of mind.

    Social Reps these words, if your bored, will linger in your hearts and the invisible strings between yours and his communicate when we aren’t consciously listening to the songs our hearts sing while in eachothers presence. Yeah you can sing…don’t even be shy about that…we all know you bust when no one is looking. Then the messages get there whether we discuss them or have the time to read them or not. The NAMM interview specifically discussed this comment section- that was only like 3-4 weeks ago. To a time traveler it’s integral to stay somewhat fresh in awareness of where your spirit siblings travel to keep the boat afloat. I don’t stalk. I talk when I visit so as to be opposite of creepers. BRO I KNEW there was a reason for the insanity. Forgive my ego- my dignity if you will…I prayed everyday to understand the persistence. And my relentless, endless commitment to one in love. That will sting in ways I can’t explain. Especially the lies spread by my good eternal enemies which means friend in opposite world…duh) G with sauce of some sort. I will always remember hearing him talk to you and finding out days later the two of you recorded together. In retrospect I celebrate the gifts and ability to hear that. It’s virtually impossible according to the current stage of science. Hurray for wisdom lighting our paths.

    In August 2008 before the excruciating pain of my custody battle began- well…to the level it became… I ran into my house one afternoon and had written words while ethereally walking around with you- “Patience wrote the Book” For her virtue and her highest purpose…I thank our Mother….I thank our Good Heavenly Father…I share the equality with all I live to love and each precious face i greet. So. Enough blah…this is why I came here:

    I wouldn’t ever ever treat a fly unkindly let alone my neighbors given the good nature my parents raised me with. I never meant to hurt anyone and pray I had been given messages of love, encouragement and support during 2008-2012 while actually writing and documenting the tweet tracks laid for the soul train to preserve the generations of tomorrow. Our families hearts pulse love to keep the lights in the sky shining. Fpr this I thank your parents…I thank their parents…I thank each tribe- or crew- or condominium- for the energetic surge emitted as Dr Emoto explained to us years ago 2004 or so in the documentary “What the Bleep do we know” Obviously life has been evolving breath by breath since light met mass…but on a personal level as a mother and soon grandmother I stand to testify this is REAL ( The grandma part like in 5-10 years… I am still only 34 but Asia is almost 16 and SO in love with her soulmate) Oh how I wish I could share the good lessons…Humbling lessons…of the pain of our limited 1 hr Skype due to lack of legal representation. Yeah I was trading professional massage w that attorney after the first $6000 in days or so- and he turned lame. I refuse to play that way. So he didn’t show 1 exhibit in court and it’s been a year from right now to be able to stand back up. Plus I wrecked my car the other day and lost my job. Dude. This alchemy BS is fatefully and painfully genuine. It’s to the penny and wrings me dry when it’ time for a life path shift. Am I that obstinate it has to get so extreme?

    The timing on this is naturally unfolding …taming my instant fire tongue to shhh….to be still….and to listen to the kids describe who they are vs. what I as their mama may have imposed upon them had our circumstances been instantly given is good. I am truly grateful. My son has stood strong against the abuse of his stepmother. He lives at grandmas as I am typing up the most POWERFUL case that has hit Ut. Like this sacred revolutionary story…it may unfold slowly (a few years is slow to us) but the impact of our universal lessons to love our enemies and let our trials strengthen our weaknesses has carved a new character within my body mind and spirit. And- my sweet inner vision now lies in the days I dream to be able to spend loving my grandchildren.

    These sweet little spirits entering their descent into humanity can feel angelic waves of love as they are guided to the right moment, the right parents, the right family to create mortal opportunity to grow and progress as a child of light….In large part due to the compassion you live on stage each day. Buddha would be proud I imagine and with my limited studies of Asian culture I don’t know that that is an inherent trait. Yay fo ya Mr Frost.

    It started at the light house in 2006. I had just filed for divorce and San Diego was only hours away…so I went to the tip of the end of America. Cabrillo.

    In dreaming how to start my wellness center I wrote the Back in Balance program. 7 day 6 night outdoor adventure. It has now evolved to a native American experience where students check in at the crack house :) …little cabin in the forest… to safely store all electronics etc and go through orientation. We grow each day as we walk through the gateway of petroglyphs left throughout Zion. Southern Utah is a Mecca for the writings of the ancients. And the story of the children of Light Lords of Darkness will allow families to engage together in the School of Light.

    5-10 solar powered all natural shelters with plumbing feeding the plant lined walls and geothermal heating cooling to assist them after a long days work. This hard days night stuff is for the birds. Each student has to work to eat and through our efforts we discover our dominant elements and earth name…etc etc.

    The publication from the info I gathered will act as a manual. “My daily journal” and the week will bring a massive self identity experience based on seminars I certified in by The Arbinger Institute called Leadership and Self Deception. I used to think I was so smart once…Oh it just plays on and on….

    btw youtube blocked me from you & won’t let me open your vids…I wonder why….we walk and talk so I 100% attribute this massive info overload to them forcing the issue. When I can’t openly tell you in spirit it led me to your page. But- don’t panic managers or NSA type people. It’s all good. As a butterfly to a spring flower I will flitter as I always do…landing here and there forgetting where I just was- because I live an independantly free life. I am aware (through painful past excess at the keyboard) that the words I post last throughout the rest of existence. What I say today I do so in reverence for humanity. Thank you future Jason Heads for learning through the gifts he is a conduit of. He is the real curbside to go service. No lie. Yeha….no you don’t know where I live and these hella cool guys made it so my eyes don’t know the pain of flash cameras and stage lights or popping eardrums thing they have to have night after night. I do sing and dance. And I used to steal stuff…but I went to jail once (3 times actually) for thinking I could just walk in and sleep there when my name wasn’t on the title so…NOT a good idea to break the laws.

    K- today it was like 4 am and he drifted in. Only been back to his page once or twice since like 90 days in his underwear years- swear it feels like ages and ages ago. But. yeah…

    So i asked him if I can turn on his you tube channel just to make sure his waves vibrate with his body so we know who he is so he doesn’t feel walking in his dream is being in a lost state- I have done that with John Lennon and Bob of course was here last night watching Stomp the Yard. He so good to me.

    His music resonated…I hopped up and turned on the light- and danced with his invisible shadow. he just sat on the bed…his spirit mass is a real live body- not sure why he is defferent than those of us here in bodies just flying. I hope he isn’t divided in two. He deserves the best…Sobriety and religion have changed my dancing style for sure. And as we spoke so many misunderstood moments were discussed between the election and drama from playing with G and knowing both sides…but not enough of either one to see why I trespassed in the first place. I can’t here….or there…or anywhere on line explain what I KNOW. Especially about You (in your 100% spirit) during those years. MY friend you been a nice nice friend. Talk about making a girl feel sexy for her mind. I wouldn’t be this without you- that’s for damn sure. And after you tubing for CC Brad Marley jumped in and protectively reminded me those guys weren’t nice in the real about my mindframe and then it led to your interview.

    Quantum Physics….I am guided by Mayans and original tribes of this land. Those souls not only tell the truth- there was no such thing as lie. Why would they? There was no shame and guilt…the virtue vice syndrome of our modern day and age is curable.

    I reread Jeremiah 1 yesterday. While in rehab 2011 this native american woman had me sleep in a hogan with a dreamcatcher above my head. At the time Dave Mathews was in Just roll with it..or something…I don’t want to google it right now. But after what had happened and how my life was a reel of fabricated story that had deeply affected my kids lives- I sought refuge. When I felt the Lord gift me with those comforting words- it calmed the anxiety slightly. At the time it seemed Charles Manson was a nice guy compared to the madness my choices created. As I have said before…I love me. I love how brave I have been. And I am so grateful we all survived whatever each of us went through the solidify our cores for the pillars we are now. Thanks so much for your patience Mr….there may not be a time to hug you and hold your hand as a sister and drag you to all the ruins and cemeteries and trees that taught me. Or for me to hop on a plane and see from your window of countries my real feet have never touched…but until then- I am grateful for you just the same.

    I don’t know if I WANT to write the book. It’s genius. It’s world record…literally…CAn you imagine if the bible was written with such accuracy how many lifes would have peacefully been lived here on Earth? It’s a precious privilege to have witnessed what I have seen. I think I will according to the stars…but my sweet solitude by rivers and walks without anyone knowing me is kind of nice. I can talk to myself- or you- or whoever we energetically attract into our auric bubbles (Abe Lincoln stopped by the other day) in safety and not fear having it blasted to cruel papanazzis. Being an author is an incredible gift…being an author of characters gifted with endless abilities through using elements and honoring animal totems in like having an African safari fit inside the backyard of a little American apt. My head hurts alot trying to play the cat in the hat without anyone in this small town knowing how undercover lover I really am.

    K bye for now. Love you. MUAH. Keep ya head up….Haters are haters not lovers or SK8rs….go pick up a seashell and remember mama loves you to. We were there in her arms where no one call people mean names or judge their artistic expressions and will be there again. Until then May I ever fallow in Eve’s footsteps that I may learn to discern between sorrow and joy God’s love to employ the tender mercies from on high. K…Bye.

    “looks like Jesus an his friends involved….”

    PS- Jason I never want to be a Judas and deny the great truth of Miracles Christ has worked inside of me. He woke me up when I died. He let me come back here to do this…But I sat at the governors desk on Saturday. Literally. And was in skid row 3 weeks before that in downtown LA haning out with homeless friends I teach a 12 step to. I don’t like the pace…or the differing lifestyles. To your spirit- Please help me maintain the inner courage I was born with & the valiance to stay true to what I know is right even if people judge by how it appears socially. Thanks 4 real ok? DB Lucy 6/15 not 23/77. I will always be two years younger. Or older depending on how you view age in this life. Don’t take this the wrong way but my year will kind of always be cooler because I graduated in 97 but that year backwards is when I graduated from wherever we were before this. you be you I be me and we be ok ok? And don’t glow to close to the sun….I don’t like flying away from my kids. They cute. They big and way smarter than us. I am doomed/my 10 year old still acts like the princess she was born as. You should have heard her bust Rihanna. Word for word- she can memorize and perform incredibly- she won 1st place at the talent show for singing, “Do you want to build a snowman…?” K love you bye.

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    All who wander seek.

    The journey ends this side of forever.


  • Avatar of DianaChe
    DianaChe said ...

    I´m so happy to hear people like you that think in that way, diferent, so beautiful, ways of seeing the world that can change the world. Thanks to share that….

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...


    Wow! How’d that happen?!!!

    You think he’s there for you, but he’s really there for the girls…

    Seriously, it’s nice that two such distinct musicians can appreciate each other.


  • Avatar of aBlueSkyOfLove

    The “I surrender” words are:

    I surrender
    to purify each thoughts and deed
    to let spirit flow though me
    to be free.

  • Avatar of Peaceout
    Peaceout said ...

    Dear Jason,

    Congrats on the new tour with Raining Jane – I have to say that the show was awesome and not only could one feel the light, love and intention that you all put out together, but your maturity, levity and light as an artist is so apparent.

    I got to speak with Chaska afterwards, who was a a like a butterfly landing on each of the fans out front, and told her that I loved the show, congratulations and it was really nice to be able to go to there and after a short while, sink in to my chair and just experience the love and amazingness that you all are putting out there. I also requested that you all make at least ten albums (lol – please?)… and purchased the Fond of Cats mug, which I will enjoy, most likely, with a cat on my lap.

    In terms of fanship, it was really nice to bring my friend Lauren, who is now a bigger fan than before. She loved going and had a great time. We also met other fans of yours outside on the street, hoping for a chance to meet you. (I cannot imagine what that must feel like – to have that kind response to your work and hopefulness towards meeting you. We tried sending out many good vibes while waiting to entice you to come out) Because this wasn’t the time to get to meet you, I want to tell you about a few of the folks – one was a mother and daughter (collage age) from Illinois. They flew out from Chicago for the show on her spring break and were kind and fun to laugh to and joke with. This was their first time in Santa Cruz. We also met Mzao or “Mo” who had met you early on in your career and had the desire to connect with you again. He plays with Mukagee and told us an amazing story about all the events lining up for him to sing on stage at a Hootie and the Blowfish concert, changing his musical direction to really embrace singing. He was definitely a music man at heart and played us some music on his phone – good stuff! Many of us danced around to stay warm but all were happy to be there – such a community you inspire, of really nice people. I also made up a Mraz fan, secret handshake. It’s secret but it has to do with the sun and the heart you inspire. Good job. ;-)

    I am embracing the reality that I will probably never get to meet in you but I will always continue to be a fan. If I had met you, I would have wanted to say that I am really proud of the person you have become – all around throughout your career thus far. You are a brilliant sun and human being with a clear purpose in this life. We are actually very close in age, you are my elder and have brought a lot of light into the dark corners of my own world. When you come on stage, you cast the dark clouds to the side and create rainbows. (Cheesy but true) We got to see many rainbows last night with you and Raining Jane.

    Thanks for your efforts and keeping it real. I hope the rest of your tour is a tremendous success and will one of the first to buy your new album when it is available.


  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Hey boy (and girls)!

    Sing one–anyone–for me!


  • jason Mraz, really love your voice and you create song .
    when you come to Indonesia?
    Yes, Just do what we think in our mind .
    isn’t hard to doing something right ?
    thanks for being part of my inspiration .

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Instagram: What a diversity of people! Multi-color, size, and shape. Just like avocados!


  • Avatar of claire.wood.9465

    Thank you Jason for your continuous inspiration. You are a beautiful example of being your true self and sharing your soul with others. Thank you for waking us, reminding us, and perpetually loving.
    – Claire

  • Thank you for the advice. I, too, would like to start a blog. I think it’s important to express goodness as much as one can into this universe.

    I love watching your live concert performances where you lift the vibrations of your audience and have them ::mmm:: along. It’s like mass meditation. lol
    Maybe one day I will learn to appreciate meditating, but for now I am just grateful to be a free spirit.

    One of my favorite songs is, “Live High,” because it reminds me that though my home is on the surface, I am still a universe.

    You tend to always share/sing the words I need to hear in every particular moment, and so I hope you do not mind that all of my focus and attention is on you. You are the perfect example of who I want to be, minus the singing (i would replace that art with dancing, lyrical to be exact)

    One dream I would like to achieve is to create a lyrical dance to “Live High” (that one is on the bucket list)I’ve had that dream for quite a while now; accomplishment: better late than never.
    I would love to start dancing right away, but my priority is to eat healthy, get my body in a state that matches my mind, and slowly but surely, I am working on freeing myself from earthy addictions, for I had let myself go in the past.

    Ive embarrassed myself completely in the past week or so, but that doesn’t bother me, at least not as much as it should, because I know my intentions were in the right place, I just have an illness called bipolar that makes it difficult to focus. Again, thank you for the advice.
    Ya know, maybe we’re kindred spirits or something. May sound creepy, but I’d like to think we were married in another life,.. or to be totally honest.. lol, girls gotta keep some class up in the piece, so never mind. lol

    Dude, God has got a sense of humor. My mum says, “want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans..” Yep, so true. I have got some crazy ideas of how I would like to save the planet! I just want everyone to be nicer and more kind to one another. Tolerance is important to me. Besides you, closest being to perfection this planet has to offer, no-body is perfect. I wonder why more people don’t aspire to be like the great leaders in history, or to strive for perfection..? I worry too much, you know me better than myself, you must be a mystical creature, you freaking alien you!! (i will listen to that song reccomendation) JEBUS! I called that shit, but at least that shit don’t stink.

    Can we be friends Jason? You’ve been my saving grace; I would love to meet you. That maybe could be a future goal, for now I have some work to do on myself. I feel your presence with me, not that you’re my God or anything like that. God IS LOVE, and I will walk this life serving love, because I am a server of Love. (Not as eloquent as I’d like my closing statement to be, but hey, no one is perfect, right?)

    Thank you, Jason,
    Your music has Healing Powers

    Your BIGGEST fan, *not litterally, im totally tiny
    Gloria Elaine Powers

  • Avatar of vicki.kaswen
    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Wanting to get noticed here…so how about writing UP another BLOG thing, and I will shoot you a real inspiring message. Since it has a lot to do with your chosen profession…You should probably LISTEN to me also, as I continue to LISTEN to you. Anyway, going on a saying like: The best things in life are free can lead to eventual freedom/free-dumb.
    As for highways and freeways, let’s just say I’m sitting atop the “805″ looking at HOME Avenue and figuring I’m pretty close now.
    Om ave oven venue he me EN en EM move ma am hue human humane mane eh heaven haven mean men man ee vee omen amen ham even Eve eve eave mona ah ha moan name vane hove have hen AU Au Mu mo m.o. oh ho hoe no on one EU

    Shall we ALL assume “YES” finally means YES … for real?

  • Avatar of bashsimplicio
    bashsimplicio said ...

    It is quite an amusement that two of your latest blogs is about dreams.

    Thank you for letting me dream of the person that I want to be.

    Be love. :)

  • Avatar of iriannyguzman
    iriannyguzman said ...

    Jason! If you wrote a book, I would buy it. So you should DEFINATELY think about doing that :) Much MUCH love. You know how to crack someone up, make them happy and make them contemplate life all at once. So thank you! Keep on doing what you’re doing :) <3

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    You’re the baby kitty and I’m the momma cat.


  • Avatar of Peaceout
    Peaceout said ...

    <> No email from SCT = no pre-sale code and now, no more double seats available in the public sale for 2 friends who want to go together. So sad! :’-( I will just have to forward to the new album and wish you the best CA tour ever! \o/ \o/ \o/

  • Avatar of Peaceout
    Peaceout said ...

    We are ready for a new post! <> (Can I speak for everyone? Err..)
    Excited about your Northern CA visit – welcome ahead of time!
    Hoping to attend one of the shows in one of my favorite places to visit – the lovely SC. What a Grrrreat way to move into spring – Yay!
    Regards and back to work-

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Today’s dinner: One avocado, salsa, sour cream and Triscuits.

    Behold the power of telepathy.


  • Last night, On Hiawatha cold and lonely
    I wished that I could phonee
    you and tell you don’t be
    worried bout this here tree
    I gotchu babe…y

  • Avatar of alpal14
    alpal14 said ...

    J man you are so awesome. You inspire me to not worry so much about life and just go with the flow and be happy. I was writing this essay for a college scholarship the other day and mentioned how and why you are such an inspiration to me, so thankyou! I just wish you would come to Michigan!

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Instagram: So, we’re showing cleavage now to sell t-shirts, are we?

    Valentine Day’s Love

    From a cynical non-believer

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Instagram: You have his eyes.

  • Avatar of Peaceout
    Peaceout said ...

    Mr Mraz,
    I have a question for you. I have been mostly vegetarian for quite some time with many vegan days. However, I just watched Vegucated which gave me the needed push to make the final decision to go 100% vegan.
    I have been aware of the causes and conditions for raising meat – and don’t want to support this entire industry, but where I get stuck is how do I take care of indoor cats who have lived entirely on a meat diet produced from the same places or worse? Has this come up for you too? If so, what do you in this regard for feeding your beloved, feline family members?
    Thank you and warm regards-

  • Avatar of iasthai
    iasthai said ...

    Dear Jason, Im Jason too but I go by Iasthai…which is the Greek word for “healer” and the root origin of our shared name. I say that because that is exactly what your words do for me. I know you are more special and unique than most people realize, and what I’m referring to goes beyond your music because that is just the vehicle that carries your message. We are all blessed, but God has a special place in his heart for you. With much love and gratitude :-)

  • Avatar of lizzie217
    lizzie217 said ...

    I cannot thank you enough for sharing that! My husband and I feel like we are surrounded by so much uncertainty in our lives right now and that JUST made me think, re-focus, TRUST-SURRENDER-RELEASE! Namaste :)

  • Avatar of divinitymtg
    divinitymtg said ...

    Speaking of dreaming it would be nice to find a video of you and James Blunt singing something together figured you may have something old hidden online some where just dreaming you shared a moment together calibrating :-)

    Dreams sometimes leave us wondering. Thanks for vibration my soul with your awesome music and words. It is a healthy addiction.

    P.S. So thankful you are doing the country thing. Hope you have a country song of your own to contribute from your many travels and thoughts you seem to put into words others can relate too

  • Avatar of divinitymtg
    divinitymtg said ...


  • Avatar of divinitymtg
    divinitymtg said ...

    Speaking of dreaming it would be nice to find a video of you and James Blunt singing something together figured you may have something old hidden online some where just dreaming you shared a moment together calibrating :-)

    Dreams something leave us wondering. Thanks for vibration my soul with your awesome music and words. It is a healthy addiction.

  • Avatar of carolmae
    carolmae said ...

    Oh I pray one day I can share with you what your words mean to me. :) God bless you. Love always

  • Avatar of adilucyesha
    adilucyesha said ...

    dreams signifies something, interpretation also comes within us, say i dreamt of this situation december 2012 about my mom ripping off the dress i bought her then come christmas day she didn’t liked the dress. so the ripping off is somehow the disgust.

  • Avatar of gmhefner
    gmhefner said ...

    well now i know what i need to focus on to cure my stage fright….your penis. hope you don’t mind.

    just kidding.

    i always find something in your posts that really speaks to me and this one is no different.

    i’ve been thinking lately about what my life’s meaning is so this post came to me at just the right time.

    loving the phrase, “your heart’s voice.” i think i’ll just sit quietly with that for a while.

    thank you, jason.


  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    My son, who is seven years old, is one of your many young fans and so he has learned a couple of your songs, as much as his grasp of English allows him to. Yesterday I heard him singing Lucky in the house and I noticed that he had some trouble with one line. I wanted to help him and I translated him the meaning of ‘I wish we had one more kiss’. He looked at me with big eyes and said: ‘OK. From NOW ON, I’ll skip this part. I mean, I REALLY don’t understand what Jason was thinking when he wrote these lyrics…’ (Don’t you worry. You’ll get it one day, I thought. And this day will come way too soon, my heart sighed.) Anyway, he still DREAMS that one day will get to see you live in concert. I guess sometimes I dream about that, too. Well, I just hope that somewhere, someday, our dreams will come true. Yes, be you!

  • Avatar of ovillegas
    ovillegas said ...

    I have had many dreams that you were actually in. My last dream you were making your way through a crowd. Commotion ensued. When i realized the commotion was because of you, i navigated my way to where you were. By the time i got there, only 3 of us were there. You graciously agreed to take pics with us. I let the other 2 people go before me and i stood there thinking…..it’s not supposed to happen this way. I want to meet you when i have finished my other dream of getting into and completing nursing school. It’s almost my turn for a picture and i wake up. When i awoke, i was like….darn! I had my chance! I wanted to see what was going to happen next, just like those season finale nail bighter TV shows! But i think my subconscious took over and said don’t do it this way. You need to go for your real dream and then reward yourself by meeting Jason if another opportunity arises, strive for one thing at a time. And this is what i am setting out to do, thanks dream :)

  • Avatar of the.jade.forest

    Namaste :)

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Instagram: Boy, are you in trouble! You’re gonna get it when she wakes up!

    Actually Grammy Razz just wanted to demonstrate what she thought of many of this year’s nominees. (Friends of Mraz excepted).

    Snoozefest is right!

  • Avatar of yashajmera
    yashajmera said ...

    i just joined this family….a few minutes ago…and this is the first thing i read…it’s 1:08 a.m. here in india ; and im about to sleep…wat a gift ,this page from your journal,is Jason….thank you so much!!

  • Avatar of xiaozhao
    xiaozhao said ...


  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    DEFINITELY needs to be on album 5, definitely, yeah, definitely needs to be on album 5, album 5, yeah…

    Depending on what region of the country you’re from, or depending on how much license the poet’s willing to steal, “weenies” might rhyme with “genius”.


  • Avatar of Littlethr33
    Littlethr33 said ...

    OR maybe, our biggest dreams – the ones that define us even as we try to expand our conscious existence to meet their demands – cannot manifest without sharing boundaries with other, less dominating dreams. One dream begets another, and another…all leading back to the central path of the Dreamer. Cycling (spiraling, not circling if we’re paying attention). So many shreds, like cobbles, seperated to created a whole.

    OR, maybe your sub-C mInd had a meltdown from all the focus you put on your penis. The dream did, after all, conclude with what could be interpreted as hard-on imagery (a length of paper; paper=trees; trees=wood). Damn. I should do this for a living. You’re welcome.

    Cosmic, or phallic? It always cums back to this.

  • Avatar of budditha
    budditha said ...

    Jason yesterday i started reading this and wasn’t able to finish! but this Bob Dylan name got stuck to my head! and yesterday i found your A Hard Rain’s cover (which i thought yours) and today i was listening to it all over the day! you couldn’t believe i put that song repeat one song mode in my phone and listen more than 4 hours! and when i came back from Uni i searched and found that A Hard Rain’s song is originally sang by Bob and not by you.. and suddenly i remembered i read something in your blog about Bob Dylan yesterday!

    Life is amazing! i’m just a student living in Sri Lanka and there was no way i could listen to Bob Dylan when i was a kid! thanks for introducing my self for that amazing music!

    You are the best thing in my life and i’m motivating day by day listening to you!

  • Avatar of EvaHassine
    EvaHassine said ...

    Beautiful! Talking about dreams once a while you appear in some of mine. I usually ground them in medition after waking up or over the day, means I visulise light in the characters, actions and whatsoever appeared there.
    This time we saw a being looked like an avatar from the movie avatar who jumped into a bigger roboter construction (also like the earth people in the movie use these roboters to detroy their living place).
    This one here went of to conquer the world. We stood in a field where trees have been cut.

    I pray for this earth and I totally and truely believe that all evil can be stopped in its effect by the very power which lies in us and which is always ready to be used.

    Maybe and hopefully an old story for you, but if not I recomend to read ” the Live and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East ” by Baird T. Spalding.

    Stay a lightball and have fun fun fun all of you :)

  • Avatar of solefraim
    solefraim said ...

    Thank you for inspire me and others to go for it… you know some times is not very easy to really know our calling or to have the courage to persue THE DREAM. But every time, when Im just giving up or thinking, Im too crazy, Is so hard to acomplish that dream, You come along with your lovely words and your heavenly music and it s just like a wake up call. Thank you again and again, I hope you will some day, know how much you mean to me and how much you have helped me trough life. Thank you for beeing part of my beautiful mess. LOVE

  • Avatar of danadrs
    danadrs said ...

    This is the first post I’ve read on here and it does strike a chord in me. Still trying to find my dream, but finding it difficult in my busy life to do that. I did quit work for a few years to go on a sailing trip around the Pacific in a small wooden boat with my now husband, and doing some good deeds along the way, and that was something special. I would love to have more time for family, for the ocean, for photography, for music, for experiencing and giving. But my time gets so filled with work and taking care of my kids (which I wish I had more time for) that there’s little time left to figure out dreams…

  • Avatar of shlahshlah
    shlahshlah said ...

    Thanks Jason. It’s funny that whenever I am searching for something, you have a new blog that helps. Peace Brotha.

  • Avatar of n.namaste
    n.namaste said ...

    Hello … Bonsoir Jason!!
    I just noticed this entry today! Aah lala me too! Moi aussi i dream a lot and i think a lot these days and can’t focuse on one thing… But for me it isnt my choice… I have to find solutions to bring money … All my thought are mostly about finding jobs ..works to do. But i also allow myself time to think about my Well being ( bien être ) . I found myself pursuing A dream I never was aware of … Creating jewelry inspired by you and your words through your songs … It brings me lots of joy to do this… Like u im a creative mind and i’m very active in that area…. Therefore i always have many ideas ..thoughts and focus on one at a time is important…

    About the dreams i saw an interesting documentary years ago about our brain activity at night. We all do have many dreams but we usually remember the Last one.

    About my jewelry i sent u one for christmas but maybe u never received it :(
    U can visit my website to see what i am doing that would mean the world to me please http://www.belovejewelry.com

    Send my love to u and ur kitties

    Ps: i looooove when u speak my language ( francais)
    If u need lessons …

  • Avatar of vicki.kaswen
    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Sunday morning (now afternoon) greetings from the great beyond…it’s nice to be able to “share”… so even if you are still avoiding these pronouncements … behaving as though this is not really so … wishing I might vanish once more … careful what you wish for.

    According to sources…GOD is our only:

    ~Saving person~
    saves savers avers aves raves pings pongs song sang sings rings pigs prose pros rose Eros sore spore spin span snap snip pins pens opens o no on one son soaps parsons singers peons eons reasons season springs Spring Spain pains pages ages agers pagers sages sager Avon naïve proves proven rove ropes openings sis piss press prone roans sone soaping roping gives given gave graves graven porn groins OP PO Op Po op po so SO os Os OS SOS prongs ER re Ra Re grapes gaps gapes napes noises noses nosier sirens version serving prisons I seas sears ears spears spares eras are rapes apes gains regains gainers grins paving paves pavers proving in inns sinner inner spinners spines penis arson gone goners egos ago vipers snipers snipes ripe ripens gripes grips raps ran san vans vain sane saner insane Iran Erin rein reigns ogres gores Gore snores pans naps Pan GENI vinegars VIN vines revs passing pass passer gas sag singes nigs near nearing earing governs Virgos Vespa vena environ non anon persona pose poser posing reposing airs pairs spires aspires sprigs rigs Niger oranges orange ranges angers openings arise arisen risen arose rapine pines gins ginners gens regions varies snoring ores nags rags Ag pangs sprang rang snags gross vase rase piers pianos pisser resigns signers signs praises prises raises asp rasp grasp en EN pre rep per i.e. grass mess messing massing gasser nips pies peas pi spies pears pares pa vise organs gasp none grains rains veins geo NEO nova envois is sensor rinses posse nerving versing assign reassign assigner pinner panniers aversions sires sirs nope soapier over ovens prog resin rosin ESP irons prigs Eng. engross ovaries rove rives nine sine -ine ensigns reasoning seasoning organise sips IP EP ORG ergo erg goes pigeons ass ness ingress ogress prance prancing prions Vegas raving snares snaring raping aping nerving anions pressing vipers repos anise seniors sago negro IV ravens ravines OG sirens oner assignor esp. asp gens grins Aspen aspens sparing parings preassign sprains resaving renin

    Man, I hope this is getting plain enough to see what we’ve got to consider here as our more engaging and honest situation.

    I realize/realise I don’t follow the rules. I realize/realise I break a few laws. I know. And, as for a proper channel … I’m good with mine.

    ~Proper channel~
    pop prop chap cheap reap rape ape cape cap crop crap rap harp heap leap peal pale ale hale help helper hap capper crapper rapper lap pal panel open cope cop lop prepare opal canner can crane cheer peer oral coral carol clear clean cleaner clearer leer ear era are lean lane leaner peen plan planner place lace lacer placer clapper clap cheaper leaper peel reel real heal healer hope hoper chopper plop Pope rope roper clop PO OP Po Op op po pear pare pearl earl or Ra repel repeal chore prone roan clone cloner lone loner alone noel non anon none alp perch porch lore encore paper caper crepe ache acre acne peach leach each preach preacher reach race elope eloper nope parch arch propel err care carp corp. pace ace pacer cheep en EN hen her hero Hera Rhea rappel renal apron nape oral hoar oar opera copper nap Pan parch loach roach Noah hone horn penal peep people apple ranch orca El poach poacher crone lopper lapper learn earn lecher eel lee heel hole pole polar NEO reopen pore ore nacre careen capon haler paler learner earner heaper hap AP PA paler creep channeler narc lea canoe ocean ran clan paleo- pecan epoch echo echoer carrel rare rear roar

    Is anyone here seeing through this grand illusion yet?

    It must be harder to do when you live on “easy street”

    ~Easy street~
    ease treats yes ayes say stay strays ass tetras east seats setters ETs see seer Easter teasers easers teases YA years ye at teats tasty states tasters resets rye try sty Etsy tats ta Ta TA starts tarts treaty as a stare star stat test testy yet eatery eats ate teas ears eras are yeast rest rase erase trays rays ere tress terse eaters aster trees tees seas rates rats tars arts artsy arty tryst et

    Personally, I do my best to live on LOVE Street…It’s not exactly what most people think…

    ~LOVE Street~
    voles lovers over totes votes voters solve solver resolve tots trots troves rove roles lost lose loser steer sot slot lot lore revels vest verse serve strove test lest else El steel sore ores store stole toles ort revolts volts reset SO so os OS Os stove overt vert vet vetoes rose Eros eels lees resole sole otters veers ere seer see levers ever Eve eves letters setter seel reels revs revote ester tore tortes torts

    These interesting lyrics provided courtesy of the DOORS:
    “Love Street”

    She lives on Love Street
    Lingers long on Love Street
    She has a house and garden
    I would like to see what happens

    She has robes and she has monkeys
    Lazy diamond studded flunkies
    She has wisdom and knows what to do
    She has me and she has you

    She has wisdom and knows what to do
    She has me and she has you

    I see you live on Love Street
    There’s this store where the creatures meet
    I wonder what they do in there
    Summer Sunday and a year
    I guess I like it fine, so far

    She lives on Love Street
    Lingers long on Love Street
    She has a house and garden
    I would like to see what happens

    La, la, la, la, la, la, la
    La, la, la, la, la, la, la
    La, la, la, la, la, la, la
    La, la, la, la, la, la, la
    La, la, la, la, la, la, la

    That wraps UP my Sunday session. Hope you enjoy it at least as much as I did.

    P.S. Wish I could be in Oceanside tonight…but guess the -timing’s- not quite right…yet-

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    We are so blessed that we are made to daydream or sleep in order to find our deepest desire as it’s mostly unknown amongst the many thoughts the come heading to our dartboard in our minds…only to find that the heart is the bull’s-eye.

    Currently I find my daydreaming is changing, whereas before I would create it precisely of how I think it should go (always playing the heroic role of course), but now I just let it flow and when it pauses for input like a speed bump, I stop and smile at the images and let the ending go to the creator- nothing can create a better ending…or continuation. I don’t get to see the ending but I know it’s in good hands.

    I love your dream and interpretation, it’s right on, and thanks for sharing to us all as we get so consumed on what a path looks like for ourselves. There are many reasons why some see theirs as career based or love and spirituality (which is all three); but we all see what we want…and we all get signs to what it could be if you look up and around and as you say hear the singing calling you out.

    I get accused of making everything a sign or symbolic and it translates to outsiders as a foolish or dangerous (susceptible) to trust something not of the analytical mind as not logical. But in doing so life is a like a dream where the illogical come true in profound ways. I am presented with what I need at all times and I am open to receiving it.

    Hope to see you tonight…oh a daydream begins!

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    disappeared* stupid auto correct! See 3 kids…You get the drift….

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    Sometimes I get this voice that shouts..hey what the heck is Jason writing about these days? So I come here to check in…And boom..this one was meant for me. I have so many ideas, areas, thoughts, dreams… I can’t figure out which one to choose or how to focus on just one…but i know if I don’t …they could all just slip away.

    Thanks for pointing out ways to focus…there is so much noise and so much to do. With 3 kids in and out of my head all day I lose my train of thought..constantly! But you are right…I need to focus time each day to be still and really listen..I am literally afraid to dive in to deep with any of my ideas because I am afraid of success..what the hell?? That sounds ridiculous but it’s true. I wrote a song…well parts of it anyway…and the lyrics are fricking crazy…it was like I spewed them out in a mad rush before they diapered…now I need a melody…if you have any sounds you can’t find words to send them my way…It’s based on a time frame in your life anyway…so maybe you already have the melody…

    I hope you are well and loving life and doing amazing things and enjoying the warm California sun ..lucky dog!!!

    Take care!
    I am serious about that song…

  • Avatar of dcanmg
    dcanmg said ...


  • Avatar of vicki.kaswen
    vicki.kaswen said ...

    In words/inwards:

    ball all baller bail ail real rib brine rile liar lair area arena be barn bane lib bi lean lane Nile line aline liner banal anal renal nail liber bile lab ban alien lien lar bar bra brain rain blare ear era are able Abel abler label bailer bill nil air aerial IRA nab en EN near Iran Erin earn learn bear bare rein lain lie i.e. Ra El Re ER re lira biller ALA in an ale Al Ar aria bean bin Baal

    ~Mind control~
    Odin din odor onto into ton tin iron icon corn croon moon toon loon loom loot tool drool rod cod dorm not no on OT O.O. rot dot mint o lo coot coon con co Co CO coil oil toil moot root moron moronic tonic I IM Indo condor cool clod ort do coo doo moo lotion notion doom mood rood nom mon mono color mid ID it dint motion m.o. mo mot MOT nit micron Om Od colon torn room mild crit droit in lint door inc. milt oct. Oct. roc mic dirt mil nil cot non don morn cord lord donor or omit dim rim Mir rid lid ion lion loin Orion loco

    ~Dream on~
    ream moan moaner moaned one oner -ade arm armed me EM REM derma o no on m.o. more ore mo morn mead men man mean mad made rend end den darn dare mare Amer. done dean Dane mane ear era are modern Rome Roman Roma mode dome rode ode road adore adorn read dear red med mend amend amen omen name named earn don Dom eon nerd nard near demon ed. de or node Aden dram Om Od NEO ado drone roan do doe roe dam damn mar ram redo mona en EN roam roamed rad ad Dan DNA RNA AND and ran remand

    [~In words~]
    dins Odin rows sword SID sin in winds rods Od ow sow sown snow rids or irons rosin down downs drowns wind sworn worn
    raids aids airs was saw sawn dins winds wands swan rains rids ID Ar draws drawn raw wars win said wads ads ran Ra drains Dan DNA RNA AND and AIDS sand Iran wins nards warns IRAS IRA sward wards is in dinars dawns darns wind

  • Avatar of WonderWoman
    WonderWoman said ...

    Once in a dream I drowned in paper. The computer just kept pouring out rolls and rolls, like infinite toilet tissue until the volume covered my head and I couldn’t breathe. Then again, I’ve also dreamt I was a goldfish and a vampire, although not all in the same night. The subconscious is weird territory.

  • Avatar of Telluselle
    Telluselle said ...

    You qualify by making direct contact without pretendes thru email or phonecall. You disqualify by respectless mindgames and ridicule. Write a song about that. I’ll send Bill the bill.

  • Avatar of vicki.kaswen
    vicki.kaswen said ...

    I could be reading my SELF here today…but it appears I am reading YOU. Funny how witty your itty bitty knitty gritty gets every so often. Hopefully more and more so…often. Your fans appreciate your words of wisdom. Nice to know you are tapping “inwards/in words” … that’s just another interesting way of widening perceptions of sound patterns. Yeah, how it’s ALL done. Mind control/patterns/programs/WAVES.

    Here’s praying your sound wave patterns continue to please GOD.

    Happy to be following along and filling in the missing pieces.

    GODSLOVE to/for/as you Jason
    “Yours Truly: The USBand-It

  • Avatar of Ireneee
    Ireneee said ...

    Hey Jason!
    In French, it can be DANSEUR if you want to describe a male dancer of ballet.
    Actually, I have to focus on language study such as English and German away from music or some other things (my mother tongue isn’t English but Chinese). I’m also interested in writing my experience or mind or emotion in my own blog, but meanwhile I always have an enjoyment of music.
    Sometimes when I feel exhausted or anxious, I’d rather go to the cinema or look up to the sky, assume that the sun can understand me and talk with it. The latter one is a little strange, right? Haha~
    I have ever dreamed something mingled in a muddle and after that, it’s a bit of tiredness for me. And they’ll happen easily when I’m busy in too many matters and I cannot solve them systematically. So, maybe you met with some problems, which made your dream at sixes and sevens. I hope you can make it just like what’s said in this JOURNAL.
    BTW, I love your humor all the way!

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    You are an inspiration, and a very funny guy. : )
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and dreams.
    Love and peace to you.,

  • Avatar of Iedaarj
    Iedaarj said ...

    When you sleep your soul awake.

  • Avatar of Hakamhasy.Adlim

    the good man/woman is a man/women that always make their famiLy, neighbour and people around him/her feel pLeasure with his/her mouth and what him/her do…

  • Avatar of Hakamhasy.Adlim

    the god man/woman is a man/women that always make their famiLy, neighbour and people around him/her feel pLeasure with his/her mouth and his/her do…

  • Avatar of gealine
    gealine said ...

    This is beautiful, perfect timing.
    So happy you are blogging on a regular basis again!
    I kinda need it in my life, like you are one of inner voices that guides me.

    With love,

  • Avatar of LindaGalvan
    LindaGalvan said ...

    This is beautiful, you’re beautiful, I love you.

  • Avatar of Peaceout
    Peaceout said ...

    thanks for posting, jason. i freakin <3 u. and have never met you. ha!

    … perhaps the inner voice is also interconnected with other folks' inner voices, whispering and sharing dreams, encouragement and love. maybe that's how choruses truly came to be. :-)

    hoping you read the link i posted. i am going to keep writing i think. i <3 words.


  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...


  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    Dear Jason, they say when you can have control of your dream you in fact have control of your life, so happy to hear this as most of us are just prays of our dreams state. It is not easy to face the big bear who is running after us in a dream but realize that the dream once we know it is, is easier to end the chase and see the light within it.

    It is true that we let the external concern distract us, control of the mind and not the mind control. Putting effort into ones life such as meditation can help making the dream a reality. Thank you so much for enlightening us. Love

  • :D

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    “Your dream is who you really are. And it’s always there singing to you, you just have to give yourself a moment to hear it.”

    And then you go and tell me to be a baller.

    You make me dizzy when you play (with yourself).