Back To The Earth, The Home Game.

August 28, 2014

I’m calling the next generation of farmers to action.

This is a story. It is a beautiful story. It is a story is about you and me. And how we gave up greed, corruption and ignorance. We realized that HUManity, HUMility and HUMus all came “from the earth.” And so, we kneeled and kissed the ground. And the earth spoke to us. And here is what she said: Be a Farmer. Grow food. Build community. Save the planet. #beafarmer #growfood #kisstheground #thesoilstory

The Average age of today’s farmer is between 60 & 70. And they hope to retire soon. We need 4-6 million new farmers just to replace them. And we need good food farmers to make sure our future isn’t fed from factory farms, chemical fertilizers, and GMO seeds. YUCK.

Did you know that organic, regenerative farmers could put an end to the climate crisis? The solution is IN THE SOIL!

New farmers wanted. Change your world with this course: Graeme Sait’s in LA, September 15th-18th. And check out Graeme’s Ted Talk.

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    normason said ...

    exploding stars and
    sun greet full-bright Texas moon,
    sing ecstasy trance

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    normason said ...

    A great reception for a great artist. I’m proud of San Antonio.

    You were fabulous. Your band was fabulous. And the background took my breathe away, as the universe is wont to do.

    God keep you as you continue your mission: to make people happy with your music.


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    normason said ...

    I wish I had had time to play Find Waldo, Jason in San Antonio version, with you today. It’s enough that you’ve come to serenade me FINALLY in my own city. I was getting tired of chasing you around the country.

    Radiating love,


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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Just in case you’re keeping UP with this…here is what I overlooked in my first rendition:
    For ~corroborate~:)beat
    For ~ Colocasia esculenta~:) tees teases easiest seat east seats occasional aloes salts alts anus anal assault also Satan satanic satin Santa sonata colonial sensation sensational cosines cousins O.O toenails so SO os Os OS SoCal canals stallions coca cocoa cacao CIA calico Stalin seclusion occlusions isolations isolates SOS sauces caeca Intel tonsils [salaat] sauciest Au USA AU au nooses colossal access stole stolen lousiest accession assent antics tics cists nestles cleats cleanest leanest

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    I’m gonna give you this and just keep hoping you’re paying some attention here…Latin words coming through loud and clear…from plants to plans to planets and all that really matters:

    core bore boar oar rob robe bro rate rat tar art tare bear bar bra brat brace race trace BAC ear era are eat ate tea tear tare cobra boa bat rare rear roar err care cart car arc act cat cater actor ace bate error terror or Ra Re rot rote boat boater bet boot O.O. OT toe tore ET ret rater bode abode bod rod rode ode adore ER re tab abort bort root coot coat Toca o.c. Co co CO O.C. oct. roc oat coater carter barter to too at cab cob terra robot o roe bracer tracer racer coo cooer boo creator cot cote Croat borate reboot orb be etc. borer corer rooter orate orator *“taro”* arbor tabor tab crab beta ETA react reactor

    *“Colocasia esculenta”*
    coca cola is as a lo o co Co Co coal loco sail calls all sales scales cue clues lust sluts slots a lot lose closes closets closest loose loosest tools loots lost last lists lasts local locals collects collections elects elections selects selections seas leases eases cants castles tassel accents entails tails tales tiles scents scenes cents coins colons coots coons clones consul consults coos cool cools nous cancels octal oct. Oct. tolls toles locates locations allocates cats acts tonal tones notes ascents alas alias Atlas atlas sects sections insects incest scenic lest else El cells tells tall set ETs see seals teals steals least cattails accost tunes atones one coils colonics tonics oils also salts sates elates escalates ass lass lasso cults occult asset onset inset social societal scallions oust out lent et altos lint Lent assailant Nile lines lean lanes sane cocaine oils soil toils scoots notices counts tons tins ten sins sine cite cines sites assail nails ails also solo sola noel lone ones once alone loneliest looniest loons scant accounts scouts louts clout louses louse salutes solutes lutes tules eels lees leas aces laces lice ice nice nicest nieces encloses units unites unset uni- soon soonest coolest coattails allocations cancellations accusations calculations calculates inoculates culls councils consultations consist consent consensual sensual sense since ceases clients alliances allies sallies en EN clans class counsels souls tans san Santo saint stain steins tense aliens liens lions loins ions eons Leo NEO not OT toes ties tines teens lean lanes into unto onto assault silent silences listens nets nests net neat elites inculcates stills tills till until natal sent suits sues lasso Ute sots snots snot snoots snouts loans insoles soles ness unless use us suns sons loss toss talons icons cons Toca lol consoles conceits conscious science concise cute cuts nuts Nuit escalations consulates IOUs senates lances ants aunties antis antes stones lactic elastic noses noises E-coli colic occasions Caucasians causations causes clauses Claus sancta Inca Inc. colonials aisles isles costs sone scones cones canes canto ALA escalates snits nits it is as in accuses cuss tallies encases cotillions ill sills nil stools stoolies locational scant ceases aline casts canasta stale nasal onsets unties ecclesia’s ecclesiast ecclesial access counties loci locus locust conceal councils conical collations collates scouts sells salacious elations accentual actual EU solutions occlusions Sion scions sonic lotions oceans oceanic econ. canoes celiac cleans cleanses lenses slants lat cases sec NATO NASA causation sectionals intellects nautical scans callouses aliases causal casual casualties

    You seem to be sending a clear message that you truly are ready for this commitment.

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    jan.k.greene said ...

    I am so glad you posted this. You might also be interested in the book Cows Save the Planet by Judith Schwartz. It is about regenerative agriculture too. We do need a whole new generation of farmers and a whole new way of thinking about our relationship to the earth and to each other.
    I wrote a novel that tries to make that point. I wish I could find a way to get more people to know about it. Meanwhile, I applaud and thank you for your messages for humanity.
    Jan Krause Greene

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Good morning J…a little “food” for thought:

    ~My suggestions~
    gist nets nests ETs sent Eng. genius suns stuns nuts Nuit units unites uni- tunes gusts suits us using uses Tues. guns gone one son gens in sins gins GENI suet sites sine tines tins tons ten en EN ingests SOS so SO os Os OS songs sings singes stings tings tongs sung stung o no on OT toes tones notes tongues Gog go egos OG gets set sots sets nug snug signs suggests gents tugs oust ousting outings out outs gout got unto into ingots nous noises noses IOUs sues ties guess guests guesses guessing guises souse sousing nigs nits snit snot snouts snots Sion eons IG GI ig Ig stones sis unsets gigs nets net et steins I gusting toss tossing ness nuggets onsets insets ions geo NEO unties muses must met mine muni um sums mugs gems EM me mess muss messy yes yet ye yens minus sinus guys young youngest gums muggy mutiny tiny Mu musing musty sty sim IM times tums eggs some toms tomes motes emoting mounts mot m.o. MOT mo smite items mites mutes yum most mist misty moss mossy smog smug Om money stony yo nom mon stymie i.e. mosey nosy gutsy minutes minuets minute min stingy Tony soy toys sissy missy Miss miss Mounties men gungy toying moseying sone omens stymies gnus smug emus muggiest stems systems emits omits noisy soggy Sony monies smote

    Well, what do you know…another telling tale derived entirely from WordPlay.
    S-T-R-E-T-C-H…your mind
    Expand your consciousness

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    carolmae said ...

    Thank you for sharing this, I did not realize that about our farmers. This year I planted flowers from seeds for the first time. We have also started a few community gardens here in Vallejo. I would like to learn more about gardening. I also see the picture of your avocados. BEAUTIFUL! God bless you in Jesus name. :)

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    As you stated:

    ~Back to the earth~
    hack hark bark beak teeth three tree tee bear brake rake take taker ret bet be bee bath bathe bather rot rote tore ore bore boar oar reek teak trek ark act cat cater actor hatter hater hate hat heart Earth tho thro toe trace race bake baker beach each ache tract teat art rat tar attract heat her he hearth oat coat coater o.c. O.C. co Co CO core cab crab teach teacher acre herb breath breathe hoe Hera hero Rhea rebate Cathar theater hector erect eat ate tea eater beat beater brace ether throb cob cobra broke boat boater tote tot cot cote threat react tear tare hare here there hot or Cree echo echoer Croat bro rob robe Rob both Thor throat heck troth bother area orb create oak O.K. KO ER re Ra Re retch bar bra etc. aback backer chart chat cheat cheater heater that chatter heather other ort abort bort cotter hotter thatch thatcher hatch hatcher arch oath hacker tack tab bat better brat cert bate batter BAC hart cart car arc tat Ta ta TA reheat cake crate rate berate cheer care hoar chore retake oct. Oct. roach treat tab rock rocket coke toke backer tabor Toca roc carat attack attacker cheek theta theca trot to okra ka creek beaker reach CEO rack track beret batch abhor bare becket hock hatchet ratchet

    I think it must be true…beauty is in the eye of the:

    be hold holder older old bold bed bled bee he her rode ode dole bleed lode role deb beer here hero lee eel lob led behold held El del deer reed bred breed rebel held bore heel robe rob Rob bode bod. rod erode oh ho eh heed bolder herb lo o bro beheld orb ore or reel lobe doe roe leer ere lord bored redo do doer ed. de ER re Re Od rod ere
    be bee love loved bleed bled bold old dole vee bod Od ed. de deb lo doe do delve ee lee eel bevel led dove dove bode

    Though I have made attempts to share this amazing phenomenon about the INSIDE story we can access…it has never been of any real interest to anyone I have informed. What a shame.

    As for you, MrA-Z…I know, at some point, you will find this ALL quite irresistible. In the meantime…I’ll continue to do my part…keeping my distance…waiting for the TIME to come. Hoping to dance the night away…finally.

    ALL my BEST to you as we continue to unfold as much of this ridiculous scenario as necessary. Thanks for the insightful lyrical hailing…without it, we’d be unable to accomplish this mission.

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    An important message:

    ~From the earth~
    for afro hat hate hater fate fat feat meat mate tame tamer mater matter fatter frat mat mart fart them hem ahem harm arm ream mare Amer. Mere fear farm that heat fame famer farmer armor raft aft after ear era are eat ate tea eater theater foam form forth or more ore tore ET ret rate rat tar art Om tom tome term team teamer meth Thor fearer heart Earth terra other mother moth MOT teeth forte mot atone atoner note rot rote toner mona math ah ha oh ho hero Hera Rhea fem. three tree tee troth o OT toe moat mote tote trot rotter father feather ether hatter harmer hoe oat tot refer otter tear tare foe roe mo m.o. moth Ra Re oath that thermo theme free fee of me EM REM ROM Rome home homer eh ret fret natter Rom. Hotter hot ham am fam. forth afore fro froe teem meter atom theorem thereto thereof here there reform format formatter reformer roam roamer treat tart tether heather hearth ER re oft fort heater hearer or feet meet met et raft rafter ratter tarter metro teat former freer rear rare fare far hart threat he tamer tram ram mar theft ma tat ta Ta TA to roar oar Ar fetter remote remoter emote froth hoar hoarer

    Are we almost finally…finally…out of “words” ???


    ~The Home Game~
    he Om tom tome gem heat eat ate tea team meet me EM am gate hate hat mat mot m.o. mo MOT moat mote oath mom eh ma tam meat at ham hem ahem goat oat math theme teem met ET et hema- oh ho ah ha geo meme ego go Goethe get got OT toe hog OG memo hag Ag mage age tag mag. ago ammo [hehe] gnat gat hot tho them tee atom thee emote meat eat ate tea gee homage gamete

    I’m at every ONE of them here.

    So…SO…until the season ends…you should know where to find me. After that…WHO knows where it might end up happening…our inevitable meeting. Yes, Jason, this story is rated “OURS” … or better stated “R”s for : “R” Space.

    Oh…Jason…the story is finally being revealed in its fuller glory.

    YES…the doubts must be completely OUT.

    And somehow…it has become a literal:

    ~Baseball game~
    base balls all galls small gales sale malls EM me seem same gals bags Ag gabs balms beams seam sable gables gambles eagles beagles bagels sage ages begs sag gas sell bells be bees slam as eels lees leas legs lags slag males lame elms El glam blames gleams smell sea see slab labs labels able Abel Babel ebbs gems lambs legal alms ALA alas ma AMA bales ales sale ease lease abase glees saleable ambles basal mal allege blasé blabs

    In my life…for the time being.

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    amy.hachem said ...

    So happy to be volunteering/bartering with a fabulous organic, family – run farm here in Upstate New York. It feels good doing something that honestly aligns with my intentions for what I want to put into the world. … Any chance you’ll be coming to upstate NY or Vermont soon?

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    ashley said ...

    Don’t worry! While the average age of America’s conventional farmer is 60-somethin’, the average age of America’s ORGANIC farmer is 34 according to the Stone Barn Center for Food & Ag! And that is the greatest news! With 1 in 10 more farms being owned & led by women now than a couple of years ago! Not to ever suggest that the revolution should reduce momentum. Ever. But sometimes we need tweaked data & then it becomes good-er news!

  • awesome sauce!

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    rmcarver26 said ...

    This is an excellent article for anyone that may be interested in learning more about why organic food is so much better for you. It also explains why the organic food industry still only accounts for a small percentage of grocery sales despite the fact that the vast majority of American’s say they want to eat organic foods. This also relates a lot to one of Jason’s earlier blogs “On Despondency and Optimism”.

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    Pamela Hope said ...

    I will get my reply to the subject of your post but I must digress…method to my madness! I have not had an inner connection to an Artist with the level of Passion for music that I see in you. I have stronger friendships with those who wear their passion on their sleeve, I now know I’ve met my next friend and they’re beautiful! On to your post, Thank You for every action you take for HUManity’s sake, and you are beautiful. Jason Mraz is an asset to this Earth, my home and The World as we should see it to be! I am glad that young people get to experience what I had with The Beatles and know these crushes have them listening to you, they have their John Lennon! Boy they are lucky as you get to take more action with the tools John didn’t have, though a “Make Love Not War” weekend with you would be a fun action! Also, thanks for being socially interactive with your fans (though I call myself “your unknown friend”) I will always bring attention your way to help your Foundation! Hugs to you and yours-Pamela Hope

  • I wish I could…but we are running out of water too..

  • Avatar of Pamela Hope
    Pamela Hope said ...

    I will get my post to the subject of your post but I must digress…method to my madness! I have not had an inner connection to an Artist with the level of Passion for music that I see in you. I have stronger friendships with those who wear their passion on their sleeve, I now know I’ve met my next friend and they’re beautiful! On to your post, Thank You for every action you taken for HUManity’s sake , and you are beautiful. As I say when talkiSorry to hear about Don hope all goes well for him. Keep me updated.Thanks. DADabout you Jason…”I’m glad young girls have what I had in The Beatkes, but I’m happier to be old enough to know that Jason Mraz is an asett to our planet, our world,

  • Avatar of rmcarver26
    rmcarver26 said ...

    Thanks for this! Education is key! So many people are unaware that they are eating poison everyday! I switched to an all organic/non GMO diet quite a while back and the results are incredible! Sadly, it isn’t just our food system that is corrupt. I believe the pharmaceutical industry plays a key role here as well. They are all connected and Monsanto owns nearly all of both. They poison our food to make us sick so we need more medicine (or think we do). Their profits are never ending! I encourage anyone reading this blog and this comment to please research your food. Learn about the chemicals they are spraying on your food and then go to a local farmer’s market and buy something more nutritious and less poisonous and support your local farmer at the same time!!

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    Maya-Freeman said ...

    Preferred the cat hat!

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    Hi Jason, is there something like this in miami?