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January 24, 2013

The difference between vinyasa-flow and Bikram yoga is who I am after class. After a grounding flow class, if someone cuts me off, I calmly press on the brakes and let them go. After Bikram, if someone cuts me off, I toot my horn and call them an a-hole.

Feeling Firey,




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    TeresaTeresa said ...

    Hi Jason

    Visit the Barcelona Yoga Conference in July – a week with different types of yoga, wonderful people, smiles and love.

    Have a wonderful day :-)

  • Too long of a break between journal entries. Looks like you’re enjoying life. Go you!

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    Rose said ...

    For Reals…I totally know what you mean…I have to flow to get it all out of my mind and Body… If you would have told me a year ago that I would be obsessed with yoga and a nice hot vinyasa at that…I would have sacked them upside the head with a sweaty yoga mat! but i love who I am after the class…so strong and at peace.

    I am going to LA next Friday to hopefully see my uncle receive a grammy! I am beyond thrilled to be able to participate in this night…with a platinum seat at that!!!! I am so excited to feel the sunshine on my face. I am going to sweat it out at shape house followed by breakfast at Gratitude…celebrate my birthday in style and live it up! It’s gonna be the best weekend ever!!! Let me know if you need a date to any after parties!!


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    4meclara said ...

    This was meant to be my first (yet too long) “tweet” ever: I guess Mr. Curiosity did take care of one more cat, eventually. Last summer I chose not to sign up for Twitter, but now I am way too curious to see the official video… So, all have to do now is to figure out how ‘this little bird’ sings or works in max 140 characters and what using hashtag means. I must have been living on a cloud or something like that… But I won’t give up.

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    normason said ...

    All any cat needs is an opportunity…


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    Jason Mraz! I humbly and sincerely invite you to practice with me for a nice juicy hot vinyasa flow next time you are in Virginia at my studio!! It would be awesome to be your mat neighbor! Namaste, Dominique

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    normason said ...

    …and you!


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    normason said ...

    I know where you are!!! (I think.)

    I’ve stood right there–yes, right where you are!–many times.

    With nostalgic love for the Pacific,


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    divinitymtg said ...

    I know nothing about either one yet your message was funny almost bi polar in effect. Just had to comment. Miss reading from your journals but inspiration comes when we are ready. Enjoy your travels and keep posting to Instagram I like seeing your photos there. Wont join because all these programs and apps take your information at least I have some control on my facebook to an extent …. Still trying to figure out how to delete things from public view …. any who keep growing and sharing your love with us all in your awesome music and lyrics. Just can not get enough of your music and upbeat videos. All Night Long :P

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    JaneJohnson said ...

    Your so hot Jason your smokin! Keep doing what you love, because we’re all lovin what you do. Your music soothes my soul.

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    Peaceout said ...

    Thanks for being human! Being centered is oh so welcome.

    I like the Bikram poses that open up the heart and lungs.

    and Chanting.

    Here is a poem I just read, which I must share as it seems fitting for you.

    It’s by Hafiz.

    Vintage Man

    Between a good artist
    And a great one


    The novice
    Will often lay down his tool
    Or brush

    Then pick up an invisible club
    On the mind’s table

    And helplessly smash the easel and

    Whereas the vintage man
    No longer hurts himself or anyone

    And keeps on


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    MarLuna said ...

    The difference I experience in Yoga is direction; Wherever I’m going, I’m already home.

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    amend414 said ...
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    amend414 said ...

    JAY! You were on SNL! hahaha the skit they did was too funny <3

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    gmhefner said ...

    the other day a guy with dreadlocks and a beanie was road-ragin’ on me. “unusual,” i thought. now it all makes sense. ;)

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    dcanmg said ...

    Hey Jason, Can you think back to March 25th 2012… Did anything magical occur? In all seriousness ~Dee

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    gmhefner said ...

    HA!! nice to know you’re human too. :) peace, brother.

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    sailucie said ...

    I like what you say and that is so true, different self for different moments of life but then again do we need to have so many parts of us or are we suppose to be predictable at all times?

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    kidest said ...

    i love how many sides there are to us. whatever version of us is expressing is a wonder to witness. the fired up self, the calm self, the wise self, the peaceful self, the idiot self, the generous self, the insecure self, the universal self, the a-hole self…the creative light show never ends.

    <3 you

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    megmarshall said ...

    I find that after 90 minutes of Hot Yoga I feel very powerful and ready to conquer the world whereas after 90 minutes vinyasa-flow I am very calm and in a state of deep thought.

    Be Well,

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    mrazwordplay said ...

    This short and sweet blog post (which was too long to tweet) made me a chuckle. Then I looked up vinyasa-flow yoga and found this: “This style allows for a lot of variety, but will almost certainly include sun salutations.” which reminded me of what you said at the Ootmarsum backyard concert: “Sometimes I wish I was a certified yoga instructor, I’d just lead us in a nice sun salutation as it’s going down or somethin’, that’d be great, maybe you can go there in your minds.” So, now I’m listening to the backyard concert, and going there in my mind. I love that concert. Still waiting for the album “Somethin’ like that” (which to me would be a lot like the Ootmarsum concert).

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    GloriousMe said ...

    One of my friends recommends celery for heartburn. Maybe it would help you with that firey feeling you’re experiencing. But then some drivers are just a-holes and nothing is going to change it. Missed you on the blog lately, but I’m keeping an eye out for an orange van with a hippy in it. Love ya :)

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    sailucie said ...

    Personally, i do Hatha Yoga and that is fine for me. Fire from the ”tantien” (chinese) I have never done Bikram yoga. What i know from my Tai Chi class and Qigong. The element, is fire, this is the location of the balance center of your universe. Sit down as if you where meditating, legs cross, imagine the flow of that fire moving clockwise through your body, try releasing that excess of energy to other parts of your body, until you feel at peace. imagine that energy moving to side of your chest, than your arm, moving towards your fingers, shoulder, neck, around the head, back to the shoulder, fingers, chest, hip, leg, feet and toes. Concentrate on each part of your body and try to feel the energy moving without forcing it, then you should feel tingling into your fingers, after two of three times you should be ok. Sometimes, your third chakra is opening or perhaps you had a blockage of flow. Always let that energy flow through your whole body. As a protection drink a glass of water.

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    consuelo said ...

    It’s always about balance. Perhaps part of your Bikram practice overstimulates your third chakra. Maybe everyone else in the class needs this extra fire in the belly, but you don’t. When “you strike a healthy balance you’ll feel like a spiritual warrior – you’ll stand strong, stay in tune with your feelings, confront only when appropriate and quietly maintain a sense of power.” Maybe you could seek out asanas that balance third chakra instead of stimulating it?


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    Ally said ...

    I thought Bikram made you gassy??? Fiery, it is!

    Drive safe, ya big lug :)

    ~Ally Old Soul

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    kaunkst7 said ...

    Wow…as soon as I asked that question – a FB link showed up! Ok, that’s weird! Guess it was operator error! :-) I’ll quit clogging up the comment section now!!!
    Peace all… <3

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    kaunkst7 said ...

    To Whom It May Concern:
    Why isn’t there a Facebook “share” option? :-/ Or is there…and I’m just not seeing it.
    Thanks! :-)

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    goniveraC said ...

    After Yoga I’m always 7 feet up ground.. :)

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    freedmysoul said ...

    I haven’t figured out the tweeting thing, so I’m glad this was too long to tweet.
    You are firey hot indeed.
    Miss you, but Instagram shows me you are getting around, enjoying the break, loving life, and loving love.
    Now chill.
    Love ya,

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    katinalynne said ...

    Jason, both you and your music inspire me. Beyond words. I’ve recently introduced myself to yoga and was wondering if you could recommend any music/artists you enjoy hearing in your practice?

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    normason said ...

    Really?!! You must be hot-blooded by nature, in which case you were boiling by the time you finished.

    When I lived in Monterey, I took up Bikram Yoga. It was the only time I was ever warm!