The benefits of a happy ending.

April 26, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the habit of blogging. I get stopped by the slow internet speed at my house, therefore I choose other things to do, like write songs, or get chased by dogs. But like songs, I always want my blog entries to be humorous, informative or inspiring, which means I set the bar high to begin with, which can be a challenge when I sit down to share my thoughts on a blank page. I’ve been re-learning lately that it’s best not to think about any of that stuff and just speak. off the cuff. from the heart.


I always prefer my songwriting be this method. Not thinking that is. Trading in clever for truth. I approach the process not asking, “What you do want to write about?” and instead ask, “What’s going on?” Real life, even a somewhat routine and boring life, if honored honestly, provides plenty of great material.


For example, one day I was planning to sit down at my desk with a guitar and create something new, but I didn’t know what it would be. And I was dreading it. I wanted to work in the yard and play outside longer. I’d just prefer not to say anything at all, let alone put myself through the agonizing process of birthing a song. But when I sat down, I wrote about exactly what was going on with me. I wrote about about not wanting to quit doing whatever stupid thing I was doing. The end result was a song called, Don’t Wake Me From This Dream and it quickly became a global smash. Or, popular in my house at least. Anyway, I roll my eyes when I think about who I was to not want to sit down and let the song come through. I love happy endings. I just loathe the beginnings.


I go to a hot yoga class as often as my schedule and snooze alarm allows. That’s my version of a gym. It’s there I lively-up myself, refilling the body and the brain with new blood in order to approach each day with a freshness, a newness and a now-ness.


All classes end by the teacher asking you to lay down on your back in savasana, the final resting pose. This is to “receive all the benefits of the class.” Muscles relax. Blood and oxygen circulate. You’ve turned your mat and towel into a sweaty, juicy bed and now you get to lie in it. Some people snore at this point. Some people look around and check out other people’s boobs. Me, I’m usually light-headed and dizzy, grateful I made it through yet another 90 minute class without giving up the ghost. And overall, I feel… alive. And that I figure, is the benefit of the practice. It always has a happy ending.


So let’s say your practice is something else, like model ship building, the kind where you build your boat inside an empty bottle of Captain Morgan’s. That task is challenging as well. But you stick it out. You make one move at a time until you get to the end and literally put a cork in it. It’s then that you receive all the benefits of the build. The benefit is you, alive, experiencing another goal met; another task done; another sail raised in a bottle going to grandma’s. Well done you.


And so this morning as I was resting in savasana, it occurred to me, no matter how challenging I may think it is, I should just write a new blog post already. About whatever’s going on. And post it. Just take it thought by thought, without thinking, and let it be. And then, when it’s done, not only I, but MANY could receive the benefits. Because, in summary, the benefit IS the happy ending. Am I right? Or am I running this theme into the ground?


Before I began click-clack-tippity-typing all this down, I thought I would make better use of my technology and dictate the words into my new iPhone while I drove home from yoga, assuming it would do all the manual labor for me while I ate an açai bowl and drove with my knee.


Here’s what my phone managed to capture.


“Doing yoga on Morosgo almost every day Oreo the creation of shallow then I have other out if Maury out during this period my life and head stay long for 2009 in yoga and ask you to lay down on your back”


For real.

Maybe I had too much açai in my mouth.


I think where I was headed was to say: I’ve heard lately that some parents are forbidding schools to teach yoga. I guess it’s in fear of turning their children into witches or something. This is a bummer. As an adult, looking back at what I know now, and based on how I feel today as a practitioner of yoga, I wish my school had added yoga when I was in kindergarten. Along with pole dancing.


My request: If there’s anyone out there who loves lululemon and knows anyone at the school districts, speak up on behalf of yoga. It’s basically stretching and isometrics, the same you would find during a warm-up for square dancing or dodge ball, but organized in a way that will improve the health and mentality of every practitioner and not insult them. It’s non-aggressive, non-competitive, non-religious, and nowhere near dangerous. I’ve never seen anyone sprain an ankle or break a nose in a yoga class. If anything it teaches compassion, patience and focus. And humility. If you fart.


Thanks for being awesome and reading this.

The post has now come to it’s final resting pose.

I feel good that is it complete.

The same way I find happiness in a warm toilet seat.

It’s all good.

It’s been nice to catch up with you.

Have a Namasté.




  • Avatar of michellebelle
    michellebelle said ...

    I once thought of taking up yoga as a college kid, and it is true what you say here, Jason. The thought used to be witchery and all, and I guess i kind of put it on a backburner, but spirit has a way of smoking the griddle so to speak when it wants to smoke a little :) I guess it’s true. Yoga helps. It helps one attain samadhi, nirvana, enlightenment, the whole enchilda, the whole shebang :) )) My high self guides me to take up kriya yoga. I just bought the book. We’ll see how far I go. I think kriya is going to be grand beyond belief. I love your writing. It makes me laugh. You have a way with humor and truth. truth is sometimes funny. Have a lovely day, all :) ))

  • Avatar of pinktrumpettree

    All so inspired :) what is blink from the heart always the real thinking too and all those off the cuff from your heart at least bring a smile on others face ^_________^
    Anddd with yoga maditation in motion always blink off the cuff from our heart.

    It’s so great you’re so gifted to share others a very spacial little thing xx

  • Avatar of iknowthe411
    iknowthe411 said ...

    Why do you call it “hot yoga” and not Bikram?? Its obvious you are praciticing Bikram… which is awesome and makes me fall even more in love with the way that you are if that is even possible!! But you have such a platform and really shedding the light on the 26 and 2 would be awesome! :)

  • Avatar of CourtneyNicole

    “In my dreams you are Queen of the ball, and sometimes you off my head, well to me that’s a happy ending.” sounds like my kinda relationship :)

  • Avatar of weiwei
    weiwei said ...

    All things met or will meet an end, such as yoga lessons, shows, and feeling. Some of them can begin again, some of them will just go with the wind and left a broken heart.

    When the end come, just relax, recall and forget the pain. So it can be called as a happy ending. Try to enjoy everything, every feeling, even it’s hard and painful. While later, we can see the peaceful mind as a pay back.

    BTW, I refuse to use plastic bags after I got the diving license, because the beautiful turtles may be hurt of them.

  • Avatar of julhuston
    julhuston said ...

    I fucking love you.

  • Avatar of circlegame
    circlegame said ...

    A birth! A creation! A universal sensation
    A beginning, an end oh but what’s in the middle my friend?
    A mutual togetherness the reader and the writer
    Jason blogged again faces couldn’t be brighter

  • Avatar of mrazfan55555
    mrazfan55555 said ...

    Hopefully this is a foreshadowing to Happy Endings finally coming out?!… one of many songs that took my breath away November 2008 at the Paramount in Seattle.

  • Avatar of TheNomadicFamily

    i have so much to say to you and suddenly tonight as i work online, again, to your playlist on youtube, i suddenly felt like i could write to you, and you would read it. and i know you will. i know you will. we’re on year three of non-stop backpacking, my family and i. i’m the mom. one of the things that pushed us to do this, that made tears run down our cheeks and say, ‘yes damn it’ was ‘i’m yours’. you spoke right to us and said, ‘go damn it, drop the comfy suburban life and go travel the world.’ we actually were going to start in hawaii because of your ‘i’m yours’ video and see the places where you filmed what inspired us, ‘to just go with the season’ but we got our tickets refunded as we were to arrive right after the huge earthquake and tsunami fear in hawaii area. so, we’re hiking the annapurna circuit with a film crew doing a doc movie on us in september and i would die to have you on the shirt. talk to me. as i continue to grow into my spiritual self,, and i follow your spiritual growth, i feel deeply inspired. thank you jason. ps: silly? maybe, but i know you’ll eventually see this, in 11 days. :-)

  • Avatar of ZachShort
    ZachShort said ...

    Bro, you’re yoga for my mind. “Broga,” if you will.

  • Avatar of Single-Handedly

    Hola Mraz Clan!

    Yes, yoga indeed has a place – an important one if I do say so myself – in schools. My kids are 10 and 11 and go to a ‘little red schoolhouse’ in rural NH yet they do yoga every day at school…go figure. Thank-Goodness for the pockets of Awake wherever we may find them.

    Jason – happy to see your blog post…been missin’ your verbal exhale here.

    I was pondering you and Mysteries and Answers the other day and I decided I prefer Mysteries because they expect something of me – they require my participation whereas Answers do not. For this same reason I prefer your musical exhale to many others for exactly-the-same-reason – you expect something of me (as well you should) and I like this. I like when someone tells me to stand up, be counted, straighten my spine (and get some when I need it!) and be awake in this moment.

    So for all things avocado and yoga, happy endings and brave beginnings, for light and what it takes to shine it – and for even the tiniest ways you call us to bee courageous even when we don’t want to…I just want to say ‘thanks’…OH yea, and please give my buddy Erik Weihenmayer a call, ok? He’s sure hoping to hear from you.

    Your friend In-Joy!

  • Avatar of foley
    foley said ...

    Hi Jason–

    My family is trying very hard to come see your show in Santa barbara this sept..we have been trying to figure out a great family vacation and i have been wanting to see you live and my kiddos that are 4 and 7 have been wanting to see you live!! so, we are planning our vacation around your concert in sept..the cool thing about this is that my daughter Zaylee who is 7 has a condition called Spina bifida and the fact that this show is benefiting your Life rolls on foudation just seemed like it was meant to be!! My daughter has a beautiful spirit and gave up receiving presents for her 7th bday and instead we held a carnival and raised money for her friend Josie who has cerebral palsy and insurance wouldn’t cover a walker for her so my daughter raised almost $8000.00 which was well over the price of the walker..Needless to say my 4 yr old is already planning his 5th bday /fundraiser!! Life is good and your songs make us all happy!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit with all of us!! your music takes us to another place!! Hope to see you soon!! Jennifer..

  • “So let’s say your practice is something else, like model ship building, the kind where you build your boat inside an empty bottle of Captain Morgan’s. That task is challenging as well. But you stick it out. You make one move at a time until you get to the end and literally put a cork in it. It’s then that you receive all the benefits of the build. The benefit is you, alive, experiencing another goal met; another task done; another sail raised in a bottle going to grandma’s. Well done you.”

    I LOVE that part of your post. Such a good analogy for any complicated goal you set out to achieve.

    And your point about yoga is right on. I’m not a regular practitioner, but I am familiar with the research out there that supports the health benefits of yoga. I once took a group to a yoga studio for a beginners class and there was one person who sat out the class in the little waiting room area in the front because it was against her religious beliefs to participate. I felt sad for her for what she was missing while wanting to respect her beliefs at the same time.

    By the way, I visited San Diego this week. Such a great vibe there, and I was reminded of how I often feel at your concerts. So thanks for bringing that vibe to the east coast for a little while. Enjoy your beautiful weather :-)

  • Avatar of andreamendiola

    i liked you on sesame street. that was a good song.

  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    It’s interesting that you should post this. My twelve year old has suffered a series of setbacks recently. I’ve been thinking of getting into a yoga class with her. Something non-competitive but physical, in which she can see progress she s making. I guess I’ll go ahead and do it. So good to read your stuff again :)

  • Avatar of kidest
    kidest said ...

    I heard about this book right around the time you first sang Don’t Wake Me – it’s called the Honeymoon Effect – I suspect you will enjoy it :)

  • Avatar of yogagrrl
    yogagrrl said ...

    As a yoga girl, I felt the same way after a long Kundalini yoga class yesterday. The hard work resulted in the blissful benefits!
    Thanks for putting it into words.
    Sat Nam!

  • Avatar of gmhefner
    gmhefner said ...

    welcome, jason. thank you for joining us tonight. it IS all good. :) bravo on your blog entry – you just

    being you is interesting and entertaining as always.

    good piece of advice on saying “what’s going on?” instead of “what do you want to write about?” i’m gonna try


    also thought it was interesting that there is an “agonizing process of birthing a song” for you. you’re pretty

    prolific (although i really have no idea what constitutes “prolific” in songwriting – lol) so i assumed it came

    easily. probably a very common misconception. but i suppose it would be as difficult as anyone writing

    anything. it’s always good to know we’re not alone. :)

    your comment “I’d just prefer not to say anything at all” reminded me of something i wrote back in the 90′s

    (yikes, what the h*ll have i been doing with my time?!):

    i might give up human language if i could
    to speak only the sounds of the earth
    a language of wind and water
    gestures and touches
    to be one with all creatures
    when all creatures are one

    peace, brother.


  • Avatar of teacher1
    teacher1 said ...

    You are too funny! Love your music…I agree with your comment about Yoga in school. I have taught yoga to both special needs (autistic) and typical children and they LOVE it! It’s so good for them but unfortunately public school does not leave any room for creativity anymore… so sad! But on a happy note, my husband and I really enjoyed your concert at Jones Beach this past September…great music and great location. Couldn’t ask for a better ending to our summer of ‘LOVE’ ;0)

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    Woke up to April showers, everyone else is still sleeping…thought I’d check and see if there was a new blog entry…hooooray! A great way to start the day! I love playing outside in the dirt (gardening) and hate to go in and do whatever menial task needs doing. At least you can take your guitar outside! Even the rhythm of the shovel (the hammer, the raindrops) can be the start of a new song.

    “Wake Me From This Dream” is forever running through my head, I love the melody and the sentiment, so each time I hear a new song, I’m happy that you took the time to write it.

    This new blog has an audio feature, remember? You COULD just speak off the cuff, from the heart, and blog that way…throw in some snippets of new songs…could be a good thing!

    It’s been nice catching up with you!


  • Avatar of consuelo
    consuelo said ...

    Let’s hear it for happy endings!!

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    oh and yes we do pole dancing, but around a maypole next week . . . sorry for the disappointment ;)

  • Avatar of kaiulani.paulus

    Oh and BTW, I loved the “Rainbow Connection” that was great. Brought me straight back to childhood, Kermit might have sounded a tad better, ha ha.

  • Avatar of kaiulani.paulus

    You inspire me every day. I’m 43 an in college for the first time ever, as an art student. I’ve been through some pretty crazy shit and watching you live just makes me laugh, EVERY TIME. My latest favorite of yours is “You Fucking Did It” I won’t bore you with my whole story but my best friend (and husband) and I listen to that and it’s just perfect.

    Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, you’ve truly changed it and we appreciate you!!!



  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    It’s been so long, that I paused for period of time trying to remember my password and username. This evening I was getting my hair cut by someone new (a dear friend) and I was more anxious to read what the topic model ship was about (I love tall ships) than how my hair would fair without my usual hairdresser of 12 years.

    “Don’t wake me from this dream,” oh… a pause and breath withheld always follows those words and listening to you sing it. I’d use it on my phone as the alarm if I could; but “who’s thinking about you now,” works wonderfully, my day is set to motion. I do hope we are able to purchase that song soon, it’s exactly how I feel about the love due to come to me in form and finally not just in my REM state; but I admit I do love the clues and premonitions that are placed under my pillow like a tooth fairy prize.

    I feel awful not having done yoga in 5 months, life is at full speed and I’m in great need of it! I’ll take it as another nudge from the universe. I work at a school that does teach yoga and surfing in the High School. In elementary – 8th Grade We call PE “games” and yoga is used along with physical games that strengthen the body and imagination. Let’s just say kids get upset when they go home sick before games and even the girls (the ones who care about their looks) can’t resist most of the challenges.

    Ps. have you read about the Lululemon see thru pants fiasco, oh wait you’d enjoy it never mind!

  • Avatar of Kreslisty
    Kreslisty said ...

    Hi Jason
    If my school had a yoga class it would save a lot of money. Unfortunately Yoga is not really common here.
    Your blog post really entertains me just like your songs. I’ve been in love with you and your works for 5-6 years now
    Reading your post makes me thinking if I should go to yoga course for starters.
    I think I need the peacefulness.

    You really inspire me a lot. I’m trying to eat organic and start to be more go green than before.
    You teach me and make me realize that we need Earth and the Earth needs us too.
    Thank you for everything.
    Happy (very late) Earth Day
    Greetings from Jakarta

  • Avatar of freedmysoul
    freedmysoul said ...

    My happy ending… at the end of a not so great day, typing ‘j’ into the browser, click, and I see words that aren’t about littering in Antarctica. Yeah!! Suppose that after months on the road, giving of yourself, day after day, I can understand that it would seem like a chore to blog. I am grateful you did. I am grateful for you. I don’t practice yoga, but do meditate regularly. It helps my brain and heart feel peace. Thinking yoga might help the rest of my being.
    God bless,

  • Avatar of Rbela
    Rbela said ...

    It’s funny this isn’t the first time I thought I should log on and check for a new post of yours & there you go posting that very day! So yay! You have no idea how relatable your words and thoughts are to me. I know exactly what you mean when you say you’d rather be doing things other than what you should, but I tell myself that playing or relaxing are things I must do in order to have the proper mindset for writing. Hmm, now if I could just get on with it.

  • Avatar of ashley
    ashley said ...

    I like this spontaneous stream-of-conciousness you. It feels immediate. And fun. And silly. And accessible. I lovelove reading your activism-centric blogs; at the same time, I’ve missed reading some more personal thoughts. So this was right nice.
    Welcome back, pal!

  • Avatar of SusanneAbbuehl

    Just want to say: You are such a fantastic singer and composer (and performer)! Congratulations to all your achievements. And thanks for taking a stand on non-musical issues, too. I am a jazz singer and composer (and also a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, a vegetarian, organic food lover – so we have some things in common!) Would love to see you live sometime soon. Some of my students really dig your music too. Best of wishes from Switzerland.

  • Avatar of Krobin85
    Krobin85 said ...

    Lol, you are so awesome! I’ve been looking for a new post, and I was very excited to see there was one today! Have a great day my goofy friend!

  • Avatar of divinitymtg
    divinitymtg said ...

    No matter what you write I always find humor and something of substance to take with me for later use. Thank you for posting this little tidbit I have been looking forward to your next post. Just a radical fan that enjoys more then just your music. Your Community and Global involvement and awareness is so much more to add to your many shades beyond music alone. Thank you for giving back so much more.

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    It’s always good to hear from you just being you. Hope you are enjoying the rest of today, it has Best Day Ever written all over it.

  • I always appreciate your blog entries Jason, they are really thought-provoking and positive. Also, I really liked that new song, along with the other new ones you’ve perfomed lately. I’m honestly really excited with the direction in which you are going artisticly!

    Keep being awesome as in keep being you. :)

  • Avatar of banjo
    banjo said ...

    Hey Jason, don’t stop blogging!

    I’m with you on yoga. I took an after school yoga class on school grounds — in the gym — when I was 15. It was a Catholic school and in retrospect it was a pretty progressive thing for them to endorse. I never found a yoga instructor as effective as that first one, she had a way of talking you through the resting pose that I will never forget. I can still get her voice in my ear. Yoga wasn’t that well known then, but for a bunch of highstrung, preoccupied teenage girls not really into volleyball and so on, it was an awesome experience, especially considering that the teacher was the real thing and not a dabbler. I didn’t do yoga again for years but I had a great start and knew I’d go back to it. Which I did/do.

  • Avatar of n.namaste
    n.namaste said ...

    Hello Jason!
    It is nice to read you at the end of the day, laying in my bed. Very relaxing, comfortable ..du bonheur! You know i really loved that message you are sending to us,
    Like u say it is simple real, in the now, i feel like i’m part of your world, you are talking to us like u would talk to a friend…
    I cant wait to meet the man in August in Warsaw… And tell u at that moment how much i appreciate and love you. I will keep those words for the “now” when i will meet you.
    Wait for me at the end of the concert xoxo. Your fan/friend forever. Naïma

  • Avatar of Ally
    Ally said ...

    How can I possibly think of savasana, boobs, see thru yoga pants and Oreos, while I’m still trying to recover from the shock of you littering in Antarctica ….. … hehe :)

    Life is best lived in the ordinary …and with grace , discovering the extraordinary :)

    ~Ally Old Soul

  • Avatar of kidest
    kidest said ...

    I love that you posted this while *I* was lying down in savasana coming back into my senses from my work out blast. It’s funny, it’s just this past week that I’ve started blogging about myself again. I don’t know where the interest went or how it came back but here it was. And here you are!

    I have the same relationship with writing – when it flows I’m grateful and when it doesn’t, when I just sit and stare at my screen willing the stream of consciousness to start I complain to myself that I could be doing something else. I feel like sometimes it just takes us a little longer to tune into whatever it is we’re designed to bring through.

    That’s the beauty of yoga, it teaches you to make a lifestyle out of the things you’ve taken on. Writing for me, blogging, expressing, whether into a book or a poem or a blog or an image, whatever it’s form, it’s part of my bare self – like eating and drinking and stretching and meditating are all things I am. You know? Some things just become natural extensions of our every day way of being, if we allow them…commit to something long enough for it to marry into every part of you, and it stops being something you do and becomes something you are. You are the music and the garden and the words and the blogging – they all become things that create you as you create them. Something like that anyway.

    I love Don’t Wake Me from This Dream for so many reasons.

    Have a great dinner!

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    Hello dear Jason , it is always a pleasure catching up with you! I have been reading your blogs for years now, and I just want you to know that I always enjoy reading your words. I look forward to them almost as much as I look forward to a new song of yours. Believe it or not, you usually write things in your blog that is relevant to what is going on in my world. Your words always help me find my way when I take a wrong turn. Your words always make stop and think, your words sometimes make me laugh out loud, sometimes your words made me shed a tear. But your words always lead me in the direction of love. I am so grateful for you and your words. I just wanted you to know that. Thank you for sharing your words and your music and your love.
    Love and peace.
    Your friend ,

  • Oh Jason you’re so witty, I love your writing in general ( Songs, Blogs, tweets, instagram captions…). Thank you for taking you time to update , I really enjoy this blog. You’re right yoga is amazing I wish I had yoga in my school too, I hated PE because nobody would ever choose me to be in their team. I love sports, I workout almost everyday but I hated doing it at school… Everyone is different and basketball, running, soccer , cheerleading…etc are not for everyone. Yoga can definitely help you change your attitude towards exercise and make it a positive thing , specially with kids, because they’re so competitive in sports and not everyone can win. Anyways have a wonderful day and pls pls pls do not drive with yur knee ok? Namasté mi querido Jason.

  • Avatar of ettelrA
    ettelrA said ...

    Dear Jason,

    Funny how insecure you still can be, for example when writing a blog. I always feel the same when posting something somewhere (even this replay. I’ll probably read and check 30000 times before submitting), but I never thought you would feel the same. Stupid to think, beacause you are just as human as we are (you are, right? ;) ).
    But I think we shouldn’t worry. When I write something, nobody cares so it doesn’t matter what I write. And when you write, we’ll probably love it anyway! (or sing for that matter. I read a youtube-comment on one of your songs that said something like ‘He could sing the ingredients list of a bag of chips, and it would still sound awesome!’. And I totally agree!)
    Good to hear that you learned that not everything has to be about something special. It are the ordinary things in life that make life beautiful! And it makes you a lot more awesome than most artists because you don’t forget that. (all the other flattering things I have to say to you, I’ll save for the day if I ever get the honor of meeting you!).
    The flow of writing; just let it come and don’t think. I’ve discovered as wel that that is the best way to write (or draw, or play music). Strange, how our own minds can hold us back!
    Oeh, you have an iPhone! Now we can iMessage ;) !

    Thanks for being awesome and reading this! (especially because the post became a little bit longer than intended…)

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, ettelrA

  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    LOL… and make it double! Today, my mind has been stuck on one of your lyrics: “Tell me I’m not spending too much time on happy endings”. Now, reading this is the icing on the cake. Thank you.

  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    Don’t wake me from this dream, what a beautiful song

  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    Good morning Jason,

    When we express our self naturally their is a flow and every one understand it even with meaningful words because most of the times it reflects truth. When i do yoga and i am dizzy i need to slow down or shorten the time. This is my model when i put my mind to it, 5 min meditation in the morning and before bed time, 30 min yoga morning and before bed time and the body does not seems to be asking for more the goal is met.

    Expressing yourself is definitely an happy ending as your are a Great Soul and each time i await for the next piece of Art from your Heart.

    As an example, most of the school in India have yoga classes from young age and look at their beautiful eyes or faces they are free from violence and peaceful minded individuals. One note, yeah, i wish we had pole dancing too, i would be a star by now hahaha.

    Look at cats every morning in a way they do yoga by stretching their legs and their whole body when they woke up.

    Thank you so much Love for expressing yourself it is such a good thing to read as it makes me relax in the same way

    Namaste to you Jason

  • Avatar of 100000629553430

    So happy you blogged. I have been thinking of you and wherever I go , one of your songs will be floating in the air, as if you are following me, it could be at a grocery store, a restaurant, my place of work, an elevator, the mall, it doesn’t matter. I take it that I am suppose to be listening to the message, and your songs and blogs are gentle , lovely reminders. I even had a terrible nightmare that you were being arrogant and down right mean and I told you ….your message is bigger than you! In reality I think you know that and it keeps you humble and grounded and full of love. I thank you again for your perseverance to take on the task of inspiring us, motivating us to be love and have that happy ending! I love happy endings!

  • Avatar of Q.Clifton
    Q.Clifton said ...

    All the best with getting Yoga integrated into the school program in the US.

    Wow awesome post!
    I just have to say it’s part of my daughters P.M.P. program at a Catholic school here in NZ and she loves it. Shes only 6 and I often find her down our hall way doing some of the poses.
    I also find she is a lot calmer afterwards so extra bonus there.

    I also love yoga,so I’m really pleased that our school is using it and like you wished we were exposed to it as kids as well. So on-wards and upwards and all the best on this endeavor of spreading yoga into schools through out the USA.

    Thank you for continuing to sharing your thoughts and inspirations with us all, and may you have a blessed day.

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    No fair putting a trick SHARE button on your blog. I tried to post this yesterday but the SHARE button kept disappearing. So, I killed the bird. . .

    Imagine a younger Jason Mraz–about 10 or 12 years ago—drinking too much, lighting up too much, screwing too much, waking up wasted, wondering when his luck would change, and after the night wears off, sitting down to pour his desperation into a song. . .

    Back to now: Forgiveness happened this morning. After five days of closed doors and silence, the tension broke. I got into my car and turned on the CD player expecting to hear “Timbalada” because that’s the CD that’s in the car I had been driving. I hadn’t listened to music since the Boston Marathon bombing, but I had finally listened to too much news. On cue, Jason Mraz began to sing “10,000 Mother Fuckers.” It was exactly the song I needed to hear, being sung by the voice I prefer above all others. . .

    Your post:

    About 5 or 6 years ago, YOGA made me a healthy, giggly human being again.


  • Avatar of Cathy777
    Cathy777 said ...

    Hi Jason,

    Have been missing your posts. Thanks for doing this. I told someone this week that I sometimes enjoy how I feel during the exercise but I always feel good after. So I really get this post. The work makes it all worth the happy at the end!

    I must admit that I listen to your music most of the time I am walking or biking. It has made the work out more fun. You have a beautiful voice, inspiring words and talent out the wazoo. Thanks for sharing yourself. I hope you know how much what you do and who you are mean to me and to so many people around the world.

    I’m so grateful for this life. I’m no poet so I am so thankful for your music and blog that puts into words my thoughts and feelings. What a precious gift!

    God bless you!