February 16, 2013

I wish Jason Mraz would go back to his roots, commented a commentator recently. This I pondered.


Do they mean go back to Slovakia? Or only as far back as Virginia? I assumed the wish was music related, but still I wondered if they meant I go back as far as Mr Roger’s Neighborhood, Electric Company and 3-2-1 Contact, programs that kick-started my little musical self into action. Certainly not. I doubt the comment came from my pre-school teacher. The request must have been referring to the origin of my original music; my public debut; The long defunct R&B group, Dressed To Kill.


Yes, my awkward boy band Dressed To Kill, whose influences included Boyz II Men, Color Me Badd (who are still active BTW!) and The Jackson 5. I was the youngest in the group at 13, but I had the highest voice which meant I always sang the Michael Jackson parts. We played such esteemed venues as The Stew Festival, A UCA Cheerleading Competition, and Jennifer Richardson’s 15th birthday party.


The first song I ever wrote I penned during 8th grade civics class. Recorded then over an instrumental b-side of a C+C music factory song, my song went straight into rotation at Skate America. Played only once, but awesome enough that people kept skating to it without noticing a break in the flow. I Think I Love You Girl, was the song that would land me the invitation to join the group who already sang similar hits such as, Baby, I’m Hooked On You and You Make Me Feel Alive, Girl. We spoke a common language, girl. 


Some of the other guys in the group were much older. One of them a 911 dispatcher, which may as well have been a police officer, would often tell me to avoid women, which I found strange considering women were the focus of our material. But he said women were like drugs and once I had a taste, I’d only want them more. Just say no he said.  So I took his advice and channeled my wanting in song.


It’s also during those short years singing in the group and skating around in circles that my contribution to climate change is at it’s greatest.  After all, my hair needed to be aerodynamic for jive skating, so I would empty my sister’s aerosol hairspray every Friday while blow drying all of my hair to the right like a gentle sloping lady-killing wave. Looking back I conclude it was important to feel cool, even if I wasn’t.


By the time I was 16, a year before Justin Bieber came into the world, I had forgotten about Dressed To Kill and began dabbling in equally embarrassing art forms in high school: show choir, drama, cheerleading, jazz, tap & ballet, burying the VHS tapes of the boy band era and, unapologetically, moved on.

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    Jason, If you are confused or wonder what the meaning behind the phrase “I wish Jason would return to his roots” really means, I would suggest that the RKOP for your next meditation should be this: “too many politicians and liberal Christians.” Meditate deeply on that.

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    Jason, you are a beautiful and inspiring human being. I believe in this truth just as much as the next fan.

    Still, I sometimes find myself saying something along the lines of “I wish Jason Mraz would return to his roots.” Maybe this is just a poor word choice. What I mean when I say this is this: I wish you could go back to writing lyrics from a deeper and more original place. Your new album makes me happy when I listen to it, but it can’t speak to me with the same intensity as the first two albums can. “when I look into your eyes it’s like watching the night skies” isn’t on the same level as “smile coy as the brightest, quiet span of sky.” Similarly, “maybe you’re back with your old boyfriend and you’re busy going down” pales in comparison to “if nothing else I’ll think the bells inside have finally found you someone else.” It feels like the same ideas and feelings are being communicated in vaguer and less interesting language, and I wish you could go back to your “roots” in terms of going back to the MR. A-Z days of being a lyrical genius.

    Still, I love your music, and am grateful that I have the privilege of listening to any song you write or sing.

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    Who really can face the future?
    All you can do is project from the past,
    Even when the past shows that such projections are often wrong.
    And who really can forget the past?
    What else is there to know?

    Robert M.Pirsug :And Inquiry Into Values

    : )

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    kidest said ...

    man, i like you. your latest tweets only remind me how we’d annoyingly be the best of friends out in the real world. and our conversations to come will be better than the first which went something like:

    you: okay let’s go (grab my hand and start walking towards the stairs)
    me: go where? (confused)
    you: you said you want to take me home.
    me: (mortified) that’s NOT what i said.

    smile right at the heart star love. it’s a good dream. <3

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    lovePEAR said ...

    ps: I’m sure you were cool even you think you weren’t, I was cool too even if I thought I wasn’t! :) haaaa, teenaging time, overload of make-up and hair spray… good times, good times… even we think they were not! ;)

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    lovePEAR said ...

    I love this word ROOTS, I also love the band, woot woot to the roots, wait what are the roots again…!? ;p

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    Cathy777 said ...

    I participated in a customer service training class this week and was shown this video. It is so touching I wanted to share. The story is about Johnny the Bagger.


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    lcb17 said ...

    love everything about this. cease never in making songs that touches not just one but many. stay cool buddy. see you one day here in Manila.

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    love_music_hk said ...

    Greetings from Hong Kong.
    Love how your music has evolved, it reflects a different stage in your life, thanks for sharing. 謝謝!
    Although just your voice and acoustic is so lovely (earlier songs like Prettiest Friend and your acoustic album) it’s so easy to just want these simple things.
    We need more people like you in a wind up city like HK where everyone’s so busy rushing here and there and have no time for reflection. Music certainly helps us to get in touch with who we are, what we like, and what makes us tick. Don’t forget Hong Kong in your next trip to Asia!

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    EvaHassine said ...

    Hi jason, just saw your article about the Love, so great, thank you !

    Have a good lightrich smoothie and a delicate loving day!
    In A Course in Miracles Jesus says that any reflection of anger, fear or what makes us feel uncomfortable anyhow is the greatest posibility to discover the truth of our holy light existence by choosing LOVE.
    Which can shurely mean to go back to slowakia.. I’d go right away to the center of universe and celebtrate my holyness :) :)

    all love , Eva

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    shorekimmy said ...

    I love journal entries like this one. IDk what roots they were referring to either but you know what is cool? We can still revisit earlier versions of you in your music if we miss it. Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone you have known and loved had a song you could play when you missed them?

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    carito369 said ...

    La sensación que tengo de ti, al oír tu música y seguir tan de lejos tus pasos, es que no has dejado nunca tus raíces. Tu esencia siempre prevalece en cada canción, cada nota que tocas, cada movimiento que acompaña tus presentaciones, cada entrega, es tan tan tan que traspasa los vídeo por donde te sigo…. Por eso me encantas, por tu esencia.

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    dcanmg said ...

    Living in the “Now” Much love Jason…

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    Peaceout said ...

    P.S. I vote for an acoustic album next!! Out of Your Hands = <3 !
    I would have to buy two copies as I would wear it out. \o/ \o/ (<< Translation: Yay!)
    Meri beaucoup!

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    The thing is, though, your roots are ALWAYS in your music, and have been even more so lately in my opinion. You’ve just added a bit more of your own influences and paid homage to your own inspirations. I think people heard a little Bee-Gees here and some Willie there and decided that you’d gotten away from yourself, which is the exact opposite. People that say you’ve gotten away from your roots are looking at the wrong tree, if you ask me. That, or they just didn’t expect the flowers that come with growth.

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    Sandy said ...

    We live in a world of constant evolution. And I think that it’s the most amazing thing about humanity. It always evolves and adapts to any kind of situation.

    It’s just like you say in the song, let the past go past.

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    4meclara said ...

    Today I’ve found a line that gave me an answer to one of my doubts: “Fame doesn’t change you. It just magnifies who you already are.” To me, it was like an illumination and somehow it reminded me of your writing, or at least of what I understand from it: “Allow your roots to grow you in the person you are meant to be.” You had the courage (and the hairspray at hand) to do that. And you probably know better how painful this growth can be from time to time, and you definitely know better how sweet it can taste as well. All in all, failure or success, new day, new chance to grow while we remain true to our roots and to ourselves. Thank you!

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    gmhefner said ...

    HAHAHAHA! i’m cracking up with all the visuals you’ve included here. :) your “little musical self”

    and i used to love the b-side of my C+C tape…..good choice.

    “go back to your roots” i’m always perplexed when i read that in reviews of your music. why would anyone, esp an artist, want to keep doing the same thing over and over? as you clearly already know, life is learning and growing, not looking backwards. to those reviewers, i always want to say, “go review the beachboys then.”

    i am very thankful you keep growing and changing! :) peace, brother.

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    mrazwordplay said ...

    That’s so funny, only a few days ago I was watching this interview where you talk about “Double Trouble” mention “Dressed to Kill” :) and tweeted: Young Jason Mraz (2002) Interview | Aol Music Throwback:

    As far as going back to your “roots” – word play :)

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    ovillegas said ...

    I saw that comment you are referring to and added the comment “as Billy Joel would say I love you just the way you are” because that song literally popped in my head as soon as I read that. I would personally love to see those old VHS tapes, that cover you did of “Shower me with your Love” that someone else mentioned above made me think you were even cooler than I could ever imagine when I saw it. I used to LOVE that song and have been completely blown away when I hear you cover songs that I sneak into my huge compilation of Jason songs like and old George Michael classic. Old Jason, New Jason… it all. Thank you for being you :)

  • When I think about roots, I think about Holding Carter’s saying, “There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings.” Keep exposing your followers to both!

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    sailucie said ...

    I have the answer to that question as it is the same for me. I went back to bed and got the answer right away. Dont know if i should say it publicly? It is your native roots. Can’t have better than this.

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    Sandra said ...

    Hi Jason,

    You should take time to teach people about how trees grow. There roots are essential in developping into a grown tree but yet the branches and the leaves aim for the light. Our roots are crucial in becoming who we are , but the sum of our experiences allows us to grow, to evolve and be the light.

    Since music is the expression of your soul and every fiber of your being, let it be different. Let it be who you are now at this present moment… and a new way tomorrow for a new song.

    Shine your light, spread your love, be happy


    P.S. That would have been so much easier in french. I apologize for any grammar and spelling errors.

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    mrazfan1031 said ...

    p.s. all I know is no matter how far back Jason Mraz goes back to his roots… He has changed my life for the Better! and Thank you goes to Jason Thomas Mraz from me….Linda

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    mrazfan1031 said ...

    I think your roots are what helped make you the Beautiful person that you are today! Your light continues to grow and shine,reaching people ALL over the world. Thank You for allowing those roots to let you grow into the Jason you are today.
    Love and Peace,

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    GloriousMe said ...

    Sounds like you were about as cool as me back in the day. It’s like I always say…never underestimate the power of hairspray to inspire the admiration of the opposite sex. Okay, I never say that, but I believed it when I was fourteen. I’d give a lot to see you do some Michael Jackson in his Jackson 5 days. You gotta get some back-up dancers to dress in sparkly bell bottoms and shirts with insanely large shirt collars though.

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    HappyEndings said ...

    I think the commentator is referring to your awesome R&B thing you got going when you covered Shower Me With Your Love

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    MarLuna said ...

    hmm what I posted is not showing (not the reply to another’s question) but my thoughts to the discussion. Why does it only show up when I log in, but does not display? I hope I didn’t offend anyone, as that was not my intention EVER. Peace

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    Peaceout said ...

    @ashley that is really sweet of you to say! This is a nice community and I get a lot out of reading other people’s comments as well. Thank you! People have some amazing stories, courage and depth. If my cat could type- oh the things he would say.

    (This also makes me happy I couldn’t delete it- I was concerned it was too much to put ‘out’ there after I submitted it. eek!)

    I will look forward to seeing more of you around. Thank you for showing me how to respond directly to others with @ too! Have a wonderful, joyful week!

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    ashley said ...

    @laura.jaye.5: Your comments on this blog are so thoughtful & personal. I know they are really meant for Jason; but I want you to know that I’ve gotten a lot out of what you wrote as well. Especially the bit about how hard it is for you to move backward, actually, because you are such a different person, now. That’s really astute. We are the most marvelous creators when we remain engaged with our present selves, I imagine. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing some of your journey!

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    Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. So 80′s.

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    sailucie said ...

    Very nice song, i like Ram, thank you for this peaceful moment.

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    Ajax said ...

    How do you say…Da Groovy- “I couldn’t ask for another”

    I think he meant he hasn’t been to Zion yet.

    You really are exactly the same- you used to pull through my thoughts like a file cabinet and find my kindergarten ones. You reminded me- magically with your angel astral projection 100% Jason is safe though being saved in Jesus powers- that in Mrs. Eagleburgers class all around the crown molding of the little classroom she had hung up the abc’s. They were blown up balloons made of the same plastic that floaties were made of. Ahh the 80′s. In the Lil Miss Sunshine typography but little carebear looking things with the letter on their bellies. Not quite sure how that applied to anything at all but you make me laugh and stop thinking about the Global sounds I hear of out of our control situations children survive. Healing is a tough callling.

    I knew it was you. Who else does that? Your style is Exactly the same as is was mid 2000′s. Grand Central station is Beyonce’s scene. you guys have billions of trillions going on- One at a time for little micro machine atari- then RAD nintendo came along- girl that was treated like a boy by her basketbal coach dad.

    And we both loved being the only one riding shotgun with grandma in the Cadillac. Mine used to take me to Pic N Save when she got back from blowing $1,000′s on a manic binge in Laughlin. No wonder my parents were always freaking out about her. Hmmm. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. More of a Princess Peach myself.

    “Oh yeah….don’t forget. Groove is in da Heart”

  • They have to know where you came from to see how far you’ve come :) I’m thinking they’ve never heard “Dressed to Kill”‘s greatest hits, but they appreciate what you’ve done in the past as far as they know.

    Go back to your roots? Nah. Keep growing. Keep moving forward. As embarrassed as you are to have been part of that boy band, I am as embarrassed to have pictures of said boy bands on my wall at age 13. But you mature and grow and learn to appreciate meaningful music whether you’re the musician (you) or the listener (me, and you also).

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    Ajax said ...

    Lay Down.

    Turn this On.


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    amend414 said ...

    So he does have a humble beginning! I guess in ways hearing or seeing others start makes us realize that we’re all human. I was watching Colbert last night and Dave Grohl from Nirvana was on talking about his new documentary about the studio that changed his life.

    He said something to Colbert along the lines of ” No body showed me how to play music and we can all learn to do something if we really want to” when he was questioned about creating his first documentary. I’ll send a link!

    My ex fiance met his best friend, Brandon, who is 6 years older than him when they had a SKA band called Supernothing. They were very popular at the high school I later attended but fizzled out before I became a freshmen.

    As far as going back to your roots. I think people like to feel as though its possible for them to achieve similar success as the the artist they listen too. That’s why I feel people can connect more with artists debute music. There’s a feeling of endless possibilites? Of course, I am just speakin

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    MarLuna said ...

    @lelinhdan Maybe because there really was no such thing as a solo boy wonder; only boy bands were the way visually to kids his age at the time to even dare to dream of a career in music so young. There were girls to look up to, and usually one hit wonders; Brenda K Star at 14 was an inspiration to many as the possibility of having a big dream come true at an age so young with “I still believe.” Today it’s much easier with shows and competitions and Bieber is prime example.

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    JaneJohnson said ...

    “I wish Jason Mraz would go back to his roots, commented a commentator recently”.

    Oh my! I thought they were talking about haircolor? Seriously though, one thing in life that’s for sure is there will always be change. Nothing ever stays the same. Does it? Life would get pretty boring. I still love your older music, and love the new c.d, and still love listening to We Sing Dance And Steal Things. One of my favorite tunes is Make it Mine.It’s upbeat and positive. Depending on my mood I listen to different music. Always a fan of your music old or new. You’ve got to post a picture of the aquanet hair do or wave.Please!Thankyou for the music and song.

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    Telluselle said ...

    If you learned to become the artist you are today through your experiences both with boybands and high school art practices, why are these embarrassing? The biggest truth I saw in this post was: “I conclude it was important to feel cool, even if I wasn’t”. That is exactly how I see you, someone who still struggles to look cool but doesn’t feel it inside, or sometimes you turn it around and try to portray yourself more geeky than you are, instead of just being you. You always write about that in some sort of encouragement or teaching to others, but perhaps it is just your Higher Self telling You something.

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    Ally said ...

    Go back to your “roots”, eh? Hmmm…

    From some of the comments I’ve read, not everyone digs your hair, J…

    Maybe this person wants you to haul out the ol’ 1500 watt blow dryer, and a big whoop ass industrial size can of Aqua Net, and recreate your (once famous) lady-killing wave? :)

    ~Ally Old Soul

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    Iglesias said ...

    Why do you go back? It’s better enjoy with your new album. Live the new Jason’s songs!!!!

    I like your hairs

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    goniveraC said ...

    “I wish Jason Mraz would go back to his roots, commented a commentator recently” .. I also wonder.. :)
    Thank you for your sweetness and uplifting way.

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    lelinhdan said ...

    i don’t really understand why he mentioned Bieber?

  • Avatar of Dominika245
    Dominika245 said ...

    Yes,I´m sure they meant “go back to Slovakia” ! :D

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    freedmysoul said ...

    J.- Maybe the commenter meant ‘Roots Reggae!’

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia …Roots reggae is a subgenre of reggae that deals with the everyday lives and aspirations of the artist.

    Sounds like you, J.
    I can dig it!

    To love an artist, is to love, appreciate, and admire all aspects and stages of their evolution. What?! The I’m Yours dude also sang 10,000 motherfuckers? Pretty freakin’ cool. Just salivating for what is yet to come!

    Adore ya,

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    Peaceout said ...

    Hmmm… Interesting question! You are where you are right now… which is just right! Why be any different? :D

    I must say that I love your last album and have listened to it the most, and at the same time I equally love visiting your earlier recorded songs where you are completely just letting it out- right there. There is so much spontaneous play and on the spot creativity. :) For example, one of my favorite recordings is from KBCO Studio C: Word Play and The Remedy (I Won’t Worry).

    With Love is a Four Letter Word, I hear a different kind of thoughtfulness, a new kind of maturity that comes only from experience and a stronger attention to every detail, every note. I also hear/feel a deeper sense of a community with many talented and solid musicians playing ‘together’ to make beautiful moments. Did you feel that way about the process?

    My art is with drawing, painting and photography. For me, it’s not easy to go back to the way I used to make art because I was a different person with a different level of maturity/experience back then.

    However, I have been mourning the fact that I ‘seem’ to have lost my ability to just joyfully create drawings and paintings for hours and hours- the automatic, joyful and creative flame- not caring about whether or not a color made ‘sense’ to use. I wasn’t afraid to experiment and intuitively created whatever I felt like. I lost this somewhere- quite possibly in my first year of art school where it was beaten out of me that this kind of expression wasn’t thoughtful or deep enough. I was trained to think about every mark that I made. It was a very influential school and I was surrounded by a lot of talent. While my skillset improved dramatically and consequently my artwork changed for the better on many levels- I have not been able to access that same joy for creation that I had when I was 17, camped out in my bedroom, getting pastels on the carpet and just spitting out work.

    Ironically, related to your last post, I recently found myself feeling ‘in love’ and ‘emotionally supported’ in partnership and the creative juice started flowing again. But when the relationship ended, it became too painful to complete the work. I need to be stronger on my own to create no matter what. You are a role model to me in that sense. I also miss being immersed in an artistic community.

    My sister in law is also from Czech Slovakia, 1st generation, and it took me all day at her wedding to my brother to be able to say “Prajete si kávu?” I could not wrap my tongue around it. They were all very patient with me and I in turn taught them the card game Egyptian Rat… All went well. (In addition to celebrating a marriage)

    PS: I loved the Skate Castle in Loveland, where I grew up. Joyful memories of Red Light/Green Light, cotton candy, the song Push It and a Duran Duran bumper sticker I won, are some of things I retained. Glad to know I too am part of this generation and if I have a kid someday, they can laugh heartily at my choice of dress and hair styles back then. And I will also take many photos of them- so they can do the same thing. Can anything beat the 80s dress though?!
    Peace B-

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    BillyBeezz said ...

    Dear Jason,

    You are the most beautiful person I “know”. Stay who you are. Stay you. I loved your music then and I love even more your music now. You’ve grown. And I’ve grown with you. I love ya dude! Just be love, be YOU!

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    sailucie said ...

    I wish Jason would go back to its roots, if that being met to say , to the origin of sound, well i think that would be Ok. I’m happy that you kept to music as i am a new fan, i would have miss a lot without you. When we have a goal in mind less distraction is needed to achieve it, i suppose that is what he met to say when he said that woman are like drugs. I think living with someone is the greatest think that could happened, someone who wants to share your dreams and be a part of it that would be different. You are the sound of love to me, and i cannot live without it.

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    lilamc13 said ...

    I want to see a pic of the hair.. That would be the hairdresser in me,, I never turn it off.

  • Avatar of Cathy777
    Cathy777 said ...


    I am a new fan that was introduced to your music in September 2011. At that time I was recovering from rupturing my Achilles’ tendon. Whereas that is a major injury mine was made exponentially worse because I weighed over 300 lbs. it was a humbling experience but it was what I needed to kick my butt into loosing the weight. Because of my weight I couldn’t walk without my knees hurting so I bought a stationery recumbent bike in September 2011. Soon after I stumbled onto your music thanks to Pandora. I fell in love with every song, downloaded each one. ALL your songs became my biking sound track. On a beautiful day in the Spring of 2012 I wanted to go walking at a nearby park. I had lost a good bit of weight and had been faithfully riding my bike so I thought I would try to see how far I could walk. With my headphones blaring Love Is A Four Letter Word I walked the first mile and could not believe that I did it and that my knees didn’t hurt. I felt I could go further. As I finished the second mile 93 Million Miles was playing and I truly felt I had come that far. I’ll never forget that moment and you and your music will forever be part of that memory.

    To date I have lost over 120 lbs and I walk at least 3.5 miles every day and ride my bike. It has been the best journey of my life and your music was(is) the sound track. I have this wonderful memory of one summer day walking the trail and I came out of a canopy of trees into the glorious sunlight just as Who Needs Shelter began to play. Tears stream down my face as I recall all of this.

    I don’t know what the person meant about you going back to your roots. I just know your music ALL of your music has brought me so much joy. Your voice has been my coach, my encourager, my walking companion and my friend. Thank you for following your heart and sharing your talents in the manner you thought best. Please continue to be true to yourself. That is what this fan loves most about you.

    I wanted to tell you all this when I met you in Raleigh but I chicken out. Believe it or not today is my 47th birthday and seeing your blog and having the opportunity to share this in the hopes you will see it was a wonderful gift.

    A fan forever and a sister painting the map green on the east coast.

  • Avatar of kidest
    kidest said ...

    Yeah I noticed a few comments like that and wondered what ROOTS even mean or “remember where you come from” are requesting of you. I wondered if that was an echo of something you’ve been thinking about or just static in the field of your ever expanding growth and expansion.

    Is in an invitation toward something or resistance to your current expression? Is it an invitation to their own being? Or a self observation being projected onto you?

    I am still not sure what people are asking when they make requests like that. We grow. We change. We die daily to the selves we once were. To imagine that we ever become less luminous, less creative, less infinite, is self delusion at its best.

    What stays the same?
    Why stay the same?
    Do we make that kind of a request of a tree or a dog that is no longer a puppy?
    Why remember and source from what once was instead of sourcing from what we can become?
    Or is something being perceived as absent now than was apparent then?
    Why not notice the incredible light in what is here right now, acknowledging That Light, than remember and reflect upon an imaginary beginning?
    Do we remember where we come from and keep ourselves anchored there?
    Or do we expand into our full potential in gratitude for where we appear to begin knowing full well that no apparent beginning is actually the start of anything?

    I stared at that request and couldn’t come to a satisfying conclusion. Just more head-tilting questions.

    Don’t ask me to remember where I come from or remember my roots as though there is any placeholder to the creativity expressing as me. I have no roots, no beginning, nothing to remember for what I am cannot be contained in memory or even in the brightness of feeling. Instead invite me to look toward all that I can be, the Infinite that is yet to be expressed in me.

    “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.” – William Blake

    Nothing to look back to. Everything you were “then” you are now and so much more. Every feeling you brought to life then is as alive in you now as ever and capable of coming through that much more. I would rather invite you to free yourself into the limitlessness within you, than ask you to look back or go back anywhere. If there is any “place” we return to, may it only be into the Infinite Creative ocean of life.

    You have never been any less, you can only ever be more. Eyes that see will see. Ears that hear will hear. Hearts that know will hold space for the Allness of You.

    Namaste Bright Light ~

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    divinitymtg said ...

    Thanks for sharing about your younger years. I always enjoy reading what you have to write about. I think that the comment from that person is because they are on another path and your music now is not something they can relate to. I had the same comment to Kenny Chesney because his songs now are mostly about drinking and things I don’t know anything about and his older music is where I related to his songs. Can’t say it is anything negative just it is not the same path as mine in begin able to relate to his new style many people can but I feel lost there is no soul feeling inspiration in drinking words for me. Just sayin I never mean to criticize but I have to be able to relate to music it has to touch my soul, it has to draw on my very being of experiences and desires of something from my own life. Music can touch one and not another. I love …. Love so many of your songs and I am still finding new ones …. no joke I think I finally heard them all and BAMM there is a few more embedded some where it just comes out and wow I am like YES ….. Almost get the feeling of finding a gem when it is something usually that relates to my own life and let me tell you how I have cried to so many of your songs…..They just vibrate my soul so deeply you have no idea. Thank for sharing little parts of you. I look so forward to reading about your thoughts and experiences. Just a fan obsessed with your music and words. :)