Never Never Never Give Up

June 21, 2013

Last weekend I ran in the Hey Day 5k alongside pal, Jesse Billauer, to raise money for Life Rolls On, an organization he founded to fund spinal cord injury research and to help those with spinal cord injuries continue to live extraordinary lives. Jesse was injured & paralyzed in a surfing accident 17 years ago when he was just 17. After spending now half of his life in a wheelchair, Jesse mustered up the strength and courage to use what limited ability he has remaining in his arms to roll his first official 5k. We came in together just under 30 minutes.

On the run were many other athletes, some there to run, some there to roll, some to raise money, but all having fun. Thanks to those who donated and/or came out to strengthen our numbers and muscles.

At the starting line just before the race, I met Misty Diaz, runner on a mission, and walking canes! Born with Spina bifida, one of the most common birth defects with a worldwide incidence of about 1 in every 1000 births, Diaz has undergone 28 surgeries to stay on her feet. Most people with spina bifida never walk, but Misty is on zero medication and runs 5ks, 15ks, and half marathons to inspire others; showing us that one’s dreams can still be reached, no matter how long a road may seem, no matter the circumstances we are given, just so long as we never never never give up. Misty’s finish time was an impressive 45 minutes.


After learning about Misty’s mission to share Never Never Never Give Up with others living with spina bifida, I sent her a copy of I Won’t Give Up (9 Theory Remix) to add to her race-day playlist hoping it would support her mantra and keep her looking up. You can hear I Won’t Give Up (9 Theory Remix) by clicking on the icon below or visiting my soundcloud page.


For more info on LifeRollsOn, visit LifeRollsOn.Org and join us September 2nd at the Santa Barbara Bowl for our concert to raise money and awareness for LRO, Jesse Billauer, & The Jason Mraz Foundation.


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    eternalgrace said ...

    This is awesome! Maybe next year you can run the Muckfest with us! ;) Nothin’ like gettin’ down and dirty in support of MS research!

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    ACBC said ...

    Thank you for your philanthropy and support of organizations that benefit so many people. I want to tell you about a remarkable fellow San Diegan that I hope you can meet one day. James “Chappie” Hunter is a 19 year veteran of the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) and his life changed instantly when a student driver hit and seriously injured him this past Father’s Day. The accident resulted in Chappie losing a part of his left leg, injured his left arm, and broke several ribs. What is truly remarkable about him is that these injuries have not caused him to lose his positive spirit. His love and compassion knows no bounds. Recently, Chappie was among a select group of individuals given the US Attorney General’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Community Partnerships for Public Safety. Chappie is a detective in SDPD’s Sex Crimes unit working tirelessly to save victims of human trafficking. He dedicates his time to raise awareness of child exploitation, trains others and speaks nationally about the issues. He has organized benefit events to support groups working to end human trafficking, child prostitution and helped to pass the landmark California Proposition 35. Prop 35 (Californians Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE) Act) made critical enhancements to our state laws to combat human trafficking and exploitation. Chappie is a very active person and recently began training others in CrossFit. Instead of collecting a salary for his work training others in this core strengthening and conditioning program, Chappie has donated all his earnings to a Widows and Orphans Fund. And in an unfortunate twist of fate, a fund has been set up to help Chappie with his own medical expenses. It would be great to get your support for someone who has always been on the giving side of things but who now could use a little bit of help himself. I’m sure his dedication to end modern day slavery and human trafficking resonates with the work you have also been engaged in, Jason.

    He was recently featured on EOnline. Here’s a link to this amazing and inspirational person

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    Peaceout said ...

    Happy Fourth of July! I mailed you something yesterday and am crossing my fingers that it gets there A-okay! (Nam myoho renge kyo!)

    On a more embarrassing note… I am afraid I may have accidentally stuck a payment item I was going to mail separately in the items I sent you – as this specific item cannot be found post mailing. Long story short: that was an accident if it ends up in there, sorry, but everything else is to you! :-)
    If it didn’t end up there – it will probably reappear after I submit this. HA!

    Enjoy the holiday!

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    normason said ...

    Selfie surfer seek sunblock

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    4meclara said ...

    Someone once wrote: “Acceptance is the harshest lesson life teaches and the one most important to learn.” Yet, acceptance is also when you find your way and you humbly stick to it, no matter what. The people in these pictures are so beautiful, as they have succeeded to make the most of what they are and all along to help others overcome their own struggles. The beauty of the heart is one of the most precious trophies one can get. And love is the only way…
    Personally, I started saving money for the LOVE necklace, so that one day my journey “ninety nine plus one and one” will finally be complete. And I’ll keep listening to your songs, because your songs speak to the heart and so, they never get old. And neither do you, Jason! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Avatar of circlegame
    circlegame said ...

    Birthday Wishes

    An emotion represented with a musical note
    A note coming so alive you become one with it and melt.
    In between breaths think of word combinations you wrote
    Comments from me and the feelings you felt

    Face to face day after day
    Dancing spirits partnered with life melody
    Who understands the rhythm of your sun ray
    Tickles your fancy joining a mind at ease

    A choir quiets slowly
    Holding to a hum just for you
    Wondering with whom you’ll share your guacamole
    Some marching steps differ, what can we do

    The universe increases feeling your smile
    Observant of strengths with energy solid
    Here comes the light ninety three million miles
    Shines on inspiration’s growth keeps dreams amid

    Happy Birthday Sir

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    kidest said ...

    That right there is it in a nutshell – never.give.up!

    We arrive at something greater than ourselves when we embrace that :)

    happy birth day brother

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    sailucie said ...

    A real father of hope, hope you have many children to teach the values of life. I saw myself running with you and giving hope to all. This is true life, living what you believe to be true. With love Lucie and never never never give up hope to see you in September XXX

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    Loved hearing about Misty’s Miracle and her smile is gorgeous as the being she is! I’m getting connected and seeing love manifest in so many ways. I see it here, in people I meet, friends having exciting things taking place, in my journey on a new path; it’s like I’m inserted in a kind of internet-the fastest connection possible. Last night while shopping for wine to bless my new home with a friend I had a flash of you, why I don’t know but I noted it at 8pm. Upon waking I shared my dream with my friend I had of you: You were writing down your thoughts, yet I could hear you speak them, in fact special attention like a camera zooming in was focused on your mouth and teeth. Weird, until I see this Instagram indicating your blog and yup it’s connected to your voiced thoughts on cloud. Thank you for posting about Trestles, I now have my own park to contend with, one that I frequent almost daily, and unfortunately the city feels like throwing money into a baseball field and lights adjacent to this quiet space of refuge I’m hoping that my delivery of new appliances be delayed or rescheduled tomorrow so I can make it. SO anyone available it’s important to inquire why we must pave instead of sharing facilities, and will solar lighting be used or will the residents pick up the bill! Enjoy the moonlight on your birthday, may you be even further illuminated with light from above.

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    Peaceout said ...

    Good God! I love the 9 Theory remix!!

    And your post… What a great venture for everyone to connect! ;-) I am now following your friend on Instagram too. His response to your first post was so sweet! Good people rock!

    Your current post made me think about a friend of mine back home – he was shot in the spine and paralyzed from the waist down and he is tough and the nicest guy I know. He is a talented artist and paints murals, does martial arts and is just the best person to ever accidentally run into. That’s how I got to know him – in the halls of the Arts building. :) Now I miss him more. :P

    I see it’s your Birthday coming up! Happy Happy Birthday! I hope it’s awesome!

    (PS. I hope your PO Box info is updated soon – so I can add another book to the package I have been trying to send since October. :D Points for not giving up?! :D )

    Later Gator-

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    GloriousMe said ...

    Interesting remix and very inspiring people. Lovely to read your story this morning :)

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    crystale80 said ...


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    mrazfan1031 said ...


    You all are so very inspiring. God bless you for doing such a wonderful thing and encouraging us all to never never give up. This is an amazing organization and these beautiful people are so very brave and they give other people the will to be brave and not give up. Thank you again for all that you do. You remind me every day to Be Love and to Be kind, either by song or by your words or by the selfless act of kindness that you participate in. Thank you from my heart.

    I wish you THE best birthday ever!

    with much love and gratitude,


  • Avatar of mrazy
    mrazy said ...

    Jason your awesome. Just so inspiring and an example of a superhuman :D and oh men jason I just love I Won’t Give Up (9 Theory Remix). Normally i mostly listen to acoustic music but this really touched me. you should do more things like that :D
    <3 love

  • Avatar of Byrdie
    Byrdie said ...

    You JM are an inspiration to other artists using your fame for the good of others…continue the great work my friend!!!!

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    Grin =) still smiling. You started off my summer right! Hope everyone enjoys today because it is most definitely The Best Day Ever! Big <3 to you all.

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    shorekimmy said ...

    A new journal post, Happy Birthday to me! Well, mine was technically yesterday but since I’m still awake this sure feels like a gift! Happy early Birthday to you Jason. Life Rolls On is inspiring, I loved the Long Beach show you did for them. I’m hoping to go to the Santa Barbara show in September, if I can be there I will. The 5k looks like fun, hope they will put one on again next year. This put such a silly grim on my face, thanks.