Comfy cozy are we

December 27, 2013

From a cozy little hotel on the shore of Lake Michigan, I wind down a love filled holiday which consisted of family visits, plane rides, and walks along Chicago’s snow dusted streets. There was little bustle anywhere but for the homes where young ones wrestled with paper and packaging. I enjoy the otherwise calm of the holidays. In the quiet hours I drink tea and sip warm soup in gratitude for the accomplishment of another year’s adventure, for my kin and my friends. The warmth matches the feeling of the heart; a feeling that all is right in the world as long as I have love to share and people to share it with.

Thank you for being in my life and giving me the blessing of another beautiful Christmas.

With you always,

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    K.T. said ...

    Then the past few days, the puzzle is just realized wildest that there is a comedy in a modern version on God’s notebook, The Taming of the Shrew, William Shakespeare (1590) Petruchio to that Katharina.

    Say that she rail, why then I’ll tell her plain
    She sings as sweetly as a nightingale.
    Say that she frown, I ‘ll say she looks as clear
    As morning roses newly wash’d with dew.

    Language itself has this become a battleground, with Petruchio seemingly emerging as the victor. In Act 4, Scene 5, when Katharina acknowledges that she will agree with whatever Petruchio says no matter how absurd

    And be it the moon, or sun, or what you please;
    And if you please to call it a rush-candle.

    Say she be mute and will not speak a word,
    Then I’ll commend her volubility,
    And say she uttereth piercing eloquence.
    If she do bid me pack, I ‘ll give her thanks,
    As though she bid me stand by her a week.

    Therefore, Petruchio, everything from your fabulous voice, I agree with you all, no matter Katharina as a “cake” or a “cat”. But damn, something is not quite right. Just until now, she starts to be aware of something is not quite right, “Are you?…Am I…?”She is truly apologizing sincerely. She doesn’t quite know the love Petruchio is talking is like the love between boy-and-girl; she doesn’t quite realize that Petruchio said it’s her, his favorite in Romance Reality. “Why don’t you just speak up straightly like I cannot live without you; I really need you. Please give me your phone number. I know we are at quite an unbelievable stage, but “this”?! “she thought recklessly. Gosh, it’s an unbelievable multiplies the unbelievable. Katharina thought Petruchio is maybe teasing her around, and her personal contact information never been asked. Her brain didn’t help her to dig further in “this”; “this love” is at hibernation area within herself; her bear takes a long sleep in her woods. They are like living two planets in the parallel universes. One joke implied, “Did you know why Bob not go to school on every raining day? People often think maybe he gets sick or he gets lazy. The answer is “because the raining days happen to be Sundays.” The Blind-Spot in a thought.

    She thought she did his request to share her pieces but realized now she has made herself such an arrogant ass that she thought she is thoughtful, but actually not. Can you believe that this Blind-Spot really ridiculously happened when one being considers considerate met the other human thought thoughtful equals to A-Big-Chaos? Such two fools, the two 100- percentage fools on the earth. The comedy in the God’s book seems still engraved by his mercy hands,

    Sun it is not, when you say it is not,
    And the moon changes even as your mind:
    What you will have it named, even that it is,
    And so it shall be so for Katharina.
    ( II. 12-15; II. 19-22)

    “What we should have is to have a real direct communication in privacy. Could you, would you please advise what shall I do? I just feel uncomfortable to give personal contact in the public area and I am probably the most low-key person you have met who never take my own self-portrait shot. Is there any info email account I can contact or something like that?” The theater floor was rocked. A few audiences are curious of what are going to happen. The silence and everyone holds their breath.

    Katharina comprehended how fool they are and thanks God has a kindness for them. Pity beings. No wonder Katharina started to shout out rudely, “Damn, I truly apologize to put you and us in this absurd condition; we have wasted time. But dear, in my bone, I am old-school person, the one-and-the-only type; not kidding, I am old, physically deficient in heart and liver which means I am not as capable of things as ordinary people. Please let me know your decision and advise how/what. I felt so awful and cried a bit; I am a real arrogant idiot. Thank you for that. However, everything is worth a try, even how impossible it seems a.k.a. damn, Call me right now. “Katharina’s proud and nervous are elaborated. The noise level and tension built, the choirs and orchestras, driven by the constantly rhythm of the music and the drumming for the two fools.

    O lord, brilliant Shakespeare’s script, the oracle, how could he understand the two fools clearly and profoundly, in the last scene, last act, the line is drawn “Tis a wonder, by your leave, she will be tamed so.” It seems the script is kept written by the loom of time which is still weaving their web and even Shakespeare wonders how many moments Petruchio takes for the action. I hope it’s soon, ten minutes max.

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    Peaceout said ...

    Happy New Year! Here is to an amazing year for everyone – letting go of the things that did not work or were painful and opening up to a fresh new year full of hope, possibility, transformation and love. :-)

    Saw the San Diego post about you and a new kitty from the humane society, she looks very cute! The pic they posted looks so much like my recent beautiful kitty, Neko. She passed away in May sadly. Pics are here: I hope your cutie gets the cut little tufts of hair growing out of her ears too. She looks like she might have a little wild streak in her. Mine did too.

    Congrats and Namaste-

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    Jewels said ...

    The message I last left was for that girl Vicki. Sometimes I can be a little off the wall, but there is no excuse for all the junk she is posting.

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    Jewels said ...

    That message was for Vicki. Girl, just delete yourself and save us all please!!

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    Jewels said ...

    Wow, are you ok? Ya know there is medicine that can help all types of craziness. I would make an appointment if I were you.

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    Jean-Canale said ...

    Jason —

    I seem to tune in to your journal within days of when you post words that inspire…today is no exception. Thanks for all the good will you take to many corners of the planet. You help to raise the vibe for all of us.

    Love to you — and continued inspiration!

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    Son of a gun, you have to know I left something out of aggressive. I wonder, do you know what it is?

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    vicki.kaswen said ...

    I’m stunned. Are you sure you are O.K. with my presence here? I’ve been banned for so long now that I’m just in shock. I’m not sure how to even go about being here again. This is probably just some kind of computer glitch that has accidentally allowed me to post here. But, considering my track record, I think I will just do my best to make this count, and then see what happens from there…
    Bumblebee: Bum be bee mule lube blue bub um EM me bubble Mu (just a silly little tidbit, eh?) Between You-the Bumblebee and Alma-the Queen Bee, I’m feeling a bit stung. But, I figure, eventually PEACE will reign between ONE and ALL. That would be my preference anyway.

    This may be my ONE and only post here. Deletion does occur with me. But, just for the sake of this mission I am choosing to give you this to ponder.

    Oh no!?Am I being too:

    eggs egress ass IV vee veers sis gives givers sires sirs gears ears eras are rise arise gags gigs IG GI i.e. grieves Ig ig sieves sees seers rives grass gas sag sages ages agers varies serves verses veg rigs SIG airs greases eases easier serge avers savers saves graves agrees ire vise revise ER Ra Re re gar Ar airs IRAS raises IRA aggress gassier Eve eaves eves sever ever gave rev I rags sager

    Um, this just in… We ALL could use more :


    co Co CO muni action cat Cain cant min main aim man mom tom unit union communion Inca inc. con tan tin ton it in inn mum cum cumin ammo cam icon iconic tonic ionic ion coca coco coconut cation anion anti IM mica tunic oct. Oct. cot out ammunition mat mint omit commit uncommon common onion moot coot coon O.O. OT motion uni auction moat donut Odin din Dino minion coat oat into unto onto amino act account mount amount cut nut Nuit toon tun tic nit coin o.c. O.C. nun moi ami canon cant count Aum Om munition monition mona coma comma contain notion um tum ut incant imam mountain

    Oh, wow, that might be something we should know by now.

    It’s really best if you don’t delete me this time…but, of course, that’s been your call all along this:
    watch tower tow row what hat hate hater hew how cow crow chat water chore wore wow owe coat oat two cheat eat ate tea teach each ache watcher acre cater cat act actor wheat heat chow chaw caw that chatter hatter hotter cotter otter chart wart wore et ret ET tore ore core chew crew etch woe ow toe co CO Co trot twat echo tech we war raw rat tar art react tract tact ware wear ear era are tot teat treat troth oath ewe cower cot cote hoe whore to tetra at Croat Tao oct. Oct. roc Thor thaw tho throat coater heart earth worth who o other theca torch or tort torte throw threw hero Hera Rhea wet wretch craw troche tractor hot OT tote her he re ER Ra a watt care catcher trace race hector watcher threat crate wrath ocher aw awe we coater car arc arch taco tat ta Ta TA oar roach oh ah ho ha whoa ratchet Cath. cath. char cart hoar
    Yeah, I’m laughing at that ending(well, it is the ending so far)…it’s really too funny/sonny/sunny/honey.

    Oh, so very interesting…so very GODly done. Indeed, every single WORD seems to really have spawned from GOD after ALL.

    I trust Bumblebee will be on the “look-out” and I’ll just stay UP on the “watchtower”.

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    normason said ...

    My Internet connection is slow???!!!!

    I laughed so hard!

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    Hesitating; Debating; deliberating:
    On second third and fourth thought…I’ll just take it easy here at first:

    Poetic reasons for many seasons keep rolling right on/write on by/bye/buy.
    Awesome wonders; sounding thunders; failing follies show us why.

    We are glad to be a host of this planetary post:

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    Such a simple, well rounded and fully established “standard word” for ALL who choose to think about this melodramatic world of ours.

    ~Standard words~
    stand swords Dan DNA RNA ran AND and darns darts swan nard towards warns wards tans san Santo dads do sow sown sods nods wads wands warts arts rats tars tad sad SAD ado ow so SO stows rows tows towns downs roans straw saw adds odds Od ads snorts sorts onward road soda star starworts was sawn swats dots OT no on not sons ADA draws drawn raw wars sworn worn drat wants dado NATO NASA Satan Santa Aswan dons worst dawns drowns ass now owns won sonar strands soars oars adorns awards sward

    Yes, I could go on and on and never stop finding more and more to prove to my SELF what there is to know here and now. It changes. Everything is: ~CHANGING~

    Hang gang gig gag hag can Cain nig gain China chain Ag hi chi aching hanging gin chin in inn cig IG GI Ig ig nag caging aging acing

    Yes, I’ll stop here for now.

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    sailucie said ...

    Hello Jason, 2013 was so busy for you that i was exhausted just by seeing you going all over the world, yet so happy for you and for those who where able make it at your shows. I thank you for giving such a positive energy, you bring joy into my heart. So happy to see you finally relaxing with your family and friends, in hope to have a cup of tea together this year. Sending my love to you and your family for this new year… Happy New Year Love Lucie

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    Littlethr33 said ...

    You may already be aware of this: Jupiter is running retrograde in your sun sign. This is meant to increase appreciation and honor of loved ones -particularly family members – in us all, but the strength of this influence will be more heightened for those of your sun sign. Loving reflection and coveted moments of the Now will flood heart and mind, if you continue to pay attention. Other aspects: money, business, “luck,” etc may seem to cause frustration or lag, but this is only to turn your focus to matters that need more attention. Dishonesty of any kind will not serve you now (not that it ever serves up ANYTHING worth consuming), including self-disillusionment. “Eyes are the window to the soul…” Eyes open, Jason Mraz. Eyes open.

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    Ireneee said ...

    In the last day of 2013,
    I’m in the dorm alone while my roommates are at home or having fun outside.
    Tonight is so cold but I’m filled with warm and wish, for you, for my parents, for my lovely friends…
    Now I’m chatting with my best friend in the high school, who I cherish a lot, who I loved in the past.
    Actually, he is the reason that I began to enjoy your song, and then I really really love the style,the emotion and many other things that I can read from your songs and your soul.
    Last summer, I learnt a little guitar; and then I went to the university and drop it. Every time I go back home, I’ll pick it up and play a while.
    This summer I began the German learning and that’s only the first step of my dream. Bless me!
    Bad news…T.T A girl just showed her love to him…and he refused it…which reminds me of the memory in last summer…so so bad…now I can’t stop shaking..oh my gosh!
    Okay, hope you make a better album and have a better 2014.
    LOVE you

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    lorrain19e said ...

    Good everything for you Jason! You made me so happy in 2013!I love you so much!

  • Avatar of n.namaste
    n.namaste said ...

    Hello Jason

    Hope you spent a nice christmas :) with your friends/family/cats <3 Hope you will enjoy the end of the year 2013 which was amazing to me thanks to you, I have been to your concerts end of 2012 and in 2013 in Warsaw and it was definitely the best day ever to meet you. just regret that i couldn't talk much to you :P but i'm still grateful that I could meet you after all these years listening to you in my bedroom, you were great inspiration and company while i was creating using photoshop and learning html ^_^
    I enjoy as everyone here reading your life encounters and thoughts because we very often share the same. we have the same interests in life and that is so nice that you share that with us so we can know you better. let's continue to combine our lights with each other and shine ^_*
    hope to see you next year in France or CA as I will visit your hometown ^_^
    xoxo much love Naïma / Bordeaux, France

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    We’re snuggled up together
    Like two birds of a feather would be
    Let’s take that road before us . . .

    Well, I had to sing a chorus or two! I am glad you found your family and friends surrounding you in good cheer and joyous moments during the holidays and balancing work with a wonderful life (I couldn’t pass that up). I’m wide awake, having just spent time with my baby sister (who shares your month and day of birth) in asking truthful questions on how we may serve in the coming year. It’s exciting to fly after so many years of having my wings clipped and flapping my wings in earnest for something that is more than just about me, I feel I am finally just soaring on the wind that guides me.

    Thank you for your presence, in the lives of many who inspired by you, now do more than just wish upon the stars, they take a flying leap.



  • Avatar of gmhefner
    gmhefner said ...

    thank you for being in our lives, jason. you are our blessing.

    very glad to hear you had a lovely, peaceful holiday and wishing you many, many more.


  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    Love Is All Around! Merry (belated) Christmas, Hakuna Matata to everyone and a truly Happy New Year!

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    Happy Happy Christmas to you and your family and friends. Thank YOU for sharing your beautiful voice and songs with us! I am grateful for Jason Mraz. Thank you for being.
    Wishes for an awesome New Year. Much Much love to you.
    Your friend, Linda

  • Avatar of aprily
    aprily said ...

    This makes me smile!! Merry Christmas Jason! Thank you for your year-round gift of music and laughter!

  • Avatar of Krobin85
    Krobin85 said ...

    On this cold winter day, curled up with a chai tea, just me and the lit tree. After a merry but chaotic Christmas celebration with all of my family, this is what I longed for. The stillness of this moment; the peace and quiet to reflect on family, my life and the year gone by. I too am grateful. The world is far-removed from perfect and love cannot reform all things, yet love gives me peace. The unconditional love from the Alpha and the Omega, the one true God, gives me hope. The familiarity and brotherly love of family and friends qualifies who I am. The intimacy of romantic love is fulfilling because of the commitment it involves. And then, there is the profound love of friendship with those bound together in common interests. This love offers me fun and excitement ; a sense of camaraderie. The love that I feel for you! Isn’t it strange how love exists when the familiarity is one sided? I ask myself this often, however it does exist. It is so, because you allow me access to who you are, not just your music. We share in common the desire to be a good steward of our time and money; a compulsion for perfection and neatness; a devotion to healthy living; an appetite for buffoonery, wit and laughter; a need for privacy and rest; vulnerability of our faults and struggles with our pride. So, my love goes beyond your music, I love you Jason, and I am comfy and cozy and at peace.

    Always with you,

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing your life and your passion for music with us. Lovin’ the “You Fckn Did It” t-shirt I got for Christmas!

    Hope this new year is even better than the last!


  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    Merry Christmas, Jason. May you drink a lot more soup:) It’s good for the soul.

  • Avatar of Lorraine
    Lorraine said ...

    A beautiful thing for your family and friends to read. From a fan, I wish you love also.

  • Avatar of gealine
    gealine said ...

    Thank you Jason! Right back at ya!

    You have no idea what is feels like to read this message around this time of the year.
    I felt down for the past days, because i couldn’t celebrate christmas with some people i really wanted to celebrate it with (for example my grandpa passed away this year)
    But you remind me that is all about the feeling of love and the giving of love. And it doesn’t mather where you are or with who you are

    And even though you don’t know me, I get so much strenght from reading your blogs and listening to your music, and my life wouldn’t be the same without it.
    Little crazy isn’t it? haha comming from a down to earth dutch girl who hates the word ‘fan’

    Hope you receive the same love from your fans as we get from you.

    With you always,