Maraming Salamat Po.

May 15, 2013

It was election day when we arrived in The Philippines, so the streets were tame; a big departure from the usual parade of jeepneys, taxis and motorcycles that clot the highway arteries in one of the world’s most populated cities.

This mini-tour of Asia, and the upcoming tour dates for 2013 for that matter, are taking us to THE PLANET’S MOST populated cities. Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Manila, Moscow, Istanbul, and the 2nd most populated city in the world that I’d never heard of until now, Guangzhou. At first I thought, what are the odds that we’d get to travel through this top 10 list of most populated cities? How cool. But then, as slowly as a winter sun rises in the arctic, it dawned on me. Duh. It’s where the people are. It’s like that time I flew home from college, NYC to RVA, and I couldn’t believe the guy I was sitting next to was from my hometown! What are the odds I’d get sat next to a guy from Richmond VA on a flight from New York to Richmond VA? We had so much in common. Like our des’DUH’nation. …Say no to drugs, kids.

Besides Filipinos being the most spirited and most in-tune of audiences, they are also the craftiest and most clever poster-makers, hands down, (or up rather.) Looking out at the crowd last night there were almost too many good signs to consider, like “I voted for you yesterday” and “The No Wang Wang Zone” (whatever that means) and my personal favorite, “Merritt Me?” Well done Manila. Thanks for giving us such a warm reception home.

While there I also had the pleasure of catching up with the immeasurable Cecelia Oebanda from the Visayan Forum, an organization that rescues girls from trafficking. In addition to the hard work Cecelia does to keep the organization up and running to house and rehabilitate the girls, she also has to deal with death threats from traffickers who wish she’d stop interfering with their business of kidnapping and selling young girls into servitude and sex slavery. WTF? How was your day at the office?

In addition to funding and awareness, Cecelia could use more volunteers, those in psychiatry, healing, and social work to help the girls recover from their experiences. If you know anyone who can help her mission, please spread the word, share the link below and send her some love.

She and The Visayan Forum will be featured in The Fighters, a documentary airing this weekend on CNN International, and later online. Thanks for checking it out.

  • Avatar of danish.autumn
    danish.autumn said ...

    Hi there. Well, I guess you always hear from your fans all the time that they are your biggest or the most avid fans but truly I am! The first time I saw your video The Remedy on MTV I was like the fu*ck! I didn’t understand anything but I was glued to the TV. Since then, I watched it with full volume every time singing along or at least trying to for the hell I couldn’t catch the lyrics. It was definitely once of the best songs I’ve ever heard. I’ve been following your videos and music since then. Your songs are amazing! Your lyrics crazy!Hahah.. The melody-mind blowing! Never have I heard music like that. Well I was born ’86 so there’s not much experience to brag about. I have a bestfriend and we were crazy about you. The first time you went to the Philippines we were over the moon. We skipped class to go to Eat Bulaga. We wrote a banner with your name on it. And we were the only ones to bring one. We were proud because we felt we were your first fans in the Philippines. We were shouting so hard and you heard us, pointed at us too. It was really awesome. We were students then so we were really heartbroken not being able to afford the ticket for your concert at ALIW Theater. We still followed every song you released going crazy with the lyrics and waiting for MTV to play your video because only then we could sing along. You are the most frustrating artist ever!haha.. Early late April this year I heard you were coming again for a concert. No way, we would miss it this time. I filed a leave for work noting “Watching Jason Mraz concert.” on the slip. I was so ecstatic! Come May 15 i waited as early as 12pm at Smart Araneta. It was definitely a dream come true. Seeing you in concert finally. It was also the best musical experience. Forever you will be the best artist for me. Thanks for the music. The frustating tongue-twisters. The amazing melody and your very kind heart. Keep spreading your wonderful music and extending help and giving inspirations to all the people and the causes you support. Forever a fan, Maricel Sator. Hit me back..

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    RE: Instagrams of bare butts

    It must be nice to have so much money and privilege that there are no repercussions for anything you do.

  • Avatar of trixienator
    trixienator said ...

    Hey Jason,

    I don’t know if you’ll have the chance to read this, but I think that this is the only way at this point to get my message to you. First off, I would like to thank you for pulling me out of my dark moments through your songs. You have no idea how much it helped and changed me.

    Thank you for the positive outlook in life. And from one of the interviews that I’ve watched, I’m glad to know that we can’t have good days all the time. You are an inspiration and your words are timeless.



  • Avatar of jennifer.coba
    jennifer.coba said ...

    Though there’s a very slim chance that you’ll get to read this comment amidst overflowing posts of your fans, I still want to say my thanks too. (Maraming Salamat rin sa iyo.)

    Your music makes me stand still and reflect on all the blessings I receive each day. You inspire me to be grateful, to be contented and to just be happy. Whenever I’m down in the dumps or furious over something so shallow, I just listen to your songs and my mood instantly shifts.

    Thank you for coming back to the Philippines. We may be one big crazy nation who’ll scream their hearts out for you and will fill a huge coliseum, but I bet each fan is still dreaming of that perfect Jason Mraz concert – - at a secluded beach in Pinas with an intimate crowd, with you and your guitar serenading us.♥

  • Avatar of ria
    ria said ...

    Magandang Tanghali! (good noon)
    Kuya (older brother) Jason Mraz !!
    Maraming Salamat too.. Even though I did not saw you concert but I’m so Happy that you enjoyed your stay here in our country.. :) I wish you will come back here again, and by that time, I will have enough money to fly to manila and have my ticket.. ^_^ Nothing is impossible right?? Though we are poor in terms of money but it is not a big problem.. I know time will come, I will finish my study and get a job and earn money, and by then I could see you in person.. yieee!!!! ^_^ I’m excited about that dream!!!! And also, I know GOD will help me to fulfill that dream…hehehehe..

    p.s. thank you for your songs,, it keeps me inspire and Live my Life Happier… :’)


  • Avatar of Peaceout
    Peaceout said ...

    Mr. Mraz! I just have to say that I have tried to send you some awesome Buddhist reading materials three times to your PO Box in Los Angeles (listed on your site) and they have come back undeliverable (Attempted Not Known & Unable to forward) every time. I thought it was because I had delivery confirm on there but it wasn’t. I am very sad as I believe you would enjoy these very much! Just FYI – in case you want this to be an accurate address. :’-(

  • Avatar of Krizzleam
    Krizzleam said ...

    I am really happy you were my first concert. And i’ll carry that memory through out my life. See i’m only 17 just a kid. but i’ve experienced suffering and pain but your words and music helped me so much to cope and grow to the person i am now. your music thought me how to be compassionate and be thankful for every obstacles i’ve overcome. I know its silly. that a song can change your life and it happened for me thanks to you. and yah if you do read this comment i hope you know how big of a part you are for fixing my life. And i thank you for that. Thank you thank you with all my heart. – a Filipino Fan. Salamat at mahal kita. ❤

  • Avatar of beckywilde2
    beckywilde2 said ...

    Why is it that whenever I see a clip of you being interviewed or talked to you seem sad and a bit run down? I see that you try you best to hide it but its there. For a man with such amazing ideas, talents, and potential It makes me wonder.

  • Avatar of n.namaste
    n.namaste said ...

    Hey again! You forgot to mention Warsaw in your post. I am so thrilled to come to see you in this city. You are the reason i’m travelling in Poland, i have never been there Jason and i hope to meet you if luck is on my side.

    My cat sends you love btw <3 if you wanna meet him on instagram : willy_miaou come say hi!

  • Avatar of lovePEAR
    lovePEAR said ...

    you could help too by writing and sharing your sad songs to help people cry and release what’s blocking them!? maybe I could too…

  • Avatar of lovePEAR
    lovePEAR said ...

    Maybe she could help or be part of the project : In Love Allways ~<3

  • Avatar of camdomingo
    camdomingo said ...

    Hi Jason, maraming salamat for a great concert! You are one awesome guy! ;)

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Censored. Expect backlash.

  • Avatar of artmccartney
    artmccartney said ...

    Hey there, Jason.
    I’ve been trying hard to forgive myself for not attending your may 14 concert. it took half of my poetic life in which you inspired me to live with.
    Right now, I wish i never met your songs, i wish i never met your face, even if it was done electronically. for as the days went by, your killing me softly not to see any of them. and as the music plays, you’re giving me the guilt that much. no, i’m not blaming you, i just want to say that you are really that hell of a remarkable person! :-(

    We will have to meet soon, Jason. wait me there in the hall of fame. soon i’ll be there,too. I promise! :-D

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Hi ho! Where’s #5? I bet it was his idea to play in the street…

    Love to the Rain, even though it doesn’t know when to stop, and all of its namesakes. Plus one.

  • Avatar of tatabelen
    tatabelen said ...

    When i asked my husband which celebrity he would allow me to date, his answer was: JASON MRAZ!
    Seeing Merritt with Mraz made me regret discontinuing violin lessons!

    Love from acroos the galaxy to you,
    mrs.a-b :)

  • Avatar of ParanormalSarah

    Thanks for posting this and sharing your love to so many people that need it! I’ll send her an email if there is any therapy work I can help with for those who are English speaking or who find themselves in the United States!

  • Avatar of ALEXolan
    ALEXolan said ...

    come back again here in the philippines Jason Mraz! Filipinos love you so much!

  • Avatar of ALEXolan
    ALEXolan said ...

    this is why I LOVE JASON MRAZ so much.. He loves and appreciates all his fans. i also love how he used the “MARAMING SALAMAT PO” word which means “Thank you!” :) )))

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Kitty/J portrait: First entry in a new website called “Uncanny celebrity-pet resemblances”.

    Froggie self-portrait: Jason before the Mrazamorphosis.

  • Avatar of mademoiSehlle
    mademoiSehlle said ...

    We love you jason… I just wish you could spend some more time here to relax and unwind.. We’ve got some nice beaches here where you can enjoy serenity.. Come back please… How i wish i can go to all your shows.. I’m never tired of listening to your songs.. I just loved everything you sang..

  • Avatar of xtin.randomlove

    This is my 2013′s highlight! … and it sure will linger. Till next, Jason! THANK YOU SOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOOoOo much! (Please include 3 Things in your next album). ♥

  • Avatar of carmelarjon
    carmelarjon said ...

    best concert ever! no drama. just pure music. :) but i kinda regret not making a banner though :p

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    It sounded like Manila really liked 3 things. So did I, especially because you looked really happy singing it.


    PS-You found your horn!

  • Avatar of 1cake
    1cake said ...


    I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but if you do, I would seriously be very happy.
    This was my second concert of yours, and the second concert I’ve watched EVER.

    You were amazing. I was one of those fans who sang along to (almost) every song (even You Fckn Did It!), who clapped to every beat, who stood up and shouted for more. I was not in patron, just upper box, but I hope you felt all the love I gave from there. May 14 was magical. It was full of pure energy and love. And you know what? I believe we actually became love. You always say “Be love,” and that’s what we did. Thank you so much, Jason. Maraming salamat po.

    I made you something, actually, but since I wasn’t able to get a soundcheck pass, I couldn’t give it to you :( Is there any way at all to send you fanmail? I’d love to write to you and have you read it :D

    All the love, Ica :)

  • Avatar of mrsmrvnz
    mrsmrvnz said ...

    You were awesome, Mr.A-Z!

    I have watched you perform live twice and you never fail to aMRAZe me.. I love it, i love it, i love it! I still have this awesome concert hangover!

    Btw, thank you for keeping your 2011 promise that you will be back and please do come back (again), because we will never get tired of watching you and listening to your beautiful songs!

    Thank you for making such wonderful music! Until the next!


  • Avatar of ebetoy
    ebetoy said ...

    Have you tasted Philippine mangoes? You’d probably love it, it’s sweet.

  • Avatar of kapitanyuki
    kapitanyuki said ...

    I missed the concert :(

    I just entered college and definitely have no extra money for concerts. It breaks my heart. But I promise you, once I start earning, I will hunt you down just to be able to hear you sing live. That was creepy but I’m being 101% serious.


    See you very soon. You are an amazing person. x

    - Yuki

    P.S. By the way, I wrote something for you :)

  • Avatar of cena
    cena said ...

    Thank you for an amazing show Jason Mraz! So much positive energy and love during your shows, thank you! Next time you visit the Philippines, I hope you stay longer and explore some of our tourist spots outside Manila. :) We have really beautiful beaches – and surf spots you’d probably love!

  • Avatar of zivieamora
    zivieamora said ...

    I missed your concert, JASON!!!! :(

    but i hope you would still come back to philippines and have a concert here on davao city..

    Thank you!

    with love,

    Zivie from Philippines

    I really, really, really, want to sing with you just like zendee.. haha! LOL

  • Avatar of Juneeeeejune
    Juneeeeejune said ...

    Huge fan of yours : ) thank you for the amazing concert…unforgettable 2013. : ) my heart was fluttering the whole time you were singing @Smart Araneta. “JasonMraz-aholic”

  • Avatar of Juneeeeejune
    Juneeeeejune said ...

    Huge fan of yours : ) “jasonmraz-aholic” : ) wish i can hug you.

  • Avatar of cris.moreno.cruz

    mr. a-z,
    i figured you enjoyed us singing with you considering sang in tune — i wondered — did he just give us voice lessons? :) enjoyed it.

  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    Big hug for Cecelia. Human trafficing is at the bottom of the barrel of disgusting crime. Enjoy those big cities!

  • Avatar of Marjorie
    Marjorie said ...

    Your concert was incredible. It was, no doubt, the best highlight of my life! Salamat po for the experience, for the inspiration, and the incredible energy! It’s 2 days after your concert and I’m still hungover. Mabuhay to you! :)

  • Avatar of ashley
    ashley said ...

    @Soyem That was the sweetest comment! I hope Jason gets a chance to read it. You’re a gem. I’m sure you’ll see him next time!

  • Avatar of jurvien26
    jurvien26 said ...

    please come back again, i will promise to my self that i will buy VIP for your another return here in manila, i hope it will happen again, and i hope that’s not your last concert here :)

  • Avatar of jurvien26
    jurvien26 said ...

    oh i’m so sorry :) “and i hope that’s not your last concert here”

  • Avatar of jurvien26
    jurvien26 said ...

    please come back again, i will promise to my self that i will buy VIP for your another return here in manila, i hope it will happen again, and i hope that is your last concert here :) )

  • Avatar of aziriza
    aziriza said ...

    thank you for singing You and I Both in acoustic, that’s my all time favorite :)
    perfect set list- I loved the variety of the set-up for each song: some where sung with the full band, some with a partner – like Merritt or Mona, and some songs were played with just your guitar. God bless you on your tour. See you again next time! :)

  • Avatar of Honeylyn
    Honeylyn said ...

    Hey Jason,

    Thanks for the LOVE you just spread here in Manila.

    It was another heartwarming moving performance of yours. I really felt my spirit was uplifted, your band shared with us their big smile, too — very a-w-e-s-o-m-e! :)

    Feels like a year has just been added to my life. Thanks for that. :)

    Please pay us a visit again! :)

    May God bless you and your band!

    with love,

  • Avatar of Kenjie
    Kenjie said ...

    Hello Mr. A-Z.. I failed to watch your concert last Tuesday and i feel really bad. I hope to see you sooooon here in Manila. Best of luck Mr. A-Z!! Godbless:) Keep up the goodwork! I will always be your fan.

  • Avatar of shengshengsheng

    WALANG ANUMAN! That’s welcome in Filipino.


    I highly suggest you try the beaches the next time you visit. You are going to freaking love them, you’ll never want to leave! Come back soon, we miss you already!:)

  • Avatar of smdelatorre
    smdelatorre said ...

    There is nothing more important but for anyone, to enjoy this journey of life.
    There is nothing more fulfilling than to look back and see an ugly set of footprints, and see your own too with them.
    It’s a testimony of a life well lived.

    You are one of those whose soul speaks simply.

  • Avatar of iamtetet
    iamtetet said ...

    Hi Jason! (wave..wave..wave)

    I was in your concert! It’s sooooh A.W.E.S.O.ME :)
    I was in the upper box B, and when you said that you’re having a long distance relationship with us there…I was sooooh ”kilig” (hope you know that word :-) ).

    Your music really, deeply, surely inspires me. I am praying that you’ll remain healthy and strong so you’ll continue to inspire more people for a long, long time. And also to the people who’s with you every time. I saw how passionate they were during the stage setup, during their performances. I love you Jason!

  • Avatar of anhanh057
    anhanh057 said ...

    thank you Jason for noticing the “No Wang Wang zone” that I hold, I was jumping like crazy lol

  • Avatar of Soyem
    Soyem said ...

    Hi Jason Mraz!

    I just want to share this to you. I had a dream about you twice. One was a year ago, I think.
    My dream happened after I saw a commercial of Ellen saying that Jason Mraz will be the next guest on her show. So, I was excited about it. I was really dying about your songs at that time and of course, you. So, I think after a week I had a dream about it. I was invited by Ellen on her show. I was guested the same day as you. So, Ellen interviewed me. Then, gave me an ipod touch. She said she knew how much I loved you. So he called you out and she introduced me to you. And yeah, thats when I woke up.

    And the other one happened last friday, May 10, 2013 after I learned the fact that I cant go to your concert.

    In my dream you visited me here at my house day before your concert here in the Philippines. You were standing there at our garden, smiling at me. And of course you had your fedora hat on. I dont even know why you were there. So, I was basically gaping at you. After that, we took lots of photos. Then, YOU HUGGED ME. You hugged me!! Oh my gosh. I was so happy. So happy that I think my eyes would pop. I was the happiest person ever. It never crossed my mind that I was dreaming. All I knew was it was real and not a dream. Then you asked me… “So, are you going to my show tomorrow?” All I did was to smile at you and said that Im not going. You were somehow shocked. Then asked me why cant I go. Then, thats when I woke up.

    The moment I realize that it was all a dream and remembered that I cant go to your concert. I was so sad. I was so close to crying. I cant believe that Im not going to your concert.

    This may sound weird. But, I realized that you, Jason Mraz still visited me at our house. That you Jason Mraz still stepped on the ground I grew up to. That you, the great Jason Mraz still smiled and hugged me even though it was just in my dream. At least you still visited me. Lol

    I was still sad that it was all a dream but someone inside me keeps on telling me that even though its just a dream and will never come true it keeps on telling me that at least Jason Mraz visited you. You didn’t see him in person but he was the one who hugged you.

    Im still really hoping to see and meet you in person. In reality. And to hug you, in the real world not in my dreams. :) ))

    That is the most amazing dream ever.

    Thank you for all your aMRAZing songs.
    And thank you visiting us.
    We Filipinos love you. So much.
    Maraming maraming salamat to you too, Jason.

    -Soyem Madulid <3

  • Avatar of KelVisPresley8

    I love Mona and Merritt! They are so awesome! I wish I could play like them! :-P

    When I voted for Mraz last Monday, I voted for peace and love! You are a great inspiration for young people to have a more positive outlook.

    To Ms. Cecelia, kudos to your much hardwork and love for all the people who get enslaved and trafficked. Thank you for making it your mission to protect the Filipino people without the need to run for office. I hope and pray that our government officials spread more protection regarding this matter.

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    It’s good to see you and Cecelia still connecting in which seems a higher level (zap), you are both powerful in allowing healing and help come forth to benefit us all. We all can help in our own special ways, by just acknowledging it and asking ourselves how we may serve, we don’t have to focus on why it is. . .there are many things on this planet that don’t add up and only cause fear in pondering; but there is a reason You are Here now reading and involved by just this very fact.

    Just bringing it to a prayer at dinner with your family and friends, or even leaving a “sweet prayer” with the Visayan website on a sugar packet in the next restaurant you visit; may be used by the one who holds a band of keys to unlock the chains. I will send my healing to the abused and protection their way along with sending love to the abusers in order to unlock their soul and hearts to be filled with love that is apparently missing.

    We are trying to hold the movie Girl rising at my school to promote awareness and to bring our community together in a common cause. We currently sell iSantuary jewelry in the schools store (which I love to purchase proudly) that was brought to our awareness by one of our senior students who felt passionately (she’s now getting an education in England, in fashion and I know she’ll include this compassion in her designs and future business) this is how power in purchasing is achieved (put your cape on). We also have a father in this school who took a year off his work to help combat trafficking, he doesn’t wear a cape just a huge aura.

    We all need to see the signs or wang wangs and know that we are capable of simple ideas, thoughts and prayers . . . that become amazing powerful magnificent dreams come true.

    All My Love

  • Avatar of felixmonteiro
    felixmonteiro said ...

    We f$&@ng did it Ferdinand! I’m with the wang wang one, but I’m glad I had the sufficient amount of creativity to think about them both! Thanks friend! Thanks Jason and Merritt!

  • Avatar of cris.moreno.cruz

    hey mr.a-z,

    thank you for a awesome performance in manila, and being a great inspiration to many, including me.

    learning only now that you just went vegan. you’ve made me rethink about being such. I’ve always known about the idea of it from friends and some other local and US personalities that I admire and considered becoming one. but I’ve never realized until now that i’ve been sick for a month and found about how your vegan diet changed your body, performance etc…

    basically, thank you for being an inspiration. keep on writing songs that will change people’s lives and hopefully the world ;)

    just to reply to your query on the “wang-wang”, our President made a law that there will be no vehicle, except for the ambulance, to carry or sound of an emergency sound or “wang-wang” in the streets. Such motorists basically use such as a tool for them to get around their way through manila’s heavy traffic. Another, point in case is where most prominent political personalities use such noise to get prioritize through traffic. To the President, all are but equal. “Wang-wang” or the sound of the ambulance are but to be reserved for the ambulance.

    lastly, my husband, Julius really loves your songs. your visit in Manila was his first concert he’s been to. twas my birthday gift for him. he loves a lot of artists, but it’s only with your songs that he’s willing to invest on and literally memorize every single word in the song.

    I hope you can launch a new album soon! – cris

  • Avatar of Peaceout
    Peaceout said ...

    <3! Great topic and support!

    I will respond to your request see if any of my friends who have done work in this area know of persons that may be able to provide extra support to Cecilia and the young women. I would love to spend time with each one of them myself. I'm chanting for all poison to be turned into medicine, for these women's strength to shine and for the that environment to be completely transformed. You are bringing a lot to the table with the awareness, joy, compassion and courage that you bring. Yay for your efforts. :)

    Thanks for being a leader among men. You might be interested in watching this Ted talk:

    I always love reading your posts and about your lessons. I think you are onto something especially regarding drugs too. :) Living high happens naturally if your heart is in the right place. It's higher than being high. Who knew?! Time to truly fly…

    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Namaste and safe travels to you

  • Avatar of karahizon
    karahizon said ...

    It was indeed one of the most entertaining concerts ive ever been to. I love all your live albums and i knew that your magic is at its best when youre performing fin front ofyour fans. Thank you for being authentic and for being a huge source of love. :) the superband was amazing as well. I wished your setlist didnt have to end.

    Imagine how lucky i felt when i realized we had the same flight to korea! It was a huge honor to meet such an inspirational bunch of people! Cant wait for you all to come back!

  • Avatar of lcb17
    lcb17 said ...

    youre just one of the few awesome-st, moving human being in the planet. thanks for the LOVE for Manila and do come back HOME. weheartyou.
    Manila, Philippines

  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    I thank you for bringing compassion forward, all these girls who needs help, i admire Cecelia’s work but this should not be the work of only one person we should all partake on it. Violence should not be aloud anywhere. But also think that those person who are kidnapping children they are the ones who needs therapy.

    I thought you would have said that you travel too much but no you said this is cool, visiting the most populated cities of the world is amazing, if you need someone to hold your shopping bags let me know hahaha.

    Though i have not been there, i feel that your love for the people is bringing light into their heart.

    Much kindness

  • Avatar of MrMiguelMendoza

    Thank you for coming to the Philippines! Best concert I’ve watched!

  • Avatar of ashley
    ashley said ...

    Cecelia is a true hero! The fact that you’re working with her is making my HEART sing!

  • Avatar of ferdinand.praz

    I was holding up the “Merritt Me?” Poster!! Weeeeeee :)

  • Avatar of lyn.kasim2
    lyn.kasim2 said ...

    Last night’s concert was amazing! You never fail to entertain your fans! Keep it up Sir and we will always be here to wait for your next concert! :)

  • Avatar of Honeeyybill
    Honeeyybill said ...

    I had the best night ever last May 14th that i got teary-eyed while he performed The Woman I Love, and i’ll never ever forget how he shared his awesomeness to his Filipino fans. It was such a memorable day for evryone! And if everyone in Manila enjoyed your show, i’m sure penguins would love to be on your show too! Thank You Mr. A-Z for spendin a night with us and sharing with us your positive outlook in life! You are such a wonderful person! Love yo!

  • Avatar of Iammytch
    Iammytch said ...

    Thank you for giving recognition to Cecelia Oebanda, I believe what she is doing is outstanding! I’ll definitely watch the documentary on CNN. Thanks also for giving a good word about Filipinos. The Philippines loves you! :-)

  • Avatar of lik.abacan
    lik.abacan said ...

    Wow! You blog fast! Maraming salamat po to you too! For sharing with us your music and for always giving us an awesome performance. Much respect to you since the early 2000’s and boy, how your music has evolved to something more beautiful! And I really appreciated you putting in bits and pieces of songs from way back. Love how you share your thoughts on this journal! Love them words..always finding a connection in it. Keep sharing your positive energy. Good luck on your other cities and hope to see you in Manila again next time. Filipinos love you so much! High fives to your band and crew too! xo

    (Btw, wang-wang is a Filipino slang for “sirens” and how our local politicians used to use them to gain ‘VIP-treatment’ i.e. priorities on traffic, so I’ll take it to mean that No Wang Wang will refer to equal treatment or equal footing, no one is above or below the other, something like that.. ~ ;) )

  • Avatar of UniEve
    UniEve said ...

    You always brought us so much positive energy. You are so amazing. You are my idol not only for your music but also for your positive attitude toward life and respect for nature. Please come back to China soon~!

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    Telluselle said ...

    Aloha Jason,
    I had a dream about you early this morning. It was very sophisticated and clear. We met in a secret room down a corridor “back stage” that we both could reach virtually and physically where we spoke. Unfortunately that part I don’t remember, more than you saying “it is real here”. I have never dreamt about you before, and I haven’t even listened to your music for a couple of months (sorry, I’m a periodic person who doesn’t believe in idolizing one person too much too long). Nice to see you back in your “old” blogging style, missed reading that and good luck in Asia. I’m sure it is a coinscidence that I decided to look for Chinese investors :-) .
    Ciao from Sweden,